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Authentic tour in Yalova (Turkey) – reviews

What about Holidays in Yalova (Turkey)?

19.02.2021 I visited the thermal, healing spring in Yalova as a part of a tour group. Yalova is a well-known thermal spa in Turkey, but to tell you the truth, I have recently discovered it. The cost of the tour with an entrance ticket and lunch.

One day devoted to relaxing holiday

Good afternoon! Staying in the city of Istanbul, it was decided to go to rest at the thermal springs of Yalova. My husband and I did our program of visiting Istanbul museums. And bought a tour from our guide. The cost was $40 per.

Everything here is sedate and measured, no hustle or bustle.

Turkey – this is an amazing country not only with a developed tourism infrastructure, but also a rich culture and history, about every city in this country we can talk endlessly. The resort of Yalova, where we planned to rest for 5 days during.

Chic relaxation with health benefits! Will be glad both young and old!

Good day all! Jalova is a small and quite nice town on the coast of the Sea of Marmara. And I rather will not be an exception, as I know nothing about the town itself, except that in the mountains of Yalova.

tripster tour is inimitable!

On the second day of our stay in the tour, we bought on the site tripster. ru – Excursions in Istanbul with Russian-speaking guides – From Istanbul to Yalova Thermal! for 26 euros. The program included relaxation.

Yalova Thermal – tranquility and wellness near Istanbul

I love Istanbul very much. But sometimes I want to escape even from this beautiful city. So two and a half years ago I came to Jalova for the first time. It happened by chance and I could not really enjoy the trip. And in.


In March we went to Istanbul to walk and see something interesting. Online I booked an excursion to a resort in Yalova. There are thermal springs there. I really wanted to go for a swim in March)). We were not lucky with the weather, went.

The place is a total relaxation, beautiful, quiet, comfortable.

Finally we arrived in Istanbul and after several days of interesting excursions in the city we decided to rest, relax and took an excursion to the thermal springs in Yarlovo. The trip has left on March, 8, here such gift we with girlfriend to ourselves.

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It is a cool cozy town.

Terrific little town. Despite the fact that about 70,000 people live in Yalova, you can’t call it a provincial and deaf town. There are several shopping centers, a half-hour drive to the hot springs, where there is a sauna and a warm pool.

A small town Yalova near Istanbul

The small town of Yalova is not far from Istanbul. It can be reached by IDO ferry from Yenikapı ferry station. You first have to go to Yenikapı subway and then from the subway it takes only seven minutes to walk to the ferry station.

Turkey’s Paradise Hinterland – Sweet Armutlu

I got to Yalova completely spontaneously. We met a Belarusian man on the Internet, who has lived for many years in Turkey, namely in the Prince’s Islands near Istanbul, and in Armutlu (Yalova province) – the summer house of their relatives.

Thermal resort Yalova in Turkey.

Mass of positive emotions, a charge of vivacity and health, discovering a new place, a beautiful thermal resort of the Turkish Republic.

In April 2019 I was in Istanbul with my wife. When booking a trip, I was interested in the thermal resort of Yalova. Since the travel agency offered a day trip to this resort. Our guide picked us up at the hotel. The minibus took us to.

Full Relax

After arriving in Istanbul for a week in November 2017, we wanted warmth, sunshine, and spa treatments. So we decided to take the IDO ferry from Istanbul to Yalova. The departure is strictly on time and scheduled, you can get it in advance.

Nice town with nice people, good climate, and not expensive!

Cheap housing prices, sea, sports fields, lots of entertainment venues, beauty, monuments, quiet city

1.There are some remote Kurdish neighborhoods that I would not advise you to get into. 2.There is a lot of traffic, but don’t worry there are traffic lights and crosswalks everywhere))

I’m half Turkish myself, and I always come to the city of Yalova, a very nice city, peaceful, the Turks say it’s a city for old people, because everyone comes back here and live up to their age, but it’s pretty good.

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Thermal Spa in Yalova, Turkey.

Resort photo

Where to go

The resort of Yalova is not considered a popular resort in Turkey, despite its fame in the world. It is protected from the winds by mighty mountains.

The measured life of Yalova, the lack of noisy night discos, unique nature – all this attracts those who are tired of the daily city bustle, dreaming to escape from the crazy rhythm. Interesting facts about Yalova Thermal Spa on ResortTurkey.

A brief summary

Winter photos of Yalova

To begin with, Yalova resort is visited by those travelers who do not like noisy nightlife. They come to this green paradise to enjoy solitude in the lap of nature, to escape from the hustle and bustle. Frequent guests at the resort are residents of Istanbul.

Yalova has a small size, but a very interesting ancient history.

The thermal springs located at this resort are considered curative. They are the center of attraction for those who want to combine an active holiday with the restoration of vitality and health.

There is no abundance of entertainment centers on the territory of this Turkish resort. Among the options for spending free time:

  • walks along the waterfront;
  • rides on a bicycle in the surrounding area;
  • a visit to the oriental bazaar;
  • horseback riding and hiking trails;
  • rest on the shore at the campsites;
  • passive spending time on beaches.

The lack of entertainment opportunities in Yalova is fully compensated by the proximity of Istanbul.

Attractions in Yalova

Photo of a walking home

Among the interesting places that can be included in your individual tour itinerary, we note the Walking House (Yuruyen Köşk mansion).

It was the house where Ataturk (the first Turkish president) stayed. The unusual name of the building received due to the fact that by his order the building was moved (the reason for the transfer was the desire to preserve the old and beautiful tree). The structure was taken away at three kilometers to the side – carried on special rails down the embankment. And the tree is still growing in the same place.

The museum, located outdoors, contains historical monuments from different historical periods: the Greek, Byzantine, Roman, Ottoman.

The town of Yalova has an interesting and quite ancient history. People settled here three thousand years BC. As a result of excavations the city of Pythia was discovered here. All artifacts found by archaeologists are now in the expositions of the museum (it is open in the center of the city).

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Yalova embankment

Photo of the seafront

Among the interesting places that are the pride of the resort, we should mention the city promenade.

  1. Along it there are a variety of small cafes and tea-bahces, where guests are offered delicious fish and vegetables wrapped in pita bread.
  2. There is a ferry terminal on the waterfront.
  3. Opposite the ferry is an oriental bazaar, where you can buy almost any item.

Visible from the opposite side of the embankment, even Istanbul. Along the shore locals like to stroll, as well as a few tourists. The city is almost always quiet and peaceful.

City Park

Photo of the park

It is the main park of the resort, named “Makhachkala” in honor of the twin city. The park is located near the town hall: there is a sea pier nearby. The size of this green area is small (no more than a block). In the center of the city park is a monument to Imam Shamil.

From here you can walk to most of the city’s attractions. From remote parts of the city to the park by public transport (get off at the stop Park İçi Yolu).

Istanbul is forty-six kilometers away from the resort town of Yalova (about 40-50 minutes). Given the proximity of the capital, from Yalova, tourists can go on a tour to the city of four empires, which combines Asia and Europe.

In order to fully explore the sights of Istanbul, it will take at least two weeks. We advise to go from Yalova at least a sightseeing tour of the Turkish capital.

Where to go from Yalova

There are plenty of places worth exploring around the city with thermal springs.


Photo of Seka Park

Izmit, which in ancient times was called Nicomedia, is located in a navigable bay. It is the convenient location that made this city an important center of logistics and trade. The history of Nicomedia goes back at least five thousand years.

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At one time the city was the fourth in importance and area after Rome, Antioch and Alexandria. It was during this period that beautiful palaces and grand temples were erected in its territory.

Christians revere the city for the fact that it was the place where George the Victorious (an Orthodox saint) was executed, and where Panteleimon lived and was executed. There are other saints who lived in Nicomedia.

After the earthquakes, only ruins of the ancient buildings are left. The following sites can be seen at the present time:

  • Museum of archaeology;
  • clock tower;
  • Ottoman palace;
  • The ruins of the Byzantine temples;
  • mosques;
  • A “floating” military museum;
  • Seka Park;
  • waterfront with numerous cafes, stores and restaurants.

It takes about an hour to get from Yalova to Izmit (the cost of public transport is 11 liras). A cab ride will cost twice as much.


Photo of Mausoleum in Bursa

Bursa is the fourth largest city in the country, after Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir. Bursa appeared in the fourth century, and ten centuries later became the first capital of the Ottoman Empire.

Among the places of interest are:

  • Ulu Jami Mosque;
  • The Green Mausoleum of Osman I;
  • the Christian Church;
  • Uludag ski resort;
  • green neighborhoods.

You can get from Yalova to Bursa on large comfortable buses (ticket price 4-6 euros, travel time 1 hour).

Natural attractions

Photo of Arboretum

On the way from Ialova to the thermal spring is the Karaka Arboretum. It is advisable to visit this green open-air museum. On an area of 13.5 hectares there are about seven thousand plants-trees and a variety of flowers. Thanks to the design of natural landscapes in the form of alpine slides, waterfalls, artificial rocks, visitors have the feeling of a real oriental fairy tale.

In fact, nowadays the arboretum is a large garden center. During the tour, the guide will not only tell you about the history of creation, but also give time to buy the flowers or shrubs you like.

Thermal Springs

A photo of thermal sources

People have known about the existence of Termal kaynaklar Yalova for quite a long time. They were used by the imperial and royal families of ancient Rome and ancient Greece.

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The most ancient terma Kursunlu dates back to the Byzantine Empire. There is also a complex called the Baths of Valide Sultan (it has six domes).

At one time the thermal springs were in a deplorable condition, but in the 19th century by order of Ataturk they were restored, and now they are known not only in Turkey but also far beyond its borders.

  1. Thermal springs help eliminate diseases of musculoskeletal apparatus, intestinal and gastrointestinal tract, skin, and nervous system, start the metabolic processes in the body.
  2. The water in the springs rises up to +50-60°C (it contains sodium and calcium salts).
  3. It is only 12 kilometers from the center of Jalova Spa to the Thermae. If you wish, you can book a room in one of the four hotels, in addition to visiting the thermal baths, you can also go to a hammam, a casino, or do some shopping.
  4. A two-hour visit to the baths is $ 9 (the price depends on the services chosen by the visitor). It takes 30 minutes to get to the thermal springs by dolmush (public transport).

Armutlu mineral spring is also considered a popular recovery place in Turkey.

  1. Its water temperature is 78°C (the water is rich in bicarbonates and sulphates, and contains almost all chemical elements of the Mendeleev Table).
  2. You can go here for treatment of diseases of the nervous and respiratory systems, musculoskeletal apparatus.
  3. In addition to swimming in the pool, mud baths and Turkish baths are available.

There is a legend, according to which radioactive thermal springs of Armutlu cured the daughter of the Byzantine emperor (the girl had serious skin problems).

Bottom line

Photo of Yalova

The town, located in the mountains, characterized by a beautiful Mediterranean coast, is considered a true paradise for a measured and harmonious vacation. Thanks to its convenient location from here you can go to explore other Turkish cities.

Its territory does not have numerous water parks and shopping centers, so parents with children and elderly travelers prefer to go here. If you’ve vacationed in Yalova Resort, leave your reviews on ResortTurkey.

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