Winter, spring, summer or fall? Choosing the best time to travel to Belgium

Belgium in Autumn

Autumn in Belgium – what is it like? How hot is the air and water temperature and is it possible to swim? How to dress and what to take with you? Weather in Belgium in autumn: temperature, humidity and rainfall, climate by region. Where to go and what to see? When does the fall season start and end? Is it worth to go with children and where can I rest on a budget? Photos of cities, nature and attractions, price comparison in hotels by region. Reviews of tourists about beach and outdoor activities, ski resorts, excursions, entertainment and sales, as well as personal experience not only vacations or vacations in Belgium, but also life in the country in autumn.

Weather forecast in Belgium by observations and reviews

Average daily air temperature
Air temperature at night
Air temperature during day
Number of rainy days
Relative humidity
Daylight duration
Sen. Oct. Nov.
13.7 C° 9.9 C° 5.2 C°
9.5 C° 6.2 C° 2.6 C°
17.8 C° 13.3 C° 7.8 C°
63.6 mm 70.1 mm 69.4 mm
12.2 days 13.3 days 13.3 days
81.7 % 84.8 % 88.2 %
13.1 hours 11.2 hours 9.6 hours

Weather by month and resort

The map shows the average water and air temperature for Belgium’s cities and resorts for three months. To select a specific month, click on the tab above. If you click on an area of interest, it will take you to a page detailing the weather in that region.

Cities/regions Air temperature Water temperature
Bruges 7.9 C° 13.4 C°
Brussels 6.6 C°
Antwerp 6.6 C°
Ghent 7.9 C°
Liège 5.6 C°
Ostend 8.1 C° 13.4 C°
Leuven 6.5 C°
Spa 5.5 C°
Mechelen 6.6 C°
Dinan 5.1 C°

Is it cold in Belgium in the fall?

In the fall, daytime temperatures in Belgium are usually about 9 degrees, but can range from 7 (in November) to 17 °C (in September) and drop to 3 °C at night. Everyone perceives the temperature differently, but bringing a demi-seasonal jacket or coat is the right thing to do.

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Can I swim in Belgium in the fall?

In the fall, the water temperature is usually about 13 degrees. In September, the water is still warm enough, but in later months it cools down and is not so comfortable for swimming. If you are counting on a beach holiday, then in Belgium, it is better to go in September.

And you can get a tan?

Autumn is not the best choice for a beach holiday in Belgium. If you certainly want to get a tan, we advise to pay attention to or .

Where is it warmer in Belgium in autumn?

The warmest resort in Belgium in autumn is Ostend. The average daily temperature in Ostend ranges from 7 to 15 degrees, with daytime temperatures ranging from 9 to 18 and nighttime temperatures from 5 to 11 degrees.

Rainfall in Belgium in Autumn

On average, Belgium receives 72 mm of rainfall during the fall. The number of sunny days is 77 and rainy days is 14. Based on this, we can conclude that the probability of rain in Belgium in autumn is 15%.

Holidays with children

In the fall in Belgium with a child is better to go only if you focus on sightseeing, because for a beach holiday the weather is not too suitable.

Where to go and what to see?

Autumn in Belgium is not the best time for a walk in nature. We recommend that you pay attention to museums, theaters and other cultural sites. Also do not forget that the cold season is a season of sales and a great time for shopping. Current information about the best shopping centers and outlets you can also find in our catalog.

When to go to Belgium

Before you go on vacation, it is worth wondering when it is best to vacation in Belgium. As a rule, the Belgian weather is unstable and cloudy, with frequent rains. Throughout the country is dominated by a maritime moderate continental climate. Only Ardennes and Campinas have a slightly different climate zone, more reminiscent of a continental climate.

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The high season in Belgium lasts from April to September. During this period, the temperature warms up to +25 ° C, and the season is warm and sunny.

Correspondingly, the low season in Belgium comes with the arrival of cold weather. From November to March it is not very comfortable to be in this European country. The exceptions are Christmas and New Year holidays, which bring a lot of festivals, fairs and concerts.

winter, Belgium

Belgium in winter

When planning a holiday in Belgium in winter, a long hiking tour with a long stay in the street is better to postpone. With the onset of winter, the weather in Belgium becomes not only frosty, but also accompanied by a strong piercing wind.

On average, the thermometer is kept at +3 ° C. Therefore, the snow quickly melts, and in the mountains it lasts no more than a month. If you want to go skiing, you can choose the Belgian Ardennes for this purpose.

spring, Belgium

Belgian Spring Holidays

The weather in Belgium in the spring is often unpredictable and deceptive. It rains almost every day, and dense fog falls on the mountainous terrain. Only in April air temperatures begin to gradually warm up to +20-25 ° C. If you prefer a vacation in Belgium in spring, it is best to come here in May. During this time the air finally warms up, although the sky is often covered with clouds.

With the advent of spring is a great time for sightseeing holidays in Belgium. This time of year is considered the best time to travel to Belgium for new emotions and experiences. For this purpose perfectly suit such cities as Bruges, Antwerp, Ghent and of course Brussels.

Summer, beach, Belgium

Holidays in Belgium in the summer

You can not say that Belgium is perfect for a beach vacation. Therefore, marine recreation in Belgium in the summer does not enjoy much popularity. The most popular beach resort is the city of Ostend. Along it runs a wide sandy coast, which stretches for 70 km.

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Even with the onset of summer, the weather in Belgium remains quite cool. Temperature reaches a maximum of +25 ° C. But even in this period thunderstorms occur several times a week. Water in the North Sea warms up not until mid-June. So keep this in mind before flying to Belgium.

Autumn, Belgium

Holidays in Belgium in the fall

Going to a new undiscovered country, every traveler asks the question when it is better to relax in Belgium. Holidays in Belgium in the fall is recommended to those people who dream to see scarlet leaves in the parks of ancient castles.

Autumn weather starts only in October. From this month the thermometer drops to +10 ° C, it rains more often and the streets are wet.

Knowing the weather forecast for Belgium in the fall, you can carefully plan your trip and understand what region to choose. Autumn Belgium is beautiful in its own way. With the influx of tourists dwindling and the low tourist season, you can count on extra discounts.

Autumn is a great time of year to visit the museums of Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp.

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