Why should you visit Seattle, WA?

Why should you visit Seattle, WA?

“The Pike Place Market, the landmark of the city and just a bazaar that is visited by up to 10 million people a year, is probably the best place to visit, because every tourist who comes to Seattle on vacation or on business should come here.

Music History Project and Science Fiction Museum

In the heart of the city sits the “metallic” brainchild of architect Frank Gehry. Some call this eccentric 42,000-square-foot structure ugly, while others celebrate its originality. The building houses one of the state’s most interesting museums, the History of Music Project, which opened in 2000.

Space Needle

A symbol of Seattle, one of the most recognizable towers in the United States, a “space needle” and just an amazingly graceful structure in the middle of cheerful Seattle is the Space Needle Tower, which appeared in Washington state’s largest city in 1962.

Wing Luke’s Asian Museum

The museum, founded by Wing Luke, a famous fighter against racial discrimination, tells the story of Asian immigrants who came a long way before becoming full-fledged Americans.

Seattle Aquarium

The Seattle Aquarium cannot be called the largest, richest in inhabitants, or any exceptionally original. But being in the largest city in Washington state in the winter, or with kids, it is definitely worth a visit. You can catch a glimpse of a baby octopus and a bunch of businesslike otters waddling back and forth.

Asian Art Museum in Seattle

If you want to continue your exploration of Asian culture in the Seattle area, you should definitely visit the Asian Art Museum. You’ll appreciate the stunning collection of 24,000 unique pieces.

Seattle Aviation Museum

The Aviation Museum, opened in 1965 in the former Boeing building, is considered one of the most popular museums in America. Needless to say, visitors come to marvel at the museum’s collection of airliners?

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Seattle Museum of Art

Located in the heart of the city, the Seattle Museum of Art is a member of the Washington Art Consortium. There are as many as four floors of high art available to visitors.

Seattle Museum of History and Industry

You can learn about the historical events of Seattle, beginning in 1792, and what was inspired by the 18th-century Americans who took an active part in the making of America at the Museum of History and Industry. There are also regular temporary exhibitions, such as an exhibit about 20th-century fishing.

Log House Museum.

The miniature Log House Museum, located just one block from the famous Elkie Beach, is dedicated to West Seattle. The treasures collected in this museum tell visitors about the identity and history of the region, and it’s no coincidence that the name of the main exhibit sounds like “Hometown Seattle.”

Kubota Garden

It would seem what a huge difference separates countries, much less parts of the world. Even a very, very sophisticated traveler would hardly expect to find a luxury restaurant and a five-star hotel in a county town.

St. James Cathedral

Monumental, stately, pompous, awe-inspiring-all these epithets perfectly describe St. James Cathedral, in the heart of Seattle’s upscale and sophisticated First Hill neighborhood.

Wall of Chewing Gum

One of the world’s most unappetizing, unhygienic, and yet surprisingly colorful landmarks is in Seattle. And its name is the Wall of Chewing Gum. Needless to say, all the dentists, conservative grandmothers and adepts of healthy eating.

Fremont Troll.

It would seem that what could a Scandinavian saga and an American city famous for its space skyscraper and fish market have in common? Well, there is, and it is none other than the Fremont Troll, a giant sculpture of an unpleasant-looking monster.

Seattle Central Library

Washington State’s largest city has been home to a network of 28 reading rooms led by the Seattle Central Library since 1890. Since 2004, it has been housed in an incredibly futuristic building designed by deconstructivist star Rem Koolhaas.

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Seattle is undoubtedly one of the most important cities in America, because it is not only a major seaport, but also one of the cultural centers of the United States. Every year millions of tourists come to the so-called “Emerald City” to enjoy its world-famous attractions.

Reach for the sky, or the skyscrapers of Seattle

Like many American metropolitan cities Seattle is famous for its skyscrapers which are the main architectural ornament of the city.

Columbia Center is one of the tallest buildings in the United States. And no wonder, because it has as many as 76 floors. This skyscraper is famous for its observation deck, located on level 73, which offers an amazing view of the city.

The second tallest skyscraper in Seattle is the famous Space Needle, which is considered a symbol of the city. It attracts tourists with its unique restaurant Sky City, slowly rotating at a speed of one turn in 42 minutes.

It is advisable to visit the “Sky City” at night. In addition to a sumptuous dinner you’ll enjoy breathtaking views of Seattle at night as it sparkles with millions of lights just for you and your date.

Smith Tower is second only to Columbia Center and Space Needle in height: this 42-story building is only the third tallest of Seattle’s skyscrapers. But that’s not what makes Smith Tower remarkable. The fact is that Smith Tower is the city’s oldest high-rise, built way back in 1914. On the 35th floor is a traditional skyscraper observation deck, but those who have been to the 73rd level of Columbia Center are unlikely to be surprised.

Seattle Museums

In addition to skyscrapers Seattle is famous for its many museums, some of which are considered the best in the country. Seattle’s most famous museum is the Museum of Flight, located at the Boeing plant. Here you’ll find a stunning collection of airplanes and spacecraft, as well as thousands of photos and articles about astronautics and astronautics.

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If you’re interested in history, you must visit The Museum of History & Industry. It is famous for its many exhibit halls, which are devoted to the main events that have taken place in Seattle since its founding. In addition to this museum, check out the Wing Luke Museum of the Asian Pacific American Experience, which tells the story of Asian immigrants who once fought back against racial discrimination.

There are also many art galleries in Seattle. One of the most popular is the Seattle Art Museum. You will appreciate the museum’s gorgeous collection of 30,000 pieces. Enjoy the art of different eras and the arts and crafts of the world. By the way, the Seattle Art Museum often hosts temporary themed exhibitions dedicated to the art of various countries.

There are plenty of other interesting museums in the city aside from these fascinating sights. For example, the Police Museum, the Children’s Museum, the Museum of History of Music and Science Fiction, and other no less amazing places.

Where to walk, what to see, and what to enjoy in Seattle

One of the most crowded and bustling places in the city is the famous Pike Place Market, located in Downtown. It’s a huge, multi-story market that sells everything you can imagine: fresh fish, homemade cheeses, fragrant flowers, unfiltered beer, souvenirs, clothes, movies, books, and more. It’s always fun here – everyone jokes, laughs, sings and plays. Pike Place Market has a real cheese dairy, a magician’s shop, a magician’s store, a brewery restaurant, and other interesting places you’ll want to visit.

If you want to truly relax, head to one of Seattle’s most beautiful parks, Kerry Park. It’s an urban oasis with amazing flora, and the scenery can be enjoyed endlessly.

By the way Seattle is one of the greenest American cities with over 400 parks and squares.

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Seattle is a fascinating city that harmoniously combines the echoes of the past, the rhythmic present, and the breath of the future. There’s never a dull moment here, there’s always something to admire. That’s why tourists, fascinated by Seattle, come here again and again.

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