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Hello! The topic is wide, all not covered, I will tell you about our modest experience of travel to this country with a therapeutic for the nerves and body climate. We went in high season, ie during the period of maximum comfort for recreation, so.

Important information if you are going to Egypt.

Hello, my dear friends. Today I will tell you about a holiday in Egypt. About the peculiarities of the climate and traditions, when it is better to visit this country, the difference in the resorts of Shar el-Sheikh and Hurghada, what to bring from the trip and how.

A Touch of History.

Monuments of ancient history, the magnificent sea, good service, inexpensive transport, a year-round opportunity to relax.

Good day to all! Again and again, kind reviews from friends and other users take me to the wonderful world of travel. Places I’ve never been and places I’ve been lucky enough to visit.

The living sea – diving and snorkeling, desert mirages, sand, pyramids, gorgeous views.

For me Egypt is first of all the living Red Sea with bright unusual inhabitants. I am ready to swim for hours with a mask, if you are afraid of diving or medical conditions can not get carried away, then certainly snorling sin to ignore. В.

Rest for all tastes!

Hello everyone! Today I want to tell you about the country that I love with all my heart and soul, despite all its shortcomings. It is Egypt! Rest in Egypt is very diverse and I in my review will try to show it.

wonderful vacation

If it says that the hotel is 5 stars, it does not mean that you do not get in a bad hotel barely hanging on three stars

After reading the review of the rest in Egypt, I decided to share my impressions. For the first time in Egypt, I flew 7 years ago. Before that was on a beach vacation abroad only in Spain. My first memory is the view.

Year-round summer. The ability to combine beach and sightseeing vacation.

How-then hung out on a tourist forum, I noticed that people are quite clearly divided into two categories, some people like to vacation in Egypt, and others do not. Whatever the case may be, but Egypt.

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Eternal summer for adequate money. And the flight is not far.

I’ve vacationed in Egypt probably 10 times, maybe more. Most often we went to Sharm el Sheikh, to the fish and coral reefs, less often to Hurghada. But that was all before the sad events of 2015, which.

A little bit about Egypt from the perspective of a beach vacation. Or diving, snorkeling, fishing in the Red Sea

Egypt is one of the most “returnable” countries in tourism. And this is no accident. It has everything for a great holiday: a huge number of unique monuments of antiquity, a lot of interesting sights, great hotels for every taste and purse.

Turn off the brain and relax

What can be better than a sun tan in winter? For me personally – nothing! Winter in Russia is depressing, gray, dull and COLD! I am not a fan of winter sports; I don’t like playing snowballs and sledging.

Egypt is always a wonderful holiday (photo)

Good day to all! Today in my review I want to go back to my many trips to Egypt and tell you about rest in this country. To rest in Egypt, many people treat differently, because.

How to save money on a visa? What excursions you can visit with children.

Greetings to all who came by. What is the attraction or repulsion of a vacation in Egypt? Egypt is a country of eternal sun, turquoise sea, all-inclusive hotels. Why our family chooses not one year vacation on.

Enjoyed my vacation.

Believe me, for a person who is not spoiled, but in my childhood went to Tenerife 7 times in the summer, Egypt for me, as well as the Canary Islands, and even as Odessa seemed fantastic. I am a person who is not able to be picky.

Why I do not want to go to Egypt.

Rest in Egypt, I had not planned. Approaching the May vacations, I was looking for the Internet, as would be more interesting to spend them and came across a burning offer to rest in Egypt. Without thinking twice, my husband and I went on a week-long vacation to Egypt.

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My first foreign country))

Good day, site “Otzovik” and its readers!) Today I want to share my opinion on vacation in Egypt. It was my first vacation abroad. I was in Egypt twice in 2015, in early May -.

Elysees dream beach hotel.

On November 19, 2021 I flew back from Egypt, to be exact from Hurghada. I love this country very much and had been there six years before this year. I stayed in a 4-star Elysees dream beach hotel. Weather in November in Egypt.

In winter, it’s like time travel.

Holidays in Sharm El Sheikh in December. I did not expect such positive emotions that I got as soon as I got out of the airport – very gentle sun, +27. After the nasty and cold weather in Moscow region, a few hours, you find yourself in.

Egyptian vacation

Everyone knows what a tense situation is now for Russian citizens abroad, especially when it comes to rest. Just before this whole thing with Ukraine started, we took tickets to a week-long vacation in Egypt. As soon as we.

Tasty, easy, pleasant aftertaste, and I did not want to go!

I have been to many countries: England, Spain, Italy, Canada, Holland, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Portugal, Scotland, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, but I have never been to Egypt. Many of my acquaintances have been there and when they shared their impressions, but.

The Red Sea, the remains of an ancient civilization – worth a visit at least once in your life

Egypt – a country with a very interesting history and a lot of interesting places, in Egypt, you will not get bored and remember the rest for life, in this review, I want to tell a little about my experiences. Weather Despite.

Why do Russians love to vacation in Egypt and why it is almost the most popular destination?

This moment has been waiting for, and it has come. Direct charters to Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh again on the monitors of Russian airports, and tourists happily anticipate the winter holidays in the land of Pharaohs. Egypt is ready to welcome our tourists, and the Russian authorities are ready to allow it. So why a full-fledged flight program to Egypt is a whole event in the tourism industry? Why do Russians love holidays in Egypt and why is it almost the most popular destination for a winter vacation?

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Great weather

Egypt, palm trees

Egypt is a dream for those who do not like roulette with the weather. It is always hot here. In summer – very, in winter – not so much. But even in winter, tourists quietly swim and sunbathe, because in Russia it is often colder in the summer. In January and February can be windy, but if you come across a rainstorm – you can make a wish, it’s so rare it happens in Egypt.

Russian language

Bedouin in a poutine tree

This is not Belarus or Bulgaria, but every first local working in the tourism industry, at least a little knowledge of Russian. Of course, they will be pleased if you flash your knowledge of Arabic and, quite possibly, get a discount in a souvenir shop as a sign of admiration. But Russian could be quite basic for communication in Egypt.

We can say thank you to the long-standing fervent love of our compatriots to this African country. The huge number of tourists from Russia forced the Egyptians to learn conversational Russian to have an advantage in competition with each other.

Clean, warm sea

Sea in Egypt

Cognitive minute: did you know that no river flows into the Red Sea? That’s why it is considered one of the cleanest in the world. You will see the bottom, even if it is more than a hundred meters deep.

Moreover, it is also a very warm sea. Water temperature never drops below +18 degrees, and can warm up to nearly +30 degrees. And the clean, warm sea is ideal for recreation with children and not only.


Diving in Egypt

Diving – a calling card of Sharm el Sheikh. Intricate fish that are not afraid to get acquainted with you, spectacular multicolored corals – the mysterious underwater world of the Red Sea is worthy of attention. There are many diving centers here; the programs are for amateurs of all levels – from beginners to super-professionals. You can dive directly off the shore or go on an excursion to fantastically interesting locations to see the best of it.

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Unique excursions

Egypt tours

You can’t see the pyramids by themselves, either! Egypt is an ancient country, on these lands was created by world history. Communicate with it as necessary as to feed the fish from the pier. The grandiose Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the mysterious sphinx and the majestic pyramids at Giza, the Luxor temple and Moses Mountain – this is not another castle of Richard the Lionheart.

If you intend to go on a recreational trip, you can go to the Bedouin village, ride on the dunes on quad bikes, jeeps or camels. The spectacular photographs will be a great addition to the new experience.

All Inclusive

Relaxing by the pool with a cocktail

Almost all hotels in Egypt offer an all-inclusive system. It is very convenient for tourists who go to rest, not thinking about the business of the day. Breakfast, lunch and dinner with snacks, and sometimes night soups. And the most valuable thing is that the basis of the menu, as a rule, is the usual European cuisine.

Animation and entertainment

Jaz Makadi Oasis Resort

But not only with Okinlusiv! Sports events, shows, contests, workshops – Egyptian hotels love and know how to entertain their guests. As for nightlife, you can take part in hotel disco or go to the famous nightclubs in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh.

For families with children a huge bonus on vacation in Egypt is a thoughtful children’s animation. Mini clubs for all ages, competitions, lessons, cartoons and mini-disco. Young tourists are always supervised by animators and have a lot of fun in the company of peers.

Low price

Sunrise Aqua Joy Resort

Budget hotels and hot deals – holidays in Egypt are inexpensive and can be afforded by almost everyone. Especially if there are no special requirements for service and location. If you are lucky, you can go to a 5-star hotel at a low price – catch a last minute tour.

Visa at the airport


To go to Egypt, you do not need to obtain a visa in advance. It is enough to paste the stamp at the airport. Its cost is also affordable, so you can go to Egyptian Red Sea resorts without spending too much money and time. And this is another reason why you can fly to Egypt even tomorrow on a last minute ticket.

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Direct charters

Sunrise Royal Makadi Resort

Flight direct from Russia – it is possible again. Holidays in Egypt are fast and convenient. Because of the large number of charter flights it is possible to choose a departure on a convenient day and even hour. In addition, charter flights are much cheaper than regular flights.

Short flight


A direct flight from Moscow to Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh will take no more than 5 hours. In both cases, the airports are directly within the city, so the road to the hotel will also not take much time. Among the winter beach resorts this is the fastest option.


Bazaar in Egypt

The main Egyptian resorts have boutiques of most world brands. However, a special flavor to the local shopping give the eastern bazaars. Here you can find everything and more. And by bargaining you will reduce the price many times over. After having visited the oriental bazaar you will have only one question: what is the baggage allowance of my airline?

Egypt let us in. Rules of entry

In the era of the coronavirus, this is a crucial factor. To visit Egypt you need a certificate of vaccination or certificate with a negative result of PCR test for COVID-19, made not earlier than 72 hours before arrival. Alternatively, the test can be done directly at the Egyptian airport.

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