Where to stay in Krabi, Thailand

Hotels in Krabi. Good cheap hotels in Ao Nang and Nopparat Tara

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We have been to Krabi 3 times already. Of them 2 times we stayed for a long period, from 2 weeks to a month and a half. Having studied the Ao Nang area, we have a good idea of the hotels, their features and location. In this article, we will recommend hotels in Krabi with good reviews and good location.

Hotels in Krabi

Andaman Perl Resort is one of the new hotels in Krabi

Hotels in Krabi

Hotels in Krabi are well worth booking in advance. The resort of Ao Nang is becoming more and more popular with every month, and new hotels are still under construction. If you have found a suitable option for the price and reviews, we advise you to book immediately, as tomorrow it may be occupied. Then you will have to rent what’s left, which will be worse or more expensive. These features of accommodation we noted on our first visit to Aonang.

★ Which sites to look for hotels in Thailand

We 99% of the time we always find accommodation on proven and world-renowned sites -Booking, Agoda, or Airbnb.




★ Where to stay in Krabi

There are 4 main areas or beaches in Krabi province where you should look for accommodation. The most popular and developed place is Ao Nang Beach. Also, many tourists stay at nearby Nopparat Tara beach. You can stay on the nearby Raleigh Peninsula. Some tourists rest on the far beach Klong Muang, it is not as popular and less developed. In Krabi Town, you should not stay for a holiday, only if a transit for 1-2 nights.

Krabi Area Guide helps you choose where to stay

★ Which beach to choose

  • For frequent trips around the islands – Ao Nang, Noparatara. Here are the most inexpensive hotels and travel agencies, and boats to all the islands depart from here. All hotels in Ao Nang
  • For a beach vacation without trips and excursions is the Raleigh Peninsula. You can also swim on the other beaches, but the water will not be as clear. All hotels in Raleigh
  • Klong Muang – for beach holidays, sunbathing, swimming in the sea and occasional excursions. All hotels in Klong Muang
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Which Hotels to Choose?

Depending on the purpose of your stay, you can choose different types of hotels:

  • If you will drive all the time on the islands and excursions, you can choose an easier and accordingly cheaper hotel. In Ao Nang a lot of budget hotels and hostels to 1000 baht per night, even in high season (if booked in advance).
  • If you plan to spend all day on the beach Ao Nang and visit 1-2 excursions, then it is better to choose a hotel of a good level. Be sure to have a pool, because the sea is not ideal and it is always hot, especially with the lack of habit. Be sure to read reviews and look at the tourists rating. The more reviews and the higher the rating, the better.
  • If you go with children or prefer to cook your own food, then choose a hotel with a kitchen. The most common accommodation with a kitchen is found in houses for rent or in condominiums. There are a number of new condos in Krabi, so it is possible to find an apartment with a kitchen. We wrote more about it here.

★ Krabi hotels with good reviews

The Verandah

Golden Beach Resort

Aonang Villa Resort

BlueSotel Krabi AoNang Beach

Aonang Oscar Pool Villas

ibis Styles Krabi Ao Nang

Andaman Pearl Resort

Ao Nang Mountain View

J Mansion 2


Krabi hotels ao-nang karta

Hotels on Nopparat Tara Beach

Krabi Aquamarine Resort & Spa

Maneetel Krabi Beachfront

Rooms Republic

By the way, to the peculiarities of hotels in Krabi, it is also worth adding that prices vary greatly depending on the season. In summer, during the low season, all prices are significantly reduced. Discounts can be up to 50-70%. For example, this year in July-August, we rented a room at Aonang Mountain View for 650 baht per night ($ 20). During high season, prices there go up to 2,000 baht ($60). The best time to vacation in the region is winter, then prices are higher. Especially during the New Year.

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If you were in Krabi and were happy with your hotel, write about it in the comments and recommend it to other travelers!

Where should I stay in Krabi?

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Piman Pu Villa, Koh Yum

Baan Taveesri, Krabi

Krabi Apartment Hotel, Krabi

Baan Habeebee Resort, Krabi

Boutique Village Hostel, Krabi

Krabi Inn Resort, Krabi

Uncle House, Krabi

Tha Lane Bay Villas, Krabi

Rayavadee Resort, Krabi

Villa Saifon AoNang Krabi, Krabi

Baan Asree, Krabi

Narintara Villas, Krabi

Hello House, Krabi

S2 Residence, Krabi

Supsangdao Resort, Krabi

The Best Ao Nang Villas, Krabi

Peak Boutique City Hotel Krabi, Krabi

The Nature House Aonang Krabi Thailand, Krabi

The Box House, Krabi

Vipa Tropical Resort, Krabi

Oon Lee Bungalows, Koh Yum

Where best to stay in Krabi – Krabi hotels at low prices, discounts, reviews. Online booking of good hotels in the best area of Krabi for a day, overnight.

“Where is the best place to stay in Krabi to have time to see everything and not spend too much?” – This is the question hundreds of tourists are asking when they have to spend some time in a new city. How to choose a hotel so that it was the best for you? We will try to help you. If you want to stay overnight, overnight or for a longer period, check out the hotels in Krabi on our website. And you will no longer have to worry about where to stay in Krabi inexpensively during your business or tourist trip.

And so, Krabi hotels can be chosen based on the positive reviews that real guests have left. By the way, by default, this page is sorted by rating, you can change it if necessary: by price or distance from the center.

On the left side there are filters, which will help you choose the Krabi hotel where to stay faster and more accurately. Among the popular filters remain low prices, such as 1,000 to 2,000 or availability of free breakfast. Each accommodation facility has photos, map marking and other necessary data.

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