Where to have a better holiday – in Goa or Sri Lanka?

Goa or Sri Lanka, where to go on vacation?

I can not decide what to choose Goa or Sri Lanka. I want it to be beautiful and a lot of interesting excursions, the sea is not particularly interesting.

Only Goa, Cyril – do not hesitate. Especially you reveal my technology to select the places of rest.

Step one – study the map.

Let’s say you are flying from Moscow. Goa is incredibly far. Sri Lanka is a little farther. However, this parameter is secondary, because the average distance multiplies the difference in the segment “Goa – Sri Lanka.

Consider the flight itinerary to Goa.

You should choose “Aeroflot” – the probability of carrier bankruptcy is unlikely. The ticket costs a bit too expensive – 20,000 rubles. The Internet, we note, continues to pull up in the answers “Transaero”.

Foreign airlines are considerably cheaper. However, you will have to change flights twice. The whole pleasure will require from $150.

Looking at the route to Sri Lanka.

We notice that there are no direct flights. The only way out is the availability of charter flights. The Internet offers the service of foreign airlines. True, the actual warning – you need to dock flights.

The conclusion on the organization of the flight – Goa is preferable.

Step two – look at the weather.

Suppose Cyril will fly in October.

Goa: night temperature is almost 24º, daytime – 32. Water temperature is 29º. Every fifth day is rain. The humidity is 80%.

Sri Lanka: There is a monsoon peak here. Almost daily heavy rains. Nighttime temperatures are 28º, daytime temperatures are 29º. Maximum humidity level.

The weather, Cyril, puts an end to Sri Lanka.

I agree that although these two resorts are almost close to each other, but the rest on them differs dramatically, and before you make your choice, it is worth clearly determining what exactly you expect from the trip. Yes, Sri Lanka will come out a little more expensive, but the money is insignificant. For fans of beautiful beaches Sri Lanka will be definitely better. But since you are not interested in the sea, then we will be guided by the availability of cultural programs.

So, rest in GOA does not include excursions as such, and there is not much to go there, people who value freedom come there. They are not trying to sell tourists a product, in general, rest and relaxation, in the full sense of the word, you are provided. Fresh air, sea and cheap food and drink, well, of course, the freedom, these are the main attractions.

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So the answer as I see it clearly, if you are interested in getting acquainted with one of the oldest civilizations on the planet, and your main goal of cultural enrichment, choose Sri Lanka, make no mistake. By the way for the newlyweds is better to organize your vacation in Sri Lanka, a passive holiday with his wife and children is better to spend in Goa. On weekends in Goa people from other states just to get drunk, so a bunch of drunken young people here on Friday and Saturday is the norm. After all, alcohol is allowed here, which can’t be said about the other states.

I advise you to visit Anuradhapura and the Buddhist monastery in Dambulla. Sri Lanka is one big attraction.

I want to note that you can have a great vacation in both countries, each of them can provide quality service and maximum comfort. However, there are a number of features features that may affect your choice of holiday destination.

About the price policy, prices in Goa are lower for both accommodation and food. India is not a very wealthy country, I think this had an impact on the cost of recreation.

Goa has a fairly wide variety of dishes, you can try almost everything. I was especially impressed by the skill of local chefs to combine all sorts of spices. Because of this, each dish turned out to be unique and inimitable. Alcohol in the GOA is 7 times cheaper than in Sri Lanka.

The menu in Sri Lanka is less varied and sophisticated. The local cafes and restaurants offer mostly seafood. We got bored with them very quickly, we wanted more variety in our meals. But the variety of products, especially fruits, is much richer in Sri Lanka.

The beaches on Sri – Lanka are more colorful and attractive. What are the famous “Bounty” types in the south – west resort. The shoreline is not wide, and the presence of palm trees creates shade and coolness.

The golden beaches in the GOA take up more space, the width of the sand is about 50 m. The place is ideal for relaxing and swimming with children, as there are shallow beaches, small waves and minimal surf.

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The beaches in Sri – Lanka are the complete opposite. If you like the powerful currents and high waves of the ocean, then choose this country as your vacation destination.

The natives in each of the resorts are friendly and hospitable. The social class of Sri – Lanka is monotonous, there are no beggars. Such a contingent in Goa can be found quite often.

In Goa, a more measured vacation from the hustle and bustle of the world. Excursions are almost absent, there is no extensive cultural program. The beach, a fairly tasty, inexpensive food, clean sea air – the advantages of local resorts.

Sri – Lanka is rich in valuable ancient monuments, the unique heritage of Vedic civilization. The large number of tours is impressive, we did not have enough vacation time to visit all the desired excursions.

Goa or Sri Lanka – the optimal choice is up to you. For a relaxing holiday is definitely better to go to the GOA. If preferred, extreme entertainment and excursions, I recommend choosing Sri – Lanka.

Goa or Sri Lanka

Goa or Sri Lanka

One of the most common questions that many tourists ask is which is better, Goa or Sri Lanka? Where to go on vacation in order to satisfy the thirst for adventure and relax body and soul? Let’s try to get to the bottom of this question.

Geographical data

Both of these resorts are quite different from the rest of India, although in general they have some similarities between themselves. Sri Lanka is a great option for those who like a quiet and measured vacation, quiet beaches, historical finds. Goa is for people who want to feel the spirit of boundless freedom, to visit the fun, memorable parties and parties.

Sri Lanka is a small island, which is located in the Indian Ocean. There is always a little bit high humidity. By the way, it is especially noticeable on clothes, they almost never dry out. So if you have a problem with your lungs, high humidity, before you go to the island, it is necessary to weigh carefully and consider the decision. There is a real tropical riot, there is a large number of palm trees of all shapes and sizes, the abundance of green and lush greenery creates a jungle impression in many tourists. The same applies to wildlife – turtles large and small in size, varanas and even dolphins may be present in this amazing place.

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India Sri Lanka

Goa is not an island (as, alas, many people mistakenly believe), in fact, it is the smallest state in India, which is located on the coast of the clean Arabian Sea. Here the humidity is quite acceptable, which means you won’t need time to adapt. Goa has a moderate tropical vegetation, the same applies to the fauna. What better to choose – you decide, because each tourist has its own specific goals in the journey.

India Goa

Let’s compare the beaches

Sri Lanka boasts beaches of incredible beauty. Remember the commercials “Bounty” – the water is turquoise, pure white sand, picturesque palm trees – this is the romantic atmosphere prevails on the island. However, there is a minus – the waves here are pretty high, and if the beach is not surrounded by a bay, to get on the shore will be quite problematic. This factor should always be considered by people who are planning to go on vacation with family and small children. You should also take care beforehand about the special shoes for swimming, because there are reefs – they look gorgeous, but for tourists create some additional complexity.

Sri Lanka beach

Goa is almost everywhere a calm sea, on all beaches the bottom is very nice – sandy (except for the popular resort of Vagator). If in Sri Lanka all the available coastline is quite narrow, in this case Goa is characterized by spacious and wide beaches.

Cleanliness and roads

Sri Lanka can boast of cleanliness – and on the beach, and even in the station square and on the street reigns almost perfect order. But about Goa, unfortunately, this is not the case. If the beaches are relatively clean, but in the markets and railway station can be found even unsanitary conditions (buying vegetables, fruit, they must be necessarily washed).

The same can be said about the roads – in this case there is not even a question of what is better. Goa has crazy traffic, a large number of so-called “speed bumps” – all this makes it quite difficult to move, so many tourists prefer to use the services of local carriers. Sri Lanka is almost ideal in this respect – smooth, quiet roads allow to move along the local streets without any fear on a bike or a rented car.

Interesting Beaches Worth Visiting

Goa roads

Prices, food and accommodation

As for hotels – five-star is good everywhere. So if you go on vacation with a decent amount of money – do not worry about this aspect.

In Goa and Sri Lanka are present and less respectable hotels, private apartments and guest houses. They are all decorated within the norm, but here on the island, the locals pay special attention to design – and therefore require higher amounts. As for the hotels, the same can be said about them: the level is higher than on Goa, but the prices are appropriate. Thus, if you decide what’s better – in Sri Lanka to stay at a higher price, but the accommodation meets all standards, and can even please its appearance and snow-white sheets, in Goa, you will be offered more budget options, but the level of comfort will be slightly lower.

As for food and prices – there are also some peculiarities. Indian cuisine is quite peculiar, it has a large number of all kinds of spices and spices, which can dramatically change the taste of the dish. Source products are very limited – fried cheese, vegetables, seafood. In Sri Lanka, the price of fish and seafood is quite bearable, and here you can find a fairly wide range of fruits – they are sold literally outside every hotel. In Goa the fish is almost twice as expensive, and even buying watermelon here is problematic, and if you’re lucky and you find it, then not the fact that it will be fresh, tasty and juicy.

Indian food

Alcohol is forbidden in India (except in Goa). But if you really want to, anything is possible. But then again, if you spend your vacation in Goa – alcoholic beverages can be bought at a reasonable price, in Sri Lanka, alcohol is almost 7 times more expensive.


If you are considering which resort would be preferable, Goa or Sri Lanka, it is advisable to get acquainted in advance with the list of available attractions in the resorts. For example, Sri Lanka does not have such proposals as a fun party, alcohol, cigarettes – but you can fully relax your soul, admiring the mind-blowing nature. The island is chosen by people who want to enjoy the tranquility, to experience the atmosphere of romance and bliss.

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Goa in this respect is fundamentally different. Night parties, trance parties, discos, concerts on the beach – the resort has its own life, and if you’re going on holiday for the incredible and unforgettable adventures, want to break a sweat – then you should definitely choose Goa. This city is ideal for young people who like to party till morning – alcohol, cigarettes (even not quite legal) can be found here without any problems.

Goa nightlife

As for the sights, it is impossible to say specifically what is better. Both resorts have a lot of interesting archaeological discoveries, you will find something to see and where to visit as part of the cultural program, so you can be sure: a lot of pleasure from your trip you will definitely get.

Goa is always fun. Hindus are very good-natured people, with their own special mentality and unforgettable charisma. For example, a salesman can tell you a price 10 times higher than the real one (for a certain product), and then join you in laughing at the original joke.

As for the Lankans – they are harsh people. Of course, they are very friendly to tourists, but outside the tourist areas – not always. Perhaps people are hardened because of recent wars, or religion (Islam) forces them to be harsh – in any case, there have been many cases of impolite, and sometimes disdainful attitude towards the female sex. Therefore, without a companion outside the tourist area women have nothing to do.

To sum up

If you want to relax on the beach, going to the resort with children and prefer a mainly passive recreation, do not drink alcohol – then you should go to Sri Lanka. Here you can enrich yourself spiritually and touch one of the oldest civilizations on earth. A great place for honeymooners – it’s just full of romance.

In Goa, it is best to go noisy, cheerful companies. If you want to relax, forget about the dullness of everyday life, a great and inexpensive to spend time – this option is ideal.

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