Where to go on vacation in November?

Where to go on vacation in November 2022

November – the hardest month of autumn, when the body begins to feel the lack of sun and heat, so in the second half of the month there is a strong increase in demand for both package tours, and independent travel. Agree, nothing helps to fight the gloom of the off-season like new experiences. Where to go on vacation in Russia in November 2022? At this time still warmth of Krasnodar Krai, Krasnaya Polyana will surprise with all kinds of activities, sanatoriums of Caucasian Mineral Waters will help to restore vitality, Kaliningrad will amaze, and in the cities of central Russia has a lot to see.

We advise to visit here:

Museum of Russian Railways

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This is a unique collection that was put together over decades. There is even a unique collection of locomotives and wagons from the 19th and 20th centuries. At the Russian Railroad Museum you will step back in time, see a steam locomotive in a cross section and try your hand at being a train driver. Bright impressions are guaranteed for both adults and children.

Top 5 inexpensive vacation destinations in November

To breathe the sea air and to jump with a bungee jump

There are almost no resorts, accommodation prices are low, the sun is warm and gentle, the sea air is full of iodine and romance – here are just a few arguments why you should go on vacation to the sea resorts: Anapa, Gelendzhik, Adler, if you decide where to vacation in Russia in November, besides, in 2022 here many hotels offer recreational treatments. From here it is a short walk to Krasnaya Polyana: “Sky-Park” is always open for guests. And in November you will not have to stand in a queue.

Take a ride through the wineries of the Crimea

The Crimea has a huge variety of wines to choose from, both varietal and assembled. Start at the Alma Valley winery, try the sparkling at Golden Balka, and head to the Mangup Estate. The latter also offers visitors jeeping, fishing, and ATV tours. Finish the series of tastings with the good old “Massandra”. Tours take place at the main factory and six branches, located from Alupka to Sudak. Guests are offered to learn about the production of sherry and madera, the evening tasting, accompanied by a symphony orchestra, or go on a quest “Golitsynskie Secrets”.

Have a photo session in the bright landscapes of Karelia

Autumn air in Karelia is like halvah, you can cut it into briquettes and take with you, it is so rich and healthy. And what a joy for your eyes! Mountain park “Ruskeala”, Marble Canyon, volcano Girvas and Onega Lake, surrounded by rich red forests, will tempt you to come back here next year. All the more that prices are very affordable during off-season. And what a pink sunsets here – the Maldives is not next to stand.

Look at your reflection in the Blue Lakes of Altai

The nature of the Altai Mountains in November is good because, in contrast to the southern regions, at this time you will already see snow-white mountain ranges. It is in this month you can look at your reflection in the clear water of the Blue Lakes. The fact is that in summer the Katun River floods and you can’t see the two lakes, and in winter they freeze. And only in November they acquire that azure color and clear purity, for the sake of which tourists are ready to go more than one hundred kilometers. The blue lakes are called “Katun’s eyes”, and the locals say that everyone should have a look at them at least once in his life.

To feel nostalgic in Yesenin’s homeland

Golden birches, fog over the Oka, peaceful after noisy summer excursions museum-reserve in the village of Konstantinovo, Ryazan region – an ideal option to both take a break from work and immerse yourself in a very different atmosphere. In the ancestral home of Yesenin and breathes somehow easy, and you do not want to rush anywhere. And if you do get bored, you can take a ride to the Ryazan Kremlin. A pure delight for those interested in the history of the formation of the Russian state – the exhibition “From Rus’ to Russia” in it impresses with the wealth of exhibits.

Where to go at the beginning of the month

One of the popular tourist routes is horseback riding in the mountains of Dagestan. Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

Sochi Matsesta offers many balneological procedures, which will perfectly revitalize the body before a long and difficult winter. Tired of the regime? You can run away to the famous Olympic Park, the arboretum, Riviera Park, climb the mountain Akhun with an observation tower, the largest on the coast oceanarium, the Winter Theatre, the house-museum “Stalin’s Dacha”, look at the singing fountains. Not enough experience? Go to the trout farm in Adler or to the yew and boxwood groves. At the beginning of the month, the Rosa Khutor resort offers excellent conditions for active recreation: the hiking and biking trails “Health Path”, “Stone Pillar”, “Mendelikha Waterfall Park”, “Lake Traverse” are opened here for the November holidays.

Italian cuisine

A non-trivial choice for those deciding where to go on vacation in Russia in November 2022 will be a vacation in Dagestan. Kezenoyam Lake, Derbent, unique in its architecture and level of hospitality, the fortress of seven brothers and one sister, one of the oldest buildings in Russia – Naryn-Kala Fortress, Tobot Waterfall and the cherry on the cake – Sarykum Barkhan. Add to this low prices and perfect state of peace, which will give a trip to the mountains. Experienced tourists say that a trip to Dagestan is like a vacation in three different countries and as many impressions after it.

An all-in-one vacation: the top 5 tourist regions of Russia

Take a look at the list of the top 5 tourist regions of Russia, according to “KP”. They seem to be well known. But we tried to look at them from a different angle and found out how to spend the most unforgettable vacation in these places: to see historical monuments, have fun on unusual excursions, try the best local cuisine, sunbathe and swim. Go and see for yourself whether we are right or not.

Where to go at the end of the month

The thick and rich Tatar tokmach soup is just what you need in cold weather. Photo: globallookpress.com

The end of November is probably the best time to eat delicious and nourishing food. And when else but before the long winter. And where else would you get such a hospitable treat if not in Kazan? Elesh, kystybiy, kazylyk, chak-chak, echpochmak (a triangular pastry with lamb and potatoes), sour cream cake, tokmach noodle soup, beshbarmak… You no longer want to think about the figure. After lunch or dinner, take a walk around the capital of Tatarstan, look at the bright colors of the streets and squares. Find out where the untold treasures of the Kazan khans are kept and where the cauldron boiled without fire. If you have a full vacation, be sure to see the island-town of Sviyazhsk, the ancient city of Bulgar and Raifa monastery.

Sheregesh: charter flights are launched to the start of the ski season

Traditionally Sheregesh first of all Russian ski resorts to open the season. This year the guests are going to visit already on November 13! Especially for this event tour operator TUI Russia timed the launch of charter program. Learn about the flight schedule, prices on tickets and tours to Sheregesh from TUI Russia, and what surprises are prepared this season at the popular resort.

Where to spend November holidays

One of the best destinations for short vacations is Kaliningrad. On the Curonian Spit in November will be dank and windy, there you will have time in the summer. But all other charms of the most European city of the country are as amber in the palm of your hand. You can listen to the organ in the Cathedral or scratch behind the ear of the cat-key at the Royal gate of Konigsberg, taste clops in one of the restaurants of the Fish Village and drink local beer in Nesselbeek castle.

There are organ concerts in the Cathedral. Photo: Artem Kilkin, KP-St. Petersburg

You should definitely visit the Museum of amber. There you will learn legends about this wonderful stone. For example, the legend of the Teutonic Order master, who still follows those who collect semi-precious stones on the seashore.

Holidays in November in Kaliningrad is also good because the prices of accommodation are times lower than in the summer season, and the sightseeing program can always be combined with the care of health. In suburban sanatoriums you will be offered a Sharko shower plus radon baths. Super remedies for immunity strengthening.

Go to the Caucasus for inexpensive vacation.

Combine your treatment at a sanatorium with walks in the mountains – it’s especially beautiful there in autumn. Photo: commons.wikimedia.org

Fortune teller: you want a good and inexpensive vacation in November at the resort – you’re on the Caucasian Mineral Waters. Prices in the off-season in most sanatoriums and rest homes are reduced, with discounts here you can buy both comprehensive programs for recreation, and individual procedures. Here you will be offered treatment with mineral waters and physiotherapeutic procedures.

As for prices, for example, boarding house in the center of Pyatigorsk offers accommodation in double rooms for only 900 rubles per person per night. Plus a rich excursion program. And we’re still not talking about walking in the mountains: what air there in the fall!

Rest with children

Choosing where to go on vacation with a child in Russia in November 2022, it is better to focus on excursions that the child will always have something to do, regardless of the weather.

In the children’s museum center in Suzdal, kids will see Russian toys from different times. Photo: pixabay.com

The world's best and most expensive hotels for honeymoons

From Moscow and other central cities it is easy to get to Suzdal. Here there is a museum children’s center, where children are told about their native history. Children will learn how they studied at school a couple of centuries ago, what writing utensils and textbooks were like, visit a class in an old Russian school. Discuss with teachers the history of children’s toys, see toys of different eras and estates.

A good alternative for a vacation with a child can be Nizhny Novgorod. Firstly, you can touch the real Kremlin from the history book, and secondly, look in the park “Switzerland” – a local Disneyland. There are rides and attractions, and playgrounds, and a zoo with wolves, deer and camels. The cableway connecting two banks of the Volga – from Nizhny Novgorod to Bor – will impress you.


During any journey small injuries – bruises, cuts, abrasions, scratches – are not excluded. And any wound on the skin – an open gateway for infection. In these cases, help cream-balm SPETSMAZ. It contains formic alcohol and tea tree oil, which will protect against infections, including viruses, bacteria and fungi, as well as extracts of Siberian fir and natural medicinal plants: eucalyptus, sea buckthorn, plantain, sage and calendula – they will reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of damage. Rinse the damaged skin with water, apply the SPETZMAZ and leave it to dry thoroughly.

Health Resort Vacation in November

Rest and strengthen your immune system before a long winter. Photo: globallookpress.com

Even if you’re not experiencing serious health problems, boosting your immune system is the best thing you can do for your loved one before a long winter. Which means it’s time to take a ticket to Kislovodsk. Here in boarding houses and sanatoriums use mineral waters, healing mud, barochamber. During the day you can walk around drinking healthy water in the pump rooms, go to the salt caves and take a narcissum bath. Even a week in a sanatorium like this is enough to get your tone back. Prices in boarding houses at this time start from 4500 rubles per day.

If you want Kislovodsk – consider Gelendzhik. It is especially recommended to allergy sufferers and asthmatics. The reason for this is its mild climate and clean air. In breaks between medical showers and dry carbonic baths you can have a long walk on the seafront. Even in the off-season the sea is beautiful.

Where to rest in November 2022 at sea abroad? 10 countries + Russia

Sea in Turkey

The velvet season in beloved Turkey and European resorts is over. It’s time for less accessible destinations – the flight to these countries will be longer and the tours will be more expensive. But how much happiness and pleasure will holiday by the sea at the end of the year.

In this article I will tell you: ➢ where to rest in November at the sea in 2022 ➢ about the prices of tours ➢ where to go with a child to the sea in November ➢ about countries where instead of autumnal grayness prevails summer heat, warm climate and beautiful nature ➢ where to vacation in November abroad without a visa

What are the restrictions on holidays abroad now?

Most countries where the sea is warm in November and you can swim, have already lifted the coronavirus restrictions. Some borders still ask for PCR tests, but vaccination is almost never required. I suggest that you look at the table with the entry conditions for Russians in November 2022.

Where to go on vacation at sea in November 2022

you do not need

A mandatory vaccination certificate

A PCR test is enough.

Tour operators are actively supplying tours to Egypt, Turkey and the UAE. You can catch inexpensive trips to these countries on Travelata and Level.Travel. But getting to distant destinations is more difficult – almost all flights have connections, look for flights on Aviasales.

Where to look for tours profitably?

It is most reliable to buy tours from tour operators or popular aggregator sites. We all use the latter ones, because these services show actual offers from all tour operators at once. It’s easy, choose a country, set filters by price, dates, hotel star status, type of food and get a summary of available offers.

The most reliable and convenient aggregators:

    – A handy search engine to help you have an inexpensive vacation at sea abroad in November. It contains all the latest offers from tour operators. – On this site you can read reviews of tourists and also choose a beach holiday at sea in November 2022. – Another handy aggregator with ratings and convenient filters, which will help you decide where to go to the sea in November inexpensively.

Open countries for November 2022, where it’s warm in November and you can swim


city of departure

tour prices for two

all major cities

from 88 000 rubles

all major cities

Let's go see dogs eat dogs in Jeju, South Korea

from 106 000 rubles

from 163 000 rubles

all major cities

from 78 000 roubles

Where can I go in November by sea?

The best countries for a holiday at sea in November are the UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Maldives, Tanzania. They are also the most affordable – you do not need a visa, the tours are inexpensive and plenty of proposals all inclusive.

safari dubai Hotel in Sharjah

The Emirates in November is a comfortable +30 ° C and no less comfortable +28 ° C in the water. The last month of autumn is ideal for a beach holiday, as well as for excursions. While winter is approaching with confidence in Russia, in the UAE it is time to unwind: ✓ go on a safari in the heart of the desert to ride camels and see the Bedouins ✓ climb the highest building in the world – the legendary Burj Khalifa ✓ get your adrenaline pumping in the best water parks in the Middle East ✓ see the white-washed mosque of Sheikh Zayed and, perhaps, one of the most beautiful mosques in the world ✓ take a tour around the UAE with breathtaking scenery.

Read about all the attractions in Dubai in a separate article.

Before you buy a tour, I advise to get acquainted with all the resorts of the Emirates. Each of them has its own advantages:

    – The tourist center of the UAE. It has the most attractions and resort hotels. – The capital of the UAE, the most well-kept and wealthy Emirate. – Wide sandy beaches, inexpensive vacation and good hotels with an excellent level of service. – The northernmost emirate with all-inclusive hotels and low prices.

Entry conditions: certificate of vaccination (Sputnik V) or PCR test 48 hours before departure, no visa required. Prices for tours in November in the UAE: from 88,000 rubles per week. On a side note: read a selection of the best hotels in Dubai from the blog editor to choose the best hotel.


The Pyramids in Egypt

The weather in Egypt in November is comfortable for relaxing on the beach and sightseeing – the temperature in the water is +26°C, on land up to +30°C. The evenings can be cool – I advise you to pack a couple of warm sweaters in your suitcase next to your favorite summer dresses.

The best resorts are Hurghada and Sharm el-Sheikh. Every tourist has heard about their perfect sandy beaches and luxury hotel services near the Red Sea.

Beach season is in full swing, but also excursions will be interesting to get out. To break up a measured relaxation on a sun lounger will help a safari in a Bedouin village, a trip to the pyramids, scuba diving, a cruise on the Nile or meeting the sunrise at Mount Moses.

Entry conditions: no coronavirus restrictions, $25 visa on arrival. Details about the current rules in a separate article. Prices for tours in November 2022 in Egypt: from 106 000 rubles. On a side note: if you are going to go to Hurghada, pay attention to its best hotels.


Beach in Alanya Turkey

November weather in Turkey is unpredictable. In early November there is a probability to hit the jackpot – it will be dry and sunny, you can still swim in the sea. Trouble may also strike: it may drizzle and wind blow, especially at the end of November.

The water on the Antalya coast is about +22.5°C. In order not to be bored, I advise to go to the major resorts of the Mediterranean Sea:

In the Aegean Sea will be cooler by 1-2 degrees. If this does not bother you, choose:

Do not get upset if you are not lucky with the weather. It is better to prepare in advance a list of places to go in November in Turkey. In the Ottoman Empire is not only cheap all-inclusive – there are many ancient cities and great attractions. Just look at the snow-white Pamukkale, the amphitheaters and tombs of the ancient Demre and such an atmospheric Istanbul.

And if you get tired of the excursions, I advise you to reset fatigue in the largest water park in the country The Land of Legends.

Entry conditions: no coronavirus restrictions, no visa required. Prices for tours in November to Turkey: from 78,000 rubles. On a side note: read about Turkey in November to know all about prices, best resorts and recreational opportunities.


Scuba Diving Maldives

Maldives is a great option where to go to rest in November without a visa. Ocean and air temperatures in the Maldives are almost equal: the water is a gentle +29°C, and the air temperature is a warm +30°C. Thick Maldivian vegetation is refreshed by occasional night showers. Holidaying in the Maldives in November and December is comfortable and pleasant, indeed, as throughout the year.

In the Maldives, there are thousands of islands. More than 130 of them are resorts – hotels, which occupy a separate island. Each has its own infrastructure, so choose a resort on your preferences and budget.

Of entertainment – diving, snorkeling, yachting, trips to dolphins, crossing the equator, dinners on uninhabited islands. In larger hotels hold interesting workshops, there are open-air cinemas and underwater restaurants. Absolutely everywhere – stunning sunsets and impeccable service.

London's Talking Statues: where they are and how they work

Entry conditions: no coronavirus restrictions, medical insurance with kovid coverage – mandatory! Prices for tours in November to the Maldives: from 163 000 rubles. On a side note: to eat in the hotel restaurants expensive, so it is better to take the right type of food – half board or all inclusive. It will be cheaper that way.


Nungwi Zanzibar ocean

Sunny Tanzanian island is loved by Russian tourists back in 2021 – when they launched the first charters after a prolonged pandemic. Then the inexpensive package tours disappeared, and Zanzibar again became something refined – a destination for the discerning customer. Now the evergreen island can only be reached by connecting flights. Don’t despair, the summer in November is worth a few hours of “agony.”

The air temperature in Zanzibar in November rises to +32 ° C, the water in the sea – about +28 ° C.

The best resorts are Nungwi, Kendwa, Kivengwa. There are the most decent hotels and the lowest tides are felt.

You can also mix up your long-awaited beach vacation with excursions to Celus Safari Park, Stone Town, Jozani Rainforest, and the Prison Island Giant Turtle Sanctuary. Diving, fishing, a dolphin ride, and a romantic sunset cruise will recharge your batteries for a long winter.

Entry conditions: PCR-test or certificate of vaccination, visa on arrival for $50. Prices for accommodation: from 30 000 rubles per week in Zanzibar.

Where else can I rest in November 2022 abroad inexpensively?

The many kilometers of beaches in Goa, Vietnamese Fukuok, the coasts of Thailand, the magical island of Bali and Sri Lanka – here are some other great places to rest in November at sea.


So far, you can get to Goa only with a connection. The cheapest way is via Qatar or the Emirates. You can also get direct Aeroflot flights to Delhi, and from there you can take a direct flight to the resort – to the airport in Dabolim. The ticket price from Moscow for such a twist is from 45,000 rubles.

November in Goa, as always, is warm. The air warms up to +33°C, the water is a perfect +29°C. The low season ends by the end of October, there is almost no rain and rest becomes comfortable.

Goa is divided into North and South. On the northern beaches is noisy, cheerful, crowded and sometimes very dirty. Here the youth and tourists who are looking for a drive. In South Goa, wide and clean beaches, expensive hotels and the opposite contingent of vacationers.

Conditions for entry: All over 5 years old – PCR test taken in 72 hours. The result is uploaded in a special form. Visa for Russians is required, you can arrange an electronic. Prices for accommodation in Goa: from 10 000 rubles per week. On a side note: book an accommodation in Goa better in advance, because good options are quickly sold out.



November weather in Vietnam depends on the region. It is best to choose the south of the country. The water is warm up to +29°C and the air is warm +30°C. The sky is clear, the weather is sunny and there are almost no tropical showers. And if precipitation does fall, it’s at night – you’re unlikely to notice it.

Phu Quoc is an ideal place to go in November in Vietnam. There is beautiful nature, clean warm sea, excellent service, luxury hotels and there is something to do. I advise to go to VinPearl amusement park – there is also a safari park and water park.

Fukuoka has a scenic cableway to the island of Nom Thom, Da Ban Stream waterfall, Bai Sao beach and many fresh seafood delicacies. What else do you need for a perfect vacation? Scuba diving or snorkelling is also a great experience, and underwater beauty is plentiful.

Entry conditions: no coronavirus restrictions, no visa necessary for travel shorter than 15 days. Prices for accommodation in Vietnam in 2022: from 2 000 rubles per night in the resort hotel.


Thailand holiday

To spend a beach holiday in November abroad is possible in Thailand. The third month of autumn is a transitional month – from rainy autumn to warm and mild winter. Do not worry, the bathing will be comfortable – the water gets as warm as +29 ° C. To relax on the chaise lounge is also nice, it is not hot outside – up to +30 ° C.

Tours in November are cheaper than in the pre-New Year’s December and “peak” in January – this is a big plus in favor of a holiday at the end of autumn.

I recommend resorts in the north of the country – Phuket and Krabi. This way there will be less “surprises” in the form of rain and rough seas. I would not recommend to go to Samui – it has heavy rains, muddy water and washed-out roads.

Entry conditions: PCR test given in 72 hours or vaccination, visa is not required for travel up to 30 days. Prices for accommodation in November in Thailand: from 10,000 rubles per week in Phuket.

Tunisian sights of interest


The magical island of Bali is a popular resort in October-November and winter. Russians have loved the resort since the launch of air service to Denpasar and often came here to wait out the Russian slush. Now there are fewer tourists from Russia, but Bali is still a desirable and popular destination for a November seaside holiday.

Water and air temperatures in November have equalized – both elements are about +30°C. Rainfall is possible, but it’s the tropics! A torrential rain will only refresh the nature and life on the island.

Bali is the premier resort in Indonesia. My favorite beach on the island is Nusa Dua. It has great hotels, a shopping center, and a small village with market stalls and inexpensive cafes.

A few more popular resorts: ➢ Kuta – there’s surfing and a vibrant nightlife. ➢ Jimbaran – coast with stunning sunsets, fish restaurants, and views of landing planes. ➢ Seminyak – a resort with luxury hotels, spas and restaurants.

Entry conditions: anyone over 18 years of age – certificate of vaccination. Visa on arrival for $35. Prices for accommodation in November on the island of Bali: from 10 000 rubles per week for two people.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka

The tropical island of Sri Lanka is my favorite option for an inexpensive flight to the sea abroad. I would fly here every year, if it were not for the desire to see all the countries of the world.

We vacationed in Sri Lanka in November and December, the weather is great at that time – I checked! The water in the Indian Ocean warms up to +28°C, the air +30°C. Sometimes a tropical downpour can refresh the island, but the clouds quickly disperse, the sun shines brightly and everything dries out. We didn’t get any rain during the whole month – maybe it was at night!

The best resorts in the south-west: Bentota, Negombo, Hikkaduwa, Tangalle, Beruvelle. There is almost no stormy sea, no waves and heavy rains.

Entry requirements: certificate of vaccination or PCR test. You have to apply for an electronic permit in advance. Prices for accommodation in November: from 35 000 rubles for a week in a luxury hotel 5 *. On a side note: in Sri Lanka as inexpensive as in India, but the beaches are much cleaner and the locals are not as intrusive.

Here are a few more countries where you can swim in the sea in November:

Where to go in Russia in November 2022?

Black Sea in Adler

If you are looking for where to go to the sea in November in Russia, I hasten to disappoint – there are virtually no options. Autumn in our country is cold, Russian resorts in November are rainy and windy. Even in the Crimea, where the temperature can sometimes reach +20 ° C, swimming will still be cold – comfortable holiday at the Black Sea will not be possible.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a passport – our country is full of sights. Russian tourists usually devote their November vacation to a cultural program.

Here are a few rich in “sightseeing” cities:

1. Sochi .

Hotel Radisson in Adler

You can still catch sunny days in early November – perhaps it will be up to +17°C. In short – swimming in the sea is replaced by heated swimming pools with sea water and visiting tourist attractions: the Olympic Park, Sochi National Park, rope park, suspension bridge and ropeway at Rosa Khutor. Walks along the coast are also pleasant and useful for the body.

2. Moscow

Moscow City at Daytime Zamoskvorechye

As a resident of the capital, I can honestly say: walking around Moscow in November is no longer relevant – most of the time it is cold, slushy and grey. If we don’t go anywhere warm in November, we spend our leisure time in museums, theaters and restaurants. And if it happens to be a sunny day we go on one of Moscow’s informative excursions or to an all-inclusive country hotel with a swimming pool, animation.

3. St. Petersburg

Peterhof Grand Palace

It’s as cold in St. Petersburg as it is in the capital. However, the “Venice of the North” offers even more sights and museums than Moscow. Of the pluses of November St. Petersburg are cheap housing prices and few tourists.

4. Kazan

Kazan Kul Sharif Kazan Bauman

November in Kazan is cool, with freezing temperatures at night and snow already falling in the second half of the month. If you are willing to endure the cold and wind for the sake of stunning mosques and temples, read our articles about attractions and the best excursions in Kazan.

Beach vacations in November with kids – my tips

Rest with children at the sea

At the time of writing this article, I myself am planning a vacation and pondering where best to go in November abroad to the sea with children. Since in the subject of family vacations I am an expert, I will give some advice on this subject:

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