Where to go in Vladimir – 45 best attractions for tourists

Entertainment centers of Vladimir

Logical, highly entertaining, exciting. Unlike many quests, the legend here is worked out 100%Mystery story, detective + classic “find a way out” = perfect quest. We went on our son’s 9th birthday. It was five…

Virtual Reality Park on Lenin Avenue

Good Batut

Hello.Large request in the program, quests to register that the 2000 rubles (for example, the quest Spider-Man) is the cost of renting the animator for an hour, and that the schedule (climbing walls and tricks on trampolines) paid separately and …

Vladimir Planetarium

We can’t thank the crew of our planetarium, for the wonderful show which we all watched today with the whole class…


Pure buzz! I’ve never been to such places, got new experiences, I think that day I discovered a new me, or at least got to know myself at another 1%. Went with a friend to the master class, we were very warmly welcomed, very friendly…

Mishka Lounge

Were in this place for the second time. The first time we were cheated, the prices that were on the menu were lower than the prices in the checks. On our indignation, they said that they didn’t have the right menu, and when we asked to recount the prices on the menu, with such a dissatisfied face…


Music. Atmosphere. Tasty. Not expensive. In my opinion, the largest selection of tobaccos in town, as well as Nice and responsive staff!



Celebrated my daughter’s birthday! Great, interesting, the kids loved it! First there was an informative tour, then a master class with a ZD pen, a disco and of course the cake. Thanks to the organizers!

Uslada’s Gingerbread House

Good morning. In September we visited your place together with a group of kids from Perm. We had a wonderful welcome. The children are delighted. We wish them creative success. We invite you to come to Perm.


Central Park of Culture and Recreation in Vladimir.

Hookah Place

The ABC of Swimming



We went to the Caribbean for the first time with kids. Everything went great, kids 4-7 years old loved the workshop and the tour. everything is super, I recommend it.


Kseniia and Nikita! I want to thank you for trusting me to be the one to make your dream come true. You were very easy to work with and we understood each other at a glance, and the result was a very touching day of your life.

Active recreation, holidays, birthdays! Indoor rope park, climbing wall and bumper ball club. Quests, animation programs, interactive programs and parties. Workshops and programs for schoolchildren.

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VR cube


On 11.04.2021 we celebrated our daughter’s (11 years old) birthday in Dragonfly club. It was the first time we were in a club and we found it on the internet. I want to mention right away that with all my busy schedule, it was enough to make one call to Natalia and ABSOLUTELY EVERY…




Went with my son! loved it! Ended up celebrating my son’s birthday here and everyone loved it! The administrators are very attentive, tell you everything, help you, answer all your questions. Very bright and cool design of the club. I recommend to everyone! А…

Room of laughter and fear



The Way of the Sun

Dear Guys! We want to express our endless gratitude for such a gorgeous ending to our 2016 YOUNG BALL! You are the best at what you do.


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Zoon.ru users have left 213 reviews, the average rating is 4.39 of 5. The most positive ratings have: Vladimirskaya Zastava, Vladimir Aeroclub, Mystery of the Seven Doors, Eureka, Gingerbread House Uslady.

There are 20 24/7 entertainment centers in Vladimir. They include Way of the Sun, Zasada, and Atlant. Use the filter in our catalog to find them all!

Where to go in Vladimir – 45 best attractions for tourists

45 main sights of Vladimir

Assumption Cathedral

Ancient outstanding monument of architecture of Russia of the pre-Mongolian period. It was founded in 1158 and for several centuries Moscow and Vladimir princes were crowned there. The Cathedral of the Assumption is on the list of sites protected by UNESCO. From the XII century some fragments of frescos have survived on the walls. There are also a few fragments of 15th century paintings made by Andrei Rublev.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Dmitrievsky Cathedral

Founded by Grand Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest in 1191. Protected by UNESCO. The temple is notable for white stone carving – figures and ornaments. In total there are about 600 reliefs, most of which have been preserved in their original form. On the facade on the southern side there is a composition depicting Alexander the Great ascending to the sky. Fragments of the 12th century frescoes depicting the Last Judgment have been preserved.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Golden Gate

A UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of the seven gates of the single extended rampart, only the front Golden Gate is extant. Built in 1164 as a triumphal arch and defense structure. They led to the richest princely part of the city. Nowadays the premises of the Golden Gate houses the military exposition of the Vladimir-Suzdal Museum and the diorama, depicting an assault of Vladimir in 1238 by Batyi Khan.

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45 main sights of Vladimir

Pushkin Park

Located in the old part of the city near the historical and cultural monuments. It stretches from the Sobornaya Square to the observation deck. In the park there are monuments to Andrei Rublev, Prince Vladimir, St. Theodore, as well as a monument in honor of the 850th anniversary of the city. The park is well-maintained – there are pedestrian paths among greenery, beautiful flower beds and a fountain.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Monument to Prince Vladimir and St. Fedor

The monument was installed in 2007 and its unveiling was timed to the memorable date of moving the capital of the principality to Vladimir and to St. Vladimir’s Memorial Day. Prince Vladimir is depicted on a horse and in armor, with St. Fyodor standing beside him. They are looking at the city stretching out before them. The monument is located in the park. Pushkin park on the observation deck. It offers a beautiful view of the old part of town, the river Klyazma and the Assumption Cathedral.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Lipki Park

An ancient city park. The first trees were planted here back in 1847, and since 1901 continued to decorate the park. In the center of the park was installed a fountain, landscaped and decorated the green area. The first trees planted were lindens, hence the name of the park. Many citizens participated in the arrangement of the park and the planting of seedlings. The historic park in the center of the city is popular with visitors and residents.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Patriarch’s Garden

Officially, the garden is about 400 years old. It is located on a high slope with a height difference of 31 meters. The unique relief allowed to create an incredibly beautiful landscape area, which has become an ornament of Vladimir. The garden occupies about 4 hectares and has a rich collection of plants from different corners of the world – more than 100 kinds of fruit-trees and 110 kinds of floral and ornamental plants. The park is decorated with a fountain and an artificial lake.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Uspensky Knyaginin Monastery

Founded in 1200 on the initiative of Princess Maria Shvarnovna – wife of Prince Vsevolod the Big Nest. There she was buried after her death. The monastery became a burial vault for princes and princesses of the Vladimir sort. The main building of the monastery is the Assumption Cathedral of the XVI century. It was built on the foundations of an older temple. Frescoes of 1648, which were painted by Moscow artists, have been preserved.

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45 main sights of Vladimir

Monastery of the Nativity of the Mother of God

First mentioned in 1191. The ancient Laurentian Chronicle was written in it. Before the creation of the Trinity-Sergius Lavra, it was the main monastic center of the Vladimir and Suzdal princedoms. The restoration of the monastery began in the early 21st century. The Nativity of Christ Church of 1866 was rebuilt, the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary was rebuilt on the place of the destroyed one, the church with the bell tower named after St. Vladimir was built. Nevsky.

45 main sights of Vladimir

The Ferris wheel “Heaven 33

The attraction appeared in Vladimir in 2015 and immediately became one of the most popular attractions of the city. The wheel is 50 meters high and is one of the 10 highest such rides in the country. The wheel is equipped with dynamic lighting, which in the dark illuminates the sky with bright colors. Riding on the Ferris wheel is a great opportunity for tourists to enjoy the ancient architecture of Vladimir from on high.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Interesting places to walk

The city has pedestrian streets with sights and green parks with alleys where you can walk.

St. George Street

The pedestrian zone on St. George Street is a great place to walk. There are many cultural facilities. The special highlight of the street is a lot of unusual art objects from folklore and historical past of the city. On the street there are placed the monuments to the boy, the chemist, the painter, the fireman, the Cat Scientist, the cherry tree, the dachshund and the purse. All monuments provide original and memorable photos.

45 main sights of Vladimir

St. George’s Square

It is worth visiting St. George’s Street to enjoy the beautiful views from viewing platforms. The first one is located near the Cherry Tree Monument – from it you can get a great view of hundreds of plants of the Patriarch’s garden and of the Zaklyazmensky Dal. Two more observation platforms are located near the blacksmith shop of Borodins. From here one can see ancient churches and monasteries, including the Assumption Cathedral and Pushkin Park.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Central Park of Culture and Recreation

The park covers an area of 15.5 hectares and is located in the city center. A large part of it is greened up with alleys for strolling and benches. The guests can go on rides, such as the Fright Room, the chain carousel, the Ferris wheel and others. There are also sports and dancing grounds. Ski rental is available in winter. There is a health complex with two swimming pools and a sauna in the park.

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45 main sights of Vladimir

Bolshaya Moskovskaya Street

The old city street was founded in the seventeenth century – it was the focus of commercial and festive life of the city. In the 19th century, the street was paved with cobblestones and lanterns. The image of the central street is largely determined by the buildings that have survived on it since the 18th and 19th centuries. More than 20 buildings on the street are monuments of architecture. Of particular interest are the buildings of the Gostiny Dvor, City Duma, Noble Assembly, government offices.

45 main sights of Vladimir

The best museums of Vladimir

The most interesting museums of the city, which is worth a visit.

Museum complex “Chambers

Located in a historical building of public offices in the 18th century. The stone building was designed by architect Karl Blank. Since the 1990s there are museum exhibitions. There are paintings by Aivazovsky, Makovsky, Vasnetsov, Kramskoy, as well as masterpieces of old Russian icons in the exhibitions of the art gallery. There is an archeological hall, telling about the times of the Paleolithic and Stone Ages.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Historical Museum

It is located in a beautiful brick building in the old Russian style, built at the beginning of the XX century. The upper floor has beautiful murals. The museum’s exhibitions are devoted to the history of the Vladimir region from ancient times to the XX century. Special attention is given to the period of the city’s development in the XII-XIII centuries. A unique collection is the ancient treasure from 1238 found in 1993. It consisted of silver coins and church relics.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Museum “Crystal. Lacquer Miniatures. Embroidery.”

It occupies the premises of the former Trinity Church. The building is a monument of architecture as an example of a rare pseudo-Russian architectural style. The museum, whose expositions tell the history of folk crafts in Vladimir, was opened in 1974. Its showcases display unique items made of glass and crystal – goblets, decanters, vases. A striking exhibit is the installation “Memories of Venice” by Muratov.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Center for the promotion of visual arts

It is located in the Governor’s House, built in the 18th century. Every year it hosts exhibitions of Vladimir representatives of art. They have different themes – painting, sculpture, graphics, works of arts and crafts and temple art. In its own permanent collection of the museum a lot of works of Russian masters, including unusual – made of glass, ceramics, metal, embroidery.

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45 main sights of Vladimir

“Spoon Museum”.

The museum’s unique collection consists of 20,000 exhibits. There are about 3,000 spoons and forks on display – coronation spoons from the Windsor Dynasty, spoons made by suppliers to the Romanov dynasty, geographical, apostolic, there is a love spoon from Wales. Museum guests will be told about the history of the spoon, will learn about the technique of making utensils and will be told about the omens associated with spoons.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Stoletov Brothers House Museum

Opened in 1976 in the outbuilding of the XIX century classic building. The historical layout was restored according to the surviving drawings. The interiors of the small and large living rooms have been reconstructed, the atmosphere of a merchant’s house, merchant’s life and way of life have been recreated. The expositions include documents and photos that tell about the Stoletovs family and about the activities of the brothers, one of whom was a famous physicist and the other one was a military leader.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Borodin’s Forge Museum

Guests of the museum are introduced to the world of blacksmithing. The Borodins are hereditary blacksmiths and use ancient technologies in their work. The founders of the museum themselves work in the workshop, as well as conducting excursions and master classes. The wrought iron pieces are placed not only indoors, but also outdoors. Their subjects are varied – candlesticks, locks, grills, panels with small parts in the form of animals and birds, there is a 22-kilogram chain mail.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Museum “Old Pharmacy”.

The pharmacy was founded in 1805 by Governor Dolgorukov and operated until 2010. It is the first state pharmacy of the city. The building has a semicircular entrance with two columns and canopies. It fits harmoniously into the overall architectural appearance of the street. Since 2017, it houses a museum dedicated to pharmacy. It contains about 100 exhibits from the eighteenth to nineteenth centuries. They are placed among the interiors, conveying the atmosphere of the 19th century.

45 main sights of Vladimir

Museum “Lights of Vladimir”

The museum has an original theme – it is devoted to the history of street lighting in Vladimir. Here you can learn interesting knowledge of physics. You can get acquainted with electricity by studying the lighting devices. The exhibits can be touched with your hands, and experiments are conducted in the hall of light and color. The tours show how the incense, kerosene and electric lantern burns, tell about the achievements of science in the field of lighting.

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