Where to go in Kaliningrad – 47 best places for tourists

Entertainment centers in Kaliningrad.

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Kaliningrad Zoo


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Closed, Come in!


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Hunchbacked Horse.

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The Ice Arena SC Albatross


Western Front

La Belle

Star City


Eye of the Wind



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Yunost Sports Palace

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Amber Walruses


History in architecture

Safi Park

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Auto jet

Academy of Geniuses

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Hunchbacked Horse.

Kaliningrad’s entertainment centers offer guests and residents to visit zoos, water parks, amusement rides, centers combining rollerdrome, ice rinks, billiard rooms, game and children’s rooms. Dancing grounds and cinemas are equipped with the latest lighting and sound equipment. The variety of entertainment centers will allow people of all ages to relax.

  • How to find the best entertainment centers in Kaliningrad?

There are 421 entertainment centers in Kaliningrad on Zoon.ru. Use filters to find necessary services, compare ratings and real customer reviews.

Zoon.ru users have left 1253 reviews, the average rating is 4.17 of 5. The most positive ratings have: Zephyr, Closed, Enter!, La Belle, Amber Walrus, Rollersberg.

There are 42 24/7 entertainment centers in Kaliningrad. These include La Belle, Grillage, and Amber Walrus. Use the filter in our catalog to find them all!

What to see in Kaliningrad in the evening

In the evening and at night in Kaliningrad there is a lot of activity going on. The citizens and tourists stroll along the streets and embankments, have fun, watch movies, visit theaters and concert halls, relax, eat and dance in bars, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs. The detailed guide from the Tourister and city poster of cultural events may help a first-time traveler to Kaliningrad to choose where to go in the evening.

Sightseeing in Kaliningrad in the evening and walking around

When dusk falls and the first lights come on, it’s time to go for an evening stroll around Kaliningrad. You can walk around the city on your own or go on a themed tour with a professional guide. Evening tours in Kaliningrad include walking routes through the beautifully lit streets and squares of the city, visiting historic sights, and exploring the city’s nightlife.

The evening walk in Kaliningrad on your own can be a great experience, provided you are lucky with the weather. Although if it rains a little, the reflection of nighttime lights on the wet paving stones on the sidewalk will add beauty and romance to the city.

Pregolya Embankment

Victory Square is a great place to start an evening promenade through the city, located in the very center, at the intersection of Kaliningrad’s main transportation routes and close to the Northern Railway Station. In the last decades Victory Square has acquired a beautiful and solemn appearance – there is a Triumphal column erected, crowned with the Order of Victory, and two snow-white churches in the style of the Vladimir-Suzdal church architecture – the Church of Christ the Savior and the chapel in honor of Saints Peter and Fevronia. The temples, the Triumphal Column and the surrounding squares and buildings are beautifully illuminated in the evening. There are several large shopping centers near the square – “Kaliningrad Passage”, mall “Europa”, etc. The square has several large shopping centers – Kaliningrad Passage, Europa shopping mall The square has several large shopping malls – Kaliningrad Passage, Europa Shopping Mall, Clover Citycenter, as well as popular cafes and restaurants.

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On the Google panorama of Victory Square

Connoisseurs recommend exploring the brewpubs around Victory Square and sampling some of the city’s signature beers. It is believed that Königsberg in Prussian times was famous for master brewers, and the city had many large and small breweries. Today’s Kaliningrad brewers try not to drop their brand – local brews are known and appreciated all over Russia.

Right on Victory Square there is a restaurant “Khmel”. Here you can find five kinds of beer, its own smokehouse, and Russian Siberian cuisine on the menu. Nearby, in the basement of the mall Europe, there is a brewery named after the famous Russian philosopher and anarchist Kropotkin. The restaurant’s design uses a biographical theme from the life of Peter Kropotkin, the menu features four of his own beers and classic appetizers. Another popular beer bar with an unusual interior and with a speaking name “Reduit”. , is located in a real tower, preserved from the old fortifications of Koenigsberg on Litovsky Val, 27. Behind vaulted thick walls of the fortress (reduit) in the former bastion Kupferteich, built in 1860, there are cozy halls in medieval style. The menu offers the Reduit’s own beer, and German cuisine dominates among the appetizers.

Bar & Brewery Reduit

Kaliningrad’s must-see places in the evening are the Fish Village and Kant’s Island. Fish Village is a tourist neighborhood with buildings stylized in European half-timbered architecture and occupies a small block on the embankment of the Pregolya River. The embankment and facades of the houses are beautifully lit in the evening and at night, where citizens and tourists love to stroll. From the observation deck in the form of an old lighthouse, a panorama of the city and river opens up. On the 2nd floor of the lighthouse is a French restaurant “Madame Boucher” with live chamber music.

Madame Bouchet restaurant in the Lighthouse Tower

It would be a shame to go to the Fish Village and not try the fish dishes in the restaurant “Fish Club”. which occupies first place in the ranking of 190 fish restaurants in Kaliningrad. After tasting the menu of Kaliningrad institutions on the waterfront and compiling your own rating, you can cross the pedestrian Medovoy bridge to Kant island (former Kneiphof). In the evening you can admire the spectacularly lit Gothic forms of the ⅩⅥ century and the stained-glass windows.

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Cathedral in the evening

Beneath the cathedral walls there is a memorial to Immanuel Kant, the founder of German classical philosophy and professor at Königsberg’s Albertina University. The city cherishes the memory of the eminent scholar, and quotations from his writings can be found in the most unexpected places, such as on the backs of city benches. The cathedral itself is not active, but houses a concert hall with a unique organ complex, which in the evenings holds concerts by Russian and European organists. The concert poster is available on the official website of the cathedral.

Cathedral organ

If the weather is good, you can take a boat trip on the river Pregolya. The water offers great views of the beautifully lit embankments, museum ships moored near the World Ocean Museum and the Port of Kaliningrad. Not only old buildings of Prussian times look spectacular, but also typical Soviet “panel blocks” transformed after the reconstruction – new facades give them a European luster. Kaliningrad-Koenigsberg is a city with a complex fate and unhealed wounds of history, able to hide in the dark, and skillfully highlights its beauty and dignity with illumination and street lamps. The pier, from which the pleasure boats depart, is also located in the Fish Village.

View from the Pregolya River to the Fish Village

In the evening you should visit the square and the square next to the old building of the Koenigsberg Exchange and see the relatively new landmark of Kaliningrad – the Singing Fountain. A modern system with electronic control raises water jets to a height of up to 16 meters, which do not come out of the bowl, but directly from the sidewalk of the square. Streams of water are made into three-dimensional figures, “dance” in time with the sounding music and form a whimsical color patterns, thanks to the LED lighting. Evening operation of the fountain turns into a colorful show, gathering around him a lot of spectators. The 300 jets can create a water screen of 6 by 12 meters, on which laser projections are shown. Technical design of the Singing Fountain is unique in Russia, there is a similar one only in Peterhof.

On the Google panorama The Singing Fountain in the Public Garden in Kaliningrad

An evening in the castle

For those who want to feel the atmosphere of life of medieval inhabitants of Koenigsberg – the Teutonic Knights – we recommend a visit to the castle “Nesselbeck”, built in the style and motifs of medieval castles of the Teutonic Order. In “Nesselbeck” there is a hotel, brewery and restaurant. Medieval atmosphere creates massive aged oak furniture, tapestries and weapons on the walls. There is an entertainment program for visitors. You can watch a fire show, knightly tournaments on horseback, try your hand at throwing battle axes and darts. A visit to the Museum of Medieval Tortures and Punishments located in the Nesselbeck Castle will enhance the impression of medieval interiors and entertainment program and will tickle your nerves.

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Nesselbeck Castle on Google Panorama

Another castle-style place in Kaliningrad worth going to in the evening is the Residence of the Kings . The entertainment complex offers guests another Kraft beer brewery – “Brezel” and a real feast for gourmets – as many as seven restaurants with national cuisines from around the world. The Residence of the Kings will find entertainment for big and small guests, there is a karaoke bar with a dance floor, concert programs of popular artists and DJs, children’s play area “Tridevyatoe Tsarstvo”, outdoor areas for recreation, and in winter the indoor skating rink. The entertainment complex is located at Alexander Nevsky St., 10, near the Amber Museum and the Upper Lake.

Residence of Kings

Where to go in Kaliningrad in the evening for theater and movie buffs

Kaliningrad offers a wide range of evening performances and performances for connoisseurs of stage art. In their halls are invited classical repertory theaters – Musical and Regional Drama Theater, where you can see the classics and contemporary drama. Chamber theater “The Third Floor” plays plays on the big stage in the hall of the Baltic University and on the small chamber stage – in “The Attic”, designed for a dialogue with just 25 spectators. At evening performances and concerts in the Svetlanov Philharmonic you can listen to symphonic and chamber music, jazz performers, watch musicals and dramatic performances. The Philharmonia is located in the renovated and converted into a concert hall in the building of the Königsberg Kirche “Holy Family”.

Philharmonic Hall in Sagrada Familia church

Tickets for performances and concerts in Kaliningrad can be purchased at the City Theater Box Office in the mall “Europa” on the ground floor or online on the official website. By the way, in the mall “Europe” is a cinema Cinema Park. You can also go to other popular cinemas in Kaliningrad – Karo 7 in REC “Kaliningrad Plaza” at 30 Leninsky avenue, or to “Kinosphere” in REC “Ekvator” at 11 Generala Chelnokova street.

Night clubs

The oldest night club “Vagonka” which became a landmark of Kaliningrad is located on 12 Stanochnaya Street. Its history goes back to 1978. The club has two dance halls, small and big concert hall, three bars and free and democratic atmosphere. In “Vagonka” creative teams of all kinds of music perform.

A fairy tale of light and music can be enjoyed in the nightclub Platinum at Dm. Donskogo St. 19. The variety of the programs is possible to hear here – from rhythm and blues to hip-hop, but the main genre of the club is considered “commercial house” – a modern interpretation of dance music and quality remixes. The club Platinum has four bars, hookah, two dancing floors, age restriction 18+.

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In the basement of 31-33 on Prospekt Mira on Fridays and Saturdays from evening till 4.00am you can visit a club Kaliningrad City Jazz. This is a home club famous not only in Russia annual jazz festival “Kaliningrad City Jazz”. The club sounds live jazz, funk, soul, beat, and you can drink a beer or a cocktail and eat good food.

Fish Club restaurant on the quay

Where else to go in the evening

It is worth mentioning that Kaliningrad region is one of the five gaming zones of Russia – Yantarnaya . It is located on the coast of the Baltic Sea, near the village of Kulikovo. Now there is one of the largest casinos in Europe “Sobranie”. In addition to the gaming area, visitors are welcomed by “Offshore” restaurant, cafe, hookah room, karaoke and a concert hall. Casino “Sobranie” is open around the clock, you can reach it with a free shuttle from the shopping center “Victoria” or from Victory Square.

Casino “Sobranie” on Google Panorama

Reviews, photo albums, and travel tips about Kaliningrad

Learn where to go in the evening and what is better to see in Kaliningrad during daytime from photo reports and travel accounts:

  • Victoria Zinina’s photo album “One Feet in Europe. Kaliningrad.
  • A detailed story by Vladimir Shalaev “The City with Two Names”.
  • Stories by Tatyana Kvichanskaya “Kaliningrad” Part 1 and Part 2
  • Photo essay by Elena Borzykh “Where Koenigsberg ends and Kaliningrad begins
  • Romantic photo album “Our city” by Natalia Belova with photos by Michail Khromov

Kaliningrad Homlin on the Honey Bridge

Please use our Tourister’s tips for planning your itinerary of places of interest in Kaliningrad:

  • What to see in Kaliningrad in 1 day
  • What to see in Kaliningrad in 2 days
  • Where to go in Kaliningrad at the weekend

Stained glass windows of the Cathedral

Where to stay in Kaliningrad

Thanks to its uniqueness, rich history and proximity to the Baltic Sea, Kaliningrad has become a popular option for a weekend or vacation. But don’t look for hotels by the sea in Kaliningrad – there are none, as the city does not lie on the coast. In Kaliningrad there are resorts of Zelenogradsk, Svetlogorsk and small towns. In any case, if you stay in Kaliningrad, you can easily reach them in half an hour, even by public transport, and vice versa.

For guests of Kaliningrad there are hotels up to 5 stars and many apartments, cozy villas and stylish hostels. Here you can live in guest cabins of the ship “Vityaz”, which has become a museum exhibit, or in the stylized old-time Fish Village – hotels “Kaiserhof” and “At the Honey Bridge”. Mercure Kaliningrad or Holiday Inn will support the atmosphere of gingerbread northern Europe, and RiverSide will please those who come to the city in summer with its outdoor pool.

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