Where to go in Anapa – 50 best attractions for tourists

Where to go in Anapa – 50 best attractions for tourists

Lighthouse in Anapa

One of the indispensable attributes of every sea town is a lighthouse. Construction of the Anapa lighthouse began at the end of XIX century and lasted 10 years. It functioned properly and was the hallmark of the city, but was destroyed during the Great Patriotic War.

The reconstruction began in 1955. The octagonal white tower of lighthouse with wide black stripes is located on the coast, and the searchlight rises 43 meters above the sea level. The lighthouse is a symbol of Anapa.

It is photographed for tourist postcards, and local artists depict it in their paintings. From the foot of the lighthouse there is a picturesque view of the Black Sea and the mountains shrouded in a light haze. This is one of the most romantic places in the city. It is from here many tourists throw a coin into the sea, hoping to visit this hospitable resort again.

Address: Anapa Lighthouse, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Gorgippia Museum

Museum Gorgippia

Those of tourists who are interested in ancient history will not be bored in Anapa. There is a museum “Gorgippia”, which is one of the most interesting cultural and historical sites of this resort.

The museum was named for the ancient city that was the stronghold of the Bosporan Kingdom two thousand years ago. On the site of ancient Gorgippia stretches today modern Anapa.

Museum’s exhibition consists of over 50,000 exhibits discovered during the archaeological excavations of the ancient settlement.

Many ancient objects were found here: sculptures, amphorae, coins, utensils, jewelry, tools. They give a vivid idea of our ancestors’ life on the territory of the ancient city.

The second part of the exposition is an open-air archaeological museum.

Archaeological Museum

Archaeological Museum

Ancient city Gorgippia, the ruins of which were found on the territory of Anapa, was a major craft and trade center with a developed infrastructure. Many houses were built here, had its own mint, running water supply, operated stores, wineries and granaries.

You can see the foundations of these buildings by visiting the excavations, which are part of the exhibition of the museum “Gorgippia. This archeological museum is the only open-air museum in the country.

Excavations of ancient quarters stretch for several kilometers here. The cobbled streets of the ancient city were paved, sidewalks were built along the residential buildings, and the territory was surrounded with fortification walls. Visiting the museum, you can get acquainted with ancient history and get an idea of how the ancient city was in its heyday.

Address: Anapa Archaeological Museum of Gorgippia, Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Anapa embankment

Anapa embankment

If you have not yet decided where to go and what to see in Anapa – start acquaintance with the city with the promenade. At the beginning of the century it was completely reconstructed and improved. Now it is not just a promenade, but a real resort complex, the length of which is 5 km.

The embankment is lined with granite, decorated with lanterns of unusual shape, fountains and sculptures. Everywhere pleasing to the eye creations of landscape designers – flowerbeds and shaped flower compositions. This popular place concentrates resort town’s life, which boils day and night.

It is pleasant to stroll along the promenade at any time. Literally a few steps from this walking area there are many attractions, the central beach, attractions and museums. There are entertainment venues, cafes, restaurants and souvenir stores on the waterfront. There is a beautiful view of the lighthouse and the Black Sea with moored ships.

Address: 2 Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia, 353440.

Water park “Golden Beach”

Water Park 'Golden Beach

Those holidaymakers who are bored with a monotonous pastime on the beach, Anapa offers an active holiday in the water park “Golden Beach”. This is the biggest entertainment complex in the city, located in the open air. There are three pools and 20 different slides.

In several thematic zones there is a mass of attractions with a convenient layout. Children’s attractions are located in the “Treasure Island” zone. For the toddlers there are “Little foam” and “Drakosha” slides. Older children are happy to go down the slides “Boa” and “Spiral”.

This entertainment and active rest corner will be appreciated by tourists of all ages. Everything is perfect for children, but even adults will not be bored. Each of the attractions gives a lot of vivid impressions. For the most desperate ones water park offers to go down the extreme slides “Kamikaze” and “Black Hole”. You can just sunbathe lying on a chaise lounge chair near the pool and have a snack in the cafe.

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Address: Aquapark “Golden Beach”, Grebenskaya Street, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Bugazskaya Spit

Bugazskaya Spit

Sandy spit with dunes is located on the territory of the landscape reserve. It is 250-300 m wide and stretches for 12 km, separating Bugazsky estuary from the Black Sea. If you ascend one of the dunes, an astonishing view opens up before your eyes: on the one hand, the pure waters of the Black Sea are turquoise, and on the other – the blue of the estuary sparkles in the sun.

Almost 5 months a year in these places blows a strong wind, attracting fans of wildlife, surfing and kitesurfing. Perfectly clear water, shallow water and constant wind – that’s what tourists come to Bugazskaya Spit for.

Local conditions are suitable both for beginners, who try their skills in the shallow waters of the estuary, and for professionals – they conquer the waves of the Black Sea.

For beginners surfers and divers open several schools. Here you can try your hand under the guidance of experienced instructors or take a whole course. Fans of wild recreation will find themselves in almost spartan conditions. Those who appreciate comfort can stay at a relatively well-equipped area with guesthouses, hotels and cafes.

Address: Bugazskaya Spit, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Waterfall Pearl

Pearl Falls

The waterfall, located in the outskirts of Anapa, is considered a real natural gem of these places. But this is not the reason for its name. The rushing stream, carrying its water from a height of 5 meters, crashes against the rocks and disintegrates into white drops that shimmer in the sun like pearls.

The mountain stream, which originates high in the mountains, runs along the picturesque slopes. It is called the Waterfall, and its water is cold even in the heat of summer and so clear that you can drink it. The waterfall shows its full beauty in spring, when it melts snow and rains in the mountains, it is the most full-flowing.

Its peculiarity is that it falls from a rock right on the beach, where it literally after a few meters flows into the sea. The waterfall Pearl is located on the territory of the nature reserve “Utrish”. There are ecological walking routes to it that pass through unusually beautiful places among rare plants and relict pines.

Address: Pearl Waterfall, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Nemo Dolphinarium

Nemo Dolphinarium

The complex, which includes a dolphinarium and oceanarium, is located on Pioneer Avenue, not far from the beach area. Among the interesting inhabitants of the aquarium are sharks, rays, and bright tropical fish.

In the dolphinarium there are exciting and dynamic performances that will be of interest to both children and their parents. Among the trained “artists” are walruses, dolphins, seals and lions.

Amazing animals demonstrate breathtaking tricks, high jumps and even dance moves. After the show, visitors can mingle with the animals, swim with the dolphins and take pictures with them. The dolphinarium also provides additional services: here you can attend dolphin therapy sessions and dive into the pool with dolphins scuba diving.

Address: Nemo Dolphinarium, Pioneer Avenue, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Show “Knight Tournament”.

Knight Tournament

If you go up the forest road from the resort village of Sukko, among the trees you can see a real castle called “Lion’s Head”. Its walls are 8 meters above the shore of the mountain lake. Although this castle is not a medieval castle, but built in our time, here you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of antiquity.

In this structure there is an entertainment complex, which was built to hold horse and stunt shows and jousting tournaments. Upon entering the castle, tourists witness a real battle, staged by warriors in combat armor. The culmination of the show is a tournament of lances. Duels of knights alternate with performances of jesters and circus artists.

In between performances one can see the torture chamber exposition, and an inquisitor in a black cassock will give a fascinating tour. At the gate of the castle, tourists can watch as artisans make pottery. Guests of the show can try their hand at blacksmithing, archery and crossbow shooting, horseback riding, satisfy their hunger in a medieval tavern and buy souvenirs.

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Address: Castle “Lion’s Head”, Sovetskaya Street, Sukko, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Theodosius spring of the Caucasus

Theodosius spring

According to legend, this source appeared in the vicinity of Anapa after prayers of St. Theodosius of the Caucasus. His water is considered healing and miraculous. There is a chapel built here, where people come every day. There are especially many pilgrims on August 8, the day of St. Theodosius.

The spring is located in a corner of paradise, surrounded by old trees. People come here to draw holy water, to feel peace and tranquility. You can reach this place, which is located near the village of Gorny, on your own or as part of an excursion. Near the spring, there is a honey apiary that offers tasting and purchasing of any type of honey you like.

Address: Theodosius Caucasus Desert, Novorossiysk, Russia.

Cape Panagia

Cape Panagia

This rocky promontory rises 30 meters above sea level in the eastern part of the Kerch Strait, where the Black Sea meets the Azov Sea. There is a legend that the church, built by the Apostle Andrew, used to stand here, but it was destroyed in a landslide.

Today the rocky shores of Cape Panagia attract not just fans of wild recreation, but real extreme tourists. There is no firewood, no sources of fresh water, and in bad weather it is impossible to drive on the dirt road. Nevertheless, every year teams of divers are sent here to try to find the ruins of the temple on the seabed. However, so far, this search has not been successful.

Address: Cape Panagia, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Oceanarium “Reef.

This oceanarium was opened in the city a few years ago. Here recreated an ecosystem of coral reefs, and all the animal and plant diversity is presented as it occurs in its natural conditions. The small volume of the aquariums allows for impeccable water purity, to the quality of which fish and corals are very demanding.

Visitors to the oceanarium can see the beauty of the underwater world right next to them, behind the aquariums’ panes. The lighting and music create an atmosphere of contemplation. On the accompanying boards you can read detailed information about each of the inhabitants of the aquarium, including tropical fish, rays, sharks, octopuses and sea stars.

Address: Oceanarium “Reef”, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Park Walnut Grove

Walnut Grove Park

The park “Walnut Grove” was founded in Anapa in the post-war years. It was laid out on a lifeless rocky coast, planting trees, among which Crimean pines and walnuts prevailed. The beginning of our century breathed new life into this place.

The park has been improved and opened for tourists in a completely new form. There were new trees, tiled paths and a huge number of rose bushes. When the rose bushes bloom, the park is filled with an exquisite aroma, which exudes thousands of buds of different shapes and shades.

There is a playground with slides, merry-go-rounds and ladders for children. Leisure facilities include inflatable rides, bikes and electric cars for rent, and a backlit fountain. The park often hosts concerts, exhibitions, workshops and various festivals. There are far fewer tourists here than in the city park or on the waterfront, so you can recommend Walnut Grove for hiking lovers and vacationers with children.

Address: Walnut Grove Park, Anapa, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Monument ship “Scarlet Sails

A small five-meter frigate with scarlet sails is located on the waterfront of Anapa, near the entrance to the Gorgippia Museum. The monument, illuminated in the evening, has already become one of the symbols of this resort town.

Perhaps there is no tourist who hasn’t taken pictures of Anapa on the background of this interesting art object. Creators of the monument have not missed any detail: bright red fabric of sails fluttering in the wind, captain’s bridge with helm, real ropes of hemp… Even the sea, through which the ship is sailing, is recreated – its role is played by bright flower bed.

Address: Ship-monument “Scarlet Sails”, Naberezhnaya Street, Anapa, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Where to go in Anapa in the evening

Anapa is one of the most popular beach resorts on the Russian Black Sea coast. In the summertime, the city does not fall asleep even with the rapid onset of the southern night. In the evening, a measured beach resort turns into a noisy and dynamic recreation center, glittering with lights and enticing live music. Depending on your preferences, options where to go in the evening in Anapa will vary: you can visit entertainment centers or go on a themed tour, have dinner in a colorful restaurant or dance at a foam party.

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Where to go in Anapa in the evening

Beautiful places of Anapa in the evening

Evening Anapa is different from the daytime Anapa. Walk in Anapa in the evening is worth it, even if you are at the resort only one day – at different times of day the resort looks completely different. During daylight hours – it is a seaside town with bright and cozy streets, a lazy southern atmosphere. After sunset on the main streets lit illumination, restaurants and bars beckon neon lights of signs. The picture of Anapa in the evening looks like a city decorated for the holiday. In the evening it is worth a stroll along the main streets and the promenade to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the endless holiday and take unusual photos of the resort.

On the Central Square in Anapa from May to October are light and music fountains. Evening show takes place every day from 21:30 to 23:00. To enjoy the show in comfort, you should come 15-20 minutes before the start – take a seat on the benches.

Light Music Fountain

Boardwalks and Pedestrian Streets

The total length of the embankment of the resort of Anapa – 5 km, of which, the Central embankment takes – 1.5 km. Central Quay of Anapa in the evening – the main attraction of the resort. In the evening here go for a leisurely stroll and for noisy entertainment. When darkness falls on the embankment daily street performers performances, on holidays and weekends – concert programs. Here tourists make photos against a wooden sailing ship with scarlet sails or the lighthouse (especially spectacular lighthouse looks during sunset), view the night sky through binoculars, snack on street food. On the waterfront installed attractions and slot machines, you can rent sports equipment and various means of transportation: from children’s cars to scooters and bicycles.

The central Anapa promenade

Where can I walk in the evening for lovers of silence in Anapa? Walk along the promenade beyond the central area. Where the main tourist infrastructure ends, there are almost no people. You can also go down to the beach and walk barefoot on the sand. After sunset Anapa beaches are empty.

The second most popular walking area of Anapa is a pedestrian part of Gorky Street. The street itself stretches for 2 km from the Theater Square, and the pedestrian zone takes about half of its length. As well as on the Anapa embankment, in the evenings there is a boiling noisy resort life: there are bars and discos, cafes and restaurants with dishes cooked on the grill. On the street you can take a ride on the electric travel car or a children’s train. There is also a central market, where you can buy a snack and Kuban wine on draft.

Anapa also includes a resort village Vityazevo. The local promenade Paralia is unusual in that it runs not along the sea, but perpendicular to it. The walking street with its Greek name (“Paralia” means “promenade”) is interesting for its design: most of the buildings are styled in antique Greek style. In the evening it is worth to come here to make a photo of “ancient” statues in the illumination and have dinner in a stylized ancient Greek tavern.

The Paralia embankment in Vityazevo


In the evening in Anapa, many tourists choose active entertainment after a relaxing daytime rest. Gorky Street is adjacent to the 30th Anniversary of Victory Park. Tourists go here for an evening stroll after the show of light and music fountains. The park is one of the most photographed attractions Anapa – a monument “White Hat”. In the evening in the park you can take part in competitions for the prize at the entertainment areas, take part in the dance evenings or sing karaoke. There are snack bars, cafes and restaurants in the park. But most tourists come here to enjoy extreme rides: roller coaster, Formula 1 race track or Orbit. For the less extreme attractions there’s an arcade zone called Flint’s Gold and House Upside Down. With children it is worth visiting the trampoline town or the exhibition of moving dinosaurs.

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Monument to holidaymakers

In total, there are six Ferris wheels in Anapa. The highest is the Ferris wheel in the park “The Jungle Book”. Its height is 70 meters. From the top there is a view not only of Anapa, but also of neighboring resorts: Vityazevo, Sukko, as well as mountains and, of course, the sea. It’s worth visiting the attraction at sunset – the surroundings look especially beautiful in the soft sunlight. The Ferris wheel in the park “Jungle Book” is open every day until 23:00.

In the amusement park “Sunny Island” most of the rides are aimed at children. Here children of primary and secondary school age can ride on merry-go-rounds, chains, cars on the autodrome, “fly” on an elephant or ride on the back of a dragon through the water surface of the pool. In the evening, all attractions are lit, which creates a special, magical atmosphere.

Knight tournaments in the castle “Lion’s Head” – one of the most original options for what to see in Anapa in the evening. The castle is located near the resort Sukko – less than an hour’s drive from Anapa. Demonstration of knights tournaments are accompanied by a fire show with rope walkers, acrobats and dancers. Tournaments are held twice a day – at 10:30 and 21:30. It is worth visiting the evening show with fire – in the dark tournament looks more spectacular.

Where can I dance in Anapa in the evening? The most popular nightclubs: “Corsair” , “Eurasia” , “Mabi” , “Sunny Beach” , “Tiger” . , “Mabi”, “Sunrise”. Of the clubs on the seafront especially stand out “The One” – here they serve quality cocktails, and the sound and light are not inferior to the capital’s clubs. Club Boro Boro is famous for its pool system – one of them has a bar on an artificial island. The older generation likes disco club “Steamboat” .

Night club in Anapa

Romantic evening in Anapa

The most popular option for a romantic evening at any seaside resort is a walk on a yacht at sunset. Usually, the walk is organized along the picturesque shores of Bolshoi Utrish Nature Reserve – here you can often see dolphins in the open sea. To complete the trip you can order dinner on a yacht with gifts of the Black Sea and champagne. Also a photo session is organized for an additional cost.

A classic option for a date in Anapa is a romantic dinner on the beach. Choose one of the restaurants with panoramic windows on the sea or a summer terrace. A more budget-friendly option is to organize a picnic in a picturesque place by the sea.

Not banal option, where to go in Anapa in the evening with the other half – is to climb on the roof. On high-rise buildings, local agencies organize sites for romantic dinners. From the heights will open a view of the city and the sea, the roofs themselves are decorated with light installations and lanterns. Musical accompaniment is possible on request. There are options with a cooked dinner and drinks, but in most cases, you can bring your own food to the rooftop.

Sunset in Anapa

Boat rides

What to do in the evening in Anapa, besides walking in the pedestrian areas? You can go for a boat ride along the coast. At sunset, the city and its surroundings look especially beautiful from the water. Among the popular routes are one hour walk from Anapa port (view of the Vysokiy Bereg, Anapa lighthouse, “Bald Mountain” and Malaya Bay), a trip to Bolshoi Utrish (past Sukko and “Bald Mountain”, a protected peninsula). There are options boat trips with fishing – the final of this tour is cooking caught fish on the grill.

In addition to sightseeing cruises, there are entertaining cruises at sunset: musical cruise for 2 hours with an opportunity to dance on board or “pirate” cruise with competitions and music program. For children we organize boat trips with a quest program or informative excursion. It is also possible to rent a yacht and sail along the coast on your own route.

Sunset in Anapa

Theaters and concert halls

Where can I go in the evening in Anapa lovers of culture? The city theater of Anapa hosts performances of local art ensembles and dance groups. According to reviews of holidaymakers, especially interesting performances of the ensemble “Esaul”, which is engaged in the popularization of Cossack culture.

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The main concert stage of Anapa is “Summer stage”. It is located in the center of the resort, near the amusement park on Gorky Street. Recently over the concert stage built a roof – in case of bad weather, you can now continue to watch the show. The hall runs from June to October.

Before visiting Anapa, be sure to look at the playbill for your vacation dates – in the summertime, Russian pop stars often perform on the open areas of the resort, theatrical productions of the capital’s teams take place.

Summer stage

Where to go with children

Where to walk with children in the evening in Anapa? After the daytime bathing in the sea, most tourists prefer to visit amusement parks and other family recreation centers with children. In Anapa there are several mini zoos and aquariums, which can be visited in the evening hours:

    . Oceanarium is unique in that inside, with the help of coral reefs recreated ecosystems of the Red Sea and the Great Barrier Reef. Among the inhabitants are reef blacktip sharks, octopuses, and piranhas. During the summer months, the oceanarium “Reef” is open until 23:00. It is a tunnel sea aquarium, where you can see stingrays, sea roosters and turtles. There is an exposition devoted to the inhabitants of the Kuban River. In summer, you can visit the aquarium until 21:00. This is the largest in our country zooterrarium. Here you can see a variety of crocodile species: Cuban and Nile crocodiles, Mississippian alligator, spectacle caiman and even striped monitor lizard. Crocodile farm in Anapa is open daily, until 21:00.
  • Penguinarium . You can see exotic for the south animals in Anapa Penguinarium (located in Dzhemete). In the Penguinarium you can watch eight inhabitants – Humboldt penguins. But even in the season Penguinarium closes rather early – at 18:00. You can see the show with the amazing marine animals every day except Monday. The last show is in the evening at 18:00. You can also visit the dolphinarium oceanarium. For an additional cost, you can take a photo or swim with the dolphins.

Of free options, where to go with children in the evening – walks along the waterfront and pedestrian areas. On the Central promenade of Anapa is equipped with a playground, installed a wooden model of a ship, on which children love to climb. On Gorky Street, you can take a ride on the children’s train.

The Oceanarium of Anapa

Stories, routes and tips for tourists

The answer to the question “Where to walk in Anapa in the evening?” can be found in the reviews of tourists. Travelers share their options for leisure – from restaurants and cafes for a romantic dinner to nightclubs and bars. In the reviews you will find photos of evening Anapa and the city’s sights in lights and illumination. In the reports, travelers write about the best places to watch the sunset on the shore, about vantage points with a view of the night city.

  • Report “Anapa and white hat” from Alyonka Yolka with photos of evening Anapa.
  • Photo album “Resorts of Krasnodar Krai. Anapa” by Vitaly Akhmedyanov.

Performance on the waterfront

Where to stay in Anapa

Widest choice of accommodation awaits all who wish to relax on the golden beaches of Anapa. There are hotels, resorts, cottages, guest houses and apartments. Each of them is sure to have the best feature – whether it is the location on the beach or “all inclusive”, and therefore any tourist is sure to find his perfect option.

The reviews on Tourister.Ru feature hotels in Anapa on a variety of subjects:

Where to go in Anapa in the evening

Excursions in Anapa in the evening.

An evening walk around Anapa can be not only entertaining, but also informative. Going on a tour with a local guide in the evening Anapa, you will see the sights of the city and the surrounding area in a different light. Many people choose guided boat trips at sunset or gastronomic excursions with dinner in a picturesque place. Excursion guides from Anapa will advise you the best places for evening photographs and viewpoints with a panoramic view of the city.

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