Where to go for a holiday in winter?

Where to go for a winter vacation: open warm countries for the 2022 season

Where to go in winter

Where to go in winter at the sea? Tourists used to choose a country for a beach holiday in winter on the principle – that it would be hot and inexpensive. In the current post-Soviet reality, the important issues are the openness and safety of countries for tourists.

The article is adjusted in light of the Western sanctions imposed on Russia. Russian airlines continue to fly abroad, but the number of their flights is reduced. Package tours based on flights of foreign airlines are also available. Destinations where flights are suspended, we marked as “temporarily unavailable”.

Collected for you all open winter destinations this season, where you can safely fly to the beach. By the way, if you want to save money when planning your vacation, subscribe to our newsletter of hot tours in Telegram, where we publish every day tours with discounts :


Where is it warm in winter abroad

Already since November in popular Russian, Turkish and European resorts, it becomes uncomfortable to swim. We wrote more about the temperatures for comfortable bathing in a separate article

But in countries closer to the equator, it is hot all year round. During the winter months in many places also comes the dry season, more comfortable for recreation. The main regions with popular winter beach resorts are the Caribbean, South and Southeast Asia and Africa.

Where to go in winter

Photo by Joey Nicotra / unsplash

To make it clear, we have compiled a summary table with the average winter air and water temperatures at popular resorts in different countries.

Air, °C Water, °C
Dominican Republic +27 +27
Mexico +28 +26
Cuba +27 +25
Egypt +22 +22
UAE +25 +22
Thailand +31 +28
Maldives +30 +28
Seychelles +30 +28
Venezuela +28 +25

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Peculiarities of Bulgarian cuisine

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Below we will tell you more about the features of winter holidays and conditions of entry into each country.

Where you can have a winter vacation at the sea without tests and vaccinations

We would like to have more easily accessible countries, but so far among the popular winter destinations are only three – Egypt, the Maldives and Dominica. We hope the question will be solved soon as with Dominican Republic (we have flights with connection in Istanbul).


Egypt is letting Russians inoculated with Sputnik V. Also everyone is waiting for approval for Sputnik Lite, but so far there has been no official announcement.

In winter in Egypt comes the season of winds, but tourists continue to rest. It is always sunny, the water temperature in December is +23 – +24 C, and by February it becomes +22 – +21 C.

Fly to Egypt in Winter

Of all the months, December is the least windy with average daytime temperatures of +22 to +28 C. In January, it is about the same as in December, only more winds and the sun can sometimes be in a haze. It gets cooler in February, but it still doesn’t hinder beach vacation.

In winter it is better to choose the resort of Sharm el-Sheikh. Due to the peculiarities of its location, it is not as windy as in Hurghada, and there are nice windless coves. Read more about the peculiarities of Egyptian resorts in a separate article.

Egypt is a favorite destination for diving enthusiasts, where you can see the sea life close to the shore. And, of course, Egypt – it is an ancient cultural monuments in the open air and museums.

Nogai spring and pear tree in Avdarm

Pyramids of Egypt

Photo by Marcin Chuć / pixabay

Visa in Egypt is given on arrival. If you arrive in Cairo or Hurghada, you have to pay $ 25 for a visa. The entry stamp in your passport at Sharm el Sheikh airport will be free (say the cherished phrase Sinai only).

Read the latest news about charter flights to Egypt, as well as the current rules of entry here.


Flying to the Maldives in winter will take you to the real summer. The air temperature is +30 C, water + 28 C. Winter in the Maldives is considered the dry season, here it is always clear and sunny. Only from mid-December to early January, there may be wind and waves in the ocean. During the rest of the winter days, there is complete peace.

Winter Holiday in Maldives

People fly to the Maldives for solitude, diving, spa treatments and Instagram shots. Accommodation in hotels usually has an above average price tag. Here you can stay in a resort – a separate island – in a villa with its own pool and hammock over the water.

Villa in Maldives

Russians do not need a visa to the Maldives, are allowed to stay on the islands up to 90 days. Read more rules on entry into the Maldives in a separate article.

Dominican Republic

In winter, the Dominican Republic has a high season and the weather is comfortable. There is almost no rain during this period. The weather is sunny and dry, the air temperature without unbearable heat of +26 – +28 C. The average temperature of the water in December and January is +27 C, and in February the temperature drops only by one degree to +26 C.

Winter vacations in the Dominican Republic

Photo Georges_Tours / pixabay

In January and the first half of February there are windy days. Then it gets a little cooler, especially in the evenings. But you can’t go year to year, it’s just worth keeping in mind.

At the most popular resort of Punta Cana a lot of hotels for young people, there are nightclubs. At the same time and for recreation with children here is also good. Another nice resort place with beautiful lagoons and clear water is Baiaibe. Puerto Plateau is suitable for water extreme (but honestly, do not go here in winter). You can go on excursions around the island from any resort.

Egypt. Interesting facts and sights

If you are interested in this destination, we have detailed articles on the subject:

Mexico (temporarily unavailable)

Mexico is just as comfortable in winter. Minimal precipitation and maximum sunny days without the debilitating heat. The average air temperature in winter in the popular resort of Cancun +28 C, the sea temperature +25 – +27 C.

Holidays in Mesquica in winter

Photo Michelle_Raponi / pixabay

Mexico is not only a beach vacation. The ancient Mayan city of Chichen Itza with the pyramid of Kukulcana (listed in the 7 New Wonders of the World) and the ancient city of Tulum are located near Cancun.

Chichen Itza Mexico

Photo Walkerssk / pixabay

In addition to the pyramids, you can swim with turtles at the beach in Acumel. Visit the cenote “Seven Mouths”, a cave that hides a lake of turquoise water. Get to know more about the national cuisine.

Cuba (temporarily unavailable)

As of January 5, 2022, Cuba allowed free entry for “package” tourists. That is, if you fly on a tour, you do not need to take tests and provide a certificate of vaccination at entry. Cuba does not require a visa.

Holidays in Cuba in winter

Cuba is located between the Mexican Cancun and the Dominican Republic, so it has similar climatic conditions. The average daytime air temperature of + 27 C, sea temperature + 25 C. The sea at this time is calm, precipitation is minimal and bathing is a pleasure.

Keep in mind that the level of service in Cuban hotels is lower than in Dominican hotels. For more information about the difference in holidays in these countries you can read a separate article.

But in Cuba you can experience the revolutionary spirit of solar socialism. Learn to dance salsa, drive a vintage car, to become a connoisseur of cigars and rum.

Where to go for a winter vacation at sea with tests and vaccinations

Here are the open countries whose rules of entry still require tourists to take tests. Passing PCR-tests before you go on vacation – is certainly an additional cost and risk. But it is still an opportunity to relax at your favorite resort. It is good if you have a valid certificate of vaccination, all these countries recognize the Russian Sputnik V, which allows you to avoid taking the tests.

The mysterious Venezuela: Cities, attractions and entertainment.

Going to the UAE on vacation in the winter is not worth hoping for a full beach holiday. During the day you can get a tan and have a swim in the pool, the average air temperature is +25 C. But in the evening it gets chilly (the temperature changes quite noticeable in the desert), so swimming in the sea may not always be comfortable.

Vacations in Dubai in winter

Photo by Fadi Al Shami / unsplash

The Arab Emirates offer plenty to see and do in terms of sights, and the weather is fine for that. Settle in Dubai or a hotel nearby, such as Sharjah, for that matter.

Dubai is a modern oasis city with grand skyscrapers, luxury hotels, shopping malls, modern exhibition galleries. It is also worth visiting Abu Dhabi, home to the Great Mosque of Sheikh Zayed and Ferrari World Park.

UAE visa is free at the airport of arrival (stamped), we can say that it is not required.


Winter in Thailand is high season, the weather is dry and warm – comfortable for beach and sightseeing. The average temperature of the sea is +28 C, the air temperature is from +28 C to +33 C. The maximum number of tourists stay at resorts during Christmas and New Year. After the pandemic, tourism in Thailand was restarted in 2021, since then the country has been available for Russian tourists.

Winter Thailand

Photo by Sebastian Pichler / unsplash

Russian citizens can come to Thailand without a visa for up to 30 days. Read the current rules of entry into the kingdom can be found on a special page.


Winter in the Seychelles is the season of monsoons – winds that bring the heat from the African continent and rain. The average daytime air temperature during this period is + 30 C, water temperature + 28 C. The rainiest month is January. The rains are heavy and frequent, but not very long.

Places every person should visit

Holidays in Seychelles in winter

Photo by Christian Cacciamani / unsplash

We can say at once that the price tag on the rest in the Seychelles is one of the highest, and the destination is not available to everyone. Fly here for the unique nature and national colors. In addition to swimming here, you can do diving, surfing, sailing and fishing.

You do not need to apply for a visa to Seychelles, you can get a visa stamp for up to 30 days for free at the airport on arrival.


Venezuela has a season of dry trade winds throughout the winter. The average air temperature in the resort island of Margarita in the winter months is + 28 C, water + 25 C. The conditions are comfortable enough for a beach holiday.

Holidays in Venezuela in winter

Venezuela is a new destination for package tourism. Recreation in the country can be seen as an alternative to the Dominican Republic and Cuba. While the direction is considered “exotic” and not quite safe because of the crime outside the hotels.

Visa to Venezuela is not required, stay in the country is allowed up to 90 days.


Keep in mind that all Russian citizens arriving from abroad are required by Rospotrebnadzor to fill out a questionnaire at the portal of public services. It must be done before boarding the return flight. And when you return to Russia, you must take a PCR test within 3 days and upload the results to the State Portal no later than the 4th day. If you have been vaccinated, or have had an earlier disease, you don’t need to take the test (but you must fill out the form anyway!).

If you are planning to fly to an all-inclusive hotel, it is useful to read about the peculiarities of all-inclusive in different countries. We wrote a detailed article with a selection of the best hotels.

Write in the comments which country you think you should choose. Ask us your questions or share your experiences!

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