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Russell Falls

Russell Falls (photo).

One of the most famous waterfalls in Tasmania is Russell Falls. Its popularity is due not only to its pristine beauty, but also to its accessibility – only a few minutes walk separates it from the main entrance to Mount Field National Park.

The waterfall was originally named after Browning, the man who first discovered it among the wilds of the forest. However, as early as 1884 it was mentioned as Russell Falls. The uniqueness of the natural site was recognized as early as the late 19th century by proclaiming it and the area around it a nature reserve in 1885. Since 1899, Russell Falls has been one of the landmarks of Tasmania printed on postage stamps with the aim of attracting tourists. Either the stamps helped or the tourist companies did a good job, but today Russell Falls is one of the most visited places.

The rushing stream rushes over layered sandstone rocks that form a scenic “cushion” for the water. The water doesn’t fall steeply, it slopes down natural mountain steps. Where the steps are high, the falls form a magnificent water curtain that hides mysterious grottoes. According to various estimates, the total height of the waterfall ranges from 50 to 58 meters.

On either side of the waterfall grow huge eucalyptus trees, the tallest deciduous trees in the world. There are also evergreen southern sassafras, whose foliage has a light aroma of nutmeg. Tree ferns fill the lower level of the forest space with their sprawling foliage.

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The clear air, delicate scent of eucalyptus, the measured sound of flowing water, and the unbelievably bright greenery make hundreds of tourists visit Russell Falls every day, taking their most vivid impressions with them.

Coordinates : -42.67696000,146.71214700

Hobart International Airport

Hobart International Airport (photo)

Hobart International Airport is a civilian airport with an asphalt runway 2,251 meters long. The airport has terminals for domestic and international flights, which are connected to each other.

The airport was founded in 1956 and is still Tasmania’s main airport. In 2004, the airport was sold to the private Tasmanian Gateway Consortium.

The airport is served primarily by four Australian airlines. The main destinations are Melbourne and Sydney. During the year the airport carries almost 2 million people. The airport Hobart ranks ninth among Australian airports by the number of transported passengers.

Coordinates : -42.83611100,147.50888900

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Hobart Synagogue

Hobart Synagogue (photo)

The synagogue in Hobart is interesting because, first, it is the oldest synagogue in Australia, and second, it is one of the few surviving religious buildings in the world in the unique Egyptian Renaissance style.

The synagogue was built on land donated by the local merchant Judea Solomon, and the famous British philanthropist Moses Montefiore donated considerable funds for its construction. Today their names, as well as those of other donors, are written in gold on one of the walls of the temple.

The first stone in the foundation of the synagogue was laid on August 9, 1843. It is interesting that it was designed by a former convict exiled from Scotland to Tasmania for stealing jewels. His name was James Alexander Thomson. He was pardoned in 1839 and became a successful architect.

The building was created at a time when Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt opened the world to a new culture and understanding of history. The author’s appeal to the ancient Greek style was an attempt to show the ancient roots of Judaism. The windows of the temple are trapezoidal in shape, and the tops of the columns at the entrance are decorated with lotus flowers. There are a total of 150 seats in the temple for services downstairs, and 45 in the upper gallery – they are reserved for women. In the back rows are simple wooden benches. Convicts exiled from England were allowed to sit here.

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Today the number of synagogue members is small – in 2001 there were only 165 Jews throughout Tasmania. On Saturdays, there is an Orthodox service.

Coordinates : -42.87959500,147.32795100

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