What to see in Lithuania: sights of the country

What to see in Lithuania: sights of the country

The shrine of the Catholic world, the open-air temple – the Mountain of Crosses, located 12 km from the Lithuanian city of Siauliai, continues to grow exponentially, because every pilgrim or traveler comes here not empty-handed.

Tyshkevich Palace

The Tyshkevich Palace in Palanga is one of the three surviving residences of this wealthy aristocratic family of Russian-Lithuanian descent in Lithuania. It was built in the neo-Renaissance style with baroque and classicist features at the very end of the 19th century according to the project of Franz Heinrich Schwechten.

Kaunas Castle

Kaunas Castle is one of those sights that one would be sorry to miss: it is probably the most famous place in the city and its “business card”. And it is preserved, by the Eastern European standards, not so bad: about a third of former constructions survived.

Vilnius Cathedral

The most beautiful cathedral reminds classical temples of Ancient Greece. It is believed that in its place until the 13th century there was a temple of Perkunas, a pagan god of thunderers, on whose altar fire burned round the clock.

Peter and Paul Church in Vilnius

It is hard to understand why St. Peter and Paul’s Church deserves the status of a Baroque gem. After all, its appearance is not that it does not shine, but somehow it does not “catch” straight away. It is moderately pompous, moderately fanciful; everything in it is somehow in moderation.

St. Anne’s Church in Vilnius

St. Anne’s Church is one of the symbols and main attractions of Vilnius. Its construction was completed in 1500. Earlier in the late 14th century there was a wooden church of St. Ann. Since its construction the church has survived several fires.

St. Mary’s Church in Palanga

The Catholic Church of the Assumption of St. Mary in Palanga can be seen from afar. The 76-meter red-brick building is the tallest in Palanga. The church was built at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries in the Neo-Gothic style next to the wooden church that had been standing in Palanga since 1590.

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Lithuanian Maritime Museum

The Lithuanian Maritime Museum is located on the very tip of the Curonian Spit in the building of the old Prussian fortress of the 19th century, Kopgalis. On the approaches to the museum, under the open sky, there is an ethnographic museum – a seaside village with typical houses and buildings of fishermen.

Ostraya brama

The Acute Brahma, a three-storey Renaissance building, is one of the main attractions of Vilnius. It is the only surviving one of the 10 gates of the stone fortress wall that once surrounded Vilnius.

Tyshkevičiai Park and Birutė Mountain

There is a huge botanical park around the Tyshkevičiai Palace in Palanga. It was founded back in 1897 on the order of Earl Felix Tyshkevich. Today it is a great place for walks, ecological tourism and aesthetic pleasure.

Port of Klaipeda

The port of Klaipeda is one of the visiting cards of the city. It was founded in the 13th century at the walls of the fortress of Memel and still remains an important transportation center, the largest in Lithuania. Cargo and passenger ships depart from here all year round for Europe, Asia and America.

Theater Square in Klaipeda

Theater Square has always been the center of social life in Klaipeda, but until the middle of the 20th century the locals were attracted here by the New Market, and therefore the square was called Market Square. Later the emphasis shifted to culture.


Gedimin founded this fortress 28 km west of Vilnius, making it his capital in 1320. Later Keistut arranged his court here. We are talking about Trakai and the historic National Park of Lithuania, a beautiful small town surrounded by a lake.


Connoisseurs of cultural leisure should definitely visit the Užupis district, a small neighborhood considered similar to the Momartre in Paris. In 1997 it declared “independence” with its own constitution and president.

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Aquapark in Vilnius

Vilnius, one of the oldest European capitals, has quite modern entertainment. One of them is the Vichy Water Park, the largest in Lithuania: it can hold almost 1,500 visitors at a time.

Druskininkai Water Park

A tropical climate, azure waves, palm trees, relaxation and massage – it is difficult to imagine that all the charms of a beach holiday can be tasted not a thousand miles away, and in the neighboring Baltic States – in the famous Lithuanian resort town Druskininkai.

Laisweis Alley in Kaunas

This street was built in the middle of the 19th century according to the master plan of the city of Kovno and was then called Nikolayevsky Avenue. It was originally constructed as a boulevard – with two lanes of road and a strip of trees in between. The first theater was built here, the city post-office, and later – the first “Concertina” was started.

Botanical Garden of Klaipeda University

The Botanical Garden of Klaipeda University is located on the northern outskirts of the city, in a valley on both banks of the Dange River. The picturesque park was laid out in the place of the historic royal garden Tauralaukis, where the Prussian king Friedrich Wilhelm II once met.

Vilnius TV Tower

The most modern attraction in Vilnius is the TV Tower with the Milky Way Restaurant at a height of 165 meters. From this height you can enjoy a magnificent view of the city.

Vilnius Street in Kaunas

In general, no one knows how old Vilnius Street actually is. Once upon a time there was a tract that connected the first and the most important building of the city – the princely castle of Kaunas and the city of Kaunas, which grew around it, with Vilnius, the capital of the country.

A trip to Lithuania, one of the countries on the European coast of the Baltic Sea, is always a holiday. Wonderful vacation awaits tourists in this state, which, by the way, is one of the top ten most inexpensive European countries. History and antiquity lovers will have time during her visit to enjoy the delicate lace of baroque and gothic, charming churches, grand cathedrals, solid palaces, sullen castles, sad river Vile. Tangled crooked streets and quarters of old courtyards and buildings, cosy cellars and coffee houses, delicious Lithuanian cuisine (zeppelins, cheeses, rustic bread with cumin, smoked pork – delicious), sincere hospitality and friendliness, excellent service of European level – all this proves that Lithuanian people like and always welcome guests.

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Vilnius, the capital of the Republic of Lithuania, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is the country’s cultural center and a major tourist attraction, added to the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1994.

This fabulously charming country is known for its sights, silent witnesses to centuries of Lithuanian history, transporting tourists, as if by time machine, back many centuries. The historic, toy-like parts of Vilnius, Klaipeda, Kaunas, Šiauliai, Kėdainiai, and Marijampolė, which bear the imprint of Polish and German influence, are easily accessible for independent exploration.

It’s easy to get here by bus, train or your own car, especially since the tracks are comfortable, modern and cross the whole country from edge to edge.

Visiting Lithuanian castles, as if you find yourself in the era of knights and beautiful ladies.

The very capital of the Republic of Lithuania, Vilnius, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, is a cultural center and the main attraction of the state, which was included in the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage List in 1994. Vilnius is a city of Baroque style, which has had a strong influence on Lithuanian culture. Many cities also have magnificent buildings of this style. The great number of churches in this city and in the whole country encapsulate Lithuania’s artistic and historical heritage.

The many lush parks embodying the principles of landscape art, magnificent glacial lakes, medieval architecture, museums, art galleries and theaters will delight the eye, warm the soul and nourish the mind of travelers who choose to explore the attractions of Lithuania.

The Old Town of Vilnius has an abundance of historic and architectural monuments. The Gediminas’ Tower (the main symbol of Vilnius) alone is on Zamkova Mountain. The square with the majestic Cathedral of St. Stanislaus and St. Wladyslaus, the Church of St. Anna, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, the architecture of Vilnius University, the Church of St. Theresa and many other things that tourists simply must see with their own eyes when they come to Vilnius. And be sure to visit one of the theaters that this wonderful city is famous for.

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In the beautiful green city of Kaunas you can experience the ancient traditions and the special charm of the most interesting places: Kaunas Castle, the Annunciation Cathedral, St. Peter and Paul’s Cathedral, the Town Hall, the Museum of the Ninth Fort and many others.

Visiting any city in Lithuania and seeing its attractions will bring joy, unforgettable impressions, and relaxation to your soul.

First of all, you should visit Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Secondly, you should visit Kaunas or Trakai. Kaunas, Lithuania’s second largest and most important city, is notable for its Kaunas Castle, the House of Pärkunas, the Palace of the Masalskis, and the Camaldoli Monastery in Pažaislis.

Trakai, the famous ancient capital of Lithuania that in the Middle Ages was the residence of the rulers of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, is notable for the Trakai castle, the Dominican monastery, the Church of the Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Church of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Kernavė, the oldest known capital of Lithuania, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2004, is also worth a visit.

There are five national parks in Lithuania: Aukstaitija, Dzukija, Žemaitija (all three are created in the original ethnic regions), Curonian Spit and Trakai National Historical Park. Plus – 30 regional parks.

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