What to see in Kusadasi, Turkey?

15 best sights in the Turkish resort of Kusadasi


Many consider Kusadasi one of the most famous resorts in Turkey, and this is not only because of the magnificent scenery, the city is rich in attractions. A small town has a great location, the Mediterranean climate has a positive effect in attracting visitors from all over the world.

Kusadasi sightseeing tours in and around Kusadasi

You can take a tour of both the city and its surroundings, not only to look at the ancient ruins, but also to broaden your horizons. According to tourists, travel with a guide is necessary when traveling to the ruins of temples, fortresses and other historical sites.


The city is located on the shores of the Aegean Sea, 90 km south of Izmir, Turkey’s third largest city.

A walk along the promenade Guzelchame, a trip to the “Long” beach will go perfectly without a guide, and in the water park of this type of assistant is hardly necessary. Take a tour is very easy, except for trips to the neighborhoods of the town tourists are often offered boat trips to neighboring Greece.

Where to go in Kusadasi by yourself.

Holidays here are very diverse, if you are looking for something to do on their own then here you will find something to your liking. Exciting tours, boat trips, a visit to the water park, the study of ancient ruins will not leave anyone indifferent. Visitors who are here speak only positively about the town and come here again and again.

Port Street

The street was reconstructed several times and in the 4th century after it was renamed after the Emperor Arcadius.

A stroll along Porta Street in Ephesus takes visitors back to ancient times when merchants and guests arrived by sea and walked along it to get to the town. The path is flanked by two rows of pillars, which are the remnants of the ancient seafarers.

The city of Ephesus

The population around Ephesus goes back to the Neolithic Age, as evidenced by the mounds of Arvaldi and Kukurici.

Ephesus owes its fame largely to the local cult of the oriental goddess of fertility, eventually identified with the Greek goddess Artemis

The ancient city is quite near the resort, and the large number of shrines makes it famous among Christians. It was here, according to information that lived and preached the apostles of Christ, the inhabitants of Ephesus the Apostle Paul wrote a whole holy letter. There are also well-known antique shrines – this is where one of the Seven Wonders of the World, the temple of Artemis, was located. It was first burned to the ground by Herostratus, who wanted to leave behind a memory that would last for centuries. The shrine was restored, but in the 3rd century the Goths destroyed it again. You can also visit the ruins of the ancient Side in Manavgat.

Bas-relief of the goddess Nike in Ephesus

The bas-relief, found in Ephesus, is of particular value because of the image itself. There are only two images in the world of the goddess Nika with a face, one of which was found on the territory of modern Turkey. Now the bas-relief is on public display, everyone is allowed to look at the face of Nike. We recommend to see also the walls of Constantinople in Istanbul.

Pamucak Beach

Rest here will appeal to those who like privacy and not particularly burdensome lack of all the amenities of civilization. A distinctive feature of the beach is the dark color of the sand, it stretches for just over 5 km along the coastline. Moreover, here is located the mouth of the river Meander. Many people come here to get away, there are still places where you can be completely cut off from the world and people. Boredom can be dispelled by horseback riding or camel rides, which can be found right on the beach.

Pigeon Island

The island got its name because of the large number of birds that arrive here during the seasonal migration

Avtichy or Pigeon Island is the hallmark of the resort, it is on this island for many years was located a large bird market. This is where the name itself came from. The island is ideal for fans of quiet, measured recreation, lovers of antiquity recommended to examine the ruins of the Genoese fortress or go to the museum. You can eat in one of the local restaurants, sitting under the shade of trees. You can also visit the Knights’ Island in Fethiye.

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Peony Mountain

From the top there is a beautiful view of the ancient Byzantine wall, which is surprisingly well preserved to this day

Not far from the Turkish tourist town of Kusadasi is Mount Pion, called Panaeir Dagi by the locals

Not far from the city is a mountain Peony, its height is 155 meters. Locals call it Panair Dagi and there are guided tours to the top, but an independent ascent is also possible. From the top there are great views of the beautiful scenery, excellent view of the ancient Byzantine Wall, which is almost completely preserved. At the foot of the mountain is located the ancient Ephesus, which can be seen with climbing the mountain. You can also visit Mount Sipil in Izmir.

Cave of Zeus

The cave opens out of the bushes all of a sudden and it is clear that this is the place where the mighty Zeus had to stay.

According to the ancient legend, the supreme Greek god loved to swim in the calm waters of the cave in the society of beautiful earthly women, away from the eyes of his own jealous wife, the mighty goddess Hera

Every year thousands of tourists come here to see with their own eyes the cave, a favorite of Zeus himself.

The cave of Zeus attracts visitors day and night. According to legend this is where the god from Olympus bathed with earthly beauties and this place was chosen for a reason. Beware of the wrath of his wife, he found a very secluded place, to get to which is not so easy. Inside the cave, there is a pool, which is up to 10 meters deep in some places. The water here is clear, standing at the edge you can see everything at the bottom. When it gets dark, the Zeus Cave takes on slightly different colors and the air there seems to get more intimate.

Thermal Springs of Balchov

The Balchov springs rise to the surface at the rate of 28 liters per second and their temperature varies from +62 to +80 degrees centigrade.

Legend has it that after the battle with the Trojans, the Oracle advised King Agamemnon to take his wounded soldiers to these hot springs, which are rich in sulfur.

This attraction is more therapeutic and has been famous since ancient times. On its territory the treatment with mud, mineral baths, massage is carried out. In addition you can take advantage of the sauna, physiotherapy sessions and microcurrents. For the first time the thermal spring is mentioned in the ancient times, it was here after the battle healed his wounds soldiers of the army of Agamemnon, visited it and Alexander of Macedon. Since 1763, the thermal spring has been restored and to this day it is used for the treatment of many diseases of various kinds.

Ruins of Miletus

Walking among perfectly preserved antique buildings, you hear only silence, shrouding this place with a beautiful mystical aura.

In times gone by, this settlement was one of the most powerful and prosperous centers of Asia Minor.

On a high hill in the resort town are the ruins of the great Miletus, a fortress that long resisted the Persian invaders. The first mention of the fortress dates back to the 2nd century B.C., but the founder’s name has been lost to the ages. For a long period the city-fortress was a port, which led an active trade of many goods. On the territory of the best preserved remains of the structure, which was an ancient theater, it was on his stage were the performances of many ancient playwrights.

Güzelçalma embankment with a monument to Ataturk

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk destroyed the imperialistic order of the country and in its place grew the Turkish Republic, the country as we see it now

Turkey owes a lot to Ataturk, the man who was able to give the country the look we see today. One of the monuments is located on the promenade of Güzelçalma, which is only 500 meters from Milli Park and 18 km from Kusadasi. The village is famous for the fact that in its bay you can take a boat trip to the island of Samos, a Greek land known to historians. The coastline of Güzelçalma is about 30 km long and on foot you can admire the beauty of Samsun Mountains and Milli Park.

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Dilek National Park

Due to the temperature and climatic differences in different parts of the park not only the typical Aegean flora is represented but also species found in other coastal regions of Turkey like the Mediterranean, the Marmara, and the Black Sea.

You can get to the park from Güzelçalma. The peninsula where the park is located is recognized by the Council of Europe as a Biogenetic Reserve. Here you can find a lot of plants, birds and animals from different parts of the world. On the larger territory of the reserve excursions are prohibited, but the road near the entrance to the park takes everyone to the beautiful pebble beaches.


The Caravanserai (Kusadasi) is a traditional inn for merchants and caravanning masters.

In many Turkic languages the word ‘caravanserai’ means a rather large building in a town or on a road, which serves as a stop-over and shelter for the travelers of Asia.

In Kusadasi, the Caravanserai was built in the 16th century and was already a resting place for travelers on the Great Silk Road from the Black Sea countries to the Mediterranean lands. In the 60s of last century the caravanserai was restored and got back to the initial appearance it had just after its construction. Tourists can relax in the shade of trees, listen to the birds, taste the national cuisine, appreciate the ability of local musicians, watch the performances, the crown number of which is the oriental dance. We also advise you to visit the Sharavsi Caravanserai in Konakli.

“The Long Beach

The long sandy and pebbly coastal territory is about 20 kilometers long and has several dozens of sectors with different kinds of recreation and extreme entertainment.

This attraction is of natural origin, so called by tourists and locals one of the beaches, located 6 km from Kusadasi. “The beach is part of the Aegean Sea and is about 18 kilometers long. To accommodate all wishing turns out due to the length, but the width of the beach does not differ large indicators. On the coast there is everything for a comfortable holiday, there are sun beds, and sun umbrellas, showers, changing rooms. In addition to swimming in the sea and sunbathing locals offer walks on small boats, water sports.

Street Bar

Kusadasi will appeal not only to fans of history and natural parks. For active vacationers of the city there is a special street, where a large number of bars and cafes are open all night long.

Aquapark Adaland

For the hungry there are a lot of restaurants of national cuisine, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, for the kids – a children’s menu and trays with ice cream

The water park in Kusadasi Adaland is something, there is no such park anywhere else. It is the largest in Turkey and the entire Eastern Europe. Everyone can have a great time with or without kids. 24 water slides will not let anyone get bored, and there are special attractions for younger visitors. Swimming pool with artificial reefs can accommodate and safe stingrays, with which you can swim and feed from the hands. You will not die of hunger here, too. The water park is rich in various cafes and mini-restaurants with European and local cuisine. For the kids will offer a children’s menu, and find an ice cream at almost every corner.

8 Kusadasi attractions or how to spend an unforgettable vacation in Turkey

Kusadasi is a Turkish resort. Its middle name is “Bird Island”. It is called so because of the fact that the nearby inhabitants of birds nest. Visiting Kusadasi, travelers are interested in many questions:

  • Which airport is closer to the center;
  • Where to get a room;
  • What sea washes ashore.
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Before planning a trip, travel agencies advise to stock up on as much information as possible.



Kusadasi combines different cultures of civilizations. Historians believe that 3000 years BC the territory of the city was inhabited by the Lelegians. The ancient Greeks began to settle this corner of the land from the 11th century BC. It is confirmed that from 334 BC the territory was under the rule of Alexander the Great.

The Romans conquered the coast two centuries before Christ. The port of Scala Nova was founded for sea trade.

photo 01

The city reached its greatest development during the end of antiquity and the heyday of the Middle Ages. The Ottoman Empire, after capturing the city in 1413, acquired a key point for the development of trade relations.

From 1919 to 1922, Turkey fought a war of independence. Kusadasi was occupied by Italians, then Greeks, but later retaken by Turkish troops.

photo 05

View of Kusadasi and the old walls. 1930s

Synopsis! The city had belonged to the province of Izmir for 35 years and then was placed under the jurisdiction of Aydın.

During the seventies the construction of hotels on the coast begins. The period is associated with the development of tourism.

photo 02

Kusadasi Resort, 1978

Where is Kusadasi

The resort is located on the Aegean coast in western Turkey, 10 km from the excavation of the ancient city of Ephesus. At a distance of 3 km from the coastline is the Greek island of Samos. The administrative center of the province of Aydın is 71 km away.

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The resort on the map of Turkey

The distance from Kusadasi to Izmir is less than 100 kilometers. The journey to Bodrum is 155 km, to Antalya is 400 km and to Ankara 655 km.

How to get to Kusadasi from Airport

The nearest major international air station is Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport. There are several ways to get to the center of Kusadasi, which is 81 km away:

  • By shuttle Havas. The trip will take 2 hours and 15 minutes;
  • Cab;
  • Rent a car;
  • Individual transfer;
  • By public transport – take bus #204 to Izmir. Then change to an intercity flight.

If the plane lands in Bodrum , it is better to get to the resort by:

photo 03

  • A rental car or cab from the airport;
  • Public transportation. Take the 45 minutes by shuttle bus to Bodrum Bus Station. Change to a bus to Izmir or a Dolmus. Local bus, domus, or shuttle bus our way.

Information! The Dolmus is a public transport bus and you can get from Kusadasi to all parts of the city. A ticket costs from 2 to 7 liras per person.

photo 04

Beaches in Kusadasi

Kusadasi Beaches

The landscape of the coast is varied, you can find: sandy, rocky, pebbly and mixed areas.

The best beaches

The following coastal areas are popular:

Kusadasi’s most visited spot with fine, silky clean sand is located to the south 3 km from the center of the resort. The stretch is a kilometer long. Smooth descent allows you to relax on the sand together with your children.

A quiet corner for sunbathing on the fine sand or under the shade of palm trees. The water is clean and clear. The descent is stony, but then the sand begins. The number of visitors is less than on Lady’s Beach.

photo 07

Green beach

Attention! The shallow seabed is present on the coast in the small town of Ozdere. The place is ideal for resting with children.

  1. Long Beach

This is the longest – 30 km – stretch of coastline near Kusadasi. The distance from the city center is 6 km. There is a thin strip of pebbles and sand. This beach is divided among the hotels, so there are few free places to relax.

The distance from the wild sandy area to the center of Kusadasi is 15 km. The beach area is 5 km long and 80 m wide. Towards the evening hours, small waves tend to appear. At the southern end of the beach area is a water park with a 222 meter slope.

photo 09


Attention! Visitors on the “wild” section of the sushi can be quite large.

  1. Kusadasi Sahil.

A small sandy toll area of the coast and the center is separated by 5 km. Convenient descent to the water, design for wheelchairs. Near Kusadasi Sahil there is a campsite and yacht club.

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photo 10

Kusadasi Sahil

Entertainment and services on the beaches

Along the coast there are stores, cafes and restaurants for visitors. Tourists can enjoy all water activities, including diving, snorkeling, yachting and windsurfing. An airliner was specially sunk in 2016 for divers. On land, guests can visit the water parks, “play” in the water machine or enjoy beachfront family fun on sun beds.

photo 11

“Promenade” by the beach.


The resort offers guests a variety of cultural activities.


For visitors to Kusadasi, there is a lot to see:

  1. Kaleici Kami Mosque . It was built for the Grand Vizier in 1618;
  2. Caravanserai . A seventeenth century building for the goods of sailors near the docks;
  3. House of the Virgin Mary . A place of Christian pilgrimage open to people of all religions ;
  4. City Walls . Originally there were three gates for entry, in time, there remained one.
  5. Kirazli . Authentic village 12 km from the resort. It honors the traditions of the Turkish people and introduces them to visitors;
  6. Gouvercin Adasi . An island at the end of the bay, which is connected by an embankment.
  7. Kadıkalesi . After 10 km towards Davutlar, there is a Byzantine/Venetian castle.
  8. Museum of Steam Locomotives . It is not only a collection of extensive information about the locomotives but you can also visit the inside of the rolling stock and see the personal wagon of the very first Turkish president.


The most interesting institutions:

The restaurant will delight visitors with national Turkish dishes. Original serving, barbecue area and a small garden bring positive emotions to the guests.

The restaurant overlooks the Aegean Sea. Coziness is created by friendly staff and wide choice of dishes. In the institution, the emphasis is on the marine theme. Therefore, many tourists visit the coastal restaurant to taste seafood.

The institution offers its guests to enjoy the dishes either indoors or take the cooked food with them. Usually the latter service is rarely used by visitors. The restaurant is visited precisely because of the panoramic view of Kusadasi. Here you can sit in the summer or winter garden, at a table or on the grass.

photo Kusadasi


In addition to restaurants, bars, beach recreation, there are music venues in Kusadasi. The most famous is the Miracle Beach Club. The nightclub offers visitors dinner, breakfast, sun lounger rentals, amazing views of the Aegean Sea and lots of music. Next to the club is the Green Beach and Kiwi Restaurant.

Kids Activities

Holidays with children in Kusadasi begins with the description of the joyful experiences of parents and little fidgeters. Hotels offer all the necessary conditions for a child to stay in the territory of their establishment. Restaurateurs prepare children’s meals for tourists. Sandy beaches and smooth slopes into the sea are safe for kids. Of entertainment available to children:

photo 132

  • Turkey’s largest water park, Adaland, with 24 slides; Adaland Kuşadası
  • Dilek National Park;
  • Attractions;
  • Walks along the promenade, where the tiles resemble the waves of the sea;
  • Moving around the city not by dolmush, but by elevator;
  • Kadifekale Fortress with its mysterious dungeon;
  • Milli National Park with pebble beaches and forest trails with wild boars. Animals are allowed to feed fruits.

Important! If it seems that you have already visited all the attractions, Izmir has a “Toy Museum”.

From Kusadasi you can take a ferry to Samos (Greece). On the island there are attractions that were included in the heritage of UNESCO.

photo 14

The island of Samos is one of the unique samples of history and nature of Greece which attracts tourists from all over the world.


There are many hotels in the resort town. The hotels have swimming pools, restaurants and other attributes of leisure. On the coast of Kusadasi there are hotels that are on the 1st line and have their own beaches. Holidaymakers use the sunbeds, which belong to the hotel.

Kusadasi 5 star hotels.

Leisure includes all the advantages of five-star hotels: friendly staff, 24-hour All Inclusive service, etc.

  1. Ladonia adakule 5 is located on the coast of Kusadasi

The private establishment is located near the ancient city of Ephesus. Conference rooms are available for business trips. The rooms at Ladonia adakule offer an amazing view over Kusadasi’s Aegean Sea. Laundry, tour desk and luggage storage facilities are available.

  1. Tusan beach resort 5 km from the center of Kusadasi
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This establishment has everything for a “five-star” vacation. And also at the disposal of tourists a sandy beach. In Tusan Beach Kusadasi there are water activities for guests: skiing and diving. Jacuzzis, massages, and a hairdresser are available for an extra fee.

  1. Kusadasi is home to the Sealight Resort Hotel.

It has several restaurants, swimming pools and bars. The hotel staff organizes celebrations, banquets, and business meetings. At Sealight Hotel Kusadasi, visitors can relax in the spa and unwind in the comfortable rooms. There is a disco club and a game room on site. Nearby is a forest and a landscaped garden. According to many tourists, this is the best Grand Hotel Kusadasi . Paid services include luggage storage, laundry, beauty treatments and communication facilities.

  1. Pine Bay Holiday Resort is located on the coast of Kamlimani Bay in Kusadasi

Guests have a choice of renting a room or a bungalow. There are 7 swimming pools and a bar. The entire color palette of the accommodations at the Holiday Resort is warm, so this is the hotel Kusadasi tourists love to stay in. A nice bonus is that among the staff there is a person who speaks fluent in the guest’s language.

Kusadasi 4 star hotels.

The hotel has everything you need for a complete family vacation. Guests with babies are offered cribs.

The establishment has its own restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine. The visitors can have breakfast on the roof of the building and enjoy the view.

3 Star Hotels

A modern hotel with clean spacious rooms: bedroom, balcony, bathroom and common room. The location of the establishment makes it possible to get anywhere.

The hotel is popular with families with children. Rooms have heating, bathrooms and air conditioning. The staff provides cribs for babies upon request.

Apartments and self-catering apartments

Luxe penthouse Arte Mare Kusadas i is located in the center of the resort. An outdoor pool, garden, free Wi-Fi and private parking are available on site. Kusadasi apartment has 3 bedrooms and a bathroom each, TV, kitchen with refrigerator, dishwasher and washing machine.

Bahar Suites & Hotel offers suites or studios. They have free Wi-Fi, kitchen air conditioning and a bathroom. At the reception you can use the storage room.

Self-employed travelers are better off booking accommodation in advance on airBnb. You can get a decent discount with the button below.

Excursions from Kusadasi

Excursion tours from the resort are varied: ferry trips and bus routes. Popular destinations are:

  • Samos Island;
  • By the holy places: the house of the Virgin Mary, the Church of St. John.
  • Ephesus;
  • Ruins: Priena, Miletus, Didim;
  • Izmir;
  • Pamukkale ;
  • Bergama;
  • Şirince Wine Village;
  • Kusadasi, including shopping;
  • BBQ Cruise;
  • Jeep Safari Tour;
  • Horseback riding tour;
  • Underwater trip.


Weather at the resort

Guests of Kusadasi have almost no acclimatization.

Important! Mild weather conditions are suitable even for infants.

photo 15

Rest at the resort can be from late June to early September. The air temperature during the day is 28 ° C – 32 ° C and at night 22 ° C – 23 ° C. The weather remains warm until October, but the sudden cold and rain can ruin your vacation. In Kusadasi, the water temperature is 23 ˚C in June and then warms up to 25 ˚C. The sea stays warm through September.

Shopping and Bazaars

For the shopping lovers, a visit to the local stores is a must. In Kusadasi there are many shopping centers. The market is located in the “heart” of the city. People come here for shopping, as well as to see a real Turkish bazaar.

Useful video

Kusadasi in all its glory in this promo video. We recommend you watch this video to find out everything you want to know about Kusadasi, from the ancient city to the House of the Virgin Mary, from Ladies Beach to the Dilek Peninsula National Park.

The weather in Kusadasi allows you to enjoy your vacation as a couple or with children without acclimatization. The resort has entertainment for every guest. The trip will leave the warmest happy memories!

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