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Balneario Camboriu sights

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This site compiles the sights of Balneario Camborio – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Balneario Camboriu, where to go, and where to find popular and interesting places in Balneario Camboriu.

Central Beach

Central Beach (photo)

Balneario Camborio Central Beach is one of the most beautiful and most visited beaches in Brazil.

The resort town with a population of just over 90,000 inhabitants grows to one million in the summer due to the presence of beaches.

The central beach represents the tourist heart of the city. Unlike the others, such as Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do São, the Central Beach is more clean and tidy and has everything the visitor needs, including umbrellas and chairs, tennis and volleyball courts, restaurants, bars and parking.

However, please note that due to the large influx of tourists in the summer time there may be no parking spaces, and the only free space on the coast is near the trash bin.

Coordinates: -26.97328200,-48.63464000

Monument “The Light of Christ”

The monument “The Light of Christ”, located on one of the highest points of the Balneario Camboriu (150 meters), is 33 meters high, 22 meters wide and weighs 528 tons. It was inaugurated on October 4, 1997 and has become a fashionable landmark in the city.

“The Light of Christ” has unique features that amaze all visitors. Every night the monument flashes multicolored lights. This delightful spectacle can be enjoyed while strolling through the central square of Balneario Camboriu.

The figure of Christ is depicted with his arms outstretched, in his left hand he holds a symbol of the sun and as if to illuminate and bless the entire city and tourists. This device has 6600 watts of light equipment. The light is refracted into 24 beams through a multitude of mirrors and, rotating, reaches a radius of 15 kilometers. Christ’s garment is also specially illuminated: It “lights up” alternately in seven different color combinations.

From the top of the hill visitors can enjoy a mural painting depicting the birth of Jesus and a marvelous view of the sea and the city.

Coordinates: -26.98536000,-48.64535800

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Club Warung

Club Warung (photo)

The club is nestled on the sands of Praia Brava overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. Its interior design is dedicated to the nature of the island of Bali and everything associated with it. Even the name Warung translates locally to “home to Bali natives.

Local residents and international DJs like Timo Maas, Nick Warren, Deep Dish and others play electronic music like progressive house and trance at the DJ desk in this club.

The club has a huge dance floor, two VIP areas for special customers, and an open-air area for open-air parties. At midnight sharp, after the gong is struck, the club starts dancing on the water. Gradually the party turns into a kind of cult or ritual. Of course, without sacrifice, but the action itself fascinates and makes you come here again and again for a vivid experience.

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Coordinates : -26.93771900,-48.62883600

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Laranjeiras Beach.

Laranjeiras beach (photo)

In Balneario Camborio, a municipality of the state of Santa Catarina, there is one of the best Brazilian beaches, Laranjeiras.

Laranjeiras is eight kilometers long and has showers, changing rooms, toilets, tables and barbecues, picnic areas and lifeguard towers all along the shoreline. The beach at Laranjeiras is sandy and surrounded by a beautiful tropical forest. The views are spectacular with steep and scenic hills sloping gently down to the water, creating an unforgettable scene.

The beach is a favorite vacation spot. Up to Laranjeiras held cableway, the length of which is equal to 1600 meters. The beginning of the cable car takes the hill Aguada, located at an altitude of 240 meters. If you want, you can stop at Mata Atlantica, where you can enjoy a walk through the lush forest and then continue to Laranjeiras beach.

Coordinates : -26.98782700,-48.63131100

Estaleiro beach

Estaleiro beach (photo)

Estaleiro is the best beach of Balneário Camborio and covers a large area that is 15 kilometers long. Estaleiro Beach is popular with surfers and is attractive because there are always strong waves.

The presence of waves does not scare off the local fishermen, who try to spend every morning on the shore of Estaleiro.

The fame of the beach has also brought a vibrant nightlife – clubs host discos, and Estaleiro Beach often hosts open dance festivals.

Cafes, restaurants and clubs are not all entertainment, Estaleiro will be fun for young people, families with children and even retirees.

At the beach shores with fishermen or guides can be arranged for boat and yacht rentals, excursions along the coast as well as along the sandy beach.

Estaleiro is an ideal place to relax and find new emotions.

Coordinates: -26.99490200,-48.62691200

Mountain Morro do Boi

Morro do Boi mountain (photo)

Morro do Boi is a low, picturesque mountain located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The summit of Morro do Boi has a beautiful panorama of the surrounding countryside, which attracts most tourists.

Morro do Boi height is 920 meters. The ascent to the mountain is possible on foot – there are several paths leading to the summit, all of them quite safe. The ascent takes about an hour, and in the end all efforts will be rewarded with a magnificent view from the top. From the top of Morro do Boi you can see all the surrounding towns, forests, roads and villages, as well as the ocean coast in the distance. Photographers can take many great shots here.

Overall, Mount Morro do Boi is a very nice natural landmark in the state of Santa Catarina. This natural lookout is very popular among tourists.

Coordinates: -27.04877300,-48.61208300

Taquarinhas Beach

Taquarinhas Beach (photo)

Taquarinhas is a beautiful wild beach on the Atlantic coast, located in the Brazilian state of Santa Catarina. The clear water and scenic views attract many bathers and sunbathers.

Taquarinhas beach is a very secluded place, separated from the nearest town by low, overgrown with jungle hills. The beach itself is very extensive, it stretches along the coast for several kilometers, so there is enough room for everyone. Pure golden sand, lots of greenery and trees, the waves shaped debris rocks – all this pleases the eye. In addition, the sea is very warm and the bottom is flat – if you want you can relax here with children.

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Of course, the beach does not have all the amenities and other amenities, but Taquarinhas is still one of the best places to relax in the whole state of Santa Catarina and is well known among tourists.

Coordinates: -27.00413600,-48.58225100

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Balneario Camborio sights – what to see in 2022. A complete guide to iconic places

An amazing place to enjoy your time is the resort town of Balneario Camborio, located in the southeastern part of the Brazilian state. The state of Santa Catarina is a haven for a beautiful young settlement. Steep hills, descending to the sea, seem to guide visitors to the beach area, which is very popular with locals and foreign visitors.

There are quite a few cities in Brazil that are attractive for holidays with children, and Balneário Camborio is one of the sure leaders. In addition to the cultural attractions, it is famous for the abundance of … Open

The locality is quite young. The year of its creation is 1964 and its birthday is the twentieth of July. The Brazilian government wanted to create a resort area that will attract many tourists. And now this settlement is famous all over the world for its unique night parties and its amazing beaches. People of different age categories love to relax here.

What is so interesting about Balneario Camboriu? The first place rightfully belongs to one of the best beach areas, Laranjeiras, which is the hallmark of this city. In terms of length, this stretch is eight kilometers from the coastal area. Here you can sit at a specially set table and taste the culinary creations cooked on the grill. You can have a picnic, for which there are special places. You can not worry about safety, rescuers are always on hand. The whole coast is covered with warm sand, and the area is surrounded by a tropical forest, which amazes the guests with its extraordinary beauty. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

If you have long dreamed of experiencing modern Brazilian cuisine, Balneario Camborio would be a great option for gastronomic discoveries. Since the city is located on the sea … Discover

Do you like wild vacations? Then you should head to the beautiful Taquarinhas beach, which offers this type of vacation on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Here the water is so clear that you can see the underwater world without special equipment. The nature here is also picturesque and charming. You can enjoy swimming and sunbathing. The charm of this place gives the separation from the urban area of hills, which are densely overgrown with jungle.

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The beach Taquarinhas although wild, but quite wide, covering several kilometers along the coast of the ocean. So there is enough room for everyone. The sand shimmers in the sun, as if thousands of golden grains descended to your feet. It’s all green and the rocks are so old that the ocean waters have already polished them to a shine. In addition, the coastal waters are very warm. Even kids will enjoy a swim in this paradise, and parents do not have to worry about them, as the bottom is quite flat. Since the beach is wild, you will not find any facilities here, but despite this, it was and still is the best place on earth for a family vacation.

Balneário Camborio is often referred to as the “Dubai of Brazil” and is one of the most advanced resorts in the country in terms of amenities and variety of activities. Here … Open

For the relaxation and enjoyment of foreign guests, Balneário Camborio is home to a clubhouse from which you can admire the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. The interior sends visitors to the island of Bali with its natural beauty. Even the name of the club is translated from the local dialect “Bali Native House”, which sounds like “Warung” in a foreign language.

Visiting this institution, you can listen to the music made by famous DJ’s from around the world, and also to see the performance of local residents. Here you can not only listen to electronic music, but also dance on the specially designed platform. There is a special recreation zone in the club for VIP-clients. And if you are strong enough to stay up till midnight you can take part in the dancing on the water. Gradually the dancing begins to resemble a local ritual. All these actions are very mesmerizing, and the impression of what you see remains in the memory for a long time.

Balneário Camborio is one of the youngest cities of Brazil, so can not boast a variety of historical streets and attractions. Nevertheless, in the city you can see … Discover

For entertainment, you should visit the local cable car that leads to the main beach area of Laranjeiras. Its length is one thousand six hundred meters, starting from the hill called Aguada. Its height is about two hundred and forty meters. On the way there is a stop at Mata Atlantica, where guests are allowed to walk through the local forest thickets and enjoy the extraordinary beauty of the ocean from above. And once down on the shore, take a stroll on the water. From the town, you’ll be taken to Cabras Island, where nature has created a truly paradisiacal landscape, and then back to Laranjeiras Beach.

To get to Balneário Camborio you will have to fly to one of the nearby airports, which are located in Curitiba, Navegantis and Blumenau. Upon arrival at one of these airports, you will have to take a train to Balneario Camborio. There are daily train connections. If you prefer to take the bus, then you can take the comfortable transport by car. The journey will take a little longer than by train, but during it you can enjoy the local scenery, which is admirable.

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Cultural attractions in Balneario Camborio

Balneario Camborio is one of Brazil’s youngest cities, so it can’t boast a variety of historic streets and landmarks. Nevertheless, in the city you can see several old buildings, which were built here during the existence of small colonial towns. A very interesting historical monument is the chapel of Capela de Santo Amaro, it was built in 1810. A few years ago it was recognized as a historical monument of national importance. One of the main features of the church is its unique architecture.

It was built from stone that was quarried in the local quarries. The main binding material in the construction was the whale oil. Surprisingly, the chapel has remained intact for over 200 years without major renovations. The ancient chapel is located in the picturesque Bairro-da-Barra area, which is one of the oldest in the city. It is here that one of the first large settlements was founded in the 18th century, and hundreds of years ago there was a large pier for fishing boats near the church.

Another interesting landmark of the city is the statue of Christ Cristo Luz, it was installed on top of the hill Morro da Cruz. The sculpture was installed in 1997, it looks very similar to the legendary statue of Christ, located in Rio. Tourists climbing to the top of the hill is a very popular attraction. Here you can not only admire the huge sculpture up close, but also enjoy the gorgeous panorama of the city. The height of the sculpture is 33 meters, and at night it is decorated with beautiful artistic illumination.

The city’s calling card are the beautiful skyscrapers, which are also interesting to look at for the lovers of walking and sightseeing. One of the city’s most famous skyscrapers is the Palace Millennium, which, since its completion, has long been the tallest in Brazil. It is located close to the coast and is clearly visible from many parts of the beach and promenade. More about cultural attractions

Entertainment in Balneario Camborio

Balneario Camborio’s main recreational option remains the beach holiday. The town offers excellent conditions for a relaxing stay on the coast, as well as for water sports. Overall, the resort’s sporting infrastructure deserves the highest praise. There are volleyball and soccer pitches right on the beach, and jogging and cycling paths along the coast. Those who are used to lead a sporty lifestyle will not be bored here. Be sure to note the excellent prospects for scuba diving. The coast has very interesting places for diving with snorkeling and scuba diving, if you have long wanted to do scuba diving, the conditions here will be the most attractive.

You can also enjoy your holiday on the coast with walks in the city parks, the largest and most beautiful nature reserve is the Parque Cyro Gevaerd. During a walk through this park you can observe wild animals and birds in their natural habitat, and there is a city aquarium on the territory of the reserve. It is noteworthy that the natural area is also of great value from a historical point of view. Researchers have discovered several important archaeological areas here, and all the artifacts they found are now displayed in the local archaeological museum. The park has many interesting hiking trails, so a whole day will not be enough to get acquainted with all its attractions.

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Nature lovers should not miss the Parque Natural Municipal Raimundo Gonzalez Malta. Its main value is the diversity of plants, you can see almost all plants that occur in different areas of Brazil. For the convenience of tourists on the territory of the reserve has also been laid out several hiking trails. To visit this natural oasis will be interesting and with children. The most picturesque areas are equipped with recreation areas with children’s playgrounds and picnic areas.

An unusual activity is a ride on the local cable car, whose terminus is located at the top of the hill. The hill is 240 meters high and has a beautiful forest at its top. Travelers are attracted here by the abundance of beautiful viewpoints from which to admire the ocean. The cable car cabins also offer a very beautiful view of the city and beaches. More fun

Balneario Camborio attractions for families with children

There are quite a few cities in Brazil that appeal to families with children, and Balneario Camborio is one of the sure leaders. In addition to its cultural attractions, it is famous for its abundance of entertainment centers, here you can organize an exciting vacation with children of all ages. The city has a zoological center Complexo Ambiental Cyro Gevaerd Zoologico, it was founded in one of the most picturesque natural places. Here you can see animals that are typical representatives of Brazilian fauna, and also in the zoo animals from other continents are represented.

There are spacious enclosures for tigers, ostriches, lions, and camels, and there are also special enclosures for parrots and other exotic birds. On the territory of the zoological center there is an interesting natural science museum, which will also be interesting to visit with children. They can learn about what animals and sea creatures inhabited our planet millions of years ago.

A family trip to the local aquarium – Oceanic Aquarium – promises to be no less interesting. It introduces visitors to the wonderful and diverse world of marine life, in addition to the aquariums you can see interesting thematic exhibits. There is a special pavilion with penguins, many aquariums with colorful fish and sea anemones. Some of the most interesting aquariums are waterfowl aquariums, and there is a large terrarium with crocodiles, snakes and other reptiles. The aquarium is designed so that visitors can see all of its inhabitants in close proximity.

There are several excellent water parks in the city, one of the most beautiful and well-appointed being the Parque Aquatico Water Play. It was opened in the middle of a beautiful park, the pools and water rides are surrounded by green thickets. The water park has a special shallow pool with fountains for small children, and there are pools and slides that are also suitable for adults. There are spacious terraces with sun loungers around the pools, and a great cafe on site. More about children’s attractions

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