What to do in Kazan – 38 best places for tourists

The most popular entertainment in Kazan for children and adults

Going to Kazan, most tourists initially plan a cultural program. There are plenty of places where you can have a great vacation with family or friends. Below I’ve compiled a list of the most popular places to visit.

Where to go in Kazan with children

There are a lot of places where you can go in the city with children. It all depends on age, preferences and budget. In any case, it will not be difficult to find something to your liking.

“Tiki Wiki” – children’s amusement park

Children of almost any age like Tiki Wiki amusement park madly. Many different types of entertainment: mazes, trampolines, tubing, exciting games of different themes. There is a family cafe. It is possible to organize any child’s holiday. Some activities are aimed at the development and education of children.

  • Located on the street: Peterburgskaya, 9;
  • Phone: + + 7 843 5672130;
  • Prices: from 350 rubles;
  • Website: tikiviki.ru.

Kirlay” entertainment center

Kirlay Entertainment Center, Kazan

A huge amusement park is conventionally divided into three thematic zones: “Extreme”, “Family Leisure”, “Children’s”. So everyone will find something to his liking. The most popular attraction in the “Extreme” zone is the “Falling Tower”. The kids enjoy riding a steam train and various merry-go-rounds.

  • It is located on the street: One-Way Grivka, 1-A.
  • Phone: +7 843 5624761
  • Website: kazanpark.ru.

“Cobweb” – rope park.

Not a bad kind of family entertainment for active people. One of the largest and most unique rope park in Russia. The complex works all year round without weekends. Visitors are offered more than 90 routes of varying complexity. Children’s route consists of 20 stages. The height of “web” from 2 to 17 meters. There is a trolley. The possibility of organizing corporate events.

“Treasure Island” – children’s entertainment center

The complex of children’s entertainment is located on the territory of the shopping center. The kids there expect a lot of bright emotions, impressions from the mazes, dry pools and driving ranges, as well as cars and children’s houses, fun activities, shows organized by the animators. According to the reviews of tourists – a great place for children’s active recreation.

  • Located on 97, Yamashev Avenue (4th floor)
  • Phone: +7 843 2502277
  • Prices: from 300 rubles.
  • Website: ostrov16.ru.

Kremlin embankment

Kremlin Quay in Kazan

One of the most popular and favorite places of Kazan for adults and children. Various exhibitions, festivals, including gastronomic trend, are regularly held on the waterfront. A lot of entertainment. Including 2 kinds of carousels: chain and French carousel. The first is suitable for all ages. The second one is exclusively for children. Working bicycle rentals.

  • Located on the street: Fedoseevskaya 1.
  • Phone: +7 843 2508277
  • Website: kremlinnab.ru.
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Big Funny – house of the giant in Kazan.

Big Funny - House of the Giant in Kazan

Big Funny – entertainment centers in Russia, located in several cities. Most facilities are in St. Petersburg and Moscow. In Kazan, it’s the house of the giant, enthralling both adults and kids. On the website of the center, there is a list of all the museums and entertainment complexes.

  • It is located on the street: Bauman Street, 17
  • Phone: +7 843 2251441
  • Website: big-funny.com/kazan/dom-velikana.

House upside down

House upside down in Kazan

Another interesting place belonging to the company described above. Children and adults have an unusual experience being in a house where everything is literally “upside down”. Do you want to see something new and surprise your child? Then the house upside down – that’s what you need.

  • Located on the street: Bauman Street, 58.
  • Phone: 8 800 7000680
  • Website: big-funny.com/kazan/dom-vverh-dnom.


Huge entertainment complex attracts not only tourists from all over the country, but also local residents. In “Riviera” in addition to the chic water park, divided into two zones, has its own chic hotel for 210 rooms. The water park operates year round. One of the areas in the wintertime offers bathing in thermal springs. On the territory of 2 hectares a huge number of options for family entertainment.

  • Located on the street: Khatikha Amirkhan, 1-B
  • Phone: +7 843 2265626
  • Website: kazanriviera.ru.

ZkidZ club

ZkidZ club in Kazan

Entertaining center of family entertainment in Kazan attracts both children and adults. For the kids there is a paradise. Plenty of different attractions will not let you get bored. For the smallest visitors there is a small town. The older kids will appreciate the mazes, pools and developmental attractions. As well as a virtual reality zone and much more.

  • Located at 56 Ibrahimov Avenue (shopping mall, third floor).
  • Phone: +7 965 6067670
  • Prices: from 300 rubles.
  • Website: zkidzclub.ru/kazan.

“Fun yard”

Amusement park and attractions for children from 1 to 10 years. Fascinating three-story labyrinths, climbing wall. Many carousels, swings and educational toys. There are dry and water pools, trampolines and much more. Professional animators hold exciting master classes. If desired, it is possible to organize a children’s party.

  • Located on the street: 45 Husain Mavlyutov Street (City Shopping Center, 3rd floor).
  • Phone: +7 843 2033900
  • Prices: from 100 rubles
  • Website: ves-dvorik.ru.

Just space

Just Space in Kazan

Trampoline park will please both adults and children. Sea of positivity. 26 professional trampolines of the most different forms and appointment. Trampoline tracks. Porolon pits. Space volleyball and much more will please everyone. Giving unforgettable emotions. Vivid pictures are provided.

  • Located on the street: R. Zorge, 11-B (2nd floor)
  • Phone: +7 966 2505432
  • Prices: from 250 rubles
  • Website: prostokosmosru.
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There are a lot more places to go with children in Kazan. But I want to give some time to adults as well. I hope that all of the above you can make a cultural program for family entertainment.

Entertainment in Kazan for adults

Where to go to Kazan for adults is also not a question. The city has a huge number of entertainment centers that are in high demand. On Bauman Street alone there are so many of them that it is impossible to count. Not to mention the waterfront.

Karting center “Forsage”.

Forsage carting center in Kazan

If even you are not a fan of karting, I recommend visiting “Forsage”. On the territory, in addition to karting you can play billiards. Visit bowling. To sing in karaoke or play golf. For children, there are also several options for entertainment. For example, a shooting gallery, where they shoot water balloons and a cafe. But still, the center is more popular among adults.

  • It is located on the street: Orenburgsky Trakt, 5-B.
  • Phone: +7 843 5333777
  • Prices: from 250 rubles
  • Website: forsagekzn.ru.

Floating Cassiopeia

Floating Cassiopeia in Kazan

Entertainment center with a virtual reality club will give a lot of unforgettable impressions. There is a SPA-center, including for men. There is parking, payment by card is possible. Discounts are available. Gift certificates are sold.

  • Located on the street: Kremlin, 27
  • Phone: +7 950 9491098


FUN24 in Kazan

One of the largest indoor entertainment centers in Kazan. There are many interesting attractions for adults. Including: pneumatic shooting gallery, marksmanship game and dancing competitions. As well as a bowling club, billiards and an autodrome. There is a restaurant, nightclub, karaoke bar. There will definitely be no time to be bored.

Anticafe “Eggplant”.

It is an ideal place for a relaxing, interesting and sociable leisure. You will find a pleasant atmosphere there. Dancing on a projector. Fascinating board games. Very tasty cookies and fragrant tea. And also game consoles. An opportunity to have an unusual birthday party.

  • Located on the street: Vishnevsky, 12
  • Phone: +7 917 9189379
  • Prices: 150 rubles (pay only entrance, everything else for free)


Cultural-entertaining complex with its own banquet hall is an ideal option for people who prefer to spend time at concerts of celebrities. World stars perform in the halls. Productions are staged. Concert programs and rousing shows are organized.

  • Located on the street: 3 Moskovskaya Street
  • Phone: +7 843 5700700
  • Website: pyramida.ru (up to date poster).

EvVa Vr – club of virtual reality

EvVa Vr in Kazan

For a certain category of people this unique place is a godsend. Surprisingly, the area of the club is the largest in Europe – 500 square meters. At the same time you are not tied to the computer. On some levels – free movement in space. Unusual, exciting and the most exciting.

  • Located on the street: Technical, 23-A.
  • Phone: +7 843 2661889
  • Prices: from 800 rubles
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The Deep

The Deep

Another virtual reality club, but with a big variety of games. You will be offered flight simulators, car racing and much more. The newest equipment. More than a hundred of unique content. Individual approach to each visitor. The prices are pleasantly surprising.

  • Located on the street: Musa Jalilja, 8/44 (1st floor of mall “Rodina”)
  • Phone: +7 987 2975000
  • Prices: from 200 rubles.
  • Web site: kzn.thedeepvr.ru.

Bash Night Club

Bash Night Club in Kazan

This night club is considered one of the best in the city. Active leisure all night long on the dance floor, pleasant atmosphere, gourmet food. There is a face control on the territory. Periodically inflammatory theme parties are held.

  • Located on the street: Pushkina, 29-A
  • Phone: +7 843 2973161
  • Prices: From 400 rubles.
  • Website: club-bash-night-club.ru.

NeoFly – aerodynamic complex

NeoFly in Kazan

Amazing fun for almost any age. The complex employs real professionals. Flights in wind tunnels will give you strength and fill you with new feelings. A school of flying functions on the territory. NeoFly is suitable for both beginners and professional athletes.


SKY PARK in Kazan

Rope Park in Gorky Park. Gorky Park will please fans of active leisure with a 200-meter trail. 70 stages of varying complexity. 15 meters above the ground. A lot of bright impressions and emotions are waiting for you in one of the best parks in Kazan. If you are a fan of extreme sports – be sure to visit this place.

Of course, this is not all possible places where you can go have fun in Kazan with children or adults only. There are many more places. For example the Kazan Kremlin with a lot of outstanding attractions. Enjoy yourselves in Kazan and stay safe!

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Hi friends. My dream came true, now I have to go to work and have free time to travel. Now I work in the Internet and investing.

Top 15 Entertainment for youth and adults in Kazan

Top 15 adult and youth entertainment in Kazan

Good day, dear friends. This is blogger Kazanets. If your Friday night begins with the question – “Where to go to have fun tonight and how to spend this weekend?”, then you have found what you were looking for.

There will be no options to ride bikes, skate or go to the movies. You already know that.

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I have prepared for you a cheat sheet, which collected a concentration of the most bombastic and impressive places for youth and adult entertainment in Kazan.

Table of contents of the article:

Best places for entertainment for youth and adults in Kazan in 2022

The selection includes different options for entertainment. First there will be extreme motions, then gambling-intellectual, well, let’s finish with hot offers for adults.

I. Entertainment

The most extreme motions for adults, which I tested on myself, and on which the adrenaline goes off the scale for the upper standards … but at the same time leaves you alive. :)

1. Flying in an airplane with the team “Sky”.

Want to become a pilot of a real plane, emotional thrill and enjoy the views of Kazan from above?

All this can be brightened up by a real flight in the sky. Just you, the plane and the sky (and the pilot of your “Boeing”). And you can even bring your friends. The cabin accommodates up to 4 people… one of you can even fly the plane.

And it’s also a great option for those in love, because here you can make an ideal marriage proposal to your beloved.

And the “sponsor” of extreme here will be “roller coaster” :)

As the saying goes, only the sky is better than the sky…

Address: Kuralovo airfield, Verhneuslonsky district.

Mode of work: Open 7 days a week, all year round.

Tel: +7 (843) 212-61-99 – reservation, info (password “Kazan” -10%)

Read my review here (opens in a new tab).

Flying on the Cessna 172 flight simulator

Top 15 adult and youth entertainment in Kazan

There is also an option to fly on Cessna 172 Flight Simulator. It is a fully identical simulator of the Cessna 172 cockpit – 70% of the simulator electronics are taken from the real aircraft, the rest is an exact copy of the brainchild of the 3D printer, so the instrument panel is almost like in the real plane.

As entertainment you can come here with your family, friends… or with your girlfriend, having told her in advance that you will fly over the night city.

The session lasts about 30-40 minutes per person. This includes introductions, briefing and the flight over New York City.

Address: Kazan, Ave. 115 A, Ak Bars Arena, 4th floor, office B4.6/1, Khusain Yamashev Ave.

Tel: +7 (843) 212-61-99 – reservation, info (password “Kazan” -10%)

Read my review here (opens in a new tab).

2. Virtual Reality Park “The Deep VR”.

Top 15 adult and youth entertainment in Kazan

A cool recreation option for kids and adults. Here you can fully immerse yourself in virtual worlds. I myself recently went here with the guys, at first about 1 hour played against each other, then cut against the zombies. Incredibly fun).

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These games are a very effective way to get a powerful dose of adrenaline and dispel the gray of everyday life.

One of the largest virtual reality parks in Russia, area of 500 square meters, more than 100 unique content and VR-games for every mood. Experienced instructors will help you choose a game that will fit perfectly for your company.

The technical equipment and reality virtualization is 10 out of 10.


  • ul. Bauman, 44/8 (mall “Rodina”, 3rd floor).
  • Ul. N. Ershov, 1 a (TRC “Korston”)

Tel: +7 (987) 297-50-00 – book a visit, to specify the information (to call at any time)

3. the Barionix Water Park

Top 15 adult and youth entertainment in Kazan

Barionix is the first family-oriented water park. The interior is stylized for the Cretaceous period and is named after the dinosaurs who lived at that time.

There are various slides and water rides, ancient trees, dinosaurs and fascinating waterfalls.

You can diversify your leisure at any time of year. Large and comfortable children’s area for the little ones and middle slides for teenagers.

In addition to the slides, there is a wave pool with a volleyball net and ball, as well as a swimming pool.

I like some cool rides that you can ride together with your child. Of the most interesting I can suggest the Anaconda slide – 24 km/h especially for those who like speed and steep turns. Serpentine is 66 meters of incredible curves in an enclosed hydraulic tube at a speed of 20 km/h.

And for lovers of heights there is a “Tarzanka” – a 3-meter pool for jumping from height into the water.

A big plus of the water park is that there are no queues at the slides, and to ride – do not need to drag the laps themselves, they rise on an automatic elevator.

For sunbathing and an even tan there is a cozy summer terrace with sun loungers.

You can satisfy your hunger with the whole family in the cafe “Pirate”. Here you can eat hot and fast food. For connoisseurs of hearty and tasty pizza I recommend to try “Baryonix”. There are non-alcoholic drinks at the bar and beer for adults. For goodies, you can get pastries, desserts and ice cream.

Children under the age of 3 can go for free. Social discounts are available.

There are discounts on admission for birthday parties, and any level of celebration can be arranged here on a turnkey basis.

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