What stereotypes the people of different countries of the world are tired of

The 15 most common stereotypes about Ukrainians, Russians and Americans

Although some people perceive it as discrimination, there is some kind of formed opinion about almost all nations. Often, it is mistaken, with only a small amount of truth. But this opinion is so widespread around the world that it has become an ingrained stereotype by which the whole country and its culture is perceived.

There are many such stereotypes about different nationalities. Where they come from is a mystery. But over time, these stereotypes not only turn into jokes and anecdotes, but become the calling card of the entire nation. Here’s a look at some of the most common stereotypes about different nations.

The Mandatory Tea Break

The tradition of having tea at five o’clock, despite all the worries and work, is probably the main stereotype that exists about the English. But this lovely tradition, by now, is dead to 99 percent of Englishmen.

Because of daily problems, work and other important matters, they simply do not have time for such luxuries. The tea tradition has always been more popular among the aristocratic classes. Perhaps they still have the ancient tradition of the “tea schedule” in its pristine form. In general, the English drink tea no more than any other nation in the world.

But as for milk, this is a very real stereotype. In all cafes, restaurants, and houses, if you ask for tea, it will definitely be served with milk. So, if you prefer a regular drink, you need to warn in advance.

2. All English people are very polite.

Politeness is the main feature of the English nation. And this is not a stereotype, but a reality. But their politeness does not come from benevolence, but from incredible restraint. The English cannot show their feelings openly, and because of this they have more complexes than all other nationalities. They are obliged to be polite in the first place by public opinion. They can hate you in their heart, they can despise you or love you, but they will never show it.

England is the land of eternal fog

Although the weather in England is not always perfect, this stereotype is completely untrue. It’s probably forced on us by the Sherlock Holmes movies.

But it’s true that the English love to talk about the weather. They use the weather as a sign that they are interested in you and they want to continue the conversation. It’s also one of the few topics where you can avoid disagreement. And the English hate conflicts and try to avoid them.

4. the Hindus are poor, stupid and untidy

This stereotype stems from India’s troubled history of many years of slavery and disregard for human rights. Although most Hindus today live very poor, the country’s level of development increases every year.

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India’s economy is growing so fast that the country is already leading the way in drugs and software, as well as in the film industry. So don’t believe that Indians are stupid and have no education.

Apart from homeless people and very poor people, Hindus are very clean when it comes to themselves or their homes. But they don’t care about the cleanliness of the streets, so they have garbage everywhere and stink horribly.

5. Americans are the dumbest nation.

All other nations like to feed this stereotype, justifying the low level of education in America.

At them it is impossible to download theses from the Internet and it is necessary to write it for years, it is impossible to copy the tests, and for failure of examinations simply can be expelled from educational institution. American education is devoid of most unnecessary subjects. Because of this simplification, many people think Americans are stupid.

But in fact, they only receive information that can actually be applied to real life. As a result, children who know what cotangent and calligraphy are not always able to fulfill themselves in life. But “dumb” Americans rank first in the world for the number of scientific discoveries. Moreover, in the history of the Nobel Prize, 326 Americans have received it.

6. Americans are obsessed with food from fast food, so they suffer from overweight.

Sadly enough, Americans are actually the number one obese person in the world. But most of these people are not natives, but immigrants or their children (Hispanics and African-Americans).

Most Native Americans are obsessed with healthy eating and sports. Fast-food cravings are experienced by newcomers who come to America for work and don’t have time to cook. Moreover, fast food is not cheap, and Americans prefer not to spend their money on it.

7. Italians only eat pasta.

Pasta, or as it is called, pasta, is considered the national dish in Italy. The skill of making it is so high that ordinary strips of dough are transformed by Italian sauce into a culinary masterpiece.

But Italians don’t eat pasta every day. They replace it with rice and vegetables, soups, and many other foods. Since Italians are prone to obesity, they simply can’t afford to eat much flour every day.

8. Italian families are the biggest.

Once upon a time, a really ordinary Italian family consisted of at least 7 children. Now Italians are subject to the European tradition of having children after the age of thirty. Because of this, the birth rate and population decline in Italy are at the top of the list.

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9. German girls are very ugly.

This is a very common stereotype. In contrast to our always dressy girl, Germans dress simply, modestly, but comfortably. They do not try to stand out among the others and look as if a prince will appear before her any minute.

Young people, as in other parts of the world, follow fashion trends and pick stylish clothes. But older girls, who are busy with work, prefer to spend their money on leisure and useful things, rather than on cosmetics and outfits.

10. Russians drink vodka for breakfast and dinner

The main stereotype about Russians, after bears on the street, is vodka. Everyone drinks it, both children and adults. on and off, in the morning, at lunch and for dinner.

This is all ridiculous, but Russia actually ranks first in alcoholism in the world. Mostly only the poor or people in the villages drink. Although young people are increasingly adopting this tradition from adults.

11. Ukrainians eat nothing but lard

Until recently, the main stereotype about Ukraine was that no one knew where it was. But since this nuance was corrected, the tradition of eating lard three times a day has made us famous. Perhaps in the past it was so, because in the villages the peasants always kept pigs. But now, most young people are in favor of a healthy lifestyle and even vegetarianism. So lard is a rare luxury at the dinner table.

12. Every Spaniard can dance flamenco.

This stereotype has been forced upon us by the movies. Not every Spaniard can dance it. Also, flamenco is not the only popular dance in Spain. Each region of the country is famous for its own special dance: chotis, muneira, sardana and others.

13. Spain’s main spectacle – bullfighting

This is another stereotype inspired by romantic movies about Spain. Now bullfighting is banned in most regions of the country. It is opposed by both animal protection organizations and human rights defenders.

14. The everyday food of the Japanese is sushi.

This is another false stereotype. Sushi is probably the only popular Japanese dish in our country. The Japanese, on the other hand, eat more rice, vegetables, soups, fish and meat in everyday life.

15. French women are always feminine and stylish.

Because Paris is considered to be the center of world fashion, it seems to many that Parisian women even go to the store in tight dresses, high heels, with red lipstick on their lips.

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In fact, the French, like all Europeans, dress modestly, and most importantly – comfortably. Girls, for the most part, wear jeans and sweaters. But what they are very careful about is the makeup. It should always be light, without causing excesses, and emphasize the beauty.

13 well-established stereotypes about different countries that you should have stopped believing long ago

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Established misconceptions about countries that long ago lost relevance.

When it comes to the customs and customs of this or that country, certain stereotypes tend to arise. Japan – sushi, Holland – smoking drugs, England – oatmeal, Russia – bears walking around the streets. In fact, all many beliefs are no longer true. This piece compiles 13 common stereotypes that are long overdue to stop believing.

1. Russia

In Russia, bears walk freely in the streets.

Many foreigners associate Russia with bears. Moreover, there is an opinion that bears freely walk around the capital, and in the outback at all feel at home, breaking into houses and attacking people. It is worth noting that this myth was born a long time ago. In the 16th century, traveling through Russia, Baron Sigismund von Gerberstein, witnessed scenes of hungry seals walking through the villages in search of food. Later, people began to train bears and take them to fairs for the entertainment of the people. These events were firmly entrenched in the minds of foreigners and since then, disheveled brown animals have become associated with Russia and its inhabitants. In fact, the average Russian can meet a bear only in a zoo or circus, and such statements only make you smile.

2. Canada

Cold, snow-covered Canada.

Many people seriously believe that Canada is a cold country, which is under snow all year round. Such an opinion is not entirely correct. The fact is that the northern part of the country is indeed cold and snowy. However, 90 percent of the population live in southern Canada, where all four seasons are pronounced, and in some cities the summer temperature reaches 30 degrees.

3. Estonia

Estonians are slow and lethargic.

It’s funny, but many post-Soviet residents consider Estonians to be slow and retarded. The origin of this stereotype is connected with the peculiarities of Estonian language. Large number of double vowels in words as if divides them into parts, because of this the ear fixes pauses and speech seems to be slowed down. In fact, Estonians’ speech is faster than that of Finns and about the same as that of Americans. As for the rhythm of life, it is indeed slow. Residents of this small country do not like the rush and bustle.

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4. Australia.

Sydney is the capital of Australia.

There are some people who are sure that Sydney is the capital of Australia. Others believe that Melbourne is the capital. Both statements are wrong. In fact, the capital of Australia is the small town of Canberra, which has been overshadowed by its more developed neighbors.

5. The Netherlands

The Netherlands is a drug country.

Almost all foreigners associate the Netherlands with drugs and permissiveness. Tourists seriously believe that in Amsterdam at every step sell weed. In fact, the country has a clear concept of “hard” and “soft” drugs. The sale of the latter is prohibited and punishable by law. As for the light drugs, they are sold only in specialized points and in strictly limited amounts. Unlicensed sale of marijuana and hashish, as well as possession of drugs in large quantities is punishable by law. It is also worth noting that only 5.5 percent of the residents of the country regularly use drugs, the rest consider it beneath their dignity. Moreover, the majority of the Dutch are fanatical adherents of a healthy lifestyle.

6. United Kingdom

Oatmeal for breakfast and tea at five o'clock.

The famous phrase: “Oatmeal, sir!” led many people to believe that the English necessarily have a breakfast of porridge. But the inhabitants of England refute this opinion. The traditional breakfast of the average Englishman is scrambled eggs, sausages, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, and toast with salted butter. Another misconception is the tea ceremony at five o’clock. We all learned about it from English textbooks and really believed that at five o’clock sharp all the people of England put off business and sit down to tea. In fact, this tradition has long been disregarded, and most residents, while at work or in a cafe, increasingly drink coffee.

7. Spain

Bullfighting is the main sport in Spain.

Spaniards refute the claim that bullfighting is the main and favorite sport. First of all, bullfighting is not a sport. Secondly, Spaniards love soccer. It is their favorite and most important sport, while bullfighting is a monstrous spectacle, which is viewed negatively by most of the population. It is worth noting that since 2011 bullfighting has been banned in many areas of Spain, and where it still takes place, spectators have the right to vote.

8. Sweden

Carlson is a favorite fairy tale character.

There is an opinion among foreigners that Carlson is the most favorite fairy tale character for all Swedes. However, this is not true at all. Swedes do not like Karlsson at all, believing that his bad character sets a bad example for children. Another lie is the existence of Carlson’s house, which allegedly is on the roof of the former home of the writer Astrid Lindgren. What the people of Sweden really love is Pippi Longstocking.

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9. Japan

Sushi is the Japanese favorite and most popular dish.

It is difficult for tourists to accept the fact that sushi is a rare guest on the table of native Japanese. Moreover, in the Land of the Rising Sun sushi in the form of rolls, which are so popular outside the country, is almost never cooked. But the most popular and favorite dish of the Japanese is noodle ramen. Many people even eat this soup for breakfast, because it is very nourishing and can energize you for the whole day.

10. Mexico

Poverty and drug cartels in Mexico.

The sheer number of action movies about Mexican drug dealers has led foreigners to believe that Mexico is a poor and dangerous country, where drug trafficking flourishes and gunshots are heard at every turn. Well, Mexico does have some relatively troubled regions. These include cities on the U.S. border. As for the rest of the territory, it is mainly peaceful areas and resorts, which are inhabited by hospitable and good-natured people. It is also worth noting that the standard of living and social welfare in Mexico has long surpassed that of America.

11. France

The French do not eat fast food.

The French pay a lot of attention to nutrition, prefer gourmet food and do not eat fast food. Up to a certain time, this was indeed true. In the past, the government did not welcome and did not finance fast food establishments, but recently the authorities have loosened controls and the French are happy to consume tasty and unhealthy food. Statistics in recent years show that the revenues of fast-food establishments far exceed the profits of traditional establishments.

12. Mongolia

Mongolia - the deaf steppe on the world map.

Few tourists seriously consider a trip to Mongolia. Moreover, for most people, the country appears to be a remote and dangerous steppe. Most of Mongolia is indeed steppe, and part of the population still leads a nomadic lifestyle. However, there are developed cities in this country that keep up with the rest of the world. As for the population, Mongolians are not spoiled by tourists, so they treat all visitors more than kindly. Even nomads are happy to host tourists, inviting them to their homes and treating them to their national dishes.

13. USA

America is the land of fast food and overweight.

Really the USA is considered to be the home of fast food and a huge number of people are overweight. But in recent decades, the country has embarked on a course to combat obesity. Many people, having realized the harm of trans fats, gave up fast food forever and began to lead healthy lifestyles.

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