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Prague sights: what to see on your own? My itinerary for 3 days


In February I went to Prague – one of the closest and financially affordable European capitals for Russians. So what follows is not a list of sights I found in the first guidebook, but my own top list with likes/dislikes, tips and secrets.

What to see in Prague in 3 days? By yourself or with a tour? Is there enough time to feel the atmosphere, to drink Czech beer and see the sights? Here is a personal example.


How I went to Prague

Objective: to see the main sights of Prague.

Given: a girl without definite plans for the trip, her husband with a quite business trip, their 2-year old daughter, whose plans include the obligatory items like playgrounds and ice cream.

The solution: accommodation in the center, a backpack with a kit for all occasions, a stroller, comfortable shoes, the PID Litacka app for public transport and the Sputnik8 service for one sightseeing tour. Nice weather at the end of February as a pleasant bonus (+13°C during the day).

Do not forget that you need a Schengen visa to the Czech Republic! I got just the Czech one this year. No complications, but the visa center oh-so-trying to sell additional services (courier delivery, filling out the form, the passage without a queue …) Somehow – brrr! – unpleasant.

Bottom line: 4 of the 10 most attractive places for tourists ✓. And some were studied many, many times from different angles.

Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge Prague Prague's main attraction - Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge panorama

We have been on the Charles Bridge several times.

Our hotel (all names and prices – see “My tips”) was 3 minutes walk from the Charles Bridge. Given this geographical feature, we crossed it back and forth at least 10 times!

When you live in the historic center, Prague = sights. You can get around all the major tourist spots in 1 day on your own, without even using public transportation.

Charles Bridge, as a landmark, I liked more from the “lower” perspective: at the foot, from the side of Prague Castle, there are platforms with a great view.

  • The first one is if you walk through Kampa Park along the promenade.
  • The second is actually a children’s playground. With swings, slides and a wooden ship “furrowing” the waters of the Vltava*. There are benches with an amazing view. Minus: open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in winter, until 7 p.m. in summer. *In children’s imaginations, of course.

We took this Prague sightseeing tour for 100 euros for three people. From the guide we learned a very interesting fact about the Charles Bridge!

Old Town Square

Old Town Hall Old Town Square

From the editor: we were not lucky with the clock on the square (it was raining), but we saw the show.

Altamura. Italian Province.

Three important sights are concentrated here:

➢ Old Town Square itself

➢ Old Town Hall with its chimes

All three are on a stretch that can be crossed diagonally in 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the number of tourists obstructing the traffic. Usually there are quite a few of them. Also full of animators, cab drivers rather extravagant retro cars and waiters scurrying between the tables of the summer terraces of the cafe (even in winter).

The famous chimes, which play a mini-performance every hour, are located on the side of the town hall, which is not directly visible from the square – you have to turn the corner.

I purposely brought my child to the beginning of the show, which I had read about on the Internet. But while we were trying to find a point in the crowd where we could get a decent view, both the music and all the movement of the figures in the windows were over. So, either take a seat strictly in the center of the main entrance in advance, or forget it and go further – you can’t see anything from the side.

Prague's observation deck - Screensaver

We visited the Tyn Church only from the outside. But those who wish can get in freely and for free according to the schedule. Information about opening hours:

  • Monday off,
  • Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00,
  • On other days from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00.

In the area of the square we discovered another important tourist spot – not the one to see, but the one to try . Krčma is the best bar we’ve been to in terms of value for money. Despite the location. For 3 dinners with beer we paid 398 CZK*, including tips. By the way, in Prague you can leave tips when you pay by card.

*One Czech krone is equal to about 3 rubles (2,80 official rate).

Prague sightseeing tour: In 4,5 hours and 15 euros

Wenceslas Square

View of Prague

We were in Wenceslas Square deep at night, so we didn’t take photos. Instead, here’s a view of Prague

I found out after the fact that Wenceslas Square is also a landmark. We walked through it for the sole purpose of visiting the Výtopna beer restaurant, where drinks are delivered by small trains. The square itself looked dismal: there were construction works, machinery, half of the pedestrian zone was blocked by chain-link fences. In the summer, we think, would be more fun!

But Výtopna did not disappoint! Railroads, trains snooping around the hall with glasses, bridges. The cuisine was more European: burgers, pasta. A dinner for three with alcohol cost us 769 crowns (2155 rubles). In addition there is a charge of 25 CZK per person for the pleasure of watching the mini-trains.

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Vltava River

Vltava River in Prague The River in Prague

This is the place in Prague (Petřínský Hill) I remember the most, so I recommend it You can dedicate half a day to it.

The river that divides the city into two parts is not only a picturesque landscape, but also:

  • Steamboats and walks on them
  • Swans
  • Bridges (thank goodness they aren’t swinging!).

The price of the ticket for an hour walk on the steamboat – 325 CZK (910 rubles). On the loudspeaker talks about the main sights, which you pass. Including in Russian. Upstairs, on the open deck, it’s quiet (if the neighbors don’t make noise). You can drink tea (50 kroner) or something stronger (beer 0.5 – 85 kroner).

Swans in Prague

Swans. Prague has forever changed my opinion of these creatures as majestic, proud birds. On the left bank of the Vltava, just beyond Charles Bridge downstream, there is a small area (on Google map, the location is designated as Náplavka), where snow-white swans are ready to rip off the hands / bite your fingers for a fresh roll. The photos are very beautiful, the main thing is to take the horror of the insolence of the birds off your face!

Pietrzynski Hill.

Petřín Hill

Alas and ah, the huge park and all the interesting places within it were left out on this trip. And you should have! Because there:

➢ The TV Tower a la Eiffel.

➢ Incredible views of Prague

➢ Memorial to the victims of communism

➢ Flower gardens and much more

Walking up to the top of the hill is of course possible. But is it really necessary? It’s 327 m high after all! If athletic prowess is not part of your plans, it is better to use the carriage. Tickets are no different from the usual public transport fare (24 kronor minimum).

In addition to the classic paper ticket, you can pay for public transport in Prague using the PID Lítačka app. It’s in Czech, but it’s intuitive (even for me, who’s not very tech-savvy). The virtual pass is valid for half an hour after purchase. There is no need to “pick it up” anywhere. I believe that it is necessary to show the screen of the device in case of anything. However, neither paper, nor electronic tickets have never been checked. Europe!

Prague Castle

Prague Castle from afar Prague Castle - view from the river

Prague Castle is visible from different parts of the city and it is difficult to mix it up.

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Under one name piled under a lot of interesting things that walk and walk!

  • Guard of Honor
  • Palaces
  • St. Vitus Cathedral
  • Zlata Alley

Given that the entrance to most of the above-listed places is still paid (well, except for the guard, the change of which can be seen daily at 12:00 free), sightseeing tour to Prague Castle will be just right. There are several options, you can choose the route that seems most suitable.


Vysehrad Vysehrad sightseeing

On the opposite side of the Vltava River is Vysehrad, a historical district, similar to Prague Castle (and its main competitor :)). It is no longer the center of the city, and the trip here is not so obvious. The atmosphere is more peaceful. There are views from the walls of the fortress, with the capital of the Czech Republic as if in the palm of your hand.

For the most part, a walk around Vysehrad is free. Opening hours: from 9:30 to 17:00 – in winter, to 18:00 in summer.

Tickets must be purchased to enter the individual buildings:

  • Basilica of Saints Peter and Paul – 50 crowns
  • Rotunda of St. Martin – 150 CZK
  • “The Invisible Church – 50 crowns
  • St. Lawrence Basilica – 10 CZK

In the Czech Republic, as in many other European cities, it is quite quiet at night. Sights close at 17-18, cafes – at 00:00. In the parks (if they are open) in the evenings it is quite dark. But from high points, the lights of the city are beautiful to look at.

Dancing House

Dancing House in Prague Streets of Prague

To rest in Prague did not seem quite “medieval”, it makes sense to dilute the Prague route with a few attractions from the “modern” world. Dancing House with a little scandalous architectural history finally appeared on the pages of all city guidebooks for tourists.

To see the inside of the house, you can visit the restaurant on the first floor of the building. But the prices in the institution are cosmic, and all the charm of the building is on the outside!

The Wall of John Lennon

Much of the history of the Czech Republic is associated with the protests of people against the Communist regime. John Lennon’s wall appeared in the 70s of the 20th century and has a symbolic relation to the musician: he himself was never in Prague. The pictures, inscriptions and graffiti on the fence of the Maltese Garden are all in the Czech spirit of defiance and freedom.

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Another place of a whole new history. The Letenskie Gardens, where a monument to Stalin was removed in the 1960s, was used to store potatoes in the 1970s, a rock club was opened in the 1980s, and in the 1990s a radio station with the uncomplicated name Radio Stalin was based there.

In 1991, a giant metronome was installed on the site, with an excellent view of Prague. In 2021 (in confidence), at nightfall, young people smoke next to it what, in theory, can only be smoked in Amsterdam.

The metronome is counting down the time, reminding us that nothing lasts forever!

What to see in Prague in 3 days by yourself?

Prague Castle at Night

So, if you have only 3 days, what entertainments can you find in Prague? Where to go first? Actually, you can not make a fuss – the main must-see sights are located quite compactly. It is realistic to go around them in 1 day:

The historic center of Prague, which you can walk around in half a day with stops to eat a trdelnic, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In two days, plus:

➢ A boat ride.

Day 3 could be for interest:

➢ Or one of the museums (about which below)

➢ Or any other interest in the area (Dancing House, Metronome, Lennon Wall, parks, gardens, etc.)

If you plan a 3-day trip, the 1st day is a good sightseeing tour of Prague – you can glimpse everything and spend the rest of the time on the things that “grabbed” you. With a Russian-speaking guide any tour is possible (in this sense, Prague is a very “Russian-speaking” city).

The 5 best museums in Prague

To tell you the truth, I’m not a big fan of museums. Especially in spring, when it’s warm and sunny! But photos with descriptions of some places, which will be discussed below, look very tempting (and in case of rains, you should have a backup!)

  1. Clementinum – I would call it a museum complex! The most famous part: the old library room. The pictures of the room conjure up thoughts of Narnia, medieval mariners, and other wonders. Admission is limited: you can’t wander among the books, only look through the doors. In addition to the library, the tour includes a tour of the Meridian Hall and an ascent of the Astronomy Tower. Cost: 300 CZK adults, 200 CZK for students over 6 years old.
  2. National Museum – the main museum in the country. The building on Wenceslas Square has natural history collections and a library. For a long time the building was under reconstruction and just this year reopened to visitors. The exhibits are not yet available in its entirety. Price: 250 CZK.
  3. The Franz Kafka Museum for all fans of the writer. The building from the outside looks quite extravagant, I think there is something to see inside as well. Admission: 200 CZK.
  4. Kampa Museum – located next door to the Kafka Museum. Contemporary art. Cost: 180 CZK.
  5. The Toy Museum – The answer to the question of where to go with children. There will be a lot of impressions! Tears and pleas to take at least one toy with you are not excluded. Tickets: 70 CZK adults, 50 CZK children.
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My tips for tourists

Trip to Prague with a child View of Prague roofs

Our hotel, well located, 4* EA Residence U Bílé kuželky, cost 23,000 rubles for 5 days for three people. Breakfast, junior suite (bedroom + small, but comfortable office). And all because we went in the off-season!

In my opinion Prague is good both as a specific destination, and as a part of a complex tour to Europe (from Prague to Vienna and Dresden, for example, it takes about 3 hours by car).

✓ But in general, if you didn’t know, Prague is like a European Turkey. In the sense that it is the most developed “cultural and educational” (and inexpensive) direction to travel on a tour. You can take a tour to Prague not only from Moscow, but also from the regions. See the options and prices on aggregators:

✓ If you plan to travel for a week or longer, it makes sense to “expand the horizons” of what to see in the Czech Republic. In the vicinity of the capital there are many interesting places: breweries, castles. You can rent a car (Myrentacar works with local proctors, so it’s cheaper) or use public transport. There are quite a lot of shuttle buses to the home of Becherovka in Karlovy Vary (fare from €3.5).

✓ Going to Prague for the New Year? Read the feature article – by me

✓ About the euro with you: so that your pockets are not bursting with cash, put euros on your card and pay without conversion or withdraw without fees.

✓ Last tip: Before you go, be sure to see what information is available on the Internet on the opening hours of individual places. The city likes rather short modes. Attractions in Prague may be available only a couple of hours a week. The description on the official sites or a fresh review – when you arrive scribble in the comments too! – will be very handy.

Copying of materials is allowed only with mandatory direct, active and open for indexing hyperlink to howtrip.ru.

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