Wales sights in the United Kingdom

Wales sights

Wales is one of the 4 administrative lobes of the United Kingdom. It is located in the southwest of Great Britain, and it is surrounded on three sides by the sea. The population of the Principality is more than three million people. Many historical structures and monuments remain from the time of the Celts, who lived in this area.

  • Powys Castle and Garden
  • St. David’s Cathedral
  • Bute Park
  • Conway
  • Llandudno
  • Portmeirion Tourist Village
  • Cardiff National Museum
  • Pontcysilthe Aqueduct
  • Rossili Bay and Beach
  • Anglesey Island
  • Cardiff Castle
  • Wall Offa Path
  • National Historic Museum of St. Fagans
  • Cape Great Orme
  • Snowdonia National Park
  • Cardiff Bay
  • Brecon Beacons National Park
  • Carnarvon Castle
  • Pembrokeshire Coast National Park
  • Bodnant Gardens
  • To conclude.


Wales is an incredibly scenic country with a fairly mild climate. There are a huge number of ancient castles on the territory of the Duchy, which were built here in the 13th century.

Small towns and charming villages are also a wonderful attraction in this part of Britain. It is definitely worth coming here for lovers of medieval and Victorian England. There are plenty of beautiful parks and gardens. They create a strong sense of unity with the marvelous beauty of local nature.

Those who come to Wales to do mountain sports will love it. You’ll be surprised by the sheer number of mountain resorts. You can go surfing on the Gower Peninsula. Don’t pass by the golf courses. After all, this local sport will perfectly defuse your head. Plus, it’s not uncommon to see a variety of music festivals in Wales.

Cadiff is the capital of a beautiful principality. It surprises you with lots of nice restaurants where you can dare to try national dishes. Local cuisine abounds with savory cheeses, seafood and tender lamb meat.

It is best to choose a train to travel around the principality. It’s on this mode of transport that you can see the picturesque scenery of Wales. And a vintage train will only plunge you into the beautiful past of the whole of Great Britain.

Powys Castle and Garden

Nearly a thousand years ago, a regal dark pink shade castle was erected in Wales. This rather famous landmark of the principality. The most interesting thing is that it attracts the attention of not only tourists, but also architects and art historians. It is famous not only for the ghost of the “Lady in Black”, but also for the beautiful symmetrical garden.

Powys Castle & Garden

The bright green corner of Wales is a beautiful combination of many different delightful plants and trees. Tourists call this place something incredibly beautiful and mystical. Definitely worth a visit.

St. David’s Cathedral

A fascinating ancient temple located in the city of St. David’s. The place is now a cathedral dedicated to the patron saint of the principality. The construction of this architectural object was begun as far back as 1181. The cathedral has undergone many changes throughout its existence.


The most severe test of the church survived the earthquake of 1247. Also in the early 16th century Bishop Edward Vaughan built the Chapel of the Holy Trinity here. A very spiritual and pleasant place for those who want to feel the history and warmth of Wales.

Bute Park

On the two banks of the River Tuff comes the stunningly beautiful city park. Its area is more than a hundred hectares. The park was created back in 1873 and served as a garden strip of the castle, which was at the disposal of the Marquesses of Bute. The main attractions of this wonderful place are Lit mill, which used to be located near the walls of the castle itself. The ruins of the Blackfriars Monastery are incredibly popular.

 Park Bute

By the way, their restoration was started by one of the Marquis family nest. At the moment there is a complete reconstruction. But the amazing Arboretum was already built in 1947. And includes many beautiful trees, including the famous in England “champion trees”. The beautiful place attracts many tourists.


This wonderful county town is located in the north of the principality. Its population is only fifteen thousand people. However, it is this northern city that includes many of the most interesting historical sites. There is also a medieval castle of the same name, which was built back in the 13th century.


The order to build this incredibly beautiful structure was given by Edward the English. In Conwy you can also see the ancient monastery of Aberconwy, residential buildings of the 14th century and the famous tiny house of England. Its dimensions are only 3.05 by 1.8 meters.

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This seaside resort and town was formed back in 1291. Llandudno is located at the base of the Cradin Peninsula. Its population is just over twenty thousand people. By the way, this wonderful city, like many other towns in the principality, was named after the patron saint.


And the patron saint of Llandudno is Tidno. At the resort you can have a great vacation, both as a family and as a group of friends. In addition, there is a fascinating city historical museum. But the story “Alice in Wonderland” originates from this town.

Portmeirion Tourist Village

Back in the 20th century on this site was a foundry. And then there grew up a unique village in the Italian style. The architect of this event was Williams-Ellison. Most of the houses here have a unique folly.

Portmeirion Tourist Village

The village is located in the Duirid River Estuary. Many souvenir shops, cafes, and hotels can be found in this fascinating corner of the land.

Cardiff National Museum

The Cardiff National Museum was founded in 1912. The best part is that it is part of a larger national museum that was formed more than five years ago.

Cardiff National Museum

Among the museum’s exhibits you can see many collections of archaeology, geology, and other historical treasures. They are located in the Cardiff Central Library.

Pontcysilthe Aqueduct

This navigable aqueduct sits above the Dee River valley in the northeast of the principality. It was opened on November 26, 1805. Even Walter Scott called it “the finest work of art.”

Pontcysilthe Aqueduct

At the moment it is the busiest place in Britain. Through it passes more than 15 thousand boats a year. And in 2009 it was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Rossili Bay and Beach

One of the most incredibly beautiful places in the entire United Kingdom. The majestic beauty of the cliffs, clear water, picturesque terrain make this corner of Britain the best place to stay. The locals are always happy to welcome tourists. In addition, there is a unique guest house, which formerly housed the local priest.

Rossili Bay and Beach

No wonder it made the list of ten most ideal places to spend a vacation. Definitely worth the trip.

Anglesey Island

The favorite place of Prince William and his wife is located in the north of the principality. The population of the island is nearly 70 thousand people and its area is equal to 714 Before the Romans conquered Britain, it was a sacred site for the Druids.

Anglesey Island

Traces of the presence of ancient people can be found in various parts of the island. These are various historical stone monuments. A great place not only for recreation, but also for historical reference.

Cardiff Castle

This incredibly beautiful ancient structure is located in the county of Glamorgan. It was built from the ruins of an ancient Roman fortress, and is the oldest building in all of Wales. At one time this fortress was used by the inhabitants as a fort, and later as a court building. Later the castle came into the possession of the Marquises of Bute.

Cardiff Castle

The date of the foundation of the ancient fortress is more than two thousand years ago. Inside there is a historical museum of different periods. Fans of the Middle Ages should definitely visit this beautiful structure.

Wall Offa Path

This unique landmark is located on the border of Wales and England. Its length is two hundred and seventy kilometers. Incredible in its beauty, the scenery will accompany you throughout the entire hike along this trail. The most interesting thing is that the route takes about eleven days.

 Wall Offa Path

And such a walk will not stand every tourist. However, those who are still overcame the trip, talk about it only with pleasant emotions.

National Historic Museum of St. Fagans

On the territory of the capital of Wales is a unique open-air museum. It was formed in 1948, and remains one of the most visited places in the Kingdom to this day.

National Historic Museum of St. Fagans

It has a lot of amazing exhibits from Celtic times to nowadays. Such as, ancient chapels, circular Celtic houses and a classic English post office.

Cape Great Orme

This picturesque cape overlooks the town of Llandudno. You can reach it only by streetcar, which goes from the outskirts of the city. From the top you can see the most beautiful view of the local promenade as well as the bay.

Cape Great Orme

Here you can not just enjoy the wonderful nature, but also to gain strength and inspiration. And on the hills of the cape is an amazing open-air museum and museum of local history. A perfect place for reflection and historical knowledge.

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Snowdonia National Park

This incredible beautiful place is located in the north of the principality, and includes a huge number of lakes, mountaintops, beaches, and heathland. Ruins of fortifications from Roman times, antique buildings and many other places of interest attract many tourists to the park.

Snowdonia National Park

The Snowdonia National Park welcomes both history buffs and leisure travelers eager to enjoy the scenery.

Cardiff Bay

Even during World War II, this place was only used for exporting coal that was mined in the South Valley. In 1999, however, the bay became a famous entertainment area, around which there is a twelve-kilometer promenade.

Cardiff Bay

Here you can stroll in the malls, eat in a restaurant and just enjoy the natural beauty. Water sports enthusiasts should come here, because the bay has all conditions for this kind of recreation.

Brecon Beacons National Park

Truly amazing place, because here you can enjoy the natural scenery and see the various architectural monuments. The park is located on four mountain ranges. You can walk through its picturesque forest valleys, mountain rivers and a lot of heathland.

Brecon Beacons National Park

Little towns and ancient villages amaze your senses, while Bronze Age monuments and Celtic stones add to your historical knowledge. It’s one of Britain’s most extraordinary parks.

Carnarvon Castle

At the end of the 13th century, Edward I ordered the building of the structure. The castle was planned as a symbol of English supremacy over the whole principality. The walls of the building are truly magnificent. They are built in the form of an irregular figure eight, and the towers contained many corners and are decorated with statues of eagles and multi-colored stripes.

Carnarvon Castle

At this day, however, we can enjoy only the remains of the most beautiful castle. In fact, only the outer parts of it and the foundation itself remain. But this does not spoil the impression of the seen beauty at all.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The picturesque park is located in the west of the principality. It was formed in 1952. This place has a truly beautiful landscape: sandy beaches, rocky cliffs, grassy hills and many wooded estuaries. Also on the territory are national and marine reserves. However, marshes and even forests are present along its outskirts.

Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

Every year the park receives many awards, and is considered the best place to stay. Fans of the Harry Potter movies should visit the shell house, which was in the first part of the Deathly Hallows.

Bodnant Gardens

Lord Aberconway’s ancestral estate in the Conwy Valley was enclosed by an incredibly beautiful garden in 1875. The upper part has Italian-style terraces, but the lower part has many paths with thickets of various flowers and berry plants.

Bodnant Gardens

The clearest water, fountains and a lot of bright colors give the garden a wonderful view and scenic beauty. In 1949, the park was protected by the National Trust.

To conclude.

Wales is a truly beautiful and picturesque country. This most beautiful part of the United Kingdom has an incredibly colorful history and unique nature. Various myths and legends will fill your heart with the mystical side of the principality. Despite its small size the principality of Wales holds a lot of attractions and mystical events. Here you can not just have a great time with your family, but also enjoy the ancient architecture of the Celtic and English times. Wonderful landscapes and colorful gardens, medieval castles and mountain landscapes, as well as many other beautiful places attract tourists to this principality every day. Be sure to visit Wales. Its fetching beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. Have a nice trip!

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Wales sights

Brief description Great Britain is divided into four administrative units: England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Therefore, all these territories are united by a similar culture, life and traditions.

Unlike England, there is a mild and comfortable climate, which allows you to travel and enjoy the scenic views. And there’s plenty to see here: over 600 castles, national parks, majestic gardens and villages that preserve the mystery and spirit of medieval life. Here you can find both monuments of Celtic peoples and traces of the Victorian era.

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The beauty of the landscape of waterfalls, lakes, rivers, seas and mountain peaks will inspire any traveler to new achievements. Endless horizons and incredible ancient architecture make Wales one of the most beautiful places in Britain.

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What to see in Wales?

The most interesting and beautiful places, photos and brief description.

1. Snowdonia National Park

Snowdonia National Park in Guinet County is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful sights in Wales. The park is named after the highest peak, Mount Snowden, 1,085 m, where Sir Edward Hillary trained for his first successful ascent of Everest.

The 1,479 kilometers of public hiking trails offer many opportunities to fully enjoy the rugged beauty of the mountain region, and the villages scattered throughout the park with their idyllic stone houses are perfect for a stop along the way. There’s good news for those who want a bird’s eye view of the park’s beauty but don’t like long hikes. This is where Britain’s only narrow-gauge railroad (the Snowdon Mountain Railway), built in 1896, runs. It climbs straight to the top of the highest mountain in Wales, offering a spectacular view of the whole of the northern part of the country. The train leaves from Llandburys station.

In addition to mountain ranges, there are over a hundred lakes, waterfalls, and wetlands.

2. Pembroke Castle.

This imposing structure was built in 1093 by the invading Baron Roger de Montgomery in south Wales. Though the south has always had the interest of enemies, the imposing towers and huge walls were able to withstand them all. The castle never once fell during its existence.

Even today, the site can delight tourists with perfectly preserved parts of the castle complex, giving an idea of the formidability of this structure in its time of greatness. The castle is privately owned and open to the public by appointment. If you are lucky, you can see not only the architectural ensemble, but also trained birds, plays of Shakespeare, theatrical battles of knights, archery competitions and other events.

Pembroke Castle, Wales

3. Harlech Castle

The year of the castle foundation is 1289. This striking example of European military architecture was built by thousands of craftsmen and workers in just 7 years. Together with other castles such as Carnarvon and Conwy, it formed part of the ‘iron ring’ which King Edward I wanted to wrap around Snowdonia to intimidate the population of Wales.

Today the architectural ensemble is protected by UNESCO. You can visit the site at any convenient time, but it is better to choose periods of entertainment: theatrical festivals, fairs, sales of pottery souvenirs, tournaments of historical fencing, medieval dancing, etc.

Here you can look not only at the siege towers, donjons, but also walk along preserved secret ways, by which, during the siege, the castle was supplied with provisions, ammunition and other goods.

Harlech Castle, Wales

4. Carnarvon Castle

An impressive late Medieval structure the world has known since Prince Charles was crowned at Carnarvon in the northwest. Located in a strait off the island of Anglesey, the castle was originally built as a symbol of English rule over the defeated Welsh. Today, the UNESCO World Heritage Site is primarily impressive for its sheer size. If you look at the surrounding sea from one of the nine towers at sunset, you will no longer have any doubt why Carnarvon Castle is repeatedly cited as a major attraction in Wales.

5. Llyn Peninsula

The sparsely populated Llyn is located in the county of Guinet in northwest Wales. The peninsula is particularly popular with visitors because of its sand dunes, wide beaches and steep cliffs. In addition, the coast is warmed by the Gulf Stream.

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6. Powys Castle

Powys Castle is located near the town of Welshpool in the Welsh county of Powys. This medieval castle has been owned by the National Trust since 1952. It is one of the best preserved in Wales, and is known for its Baroque gardens.

The castle hall serves as Clive’s museum. It features an exhibition of artifacts collected by Robert Clive during his travels to India; these include Indian swords, jewels, paintings, and a reconstruction of the interior of a sultan’s tent.

Vivid exhibits of the castle are the terraces, enlivened by stone balustrades, stately vases, and lead statues.

7. Karey Castle

Karey Castle stands in a cove next to an old tidal mill in Pembrokeshire. Here was the land of the princess Nest up Rhys, a famous 11th-century beauty from the Deheibart kingdom, who ruled South West Wales from 920 to 1197. She had at least nine children by five different nobles, so even today some famous families can trace their lineage: the princess is an ancestor of George Washington, John F. Kennedy, and Princess Diana.

8. Caerphilly Castle

This Norman ring castle was built between 1268 and 1271. It is the largest castle complex in Wales, and the second largest in Europe, second only to Windsor Castle. The well-preserved fortress impresses with its man-made lakes and sloping southeast tower, which were created for strategic reasons.

9. Conwy Castle.

The town of Conwy is home to one of the major attractions in Wales. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Conwy Castle is considered one of the finest examples of military architecture of the 13th and 14th centuries. Aside from the castle itself, especially impressive are the fully preserved medieval city walls that hold the cozy town firmly in place. And lovers of more curious sights are sure to find the smallest lodge in Britain here.

10. Cardiff Castle

One of the oldest and most popular castles in Wales is Cardiff Castle, located in the heart of the capital. The castle is four in one: a Roman fort, a Norman castle, a Gothic castle and a Victorian mansion. The Normans built it on the remains of a Roman fort, which was expanded in the 16th century and converted into a neo-Gothic castle in 1873.

11. the Brecon Beacons National Park

Brecon Beacons National Park is located in south Wales and was founded in 1957 by the merger of three national parks. It includes the mountains south of Brecon with the peaks of Pen-y-Fan (886 m), Corn-Doo (873 m), Cribin (795 m) and Fan-y-Big (719 m). The national park with its mountains, waterfalls, limestone caves and beautiful towns is considered one of the most beautiful regions of Great Britain. It is just 50 km from Cardiff and 160 km from Birmingham. A variety of walking routes invite visitors to explore this unique region.

12. the Isle of Anglesey

Anglesey Island, connected to the mainland by the mile-long Menai Suspension Bridge, is a popular resort. Here you can find several picturesque fishing villages on the beautiful coastline of more than 160 km. The sandy beaches, the South Stack lighthouse and the mild climate of the island are also very popular with day-trippers and vacationers alike.

The small sacred island is a popular resort with two promenades, while tiny Salt Island offers great views and birdwatching. Finally, one of the most famous photo motifs in the world is on the platforms of the city with the longest name in the world: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogogoch.

2. Bomaris Castle

Bomaris is a ruined castle on the island of Anglesey. It was never fully completed, but is otherwise well preserved. The complex is almost a perfect example of English castle architecture of XIII century. The castle has a square layout, and the main gate is a castle gate as it is heavily fortified with flanking towers on each side.

This fortress was built by Edward I and is evidence of a well-thought-out strategy to repel attackers.

13. Historical Museum of St. Fagans

St. Fagans Historical Museum is an open-air museum near Cardiff that shows the history of the Welsh people. On the grounds you can experience all eras of Welsh life, from the Celtic village to the house of the future. Buildings from all over Wales have been brought in for this experience.

14. Cardiff National Museum

The National Museum of Cardiff is a museum dedicated to the archaeology, art, crafts and natural history of Wales. It is one of seven National Museum of Wales museums located in various locations around the country. It can easily compete with other famous museums of the world.

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15. Pontkysillte Aqueduct.

The aqueduct, which runs along the Llangollen Canal through the wide valley of the River Dee, was built over a decade and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The eighteen-arch bridge is built of stone and cast iron, and its arches rise 30 meters above the river and are over 300 meters long.

It is the longest navigable aqueduct in Britain and the highest in the world. A narrow walkway with railings will allow pedestrians to cross the bridge, but it is much more interesting to cross the river by boat on the canal.

16. Pembrokeshire Coast National Park

The Pembrokeshire Coast National Park covers about 620 km² of coastal region and offers an ideal hiking route for a day trip with the family as well as multi-day excursions across the Irish Sea. Stone Age dolmens lining the trail, cozy villages and coastal forts several thousand years old are another reason to consider the National Park one of the most beautiful attractions in Wales.

Animal lovers also come here because the national park is a paradise for seabirds such as parrots, cormorants and oystercatchers. In addition, seals, dolphins and even whales can be spotted along the coast.

17. St. David’s Cathedral

St. David’s Cathedral in Pembrokeshire, Wales is one of the oldest buildings in Britain. Its origins date back to the 6th century, when St David founded his monastery in Glyn Rosin on the Alun River. Today, the cathedral houses a treasury that tells the 1,500-year history of Christianity of St. David’s, the smallest city in Britain. It includes 800-year-old gilded bishop’s staffs, 13th-century silver chalices and a 1620 edition of the Welsh Bible.

The library contains about 7,000 16th-century books, and the cloister gallery regularly hosts arts and crafts exhibitions.

18. Raglan Castle

Raglan Castle is one of the finest late medieval buildings in Britain, and a striking element of the landscape of southeast Wales.

Much of what remains of the castle dates from the 15th century, the period of the Wars of the Roses and the rise of the Tudor dynasty. The Great Tower is the most impressive of the buildings of the period, towering above the castle’s two inner courtyards.

By the middle of the seventeenth century, Réglan’s fortunes were at their peak. It had reached a level of sophistication and luxury that only the finest country houses could match. However, the English Civil War changed everything. In the years that followed, Raglan Castle was abandoned and destroyed, becoming a convenient source of building materials and a scenic tourist attraction. Since 1938, decay has been halted, the structure has been preserved at the expense of the keepers of the castle.

19. Millennium Stadium

Millennium Stadium in Cardiff is the national stadium of Wales, which is preferentially used for rugby and soccer matches. The stadium seats 74,500 spectators.

20. Tintern Abbey

Tintern Abbey is a ruined temple in the Wye Valley near the village of Tintern. The abbey was founded by Cistercians in 1131. It was the first Cistercian monastery in Wales and the second oldest in Britain. It was dissolved in 1536 and has been in decline ever since, until it was reopened as a tourist destination in the late 18th century, during the Romantic era.

In 1901 Tintern Abbey was designated a monument of national importance and bought for £15,000. Later extensive restoration work began and was completed in 1928. Today the abbey is considered the best preserved ruins of a medieval church in Wales, and is open to the public.

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