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The resort city of Brazil, Santos is rich in fertile lands, the beauty of nature, which attracted settlers from Europe at one time. Tribes from India, who lived in the land, were the “impetus” for the settlement and subsequent development of the city of Santos.

Getting to know the city

Brazilian Santos is famous for its natural wealth, which allowed the cultivation of the best coffee varieties – Bourbon. Coffee lovers know this subtle, sweetish-bitter flavor with a slightly buttery hue and slight acidity.

Santos is a great option for a town where you can hide from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Many Brazilians in retirement move to Santos changing apartments in the stuffy metropolis. The city attracts with its quietness and safety, as well as the ocean nearby.

The local population is estimated at over 418,288 people. Sea trade and the export of coffee, soybeans, fruits, and products made from them play an important role in the economic life of the city.

And how not to mention Brazil’s most titled soccer club, Santos, where the legendary Pele played until 1974!

Exploring the City

Getting to know the city


Santo is riddled with all sorts of coves, but despite their large number, the city’s beach is simply stunning. The city graciously offers all of its visitors a large number of things to do and see. In the city you will find many museums of absolutely different spectrum: coffee museum, sea museum, museum of church art, museum of fishing, museum of ancient churches…

The coffee museum in Santos is the most visited public place. It is nestled in a beautiful historic building that used to house the coffee exchange. In spite of the passing years, the building has managed to keep its original architecture and is now of great architectural value! It is decorated with beautiful stained-glass windows, thematic paintings by contemporary artists, and a collection of antique furniture and coffee weighing tools add to the grandeur of the interior.

The Cathedral, the Fortress of Santo Amaro, the Botanical Garden and the Orquidario Zoobotanical Park will open their doors to tourists. The Aquário Municipal de Santos Aquarium will amaze you with its inhabitants of the ocean depths. The youngest visitors will be especially fascinated and find it truly fantastic! And the penguin and sea lion shows. In the garden there is also the Orquidario Municipal orchid garden, which will delight you with the great variety and fragrance of flowers.

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Santo Amaro

Santo Amaro

Among the connoisseurs of history, the ancient fortress of Santo Amaro is popular. It was built to protect the coastal territory from numerous invaders. Until our times the fortress has been remarkably preserved, even its impregnable walls have survived. During the tour, every visitor can peek into the most hidden corners and even climb the wall of the fortress and capture the view with their own eyes.

A symbol of the city

The vintage Linha Turística de Bonde streetcar is an original symbol of Santos that is still ready to offer a lot of emotions and experiences. Its diminutive size and finish, preserving all its original shape and its original green color just like the Brazilian posters. These streetcars can be seen in the city center and nearby places. This green transport is a great option for those who want to take a leisurely tour of all the iconic sights and places of Santos.

Linha Turística de Bonde

Linha Turística de Bonde

Another place that can be found in the city’s surroundings is the Parque Ecológico Voturuá. It seems to be just made for hiking and observing the fauna of Brazil. Younger visitors will enjoy watching parrots, lions, monkeys, hippos, and turtles surrounded by nature.

Active Recreation

Lovers of outdoor activities will be able to join boat rides, yachts, boats, which are organized in the Bay of Bahia os Santos. For avid fishermen, Lake Lagoa da Saudade will provide its marine life. Eco-tours, rafting, various games – you will definitely not be bored on the beach of Santos.

Boat rides


Hiking fanatics will find Mount Monte Serrat, the top of which is topped by a wonderful park with many beautiful places to rest and relax. To get to the top you can take the funicular railway and enjoy the spectacular panoramic views, exotic nature and Brazilian vegetation. At the peak of the mountain there are several viewing platforms and a couple of historical sights, you can also see the building of an old Brazilian casino and even become a parishioner of an ancient church.

For tourists with children, the Parquinho Público Praça Palmares playground is a great option for active play. The slides, swings, various climbing ropes will allow the little tourist to feel like a real hero of his own little journey. And to enjoy the green landscape and become a participant in golf games, you can Santos Sao Vicente Golf Club.

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Restaurants and cafes

The large number of restaurants and cafes in Santos will allow every tourist to appreciate the local Brazilian cuisine. If you collect flavors of ice cream, you should definitely visit Porto Gelato, Sorveteria Itanhaem or Sorveteria Royal. For melt-in-your-mouth chocolate and fruit desserts head to Capitaes Gastronomia. For something a little more substantial, like cakes and pastries? Go to Brunella Café.

Santos beach and waterfall

Praia do Boqueirao is the city’s sandy beach where you can sunbathe and have a great swim in the sea waters. This is the most picturesque beach of the city of the entire region. Near the beach is a market with handmade goods, where every tourist will find something unique for themselves. Praia do Boqueirao is also famous for the fact that you can be a happy witness of passing ships coming in and out of the port of Santos. As tourists and locals alike have noted, it is truly an extraordinary sight!

Santos Beach

Santos Beach

The picturesque waterfall “White Water” is not only an amazing place to rest and visit, but also the source of power of Ilhabela Island. The waterfall has a height of 65 meters. Its water cascades down a steep cliff, 20 meters high, forming a small pond at the foot of the waterfall.

Santos is a beautiful tourist version of the city of Brazil with its history and unique sense of the world.

Sightseeing in Santos

Coffee Museum Maritime Museum Island Laje de Santos Wax Museum in San Roque Waterfall “White Water” Aquarium in Sao Paulo Lageado Coffee Museum

This site compiles Santos attractions – photos, descriptions and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and is presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Santos, where to go, and where to find popular and interesting places in Santos.

Coffee Museum

Coffee Museum (photo)

At the Santos Coffee Museum, housed in a beautiful and imposing building, you can learn about the history of Brazilian coffee and how it is made.

For many decades, Santos was the main center of coffee production and played an important role in the coffee sector of the Brazilian economy. In the first half of the twentieth century, coffee was one of the main sources of income of the country.

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In the museum you can see scenes from the daily life of Brazilians at the turn of the century. The ceiling features spectacular stained glass windows by local artist Benedito Calixto. All of the rooms in the building tell the story of coffee, showing all sorts of tools and objects related to the history of Brazilian coffee.

The museum can be visited Tuesday through Saturday from 9 to 17 and on Sunday from 10 to 17. The guided tours are in Portuguese and the exhibits are signed in Portuguese and English.

Coordinates: -23.93228900,-46.33016100

Maritime Museum

Maritime Museum (photo)

The Maritime Museum was opened in 2005 in Santos. It contains one of the most important collections of maritime history and underwater archaeology in Brazil, among which is the collection of the now closed Maritime History Museum of São Vicente, represented by the materials of the civil engineer and marine scientist Carlos Alfredo Hablitzel.

The beautiful museum building has two spacious floors with approximately 240 square feet of exhibit space. The exhibits are presented using scenographic elements that allow visitors to “travel back in time” by interacting with models of sailors, pirates, captains and so on – which is especially appealing to children, teens and even adults.

At the Maritime Museum, visitors learn about the history of the many shipwrecks that have occurred along the Brazilian coast. Here you can see ancient objects found by divers at the bottom of the sea admire picturesque paintings with maritime episodes see models and models of famous ships, and much more. All this happens to the sound of an old song, performed by old sailors.

Coordinates: -23.98525300,-46.29730900

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Island Laje de Santos

Laje de Santos Island (photo)

Laje de Santos is an island 550 meters long, 33 meters high and 185 meters wide. It is shaped like an enormous whale. The island is located about 40 kilometers from the city of Santos and is part of the Marine State Park (PEMLS), which was created in 1993 and is located in 5,000 hectares of protected area.

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There are excellent conditions for diving, the quality of the dive will only depend on the state of the sea and the experience of the group. Laje de Santos organizes excursions by boat, the trip takes about an hour and a half. During the trip, you can often see dolphins, seabirds and, depending on the season, even whales, making the island a colorful and unforgettable attraction.

Coordinates : -24.31666200,-46.18333400

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Wax Museum in San Roque

Wax Museum in San Roque (photo)

San Roque Wax Museum is an exhibition of figures made from wax.

The wax museum in San Roque begins with a small room with figures representing a military band. Classical music is played in the room, giving the impression that the orchestra is actually alive.

In this museum there are a lot of figures representing scenes from social life of XVIII-XIX centuries: ladies in crinolines, waving fans and men in pince-nez and cylinders.

There are also figures of world-famous movie characters.

There are also figures of many celebrities, politicians and artists.

Coordinates: -23.53503200,-47.14218700

Whitewater Falls

White Water Falls (photo)

The height of the waterfall “White Water” is sixty-five meters. Until now, its water is sometimes used to provide electricity to the entire island of Ilhabela, on which São Paulo is located.

For some years, a mill was built near the waterfall, where people lived and worked to create the power plant.

The waterfall runs down a large rock more than twenty meters high, forming a small reservoir. Bathing in it is a great pleasure for travelers and locals alike.

For a long time, access to the White Water Falls for the general public was limited. Recently, however, the authorities of Ilhabela came to the conclusion that it is necessary to open this amazing natural creature for public viewing.

So, already now travelers can see the waterfall from the gate of the power plant. Note that the White Waterfall is one of the most picturesque places in the whole Brazilian state.

Coordinates : -23.77382800,-45.33192900

São Paulo Aquarium

Aquarium in Sao Paulo (photo)

The Municipal Aquarium is located on the outskirts of the city of Santos. It is one of the largest aquariums in Latin America.

The aquarium is home to about three thousand sea and river fish and more than 300 species of mammals such as the famous albino alligators, snakes, lizards, iguanas, penguins and others.

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The main goal of the aquarium is to preserve the rarest fish species, so in some sections specially brought sea water.

In the first hall it is worth visiting the exhibition dedicated to fresh water. There are very informative exhibits as well as interesting photographs.

Especially popular among visitors are night visits to the aquarium. With a special flashlight, which is given to each visitor, you can look at sharks, crocodiles, penguins, as well as fish and animals that lead a nocturnal lifestyle.

Coordinates: -23.98636300,-46.30796300

Lageado Coffee Farm Museum

Lageado Coffee Farm Museum (photo)

The Lageado Coffee Farm Museum is a famous museum in Brazil that tells the history of coffee. The final restoration of the museum building was completed in 1998. Since then, it has received its official name and status. Inside the building is decorated with beautiful paintings and expensive furniture. The collection presented is very rich with photos, documents, coffee machines, beautiful furniture.

You can learn a lot of interesting and useful things on the tour. Sometimes local artists exhibit their work in the museum. There you can also have a cup of aromatic coffee. This is a great place for a family vacation. Especially for tourists was opened a video room where visitors can watch interesting films about the creation of coffee. After visiting such an interesting place, many people after learning the history of the creation of the most popular drink in the world, become fans of it.

Coordinates: -23.93250300,-46.33019100

The most popular attractions in Santos with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places in Santos on our website.

Going on vacation in Santos

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