Varna – Bulgaria’s Black Sea Pearl


Varna is a port and resort city in Bulgaria. It is the financial center and cultural capital of the country. The city is situated in the north-east of Bulgaria, on the Black Sea coast. Varna is one of the most popular Bulgarian resorts. It has a beautiful nature, a salubrious climate and many places of interest. In Varna at any time of the year you can improve your health in a balneological sanatorium. This resort city is suitable both for the youth and the elderly.

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Climate and weather

The climate in Varna can be described as Mediterranean. The coldest month is January with an average temperature of + 2 ° C and in summer it is + 24 ° C. As Varna is located in the northern subtropical zone, in winter the climate is influenced by a temperate belt, which causes snowfalls and frosts. In summer, however, it is influenced by the tropics, which sometimes causes a heatwave of up to +40 °C. The water during this time warms up to + 20 ° C … + 30 ° C.

Spring comes to the city at the end of March, summer comes in May and lasts till the middle of October. Autumn is always warm. The maximum rainfall is in June.

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The nature of the city is determined by its location. Varna is rich with exotic plants, sandy beaches and beautiful gardens. There are a botanical garden and a zoo in the city. There are excursions for tourists to Varna Lake, where the ruins of the ancient basilica are preserved to this day.

The outskirts of Varna are suitable for the growth of such plants as laurel leaf, kiwi, dates, pomegranate.


Varna is rich in unique sights. Many of them have survived since ancient times. In the south-east of the city there are still Roman thermae which have preserved a lot of things: columns, mosaics, stairs, vaults of massive rooms.

There are several interesting architectural monuments near Independence Square:

  • Opera House;
  • Round Tower;
  • the remains of a fortress wall, preserved from the time of the Roman Empire.

Couples in love are attracted by the Bridge of Desires. Passing the bridge, people make their most cherished desires.

Among the religious monuments we can mention the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin, which was built in 1880 by prisoners, and the Church of St. Anastasia of the XIX century, the unique architecture and decoration which attracts many tourists.

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Findings from the Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance can be seen in the Archaeological Museum. Its pearls are the jewelry and gold tableware.


Varna has plenty of gastronomic establishments for all tastes. One of the great places in the city is Godzila. Its menu is based on pizza and a variety of salads. There is also a summer terrace.

Not far from the south beach is an unusual institution – restaurant Mr Baba. It is interesting because it is located on the ship, and each of its visitors can feel like a real sailor, spending time in these cabins.

Wonderful Indian cuisine is represented by the Indian Tandori restaurant. In summer its tables are placed in a picturesque garden. By the way, this restaurant is called one of the most romantic places in Varna.

Fans of the Italian cuisine should visit Le Baron, where the gourmets have a choice of about 40 kinds of salads, pizza and many author’s dishes from the restaurant’s chef.

The London Pub Taifun is the perfect place for big groups. Lots of space, a wide variety of beers and great snacks – it’s just what you need for noisy gatherings.

Another place for connoisseurs of beer is Viking. In addition to 20 kinds of beer there are meat delicacies, snacks, collectible wines, as well as a special children’s menu and a separate room for children.


There are hotels of all levels in Varna.

  • The three-star Hotel Hanat offers good accommodation with wooden ceilings and an excellent bar-restaurant. Room rates start at 23 €.
  • Another three-star hotel Oceanic rents rooms with a safe, TV and free Wi-Fi. It is located in the city center. Rooms start at 35 €.
  • The upscale Hotel Grand Dimyat is located near the Sea Garden. Services include free internet access. Room rates start at 62 € per night.
  • Five-star Graffit Gallery is located four hundred steps from the Black Sea. Rooms are equipped with air conditioning, TV and Wi-Fi. The price for a hotel room varies from 72 € to 240 €.

Entertainment and Recreation

The most favorite place for entertainment is the Seaside Park. This is quite understandable – it is rich in cozy spots, amazing plants, shady alleys and fragrant flowerbeds. In addition, the park has several museums, a zoo and a dolphinarium.

Animal lovers should definitely visit the local terrarium, many of whose inhabitants are exotic. At the Aquarium you can see a variety of inhabitants of the Black Sea. Children will certainly like it at the dolphinarium. Almost every day there are spectacular performances. In addition, there are orcas and harbor seals in the dolphinarium.

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Nightlife connoisseurs won’t be disappointed either. Especially popular is the EXIT club, which always hosts interesting music shows, popular DJs, and presentations by famous music bands. The club is exceptionally conveniently located – EXIT is situated on the sandy beach with picturesque nature.

The Ultra club is famous for its luxurious interior, excellent bar and stylish music.

Techno lovers can chill out till dawn at Comics club. Its list of benefits includes a large dance floor and an excellent choice of bar food.

There are three ways to shop in this city: stores, fairs, and bazaar. At the bazaar, the prices are at least 20 % less.

There are hundreds of stores on the stretch from Knez Boris Street to Tsar Osvoboditel Street. The next “store” route runs from Maria Luisa Street to Catedrala Street.

Mid-priced goods are sold on Vladislav Varnenchik Boulevard and on Curie Street.

The cheapest and simplest things you can buy at the bazaar, located on ul. Drin. Here there is a square with tents. You should not buy a thing right away – at first it is worth the price, to compare the quality. The markets accept euros and dollars, the stores accept only levs.

Stores are open from 9:00 to 19:00. Shopping centers – until 21:00. Some supermarkets are open 24 hours a day.


The city has an airport and railway station of international communication, a sea station, which serves cruise lines and tourist trips, as well as two bus stations.

There are many roads in the city and traffic is lively. City transportation includes 40 bus lines, 3 trolleybus lines, as well as shuttle buses. There are plans to build an express streetcar line.

Cabs are particularly popular.


Internet, mobile communications, city telephone network, post office.


It is worth taking into account the peculiarities of gestures. Bulgarians nod their heads to say no, while shaking means agreement.

There is no charge for visiting the beach.

In the markets you should be especially careful with your belongings and money. You should not leave money in your pockets.

Business climate

The tourist industry is developing.

Real Estate

A one-bedroom apartment costs about 47,000 €, a house of 140 m² can be purchased for 55,000 €.

Varna – the best vacation in Bulgaria on the Black Sea

A quarter of the Balkan Peninsula is occupied by a state with three capitals. The first, the official, has a female name of Sofia. The name of the second, the capital of humor, is Gabrovo. It has long been known to fans of subtle folk humor. The third city is called by the inhabitants of this country their maritime capital. Everyone who appreciates a good holiday at the Black Sea, sooner or later comes to this country and its maritime capital. We are talking about the Slavic state close to us in spirit – Bulgaria, and a major city on its Black Sea coast – Varna.

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Panorama of Varna

The resort city of Varna is the most important port in Bulgaria, which connects the country by ferry services to its Black Sea neighbors – Odessa, Poti, Caucasus and Istanbul. Varna is situated near the border with Romania, in the north-east of Bulgaria. It has inherited its name from the small river Varna, which was drained at the beginning of the last century. Varna is the third most populous city in Bulgaria: today it has a population of about 400,000 people. It is a major resort, financial and cultural city.

It is easy to get to Varna: Varna is the main transportation hub of Bulgaria, 470 km away from Sofia. Near Varna, just 7.5 km from the center, there is an international airport Varna . Its passenger turnover is over a million people a year. The Varna Railway Station receives trains from all over Europe. There are 40 buses and 3 trolleybuses running along the city routes.

Bulgarians call Varna the pearl of the Black Sea. On the northern Black Sea coast the inhabitants of Odessa call their city the same. Which of them is right? The truth is in the middle – Varna grew up on the site of the Greek colony of Odessos. The Ukrainian city of Odessa was named after this ancient settlement. Both cities are gems.

Few of our compatriots know that Philip Kirkorov was born in Varna in 1967.

The nature and climate of Varna. “Morska Gradina.

Photo Park Morska Gradina in Varna

Varna is spread along the narrow Varna bay. To the west of the city stretches the large Varna Lake, which is replenished by the waters of the Provadiska River. Situated on a hilly terrain, surrounded by deciduous forests, vineyards and orchards, Varna is on the same latitude as Cannes, Monaco, Nice and Livorno. The climate of this region of Bulgaria is close to the Mediterranean. The average January temperature is +3.4 ° C, while the average temperature in July is +24 ° C. The lowest temperature was recorded in February back in 1929 – ?24,3 ° C. Interestingly, the hottest day on the Varna coast of the Black Sea was a year earlier – July 10, 1928 (+41.4°C).

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Situated in the north of the subtropical zone, in winter Varna is influenced by the climate of the temperate zone – there are frosts and snowfalls in the region. In summer, on the contrary, the impact of the tropics is strong – sometimes there are hot days, with temperatures up to +40 ° C.

Long “white” winter in Varna does not happen – the snow cover does not lie longer than a few days. Spring begins early, in the second half of February. From April comes the climatic summer, lasting until mid-October. The Black Sea near Varna is warm – in January the average temperature of its water is +8 ° C, in mid-summer – +25 ° C.

The climate allows you to grow around the city Mediterranean species: kiwis, pomegranates, apples, dates, bay leaf, rice.

Rest in Varna will not surprise you with a strong storm – the average height of waves in the Varna bay is about 61 cm.

The natural symbol of Varna is Morska Gradina – a park stretching along the Black Sea coast for 8 km. It was founded on the donations of the citizens back in 1881. Today the park has everything that fans of family leisure: attractions, zoo, aquarium and dolphinarium. Exotic paths lead tourists to the “Bridge of Wishes”, crossing which, according to local legends, makes any dream come true. In this park you can buy a small wooden bottle of rose oil – “muscal”. Buy it and months later, on a cold winter day, your summer vacation at the Black Sea will remind you of yourself with a stunning aroma from the “Bulgarian” bottle.

Nutrition in Varna

Dish photo from a restaurant in Varna

There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and eateries in Varna. If you are going to spend a few days in the city, it is not necessary to memorize the names of any “special” restaurants or taverns. Walk around, see the sights and if you feel hunger, look around: there are sure to be a café nearby. Dinner in an average restaurant in the city center will cost 8-15 euros per person. For those in doubt, here are some of the best restaurants in Varna :

  • Villa Marciana
  • Happy Bar & Grill
  • Di Wine Restaurant & Wine Cellar
  • My Cafe by Ani Boland
  • Modus bistro
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Rent or hotel? Where to live in Varna

Photo of a hotel in Varna

The living options in Varna are not different from the options for the northern Black Sea coast – you can rent a room, apartment, villa or cottage, stay in a hotel. Studio apartment near the beach will cost from 40 euros per day, in the city center – from 30 euros. Prices in hotels start at 25 euros. The best hotels in Varna:

  • Boutique Splendid Hotel
  • Plaza Hotel
  • Modus Hotel
  • Capitol Hotel
  • Reverence Hotel

A few words about the history of Varna

Photo of the Roman Baths

The history of settling on the land of Varna begins thousands of years ago: the archaeological finds testify to a developed human life on this territory during the Neolithic period. The most ancient European treasure – the Varna Golden Treasure – has been found there for 5 thousand years.

The first settlement was founded by the Thracians. In the VI century BC the Greeks founded a colony in its place, which was called Odessos. The well-placed city quickly developed into a thriving center of trade and culture. At the beginning of our era, the Romans conquered it, but did not destroy it, and contributed to its further development.

The Middle Ages shook Odessos – it changed hands from the Bulgarians to the Byzantines and back again. In 1393 the Turks captured the city and owned it until 1878. The liberated Varna became one of the major ports of the Black Sea. The historical events on the territory of Varna and its suburbs are kept in remembrance:

  • Roman thermae and the Cathedral of the Assumption;
  • The clock tower and Morska Gradina;
  • a common grave of soldiers who died in the Russo-Turkish War;
  • archaeological and ethnographic museum;
  • naval and Renaissance Museum;
  • the mausoleum of King Vladislav Varnenchik;
  • Museum of Medicine, Museum of History and Art, Museum of the Black Sea.

Rest in Varna is a vacation in a cozy city on the Black Sea coast. It is a calm rest in Bulgaria. It is a vacation that is better to experience once than to read about it a few times. And let Varna be just the beginning of your acquaintance with the country – because on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast there are lots of other nice resorts like Nesebar, Bourgas and Pomorie. Get ready to go!

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