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Excursions in Russian in Valencia (Spain ) – we have 32 tours for 2022, 616 ⭐ reviews, prices from €20. Catalog of unusual sightseeing tours from guides in Spain. You can book today for September, October and November.

Blind wine tasting and a walk through the trendy neighborhood

Sacred cave and medieval Segorbe

Getting to know the wondrous Valencia

Moorish, Jewish and Christian Valencia

Princess Valencia

Breathtaking legends, wonderful sights and exquisite gastronomy on a sightseeing tour

Catching the dragon: A walking quest through Valencia

Pirates, wood-fired paella and Lake Albufera

Driving all over Valencia

An underground river in the caves of St. Joseph

The center of Valencia and Spanish in 3 hours

Valencia and Art Nouveau Masterpieces

From Time Immemorial to Today

Fall in love with Valencia in a Day

The Secrets of Valencia

The Roman Aqueduct and a walk among the Rocks

The mysteries of the fishing village of Cabañal

Peñíscola and the Mystic Castle of the Templars

Gastronomic excursion to the wineries of Recena

Valencia, discover its secrets

Daily walk through Valencia

Segway tour to the seaport of Valencia

Personal guided walk through Valencia

Organizer of the tour Tez Tour

Walking tour of the historic center of Valencia

Latest reviews of “Valencia Excursions”

Very interesting tour, learned a lot of new things. Dmitry showed a lot of interesting places and gave a lot of useful tips for tourists.

The name fully corresponds to the content. Went through the tour with Alexandra and fell in love with Valencia, first through her eyes, then ours. A lot of information and everything is as cozy and comfortable as possible.

I think that such a tour for someone visiting this wonderful city for the first time is a must. After it all begins to look different. And the next few days you can spend time with more benefit. About the tour itself. Both pace and duration and the contents were just right for us (parents) and for children 13 and 18! We received answers to our various questions and a lot of useful tips about spending time in Valencia and the region. In a word – our top recommendations!!! It was well worth it!

I leave my review with a delay, because the vacation turned out to be very rich in events) And it began with Dmitry, he told us about the wonderful Valencia:) I recommend his guide from the standpoint of informal acquaintance with the city, its highlights and “non-tourist” values. Dmitry is a very nice man, genuinely interested in making you fall in love with the city, which has become his home. Thank you and see you again!

Good, easy, entertaining. Carolina shared with us the secret places of Valencia, stories that bring the city to life without overloading us with historical dates. Took us to the market, treated us to local goodies that without her we never would have found in our lives. Thank you, good luck with your tours and grateful guests!

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I hasten to share a review of yesterday’s tour! The itinerary was built beautifully! We saw all the major sights in the same breath. The 4 hours flew by so quickly that it was amazing. Accessible presentation of material, not overloaded with dates and facts: we had children 5 and 8 years old with us. Tatiana professionally adapts to the company. Thank you so much for Princess Valencia! We will definitely come back again❤️

Very well organized tour. It was great for adults and children were not bored:) It was a great tour around the center of the city!

We liked it very much. Even if you’ve been to Valencia before, a tour with Alexandra will help you see the little-known gems of this city, often huddled right around the corner from the well-trodden paths.

Valencia sightseeing tours

Getting to know the wondrous Valencia

It’s impossible not to fall in love with Valencia! You will see this on our walk through the historic center of the city, where the highlights are concentrated. We will see the Holy Grail, recognized by the Vatican, talk about the local cuisine, learn about the historical heritage of the city and really feel the atmosphere of Valencia. Read more.

Valencia, discover its secrets

This walk will introduce you to the beauty of Valencia and uncover its secrets, from the jewels of the cathedral to the gargoyles of the Silk Exchange. You’ll learn not only about fascinating historical facts, but also about modern life, holidays, the best museums and restaurants in the city. You’ll also visit the colorful Central Market and taste the local specialties. Read more.

The Princess of Valencia!

A walking tour through the historic center of Valencia will allow you to discover the amazing history, fascinating mysteries and legends, to see with your own eyes the Holy Grail and enjoy the paintings of Goya, wander the narrow streets and wide squares, take a picture by the narrowest house in Europe and admire the exterior of the Ceramics Museum and the Silk Exchange. Read more.

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Driving all over Valencia

During your sightseeing tour, you will have time to explore many facets of Valencia: picturesque, modern neighborhoods including the futuristic City of Arts and Sciences; the stadium where an up-and-coming soccer club plays; the largest park in Spain; modernist architectural masterpieces and iconic landmarks of the Old City, including the Cathedral with the Holy Grail! And at a break, we’ll stop by the local orchateria for hot chocolate and specialty doughnuts. Read more.

Daily walk through Valencia

We invite you on a date with a real Princess, as they call sunny Valencia. Choose one of the informative routes: in both of them, against the background of the main symbols of the city, you will immerse yourself in history without boring lectures, explore the diverse architecture and hear facts that not every local knows. Read more.

The center of Valencia and Spanish in 3 hours

Speaking Spanish is great fun! Take a guided tour through Valencia’s historic center and see for yourself. Explore significant sites such as City Hall Square, the Carmen Quarter, the Central Market, the Silk Exchange building, and the Cathedral, and hear typical Spanish life stories, both comical and tragic. And learn the key words and expressions of the Spanish language and experience conversations with the citizens of the city. Learn more.

Fall in love with Valencia in a Day

Ready to experience the beauty of Valencia, full of sun, legends and paella? You will see the sights hidden in the smallest corners of the city, which are not described in the guidebooks, hear the local legends and unconventional stories without any dry facts and dates. Walk through the colorful Carmen neighborhood and find restaurants that tourists don’t get to. After a walking tour, you’ll be able to say that you’ve seen and tasted everything in Valencia! Read more.

From Time Immemorial to Today

On this sightseeing tour of Valencia, you’ll learn about the history and major attractions of the city from ancient times to the futuristic future. Read more.

Ferrara travel guide. Useful information about the city of the Este family.

The Secrets of Valencia

This tour is not a boring introduction to a city full of mysteries and riddles! You will see the main things in Valencia and enjoy Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque architecture. I will tell you the legends of the ancient monuments, introduce you to the life of Valencians, and share the advice of a local. Read more.

Walking tour of the historic center of Valencia

Roman aqueduct, Arab castle and canyons an hour from Valencia

Sightseeing tour of Valencia

Sightseeing and walking tours

Valencia for tourists from a cruise or for those who are in town for a short time

In a few hours I will introduce you to the main attractions of Valencia, both popular and obscure. This tour is suitable for tourists who arrive on a cruise ship and don’t have enough time to explore the city in depth, or for travelers who are in town for a short time. I will tell you amazing and entertaining facts about the city and the country, help you get your bearings and give you all the advice you need.

Valencia daily sightseeing tour (red route)

The spirit of Valencia can only be felt by walking through the streets of the city, breathing in the scents, hearing the rhythm of the city. A walking tour is the best way to get to know the city

Sightseeing tour of Valencia

Valencia sightseeing tour daily (blue itinerary)

A guided walking tour helps you immediately immerse yourself in the atmosphere of beautiful Valencia and understand its spirit and romance.

Valencia: Sightseeing walking excursion

The sightseeing walking tour is a walk through the historic center of Valencia, with visits to the key sites.

Teruel and Albarracín - Aragon's Moorish heritage

A trip to Teruel is a great opportunity to experience the Mudejar architectural style, the only authentic style the Spanish nation has ever produced; hear stories of Spanish-Arab passions and taste one of the best jamón in the country. Albarracín, on the other hand, will surprise you with a medieval appearance frozen in time and houses literally overhanging the abyss.

Hello Valencia!

You’ll discover all facets of Valencia with Roman ruins, medieval monuments and modern masterpieces. Discover the flavor of Spanish life in bustling markets, stroll through ancient streets and squares and get a fascinating insight into local traditions, culture and architecture. Learn more.

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I leave a review with a delay, because the vacation was very rich in events) And the beginning it was founded Dmitry, he told about the marvelous Valencia :) I recommend his guide from the standpoint of informal acquaintance with the city, its highlights and “non-touristy” values. Dmitry is a very nice man, genuinely interested in making you fall in love with the city, which has become his home. Thank you and see you again!

We are very pleased that we had this tour with Dmitry, this man fell in love with us in 2 hours! A lot of information and historical and about modern life in Spain! On his recommendations we tried many local delicacies. Excellent guide and a nice man.

Together with Dmitry we had a wonderful walk around Valencia! Dmitry told us a lot of interesting moments of the history of the city and life of Valencia, but he did not burden us with numbers and boring facts. Communication was very pleasant and comfortable. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts and recommend everyone Dmitry for acquaintance with the beautiful Valencia.

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