Vacations in New Zealand. Where to go and what to see

Vacations in New Zealand. Where to go and what to see

The farther from civilization the country is, the less is known about it. The peculiarity of New Zealand is its geographical isolation from the world, the nearest neighbors – Australia, Tonga, Fiji – are thousands of kilometers away from it. The more tempting this destination in the eyes of the traveler. Who among your acquaintances can boast of having been to New Zealand?

If you’re planning a trip to the ends of the earth, take a look at these 10 places in New Zealand:

1. hobbiton

Photo: Hobbiton

Hobbiton is a village that was built specifically for the filming of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The main attraction of New Zealand near the town of Matamata. Every year, tens of thousands of fans of John Ronald Tolkien’s works come here to see with their own eyes a piece of the beloved tale.

It all started in 1999 when director Peter Jackson, traveling through New Zealand, found the perfect place to portray a hobbit village. The locals were eager to get involved in the project to build the scenery. It took more than a year for the film crew to build them. They even sent the New Zealand Army to help build the road to the village. The houses and details of everyday life of hobbits are made of wood or plastic – no cardboard fake decorations!

2. Milford Sound.

Photo: Milford Sound

The author of the Mowgli books, John Rudyard Kipling, was hard-pressed to be surprised by the beauty of nature. The writer traveled extensively and saw everything. But when he visited Milford Sound, he recognized it as one of the most beautiful places and called it the “Eighth Wonder of the World.”

The bay is at the southwestern end of New Zealand’s South Island, where the Tasman Sea cuts almost ten kilometers into the land to form long, cliff-hidden fjords. Although Milford Sound is difficult to reach, today it is one of the most popular tourist destinations in New Zealand, with over half a million visitors a year.

3. Franz Josef Glacier

Photo: Franz Josef Glacier

Once upon a time there lived a girl named Hinehukather. She loved to climb mountains, and one day she convinced her fiancé Tave to go with her. Tragedy befell her: the boy was killed in a landslide, and Hinehukather wept bitterly and for a long time. So much so that she cried tears for a whole glacier. With this legend, probably, the Maori Indians living near the Franz Josef Glacier illustrate the safety technique of hiking.

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The Franz Josef Glacier is located on the west side of New Zealand’s South Island. It is the “fastest” glacier in the world: due to melting waters that feed it, the glacier moves at a speed of about 2 meters per hour, managing to overcome in a day a decent distance. The best view of the glacier opens from the mountain peaks, where tourists are taken by helicopter from the nearby town of Franz Joseph.

4. Fox Glacier

Photo: Fox Glacier

Unlike the Franz Josef Glacier, the Fox Glacier is not shortening, but lengthening. About four meters a month. The reason is regular snowfalls at the beginning of the glacier, in the New Zealand Alps. The peculiarity of the Fox Glacier is that it comes quite close to the coast, not reaching the ocean for only 19 kilometers. The contrast of green grass and ice looks very impressive; hundreds of thousands of tourists and ski lovers come to Fox Glacier annually.

5. Tongariro National Park.

Photo: Tongariro National Park

One of the oldest national parks in the world, Tongariro was founded in 1887 when the Aboriginal Maori people gave the land to the British Crown so it wouldn’t go to the Europeans. Tongariro covers about 800 square kilometers in the central part of the North Island. The park is essentially a volcanic desert where the main tourist attractions are active (there are three – Ngauruhoe, Ruapehu and Tongariro) and extinct volcanoes. On the slopes of Ngauruhoe volcano Peter Jackson filmed episodes of The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

6. Waitomo Caves.

Photo: Waitomo Caves

A place where you can touch “your hand to the stars” – that’s how tourist booklets invite you to the Waitomo Caves, which are located on the North Island of New Zealand. The booklets almost do not deceive: inside the cave, the traveler really gets the impression that the starry sky is at arm’s length. It’s not the magical portal, but the special kind of insects – mushroom mosquitoes. Both the insects themselves and their larvae have a bioluminescent effect, that is, they glow in the dark. Hordes of these insects inhabit the ceilings and walls of caves and stop emitting light only if they are frightened. Therefore, tourists who are brought here on excursions in boats are asked to be as quiet as possible. Otherwise, the “stars” go out.

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7. Lake Taupo

Photo: Lake Taupo

What to do on the lake, which was formed on the site of a super-volcano that exploded 27,000 years ago? Do extreme sports! That’s exactly what the New Zealanders did, setting up the “Adrenaline Capital of New Zealand” around Taupo, the country’s largest lake. Tourists are offered any kind of extreme entertainment: from skydiving to bungee jumping. Tourists prefer the first – that is – to climb high into the sky to get a good look at the endless mirror of a freshwater lake Taupo and all its coastal beauty.

8. Hooka Falls.

Photo: Huca Falls

Crater Lake Taupo’s freshwater supply was enough for one more attraction: five minutes north of it are Hooka Falls. The cascade of waterfalls runs along the Waikato, New Zealand’s largest river, which flows out of Taupo. The waterfalls attract tourists not by their height (the steepest threshold is only 11 meters),

But the amount of water: 220,000 liters fall off a cliff in a second! For comparison, through the famous Reichenbach Falls (where Sherlock Holmes allegedly died in a fight with Professor Moriarty) only 30,000 liters per second passes.

9. Ouai-O-Tapu Geysers

Photo: Uai-O-Tapu Geysers

Who hasn’t dreamed of taking a bath in a tub of champagne at least once! New Zealand has a “Champagne bath”, but unfortunately it is not possible to bathe in it. The water temperature in the hot spring, which due to the abundant carbon dioxide emissions looks like a reservoir of sparkling drink, reaches 80 degrees Celsius.

“Champagne baths” are only a small part of the geysers in the area of high geothermal activity, which is located in the Taupo volcanic zone. The cluster of geysers is called Wai-O-Tapu, which means “Sacred Waters” in Maori. Once inhabited by Aboriginal people, it is now one of the main tourist attractions in New Zealand.

10. Tiri Tiri Matangi Island

Photo: Tiri Tiri Matangi Island

The main attraction of Tiri Tiri Matangi Island, which is located 30 kilometers from Auckland in Hauraki Bay, is birds. The island is home to rare species of birds, many of which are not found anywhere else in the world. In the late 1980s, the New Zealand government gave the island the status of a national reserve. Hunting is forbidden here, so birds are no longer almost afraid of people. The island is very convenient for hiking, tourists come here to take pictures of the birds, which are very sociable and easy to let close to them.

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Vacations in New Zealand. Where to go and what to see

New Zealand has everything you need for a wonderful and unforgettable vacation. The country pays special attention to the protection of nature, so fans of green tourism can enjoy the amazing beauty of forests , hiking trails on the slopes of the mountains. For lovers of quiet, calm and trendy entertainment there are many comfortable beaches and hotels. The beaches of New Zealand are not only clean, but also quite extensive. Extreme tourism is particularly active.

Extreme tourism

New Zealand Vacation. Where to go and what to see - Photo 2

Extreme tourism

Many kinds of extreme tourism originated in New Zealand . For example, according to the New Zealanders themselves, even rafting was actually invented by the New Zealand natives, who are members of the Maori tribe, many hundreds of years ago. The development of extreme tourism is due to special natural conditions on the islands:

– mountains with steep precipices and ravines; – fast rivers; – wild nature, a huge number of uninhabited areas.

In addition, this direction is actively used to attract tourists, as there are almost no special unique architectural or historical monuments on the islands.

2. Types of extreme tourism

Photo 2: Gallery of Lakes of Uau Tiri Tiri Matangi. Where to go on holiday and what to see - Photo 3

2. Types of extreme tourism

On the first place is diving and snorkeling . There are several places suitable for this kind of tourism: – Bay of Islands – located 4.5 hours drive from the second largest city of Auckland, visibility up to 30 meters, and the corals are often surrounded by divers – Port Mountain – this place is notable because at a depth of 30 meters there are many sunken ships, including the Russian “Mikhail Lomonosov”, but swim between them is not safe enough.

For those who want to tickle their nerves, there is a special entertainment. You can enter the cage and dive into the water to meet sharks . Of course, the cage is strong, sharks can not pierce the bars, but still such an entertainment is not for the faint-hearted .

Vacations in New Zealand. Where to have a rest and what to see - Photo 4

2. Types of extreme tourism

Bungee jumping is practically everywhere in New Zealand. The essence of the entertainment is that a person straps a rubber band around his legs and jumps from a great height. In some places the height reaches 400 meters. Popular and rafting on the rushing mountain rivers . This requires a special protective vest – there are expected not only the speed and splashing water, but also quite tough rapids . Another type of extreme “water” tourism – boat . Tourists are sailing on quiet, not fast rivers, high-speed boats and motor boats. On board can be from 10 to 12 passengers . The boat is flying at high speed, even against the current, twisting, sharply evolving – adrenaline is guaranteed to release all the participants of such an unusual attraction. Among other types of extreme tourism the following deserve attention: – trekking – travel through caves , including underground rivers by boat; – heli-skiing – tourists are taken by helicopter to the mountains , and from there they ski far from the prepared routes; – parachuting ; – rock climbing ; – hang gliding many others.

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3. ski resorts

A vacation in New Zealand. Where to have a rest and what to see - Photo 5

3. ski resorts

Ski resorts in New Zealand will delight all the fans of mountain skiing. There are several resorts on the islands:

– Fakapapa is one of the largest, created on the slopes of Ruapehu Volcano . The resort has more than 40 trails ; – Turoa – is the second largest after the resort on the slopes of Ruapehu . It attracts snowboarders with special slopes ; – Munganui ski resort located on Mount Egmont ; – Mount Lyford – Ski – Reid – please please with the presence of 36 routes of varying difficulty level and developed infrastructure, a large selection of hotels and resorts ; – Temple – Bassin – Ski – Fields located in a national park Arthur’s Pass, there are not only tracks for skiers and snowboarders, but also for fans of sports like freestyle .

The mountains of New Zealand have contributed to the development of mountain skiing – they are literally made for skiing, their gentle slopes and steep differences in altitude are ideal for paving routes of varying difficulty levels.

4. Beach Recreation

A vacation in New Zealand. Where to have a rest and what to see - Photo 6

4. Beach Holiday

The terms ‘New Zealand’ and ‘beach holidays’ are inseparable. The nature itself on the islands has created a lot of beaches where tourists are guaranteed to find something more. The most interesting beaches in New Zealand, which are worth paying attention: – Karekare – located on the North Island in Auckland. Tourists will be delighted with the unusual black sand, picturesque nature and often found on the shore of seals and even seals – “90 miles” – is located near the Cape Reiting, which is located on the North Island. It is actually 55 miles long, but that’s enough to find you the right spot. It is noteworthy that the winds have created a lot of dunes ; Hot Water Beach – also on the North Island and attracts hot springs, thanks to which tourists can experience the charm of a natural spa ; Gillespie Beach – located on the west side of the South Island. It is not as popular as the others. But it is very beautiful and offers a beautiful view on the snow-capped mountains of the North Island; Manu Cove – located near the town of Raglan, which is on the North Island. This beach is very popular with surfers and is known around the world among lovers of outdoor activities.

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5. Green Tourism

A vacation in New Zealand. Where to have a rest and what to see - Photo 7

5. Green Tourism

The nature of New Zealand is ideal for green tourism . Offering a complete immersion in nature and enjoying its original character. Here you can admire:

The clearest lakes; marvelous mountains; fabulous forests; beautiful geysers; majestic glaciers; unusual animals and plants.

On the islands, an amazing number of national parks, and they all have paved hiking trails of varying difficulty. It is even difficult to choose only one, because each park and natural attractions in their own way are good and deserve the attention of tourists. For example, in the program of eco-tourism fans visiting New Zealand, you must visit the park Fjordland. It is surrounded by mountains and enjoys the clear waters of the Tasman Sea. Many trails and hiking trails run next to very clean lakes. Some of them even prohibit bathing – this is done to preserve their uniqueness and prevent contamination. Fascinating glaciers, among which stands out Franz Joseph. Its length is more than 12 kilometers, so it was included in the list of World Heritage Sites.

How to go on vacation to New Zealand?

A vacation in New Zealand. Where to have a rest and what to see - Photo 8

How to go on vacation to New Zealand?

The option is to use the services of travel agencies that offer trips to various resorts. On these trips have already been offered a variety of recreational options, excursions and other activities. This method is very convenient because you have nothing to worry about, everything is taken care of by the travel company. However, it is a little more expensive than self-organized vacation. You will certainly save money, but you will need a little more: to buy tickets, book a hotel and find a guide for hiking trails.

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