Unusual hotels in the world

25 most unusual hotels in the world

The residents of city apartments radically change the living conditions only during the vacations. But over time they realize that hotels even in different countries, most of them are similar to each other. However, there are some special. To sleep overnight in one of them is an adventure in itself

The Manta Resort

Tanzania, Pemba Island

This would be an ordinary resort hotel by the sea if it were not for one room – a houseboat with an underwater room. The Underwater Room is 250 meters from the shore. On the deck of the exotic design you can sunbathe with a cocktail in hand by day or gaze at the stars at night, also with a cocktail (all inclusive).

Huge underwater bedroom windows provide an all-around view: you can watch the life of reef fish, squid and octopus, knowing that you can swim with them at any moment. This hotel is a project of the Swedish company Genberg Underwater Hotels, which creates underwater apartments around the world.

2. Icehotel

Sweden, Jukkasjärvi

This art project made of snow and ice has been in operation since 1989. Each winter the hotel premises are rebuilt in a new way. The material is frozen water from the unique Tournai-Elv River that has never been used for industrial purposes. Every spring the ice melts, so the rooms are not the same from year to year – always different walls, decor and furniture. Visitors are given thermal underwear, hats and sleeping bags. After a night on reindeer skins, guests are served breakfast with hot lingonberry juice. No matter what the temperature outside, the rooms are never colder than -7°C.

3. Crazy House Hotel

Vietnam, Dalat

Hang Nga Guest House , or as it is more commonly called, “Crazy House”, resembles a huge bizarre tree. Not a single corner – all walls are rounded, stairs are twisted in a spiral or thrown from one building to another. It’s a mixture of Gaudi-style fantasies, “Alice in Wonderland” and Russian folk tales. At night the guests sleep in the rooms, and during the day the sightseers “travel” through the wood.

4. eco-hotel Leaprus

Russia, Kabardino-Balkaria

One of the highest hotels in the world (3912 m) is situated on the southern slope of Mount Elbrus. Its guest modules remind capsules of a spaceship. The bedrooms can accommodate 12-18 people, there is a wardroom. In the technical room there are comfortable toilets and showers. All energy comes from solar panels.

5. Woodlyn Park

New Zealand, North Island.

Nestled among green farmland, the motel offers four types of accommodation: in a 1918 train carriage, inside a Vietnam War war plane, in a World War II patrol boat, and finally underground – in “hobbit holes” (pictured). All rooms are equipped with a kitchen, toilet and shower.

6. Chateau de Bagnols

France, Rhone

A historic monument, which many in France consider a masterpiece of Romanesque architecture, in the ninth century of its existence was transformed into a luxury hotel. Powerful walls with observation towers are surrounded by a moat, with views of French gardens and Beaujolais vineyards. The interiors, with wall murals and antique furniture, are decorated by designers of France’s finest fashion houses.

7. Montana Magica Lodge.

Chile, Neltumé

The magical mountain lodge is built in the Uilo Uilo Biological Reserve. From the outside, the hotel looks like a volcano, overgrown with lush vegetation and constantly spewing water instead of lava. If it weren’t for the tiered window openings, the conical structure would look like part of a forest landscape.

A “monkey” suspension bridge at the level of the middle part of the structure is the only way to get inside. Some of the windows have views of the real Mocho-Choshu-Enko volcano. The rooms are equipped with bathtubs carved into a solid piece of wood.

8. Dog Bark Park Inn.

U.S., Idaho, Cottonwood.

The 10-foot beagle dog made of plywood and drywall is named Sweetie Willie. The rooms are located in her belly. The authors of the project are a married couple of artists, wood carvers.

9. Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon

Spain, Granada

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In the XV century in these caves the Moors hid from the Spaniards. Today there are 23 comfortable rooms. Regardless of the season the temperature inside is a comfortable 18-20 ° C.

10. Museum Hotel

Turkey, Cappadocia

Hotel in the caves of Cappadocia is, in fact, a “living museum”. Each of the 30 rooms is decorated with valuable and in some cases priceless antiques of Hittite, Roman, Seljuk and Ottoman times.

11. Attrap’Reves Montagnac

France, Alpes de Haute Provence

To spend the night in a pine forest, lying on the grass and watching the starry sky is a happiness that everyone can enjoy. But the dampness and the insects are the obligatory attributes of such spending the night. Rest in “tent camping” in Montagnac-Monpeza is devoid of these disadvantages. Here, guests enjoy life in bubbles made of a transparent elastic material that keeps out ultraviolet light during the day and protects against insects and dampness at night.

The grass floor and telescope are nice additions to the comfort. The bubble shape is maintained by fresh air blown in by a small, silent device. Cylindrical corridors lead inside the rooms. At the end of the season, the bubbles are deflated.

12. Free Spirit Spheres

Canada, Vancouver Island.

Those who were lucky enough to spend a couple of nights in this hotel, call it at least a cradle for birds. There are only three guest rooms. They are wooden spheres suspended from trees. Each sphere is equipped with a refrigerator and built-in speakers so you can stock up on snacks and hang between the trees to music. Facilities – in the form of composting and traditional toilets, as well as showers and saunas – are outside. Guests loved it.

13. Tree Hotel

Sweden, Harads.

A mirrored cube in the trees in the middle of the woods reflects everything around it: the woods, the meadow, and the sky, so you might not even notice a 4X4X4 m cube. And to prevent birds from crashing into it, the cube is “wrapped” in infrared film, which birds, unlike people, can see. The entire interior is made of birch plywood.

In addition to the bedroom for two, there is a living room, a bathroom and even a roof terrace. There are other surprising apartments: in the form of a UFO, a bird’s nest or a dragonfly. For the guests’ convenience there is a sauna for eight people built on one of the trees.

14. Refuge Du Gouter

France, Saint-Gervais-les-Bains.

The “Refuge du Gouter” for Mont Blanc conquerors is located at an altitude of 3,835 meters. The futuristic egg-shaped building with four floors and 120 beds is equipped to the highest ecological standards.

15. Tubo Hotel

Mexico, Tepoztlan.

A 20-room hotel an hour’s drive from Mexico City is tucked inside sewage pipes. Each room has electricity, a window with curtains and a luggage compartment under the bed.

16. Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

Finland, Saariselkä

These huts differ from the authentic Lapland huts in their increased comfort. The 20 modern igloos are made of thermal glass, through which you can admire the northern lights.

17. Jumbo Stay

Sweden, Stockholm

In 2008 the 747-212B (Jumbo Jet) that used to belong to a Swedish company that went bankrupt in 2002 was turned into a hostel and parked at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport. The interior was completely dismantled and disinfected. It was equipped with 29 rooms. The area of a standard room is 6 m 2 . The most expensive and spacious is located in the cockpit. It even has a toilet. For other guests, the amenities are in the corridor.

The cockpit has a panoramic view of the airport, the ordinary rooms have a view of the runway. Each room has a TV, and you can follow the flight schedule. The hotel has a cafe and a souvenir shop.

18. Railholiday .

UK, Cornwall

The hotel owns four restored railroad cars, allowing you to travel through different times and styles, starting in the 19th century.

19. Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel

Japan, Tokyo

“A capsule hotel reminiscent of a submarine or a spaceship. The rooms are “minks” sized 2x1x1 meters. The Japanese call them “coffins with an improved layout”.

Unesco Heritage in Egypt

20. Malmaison Oxford Castle

Britain, Oxford

The hotel is located in a former royal prison of XI century, which in 2005 was bought by Malmaison hotel chain. Lattice bars, barbed wire fences and the overall atmosphere are still reminiscent of the prison’s past. However, the one who got here doesn’t want to run away, except taking exclusive toiletries from the comfortable “cells”. The rooms are furnished with designer furniture, and on the place of former chancery there is a restaurant and a beer bar.

21. V8 Hotel Motorworld Region Stuttgart

Germany, Böblingen

The hotel for car lovers. Both in architecture and design the building is dominated by the appropriate themes. In the decor of the rooms the elements and parts of automobiles and vintage cars are used. You can sleep on the bed of a Cadillac, take shelter in the bedroom-car garage, lie on the sofa-boat, sleep in the car-wash in one of 10 thematic rooms. In addition, you can get a “bodysuit” in the massage parlor and have a good refueling at the local gastronomic restaurant.

22. Movenpick Hotel Hamburg

Germany, Hamburg

The modern hotel is built in a water tower, which was erected in the 19th century in the Sternshanze Park. In order to justify the functional purpose of the building, the hotel has a sauna complex and a whirlpool shower. There are 226 rooms on 16 floors of the tower with a view of the city or the park. The top-floor suites offer a circular panorama of Hamburg.

23. Le Phare du Pot a l’Eau-de-Vie.

Canada, Quebec City

The lighthouse, built in 1862 on the St. Lawrence River, was abandoned after 100 years and in 1989 it was reborn as a hotel. This federal landmark has only three double rooms and a common lounge, which are decorated in the spirit of the last century. You can watch birds through the telescope on the tower.

24. Cley Windmill.

UK, Norfolk

The windmill, built in the early 18th century, has survived a lot, including the filming of The Conspirator with Elizabeth Taylor in 1949 and a flood in 1953. Today’s owners have converted it into a hotel. There are comfortable rooms not only in the mill itself, but also in the former stables and pigeon house.

25. Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren

Netherlands, Stavoren

The hotel is located in the harbor of the Dutch city of Stavoren, but more than the view of yachts, guests are attracted by the four rooms – in Swiss wine barrels. Each has a capacity of 14,500 liters. They say the slight smell of wine gives it away.

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Material published in Around the World magazine #6, June 2014, partially updated March 2022

The most unusual hotels in the world

Residents of big metropolises dramatically change their everyday life only during the vacations – unusual hotels are just what you need to unwind. We all eventually get bored of the mundane. Sometimes we want something interesting, tempting, unusual. So it is with many hotels. Most hotels are little different from each other. But there are hotels with a certain zest. And sometimes to spend a weekend in such hotels – very fun and interesting.

Icehotel, Sweden

This snow and ice unusual hotel is over twenty-five years old. Reconstruction of the hotel takes place every winter season. The basis for the material is spring water, which is frozen and delivered to the residence in special capsules. With the advent of spring and the onset of warmth, the ice begins to melt. As a result, every year the interior and design of the hotel changes. Guests are given everything they need to be comfortable in their rooms. On cold nights the guests are offered hot cranberry juice. But no matter what the temperature is outside, it never gets colder than – 5 C inside the room.

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Woodlyn Park Motel, New Zealand

Located between green pastures, the unruly motel offers visitors a chance to stay in some quirky rooms. The first option offers a train carriage of the early 19th century. The second option offers accommodation in a real airplane from the Vietnam War. The third option will place you in a military boat, which witnessed the Second World War. And the final option is the most extreme, which will send you underground. Rooms are truly unusual and very far from the classics. But do not be intimidated by this, because each room has a unique charming interior, and all the attributes inherent in the 21st century.

Chateau de Bagnols, France

An arduous historical monument, which is an example of Romanesque architecture, has been transformed into an enchanting and elegant hotel. From the windows of this extraordinary hotel you can admire the colorful scenery of the French garden and the vines of the vineyards. The interior with old paintings hanging on the walls and rare elements of furniture fittings of past centuries will inspire and transport you to the deep world of the Middle Ages. It is not for nothing that famous designers of prestigious fashion houses worked on creation of such an atmosphere.

Huilo Huilo Montaña Mágica Lodge – a creative hotel in Chile

This funny and magical hotel is located on the mountain ranges in the UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve of Uilo-Uilo. The silhouette of the hotel looks like the mouth of an abandoned volcano with water flowing out of it. If it were not for the huge panoramic glazing, the hotel would blend in with the beauty of the forest world. There is only one way into this unusual hotel, a small drawbridge. Several rooms offer amazing views of the volcano. And it is active by the way. But once you get inside, you understand that you are in real paradise. In the world of luxury, prestige and luxury. Separately worth noting the interior of the bathrooms, which are carved from a solid piece of wood.

Cuevas Pedro Antonio de Alarcon, Spain

The Moors hid in the caves in the fifteenth century from the Spaniards. But times change, and so has this place, which has become a luxurious and unusual hotel complex. All the rooms in the hotel are decorated in light colors, in the antique red clay stone style. Instead of a traditional heating system, a fireplace is used here so you can fully immerse yourself in the past. The rooms are equipped with a kitchenette and modern features.

Museum Hotel, Turkey

A phenomenal hotel set in the Cappadocia Caves is in fact a living museum. In any of the rooms the interior is decorated with unusual and invaluable antiques from different ages and centuries. A colorful picture of the plains opens up from the loggia. The hotel has a heated swimming pool, which is open to visitors at all times of the year. The rooms have taps, from which pours, let’s not be afraid of that word, free wine.

Hüttenpalast, Germany

An eccentric hotel, which is located in a modest location in the Kreuzkölln region of Berlin. For guests the hotel offers a large selection of truly original rooms. The rooms on wheels and the red-brick houses are located in large buildings, which formerly housed a factory. Both buildings house a couple of triple mansions and rooms on wheels. All of the rooms and mansions are quite comfortable and decorated with elegant interiors.

eccentric hotel in Germany - Hüttenpalast

Hüttenpalast – unusual hotel in Germany

Tree Hotel, Sweden

This unusual hotel has a shape of a mirror cube, which is located on the trees in the forest area. Actually it reflects everything that surrounds it. As a result, this hotel at first sight is quite hard to notice. And in order to protect against the collision of the cube and all sorts of birds, there is a special infrared protective film. To the human eye it is invisible, but for birds it is well distinguishable. The interior of the hotel is decorated in the birch style. In addition to a double bedroom, there is a small living room with a bathroom and a toilet, including a loggia, which is located on the roof. Of particular note is the sauna, which is located in a tree.

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Tubo Tulum Hostel, Mexico

The curiosity hostel has facilities made according to all environmental standards. All twenty rooms, which are not standard and are only one hour from Mexico City, are located in the interior of sewage pipes. All rooms have electricity. There are window openings for natural light during daylight hours and even a small closet under the bed. The separately equipped bathrooms have toilets with sinks and showers. The hostel’s location amidst a tropical garden allows guests to enjoy cooking for themselves in the comfort of the large kitchen. But it is better to stock up on groceries in advance. The nearest grocery stores are not close.

Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort, Finland

From the usual Lappish huts this unusual hotel stands out for its high comfort. Two dozen fully advanced huts are made of high-thermal glass, through which it is possible to enjoy the northern lights directly from the room. On the territory of an unusual complex there is a Finnish sauna, which is considered the largest in the world. There are two restaurants, where you can treat yourself to delicious Lappish cuisine. Particular emphasis is placed on recreational activities and excursions. It’s really magical to take a husky or reindeer sledding trip around the area.

STF Jumbo Stay Stockholm, Sweden

If frequent flying is a regular thing for you then this unconventional hotel set up in a Boeing 747 definitely deserves your attention. It is located near Stockholm Airport. All the internal equipment of the plane was dismantled and the cabin itself has been repeatedly disinfected. The result was almost three dozen rooms. An ordinary room has an area of six square meters. There is even a suite – a room in the cockpit with an individual toilet. For other guests, all the facilities are located in the corridor. From the suite you can admire the colorful panorama of the airport. Each room is equipped with a TV, so you won’t miss your flight. The hotel has a small coffee bar on site.

Malmaison Oxford, United Kingdom

Another special hotel is housed in a former royal cul-de-sac from the last century. In the middle of the first decade of the early 2000s the hotel chain bought it. Spiky fences and bars immerse the guests of this unusual hotel into the prison past to this day. Rooms with unique elements of attributes instantly give you a sense of exquisite comfort. And the existence of a beer bar with restaurant will completely relieve you of the notion that this was once a prison.

V8 HOTEL Motorworld Region Stuttgart, Germany

An unconventional hotel for connoisseurs and enthusiasts of auto industry. The exterior and interior of the building is dominated by automobile subjects. Parts of automobiles are used in the decor of the rooms. Some rooms are fully equipped with rare cars. In some rooms you can enjoy a bed in the shape of a Cadillac. Relax on the cushioned hood, shaped like a sofa. Enjoy a purely masculine stay in a room that looks a lot like your home garage. On top of that you can have a complete health check-up and enjoy a massage. And of course, taste the gastronomic masterpieces with cutlery shaped like wrenches in the local restaurant.

Mövenpick Hotel Hamburg – an unusual hotel in Germany

The peculiar and special hotel is housed in a nineteenth century water tower in the Sternshanz Park. To match the silhouette of the building, the hotel has a large spa complex, which includes many different saunas and showers equipped with whirlpools. The hotel offers more than 200 rooms that offer a beautiful view of the cityscape or the grounds of the park, where this unusual hotel is located. The best view of the beauty of the city comes from the top floor suite.

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Cley Windmill, United Kingdom

An extraordinary hotel set in a windmill that has a very long and mysterious history since the beginning of the eighteenth century when it was built. Over its centuries-long history, the hotel has been glimpsed on television screens in a movie starring Elizabeth Taylor. In addition, the hotel has survived a major flood. Nowadays the hotel is very popular with tourists and locals alike.

Hotel De Vrouwe van Stavoren, Netherlands

The hotel is situated in the port of the Dutch metropolis Stavoren. But what makes this hotel unusual is not the charming scenery of nearby yachts, but some very curious rooms. For guests looking for unusual impressions and emotions the hotel has prepared four barrel rooms. And not just designed, but real wine barrels, which once stored the real wine. The capacity of these barrels is just under 15,000 liters. Such rooms are especially popular with couples in love. The hotel owners assure that the wine aroma is still present in them.

Domaine des Etangs, France

From the outside the unusual Hotel Domaine des Etangs looks like a fairy tale castle from a book. The hotel with honey-colored turrets, situated by a lake and surrounded by forests and ponds is located in southwestern France. As soon as you arrive, you are immediately captivated by the atmosphere of a unique world. The same impression comes from the quaint interiors of this chateau. In particular, works by Matisse and Picasso displayed on the walls of the various rooms with magnificent pianos and telescopes. There are only seven rooms in the castle (the other 22 are located in six cottages and an adjacent building). But they are all very elegant, cozy and very romantic. The setting and the entertainment on offer will help you get back to aristocratic life. Summer picnics in the traditional castle gardens, tennis in the afternoon, boating on the lake. Relax in the indoor pool with thermal baths in the former Chateau wine cellars or in the old watermill. The choices are truly enormous.

Cuixmala Casitas, Mexico

The Cuixmala is a very special hotel which is one of the best in ecotourism. It is located on a hill surrounded by green reserves, which are protected by the world organization UNESCO.

Here, man and nature become one. On a huge territory, the hotel has three suites, three villas, six bungalows and ten cottages with many bedrooms. The main purpose of Cuixmala is to exemplify the cohabitation of man and nature. The architecture emphasizes natural elements, perfectly integrated into the living spaces. The wind circulates naturally, the furniture is made of wood and rattan, and the balconies overlook the forest, where flora and fauna teem with life.

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro, Italy

Hotel Borgo Santo Pietro is located in the center of Tuscany, 30 minutes from Siena and close to the medieval village of Cisudino. The exotic hotel is located in the middle of nowhere, and that is a good thing. This restored 13th-century mansion is one of the most exclusive hotels in Italy. Luxury and romance. Balconies overlooking the endless landscapes of Tuscany. The idyllic scene is completed by a Michelin-starred restaurant, one of the best in the region, and rooms combining Tuscan style and the latest technology.

phenomenal hotel in Italy - Relais Borgo Santo Pietro

Relais Borgo Santo Pietro – An Outstanding Hotel in Italy

Royal Palm Beachcomber Luxury, Mauritius

Overlooking the ocean, along the northern coast of Mauritius, the exotic Royal Palm Beachcomber remains one of the most prestigious accommodations in the Indian Ocean.

The hotel is bordered by the pristine coastline of Grand Bay. Royal Palm Beachcomber offers its guests magnificent views of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean from the hotel rooms. Exquisite combinations of bright colors and more subdued hues, graceful design that prioritizes the area.

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