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Guangzhou City (Guangdong, China) – Reviews

What about Guangzhou (Guangdong, China)?

Recently got busy sorting through photos on my phone and found photos I took while in Guangzhou this July. Even though I don’t have much fun writing travel reviews, I’m all.

China can be proud of it.

Guangzhou was our staging point when traveling to Malaysia. When flying from Moscow to Kuala Lumpur, we had a 15-hour layover in this city. I took it positively – the tickets are cheap and plus you can do extra.

Cool, but a bit stuffy!

Good day, dear readers of my review! There was a time when my husband and I traveled to different places in the world while on vacation. And we have a lot of vacations. I literally photographed everything on my way. However, the photos.

A great option for an unforgettable vacation

In search of where to spend the New Year holidays, the choice fell on the Chinese city of Guangzhou. The first impression, of course, is that we are in a city of unreal skyscrapers. The beauty and originality of the local buildings is impossible to describe in words. Naturally.

Magical place.

So, I want to tell you a little bit about Chinese New York. It’s just a beautiful place, where everyone must visit at least once in his life. Now I will show you what the city looks like from the bird’s eye view! This one.

Guangzhou (Huadu District) – a green, modern city in southern China

Guangzhou was our transit stop on our way home from Indonesia. The transit was about a day, but we were not upset, because it was a chance to visit China without going on a special trip for that)). We stayed at.

A local guide is a great helper in Guangzhou.

I want to tell you about my trip to Guangzhou. Flew to China in 2017 for my business. Arrived two days early and decided to devote those days to shopping and sightseeing. Even before the flight to China.

Beautiful modern mega city.

My first impressions were not so good because of the stuffiness and peculiar smell. But the city itself is very cool, starting from the infrastructure up to the malls and markets. It’s a beautiful and modern city. Very well-developed shopping. You can buy here.

10 things to do in Merano, Italy

It’s great .

Guangzhou is the capital of Guangdong Province in South China. Traveled in this huge metropolis. The climate is tropical, so it’s very hot. But the feeling is still very cool. There’s a huge park and a TV tower in the center. A lot of skyscrapers. From the public.

Delight and admiration for the culture.

I’ve been to Guangzhou 2 times, the last one was in 2015 and both times I liked it. If it were possible I would have settled somewhere in China for sure) Most likely in Hong Kong, it’s about Hong Kong after all.

I stayed in Hong Kong which was always worth it!

Comfortable hotels! Interesting entertainment complexes! And a very good food especially I liked the fish in all kinds of forms!

The first impression you get in an ordinary city! But it’s worth talking to the locals and visit any business in this town you are already the future! I would recommend going to this town with underage children who are going in.

A random beauty I saw

Hello, we once visited the city of Guangzhou. I will tell you a story from there. Visiting the Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall was one of those cases when it was not planned, but there is no other way. Here you go out.

A tour with Pomegranate Furniture House! Great job!

We went to buy furniture in China with this company in February 2018. Went with my mother-in-law and were wildly delighted! The selection is mind blowing! The employees at pomegranate house are great! We got it done in 5.

A city that is shrouded in a gas haze.

When you get to Guangzhou your first impression will be delight. It will be from the palm trees, huge and beautiful buildings, Chinese colorfulness, the strangeness of the scenery. Yes, the city is very beautiful and unusual for us Slavs. Moreover, it is the fourth largest.

Beautiful places will be remembered forever.

I managed to go to the city of Guangzhou (China, Guangdong) for free, because I won a beauty contest and we were sent for a photo shoot. I worked there for three weeks, you could say that. I got for.

The city through the eyes of someone who lived there for a year and is unlikely to want to go there again.

It’s a good place to learn Chinese and understand that in Russia it’s much cleaner and our people are well-mannered; interesting cities like Macao and Hong Kong are nearby, varied food.

Kindergartens in England

Having graduated from the Faculty of Philology, I decided to go to China to learn Chinese. I chose Guangzhou, because the conditions of learning, its quality and cost were very satisfying. And so I spent almost a year in that place and I wanted to.

Guide to Guangzhou – one of the most unusual megacities in China

Are you an experienced shopper and your eye twitches at the thought of Guangzhou markets? Or are you here because of a connecting flight? No matter, we have prepared a detailed guide to unusual Guangzhou.

Rita Akhundova

Rita Akhundova is a photographer, stylist and buyer (buyer) who knows firsthand the dark market side of Guangzhou, so she shares the back and beautiful part of it. Rita maintains an incredible Instagram account, in which it is the city that often plays a starring role.

Read on: China as you haven’t seen it yet. Incredible photos of China by Rita Akhundova

My relationship with this city has ranged from despair and squeamishness to utter adoration. I’ve lived here since the summer of 2015 and explore new places every day. I’ll omit the most popular attractions and tell you about the nicest places in China’s southern capital that will definitely change your perception of the market town.

The purpose of this guidebook is not to show “that Guangzhou” or reveal cultural peculiarities; there will be no “top 5 worst slums” rating or tips on where to eat the best noodles or live scorpion. Here is information for the most comfortable, beautiful and cool stay in the city, because that is what most people who come here lack. It is after visiting such places that I hear the same phrase: “Now I adore Guangzhou!”

Where to live?

If you don’t have a tough three-day shopping trip and you are not tied to specific points on the map, I highly recommend renting a hotel or apartment in Zhujiang New Town, Liede, Tianhe or Taojin areas. These districts look like this: a lot of greenery, everything is very clean and nice, new architecture, coffee houses and restaurants are everywhere.

San Gimignano. The cultural heritage of the provincial town

How to get around?

It is convenient to walk a lot, cabs are easy to catch, and there is a very developed subway and ground transportation. In a cab it is better not to try to explain in English, but in advance to stock up on hieroglyphics and show them to the driver. Most of the time cabs are honestly metered, but sometimes the driver starts haggling and offering his price.

Cab ordering apps can’t be used without knowledge of Chinese: even if you intuitively fill in all the required fields and call a car, you’ll be defeated at the end by a call to the driver.

They are very fond of calling and asking for ten minutes to find out where you are standing, even if the address is as simple and obvious as possible. The subway is very clean, convenient and clear, the fare costs from 2 to 7 yuans and you can go as far as the airport (by the way Guangzhou has the longest metro line in the world). The card or token must be applied at the entrance and exit. Itineraries are easily built on Google Maps (don’t forget to connect a VPN in advance, all Google, Facebook, Instagram and other services are blocked in China).

Last year, several urban bike rental systems appeared in the city at once, which work from the app and cost ridiculous money (1-2 yuan per hour). However, to use them, you need to have WeChat and some money in your account; the bike app will charge you a 300 yuan deposit (about 2,500 rubles), which will be refunded later on request.

What about food?

The most important question for me personally. Of course, most of the establishments in the city with Chinese cuisine, but in the above areas there are many European cafes and restaurants with Turkish, Russian, German, Italian food, with great burgers and steaks, there are many Japanese cafes with very fresh and delicious fish, coffee shops, pastry shops, salad bars – now the city is a real boom for European establishments. Below is a list of the coolest and favorites.

The best places in the world for honeymoons

Mondo is a cafe with Italian cuisine on the 72nd floor of the IFC Tower. The prices are above average, but the view and food are very good. I highly recommend going here instead of visiting the Canton Tower! The address is 5 Zhujiang West Road. IFC Tower, Four Seasons Hotel.

Very close to the IFC, but already underground (minus the first floor of the Mall of the World) are two nice places: the salad bar ONew and all kinds of pasta-soups-bake shop Lucky U .

If you walk for about ten minutes and get out on XingSheng Road, you will get to a whole street of restaurants and bars, which offer a wide variety of options. My recommendation is Happy Monk Café (there is also one at Taojin Station, Jianshe 5th Rd, 29). On the same street there is a large Western grocery store: here you will find buckwheat, cottage cheese and many other Russian and Arab products.

Also in this area, at the intersection of Huacheng Street and Xiancun Street, there is a magical shop with eclairs, pastries and coffee called L’éclair De Zheng .

Other cool places in different parts of the city:

Health cafe with salads and fresh juices Green Orexis : Fashion Hub 8090 shopping mall (look for 8090 荟 坊 on Zhujiang Xi Lu, nearest metro Tiyu Xilu. Right across the street is another place with brunch, salads and sandwiches – Banksia . By the way, in Fashion Hub 8090 there are many other interesting places and stores with clothes and shoes of local designers (the prices are far above average, but worth seeing and being inspired by).

W.Coffee, a chain with European food, desserts and coffee, has an address at 402 Tianhe N Rd. Full list here.

Two very cool coffee shops in Ouzhuang metro station: Lock Chuck Coffee, which even has Instagram (6 Xiniu Road), and 103 Coffee (Nonglin Down Rd, 76).

Turkish restaurants with perfect kebabs, vegetables, fish and desserts: Bosphor and Sultan, there are several in the city, most famous at Taojin Station and XingSheng Road restaurant street (XingSheng Road). Also in Guangzhou there are supermarkets, similar to the Moscow “ABC of Taste,” where you can buy almost any fruit, vegetables, meat, fish, sushi, pasta, dairy products and pastries. They are called Aeon and are at least on Taojin, Zhujiang New Town and East Railway Station inside Popark Mall.

Where to go on vacation in November?

I’ll reveal a couple more tasty places below, but for now about interesting places in terms of walks and experiences. All the places are listed on the map at the end of this article.

Where to go?

Let’s start in the center. Here are the famous Opera House, Guangdong Provincial Museum and Library.

The Guangzhou Opera House is interesting both outside and inside. Designed by architecture firm Zaha Hadid, it remains a favorite destination for all fashionistas, with photographers, models and stylists often hanging around it to shoot lookbooks for brands. You don’t have to buy a ticket for the show to get inside, you can take the official guided tour (runs on weekends, costs 30 yuan, schedule on the website). There’s also a cute art cafe inside the opera, which is almost deserted in the middle of the day, but makes great coffee.

The Guangdong Provincial Museum is illuminated red at night and looks ominous. During the day you can get a free tour here, don’t forget your passport and get in before 4:30 p.m. There is also a cozy coffee shop on the first floor.

The library is open to the public and it’s interesting to walk around and watch the people inside.

Quite close to the center, at Yuancun station, is the trendy art cluster Redtory, an analog of Moscow’s Vinzavod or “Flakon” (links site / TripAdvisor). It’s a former factory converted into offices, stores, galleries, and just nice photo spaces. There’s also a lot of filming going on here, so it’s best to come on weekdays. The museums open here at 11:00, and general admission to all the galleries in the cluster costs 10 yuan. The cluster has two of the most popular cafes here, one with Hong Kong cuisine – Uncle, the other with European cuisine – Art Garden.

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