Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

The sights of Tlemcen

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Great Mosque

The Great Mosque (photo)

The Great Mosque of Algiers is one of the best examples of Almoravid architecture that is well preserved to this day. It is one of the oldest mosques in the country. Its plan is an irregular pentagon with dimensions of about 50 by 60 meters, consisting of two main sections.

The prayer hall of the mosque is a large rectangle with thirteen parallel aisles arranged perpendicular to the wall – a rather typical African T-shaped plan. The passages are crowned by amazing arches topped by intersecting transverse arcades to visually establish a spatial hierarchy.

The dome of the mosque is made of bricks stacked in the ribs to form a magnificent star-shaped pattern. The space between the ribs was filled with colorful plaster with various plant decorations. This innovation is quite widely used in many mosques in Morocco and Algeria.

Coordinates : 34.88536800,-1.31326100

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen (photo)

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen is one of the oldest mosques in Algeria and is a well-preserved example of Al-mawarid architecture. Built in the 11th century, it was the city’s main mosque and an important part of its urban fabric.

The mosque is built in the form of a pentagon with sides 50 by 60 meters and consists of two parts – the prayer house and the minaret. The exterior and interior decoration of the premises is a striking example of Muslim architecture – the walls, ceilings and dome of the mihrab are decorated with skilful carvings, patterns and beautiful plaster.

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Archways are especially frequent in the interior decoration – almost all rooms, including the courtyard and the portico of the mosque, are decorated with them in large quantities. The innovative architectural solutions used in Tlemcen Mosque can also be seen in other famous buildings of that period.

Coordinates : 34.88388300,-1.31054900

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Tlemcen Mosque

The Cathedral Mosque of Tlemcen (photo)

Tlemcen Cathedral Mosque was built in 1082. It is a beautiful ancient structure, a monument to the era of the ancient Algerian emirs.

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen is one of the few surviving examples of architecture of the Almoravid dynasty. In 1136 its building was extended and enlarged, and even later, in 13th century, another section with minaret and openwork dome was added.

The mosque building represents an irregular pentagon. Many decorative arches, carved floral ornament, elegance and scale of the structure attract attention.

In ancient times, the Islamic court and Islamic university were located next to the Tlemcen Mosque.

Coordinates : 34.88382300,-1.31045300

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Sidd Boumedien Mosque

Sidd Boumedienne Mosque (photo)

Among the religious attractions in Tlemcen, the Sidd Boumedienne Shrine Mosque deserves special attention.

This is the shrine of the patron saint of the city and the revered ruler Abu Madian, or Sidd Boumediene, as he is called by the Algerians. Sidd Boumediene Mosque shrine has long been a place of pilgrimage.

Tourists can see the minaret and the outer walls of the mosque, but only Muslims can go inside, as evidenced by the warning signs. Since the mausoleum is also inside, access is restricted.

Coordinates: 34.87778500,-1.28947700

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen (photo)

The Great Mosque of Tlemcen is one of the well-preserved examples of Almoravid architecture and one of the oldest mosques in Algeria.

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The many ornamental arches and ribbed masonry of the Almoravids are thought to have been the source of the Baroque development that spread to Europe in the 16th and 18th centuries.

The dome of the mosque is built of bricks laid in ribs, intersecting each other to form a beautiful star-shaped pattern. The space between these ribs is filled with beautiful plaster with carved floral decorations. This innovation, widely used by the Almoravids, is found in many mosques in Algeria.

Coordinates : 34.88374800,-1.30999100

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Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

The city of Tlemcen, Algeria is located in northwest Algeria. This city has a very rich and interesting history. Not for nothing the locals (and all other Algerians) call it the “Pearl of the Maghreb”. Located in a wonderful and very beautiful place and looks like the capital of Algeria. It is somewhat remote from the sea coast and is surrounded by unique gardens, which grow olives and grapes.

The scent that emanates from these gardens will blow away any tourist who comes here. First of all it looks very beautiful from the outside – you are driving into a town with walls made of living plants. And secondly, it is very unusual and unlikely in any other city in Algeria you can enjoy such a beautiful view .

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Algeria Travelling: Tlemcen City - Picture 2

Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

Tlemcen was founded in the 4th century by the Romans under a different name “Pomaria” and was mainly used for military fortifications. Subsequently, the city became the center of the Catholic Church, this happened in the same 4th century. The name of the city, if translated literally, means “dry stream” (“Tala Imsan”). The city owes its name to the great number of water springs which are situated in the outskirts and outside the city. These springs are filled with ordinary and healing water, which attracts the attention of tourists every year.

Tlemcen is located at an altitude of 807 meters above sea level. Thus. The city is protected from possible high humidity, which almost all cities in Algeria suffer from. At the same time, the cool and fresh sea breeze cools the air during the hot and dry summer days, of which there are many during the summer. Thus, it creates almost ideal conditions for tourists from all countries.

Journey to Algeria: The City of Tlemcen - photo 3

Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

Tlemcen is a very beautiful town. If you get to the viewpoint of the city, which is called the Corniche, you can see the divine beauty that recreates the picture of the city. Its snow-white and amazingly beautiful houses with unique architectural styles and designs, its beautiful and quiet boulevards on which tourists love to stroll in the evenings .

Young couples love to come here because the city creates a very romantic mood . If you get to the observation deck during sunset, you realize that there is nothing more beautiful than this moment you have never seen in your life. The sun can be seen in the evening in the distance, it comes down on the roofs of the houses with special care, passes through the clouds and seems to wrap itself in them.

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Sunrise is also a significant event in terms of emotions and feelings. Be sure to try to see it, do not miss it. It is worth it! You will see the sun rising from behind the housetops and blinding everything around – the gardens, the greenery shimmering in the sun, each bunch of grapes and olive trees trying to get warm in the sun’s rays .

Journey to Algeria: The City of Tlemcen - photo 4

Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

The large square in the center of the city is where all the town events, festivals, theme parties and fairs take place. Along the square are cozy and not very expensive cafes and restaurants, where you can eat between excursions. But most tourists prefer to enjoy the views of the city and then satisfy their hunger. As the saying goes, first spiritual food, then the material.

The city of Tlemcen is very attractive for tourists. It is not as hot as other Algerian cities and has many attractions, mosques and churches built in antiquity. The Sidi Boumedienne Mosque, the Great Mosque, and so on are among the major ones. It is also home to the famous Abdalwadid Palace. There is also the famous palace of Abdalwadid. These are the main sites that introduce visitors to the history of this amazing and unique city.

Algiers Journey: The City of Tlemcen - photo 5

Traveling around Algeria: the city of Tlemcen

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