Tours in Turku, Finland

Tours in Turku, Finland

Within a year, to visit the land of Finland has about 3 million Russians . Stability, the lowest level of corruption among the European Union countries, beautiful nature, rich shopping opportunities – this is not a complete list of the reasons giving rise to an active demand for hot tours to Finland, the cost of which is so small compared with the received impressions and practical results of the trip.

The most popular routes in the Finnish territories are laid through the province of Varsinais-Suomi, its administrative center of Turku, which had the status of the capital of the country until 1817. The port city is situated at the confluence of the Aurajoki River into the Baltic Sea, or more precisely, its part called the Archipelago Sea . The number of islands near the Finnish coastline exceeds 50,000: 257 islands with an area of more than one square kilometer and 18,000 with an area of at least 0.5 hectares. The smallest island “fraction” is an ordinary stone sticking out of the water.

Tours in Turku, Finland - Photo 2

Tours in Turku, Finland

History of Russia and Finland are most closely intertwined during the accession of the Grand Duchy of Finland to the Russian Empire from 1808 to 1917. Meanwhile, contacts between the two countries have also been frequent, although not always friendly. The Finns received their sad experience from the beginning of the 13th century, marked by the territorial claims of the Russians, who tried to impose Orthodoxy on the border areas. Black pages of Abo-Turku history are connected with military campaigns of Peter I in the beginning of XVIII century, there are also negatives of more modern times.

Abo, just under the Swedish name Turku was mentioned in Russian documents until 1917. The history of the city itself, as well as more ancient settlements in its place goes back centuries. Remains of an ancient chapel were found during excavations on Ristimäki Hill in the county of Nummi-Halinen, and researchers believe that the name Turku has ancient Slavic roots. In general, the history of Abo Turku is very dramatic with territorial conflicts between neighboring countries, epidemics and fires.

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Among the witnesses of distant eras is Turku Cathedral, more than 7 centuries old, and the ancient street, which has retained the name of Monastery Street. On the Old Square in July every year there is a folk crafts fair and theatrical festivals. Modern rhythms during the July rock festival can be heard on the island of Ruissalo. It is famous, among other things, for the “heavy karaoke” of fans singing hits with their favorite bands. The magnificent Botanical Gardens of the University of Turku tourists find here on the island.

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Tours in Turku, Finland

At the mouth of the river Aurajoki rises the ancient fortress castle of Abo, built as a defensive structure, raised to the status of the residence of the Swedish king, and later used as a prison, warehouse, military arsenal and barracks. Since the late 19th century, the castle has housed a museum. In addition to medieval fires, the history of its devastation includes the Soviet bombing in 1941. Not far from the castle is a museum of seafaring and shipbuilding Forum Marinum, one of the many Turku city museums.

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Tours in Turku, Finland

Travel to Turku is of interest to all categories of tourists, as it includes a variety of purposes: history, entertainment, travel with children, shopping tours. Often familiarization with Finland is combined with inexpensive tours to Sweden, Denmark or Norway. Weekend tours are also popular. Hospitable cities of the Land of a Thousand Lakes (or rather, almost 189 thousand) and friendliness of its residents leave the most pleasant impression.

Tours in Turku Finland 2022

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