Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

Slovenia: tips for your holiday.

Prices for vacations in Slovenia

Where to vacation in Slovenia in 2022? Made a selection of popular sea and thermal resorts. Current prices for food, tours, accommodation, entertainment and transport. Tips and reviews of tourists on holidays in Slovenia with and without children. Map of Slovenia resorts in Russian and with descriptions.

Slovenia is a small and cozy country in the Balkans. Despite the modest territory, it has a rich history and has entertainment for all tastes. In summer one swims in the sea and rests on clean beaches, in winter one goes skiing in the mountains. And the famous thermal spas with mineral springs welcome tourists all year round.

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Holiday seasons in Slovenia

Slovenia is a country where mountain peaks, clear lakes, sea coast and dense forests coexist. It is not the hottest European resort, and those who are accustomed to a temperate climate will like it here. The average temperature in the summer months is +23. +25°C, but in July and August it sometimes rises to +27. +29°С. The water gets warm up to +20. 22°C. For a holiday at the sea in Slovenia is traditionally recommended the second half of summer when the water is as warm as possible, especially if you go with a child. Thanks to numerous resorts and thermae, holidays with children in Slovenia are very popular.

In winter, the temperature ranges from -2. +6°C, and tourists come to ski.

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To visit Slovenia, Russian citizens need a Schengen visa. To obtain it you must submit itinerary receipts confirming round trip flight, hotel reservation or confirmation from the hotel website, medical insurance, as well as proof of income and bank statements. Visas must be applied for within 10 days at a cost of €35.

Map of Slovenia with resorts

The best resorts and beaches in Slovenia

The beaches in Slovenia are rocky and pebbly, and there are many beaches with concrete platforms. Sandy beaches are very rare because they are all bulk, and their visit is usually paid. Length of coastline – only 46 km, and the sea in Slovenia is very clean and clear. Some beaches belong to expensive hotels, but they are few. Most beaches are municipal, with paid use of sunbeds and umbrellas (from 3 € to 5 €).

We will tell you about some of the best resorts for a beach holiday in Slovenia.


A true corner of the Middle Ages in modern Slovenia, and worth a trip for lovers of culture. Gothic buildings, architectural monuments, and the remains of ancient fortresses have survived. Piran has narrow streets, similar to the Italian ones, because this city was under the power of Venice for several centuries.


A major active port city, the resort infrastructure is poorly developed. But the streets of the old town are very beautiful, and there are a large number of stores. Curiously, the locals speak two languages – Italian and Slovenian.

Slovenia resorts on the sea

(Photo: / @starpollen)


Holiday in Slovenia at the resort of Portoroz is considered prestigious. It is a status resort – it has the most luxurious hotels, and the city itself is very picturesque: it is decorated with numerous rose gardens, well-groomed streets and parks. Portorož is the biggest resort on the coast; it is also one of the few sandy beaches of the country. Nightlife also buzzes mostly in this area – other resorts are considerably quieter.

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The resort of Izola is 10 kilometers from Portorož. Fans of water sports and yachting come here, and the resort is also recommended for holidays with children because of its mild climate. The beaches in this part of the coast are pebbly. In addition to the central municipal beach, there are several wild beaches.

The beach of Lake Bled.

This beach – as well as Portoroz – is a calling card of the country. What makes the landscape recognizable is a small island with a monastery in the middle of the lake. Under the lake there are thermal springs, so the water temperature is about +24 ° C. For those who are interested in a non-classical beach vacation in Slovenia, this place will suit perfectly.

Slovenia Reviews on Slovenian Resorts

(Photo: / @joelsparks )

Slovenia’s best thermal spas

We should not forget that Slovenia is not primarily a seaside resort, but a therapeutic health resort, and on a small territory fit several dozen health resorts of different levels with a variety of treatment programs. We will tell you only about some of Slovenia’s thermal spas, which offer unique and interesting programs in 2022.

Terme Dobrna

This resort in Slovenia is an unusual combination of thermal and mud springs. These places are known for their healing properties since the XV century! You can visit the thermal complex without buying a room. A day visit thermae from 40 € per person, stays for 5 days for two from 200 €.

Terme & Wellness LifeClass Portorož

The city of Portorož is the most prestigious resort and has one of the best thermal springs of Slovenia. Five therapeutic factors are united in one area: seawater, fango salt mud, concentrated salt water, sea climate and thermal mineral waters. Stays in hotels of the thermal resort cost from €210 per room for two. This is the price per day, but many reviews say that a visit to the health resort is worth it!

Thermana Laško

The attractiveness of this complex – in the mined water on its territory. Visitors sincerely believe that the biofield of thermal water here is unique, and the crystals have a perfectly regular shape, so this water perfectly restores the energy balance in the body. Staying here costs from 70 € per day per adult for double occupancy and from 25 € for a child. Children under 5 years of age can stay for free.

Rogaška Slatina Spa

The resort is famous for its mineral water, rich in magnesium. Besides standard spa treatment, the center offers a large number of unique purification, weight-loss and relaxation programs, including those with no accommodation (similar to Russian “kursovok”). Treatment programmes for 10 days cost about €1,500. You may undergo a wider range of medical tests and get a complex health checkup for about €130.

Thalasso resort Strunjan

The vacation at this Slovenian thermal spa is considered one of the best. Strunjan is located near Protoroz and belongs to the pharmaceutical concern KRKA – treatment and service here is on a high level. In summer you can swim in the sea, and in winter – in warm sea water pools. By the way, patients with the most severe diseases and with the necessity of long-term rehabilitation are sent here. A week at the resort costs from 500 €.

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Čatež Therme (Terme Čatež)

The largest thermal resort in Slovenia. The water here is very diverse – from +32 ° C to +63 ° C. Today Catež is a small town with its own water park. Staying in the summer period – from 70 € per day.

Slovenia reviews about vacations in Slovenia

Sanatorium in Rimskie Toplice. Photo: Wirestock /

Prices for tours in Slovenia – 2022

Slovenia is a fairly new destination for Russian tourists, and there are not many tours to this country in 2022. However, in the high season (July and August) prices for recreation are quite high, because it is a European country, and the level of service is appropriate.

Prices for holidays in Slovenia. Tours for two in the summer of 2022 (in rubles):

7 nights 11 nights 14 nights
3* 95 000 110 000 130 000
4* 110 000 145 000 160 000
5* 150 000 200 000 230 000

A week’s vacation in Slovenia in 2022 costs from 95 thousand rubles for two people with a flight from Moscow. Sometimes you can find tours and cheaper, for example, in hotels 2 * – prices start from 70 thousand rubles for a week tour. All meals at Slovenian hotels are usually only breakfasts or “breakfast + dinner” with buffet.

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Prices for tours in Slovenia

Slovenia is quite a new destination for Russian tourists. Photo: Egeris /


Fly direct to Slovenia in 2022 only from Moscow. In the summer the cheapest tickets cost from 19 thousand rubles round trip, with a change – from 13 thousand rubles. From other major cities of Russia (Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Ekaterinburg) you can fly only with a connection.

Interestingly, the low season (October-November) prices are almost the same: you can fly in the fall for about 13 thousand rubles with a connection and 18 thousand for a direct flight.

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Impressive Slovenia

Slovenia hotel prices and reviews

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The hotels in Slovenia have excellent service. Prices for 3* hotels in summer 2022 start from 30€ per night, for 4* hotels from 50€, and if you want to stay in the most luxurious hotels, the cost will be from 120€ per night. The only option for a ready-made tour with 5* accommodation is the Aleksander Hotel 5* in the Rogaška Slatina resort. Often 5 * hotels are also health resorts of high level, so you will not only have a rest, but also get a full treatment.

It is interesting that in the autumn and winter months of 2022 the price of tours in Slovenia is almost the same. This is due to the fact that the resorts welcome tourists all year round, and the popularity of holidays in Slovenia remains at any time of year.

3* hotels are characterized by simple furnishings and some distance from the sea. Ratings of hotels, however, are very good: tourists like friendly staff, well-equipped rooms and a lot of entertainment. As a rule, most hotels have children’s area, solarium, gym. Visitors like the level of food: in addition to the buffet, in small hotels you can try local dishes prepared by the hosts. Room windows are unlikely to overlook the sea, but almost all Slovenian landscapes are very picturesque. Tours in hotels 3* →

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“Quartets” are located more favorably – even if the sea is 500-1000 m away, stores and entertainment will definitely be close by. Rooms in 4* hotels are equipped with a mini-bar, safe, and the interior is more refined. You can visit the spa centers for a fee. Tours in 4-star hotels →

5* hotels are more expensive, but their service is also significantly different. Their area often includes not only health centers, but also night clubs, several swimming pools, a much larger choice of food, and several restaurants. The 5-star hotels almost always have their own beaches, and staff in any situation will meet you halfway. For example, tourists note that in 5 star hotels the menu is adjusted for each individual, fresh fruit and water are delivered to the room every day, and the saunas and pool work around the clock. Tours in 5* hotels →

If you are booking accommodation on your own, always look carefully at the hotel description. Many accommodation options in Slovenia, both 3* and 5* on Booking are private apartments or flats, and their cost is not inferior to staying in a regular hotel. In general, apartments cost from 30 € per day for two people. During the summer months this price is valid, but in the autumn and winter the rents become cheaper and you can book accomodation for €20-25 per night.

Slovenia Hotel reviews

Izola. Photo: Wirestock /

Prices for food in cafes and restaurants in Slovenia – 2022

Food prices in Slovenia are reasonable. If your tour doesn’t involve eating at a hotel, you’ll be able to afford meals at local cafes and restaurants. Breakfast at a café is about 4 €, lunch (eg pizza or local kebab + drink) – about 10 €. Lunch can cost anywhere from 8€ to 16€, depending on your preferences.

Home-brewed beer costs 2,5 € and you can have a coffee for 1,5 €. A 0,33l bottle of water costs the same.

Home-made cheeses (up to 15 €), homemade eggs (2 € per dozen) and bread (about 1 €) are also popular.

Food Prices in Slovenia

(Photo: / @shiri_gottlieb)

Excursion prices

Excursions in Slovenia aren’t cheap, but the experience is unforgettable! Most trips take almost a whole day (from 8 hours) and include a bus and walking part of the itinerary:

  • Excursion to the mountain lakes Bled and Bohinj with climbing to the observation point of 1500 m (257€);
  • a trip to Rogaška Slatina resort and Olimje monastery with wine tasting and a visit to Celje castle (300€).

Wine tasting is included in many programs, as well as tasting of mineral water. Many tours include a visit to the Postoina Cave. The cost of such tours also about 300 €.

Walking tours in Ljubljana cost about 80 € per person. These are usually easy-to-understand and self-guided walking tours. Almost all excursions can be bought or booked online, or you can look for them on the spot.

Slovenia reviews about the sea

(Photo: / @jasonthomas2708)

Prices for holidays and entertainment in Slovenia – 2022

Slovenia is no stranger to classic entertainment. Almost all are available even to small children, and tickets for them are much cheaper.

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For example, a ticket to the water park for the whole day costs about 10 € for a child and 12 € for an adult on weekdays, 15 € and 12 € on weekends respectively. You can also buy a ticket for a limited time, such as an afternoon ticket, for which the price will be much lower. The Zoo is cheaper – 5,5 € for a child ticket and 8 € for an adult ticket.

There is also rafting in Slovenia! You will most likely have to travel far, but the cost is very pleasant – from 30 euros. You can also go scuba diving in the resorts. One dive with an instructor costs 75€.

On holidays in Slovenia with children you can visit a rope park near Lake Bled – both children and adults are delighted with this entertainment. It costs from 10 to 22 € depending on the age of the guests.

If you just want to relax and unwind, visit Tivoli Park in Ljubljana – admission is free and you can walk around the picturesque alleys and lawns all day long.

Prices for transport

Slovenia has a well developed system of internal transport. Local buses cost 1,2 € and long-distance buses cost 10 to 20 € depending on the distance. From the airport you can take a cab to your hotel for 30-40 €. A rental car starts at 25€ per day.

Bicycles are also very popular in the country. The first hour you can ride for free, the 2nd for 1 €, the 3rd for 2 €, each subsequent hour for 4 €.

Transport in Slovenia

The commuter train in Slovenia. Photo: psgt_123 /

The amazing beauty of Slovenia.

Holidays with children in Slovenia

In Slovenia, there is nothing wrong with the environment – it is good for children to rest in its resorts. The climate is also very favorable for them. Homemade, organic products are commonplace.

With a large number of thermal spas and nearly 90 mineral springs, Slovenia is one of the most attractive health resorts in Europe.

Many resorts and spas do discounts for children, and kids under 5 years of age sometimes live for free.

The country has a focus on kid-friendly hotels. In hotels 3* and above are rooms and playgrounds, pools, animation and special menus.

If you want to teach children to ski, come to Slovenia in winter: here the resorts are easier, but also lower prices, and the tracks are just right for beginners.

In summer, too, plenty of fun for children: on a holiday in Slovenia you can both passively lie on the beach resorts and actively explore the nature and culture of the country, the boon of many interesting excursions and nature parks.

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

Many European guidebooks, tourist guides and travel agencies claim that Slovenia is one of the most unusual countries of the continent. In many ways, they are right.

If we avoid the clichéd descriptions of the Slovenian beauties that are written in the booklets of most travel agencies, and just pay attention to the facts, then we can explain the mysterious beauty of this tiny country by its geographical location: Slovenia is a junction point between the Alps and the Mediterranean, which absorbed not only the features of the landscape, but also the culture of the two different zones.

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Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

Walking around Slovenia, it is possible that you will come across modernized buildings among the usual Baroque facades of old European cities, and driving around outside the city enjoy the scenery of crystal clear rivers, spread among the dense forests, and at the same time you will come across deserted and frightening caves. That’s how it is, a country of opposites.

The people of Slovenia are known for their hospitality and openness, so a careless tourist will not be left without a place to stay – local at least recommend a bed for any budget (and there are many of them in Slovenia) or even take you in.

But those who are not craving for such extreme turns in the route and prefers to take care of all the details in advance, can put on your list at least a couple of the most interesting hotels in the capital, which we will talk about next.

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see - Photo 3

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

The capital of Slovenia, Ljubljana, is a European city with cobblestone streets and remnants of medieval architecture. By the way, the main attraction is Ljubljanski Grad castle, which stands since the 11th century.

Also you should definitely see the St. Nicholas Cathedral, Seminary Palace, National Library building and a masterpiece of medieval architecture – Three Bridges Bridge. Apart from architecture, tourists still have a lot to see, because the cultural life of the Slovenian capital is also diverse.

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see - Photo 4

Tourist Slovenia: Where to go and what to see

The city of Bled

In addition to the capital the tourist in Slovenia should certainly visit the town of Bled, which is famous for its beautiful and clean lake with the same name. Lake Bled is heated by underwater springs to a temperature above 20 degrees, thereby creating ideal conditions for bathing in the summer. In winter and until early spring, the lake Bled is fully in the possession of extreme athletes, fond of water-skiing.

Slovenia: where to go on vacation and what to see - photo 5

The city of Bled

Postojna Cave

The cave in the town of Postojna is the most visited and most famous cave in Europe, and it is not surprising, because it is the most comfortable cave to visit because of the light and the railroad tracks, which were put there at the end of the 19th century. Since then, Slovenian guides have guided tours here, introducing tourists from all over the world to the beauty of the natural limestone structure.


Among other healthful places of Slovenia, Portorož is particularly famous for its air, which is not only clean but also rich in microelements. Since the thirteenth century up to now people have been coming to Portorož to improve their health and rest. There is also the only Thai medicine center on the Mediterranean coast.

Slovenia Tourism: where to travel and what to see - photo 6


A new entertainment complex with a casino, night clubs and all other amenities that can excite sophisticated holidaymakers was built relatively recently within the resort. Those who prefer to go to the resort to relax can spend the evening in a restaurant, enjoying a delicious meal, accompanied by live performances of musicians.

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