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“The World Turned Upside Down: All About Holidays in Wonderful Australia

If you’re not the shy type, and a variety of horror stories about marsupial vampires and huge cannibal grasshoppers only increase your interest in travel, then pack your bags. Australia is just the country, where you should go not just for the relaxation on the beach, but for a much more unusual experience.

Holidays in Australia is possible at any time of year. In this country it is possible not only to enjoy surfing, diving, take a boat trip along the coral reefs or walk along them, but also to visit many national parks, and examine the interesting architecture of the cities. This country is a stunningly unusual “upside down world”: everything about holidays in wonderful Australia read in this article and plan a trip in 2022!

General information about Australia

Which way does the water swirl in the drain?

Sometimes, listening to the stories of travelers who came from Australia, people think that they went to this continent only to find out in which direction the water twists in the drain when it drains. People wonder if it’s true that water in the Northern and Southern Hemisphere swirls in different directions when it flushes down the drain. If you’re also curious about the clue, don’t take a tour until you find out for yourself!

A brief historical background

However, we need to start at the beginning. So many tourists are drawn to this country by its history, namely, the culture of the Australian Aborigines. These people appeared on the continent about 50,000 years ago – when even the continents themselves looked different than they do now. Fairly evolved people, they performed their mysterious religious rituals and left behind examples of the world’s oldest art. Rock art in Australia is a separate item on the tourist “must-see” list.

Europeans arrived in the 17th century. First it was the Dutch, then the Spanish. By about the 50s of the 17th century, the continent had already appeared quite clearly on maps. Large-scale colonization of the continent began in the 18th century. The British took control of Australia in its entirety. At first the continent was used as a place for prisoner settlements. It must be said that the arrival of Europeans reduced the number of aborigines – they could not tolerate foreign infections.

Places every person should visit

Time passed, and on the continent began to explore deposits, including gold. In the early 20th century Australia gained some independence, and is now a sovereign state, but with Great Britain it is bound by the monarch. English is the main language in the country, although its version is very different from British English. In terms of living standards – Australia is a developed country with a high quality of life, good health and education. Tourists should know that in the country now you can combine recreation in comfort with the enjoyment of pristine nature.

Summary of Geography and Climate

The country is located in the Southern Hemisphere and occupies an entire continent, as well as the island of Tasmania and others. It is washed by the Pacific and Indian Oceans and their numerous seas. The relief is deserts, lowlands and mountains. The country has a wealth of deposits, as well as, of course, an amazing fauna and flora.

The country’s climate is very interesting: the fact that Australia has several types of climate, so it is worth considering this feature when planning a trip.

Australia on a map

Safety in Australia

All the main dangers for travelers are related to the local nature. Firstly, the sun is very active here, so you should always take care to protect your skin and head. In addition, the waters of the oceans are not always and not everywhere calm – choose the beaches must be chosen wisely and always pay attention to the flags.

As for national parks, they go to watch the wildlife. Remember! It is beautiful, but can be dangerous. Do not take risky walks in the dark, protect your skin from insect bites, keep to specially paved trails. It is advisable to get vaccinations against yellow fever, tetanus, typhoid, diphtheria, rubella before the trip.

How much does a trip to Australia cost?

For a week’s vacation on the continent, you’ll pay from about $3,500. Group tours tend to be cheaper, starting at $1,500. Individual and couples trips are in the neighborhood of $2,500 for a ten-day trip.

What to see in Australia?

If you describe all possible tourist destinations, a day is not enough. However, the continent’s most popular tourist attractions are worth a visit.

Beach and activities in Australia

If you go to the country at the right time, you can organize yourself a great beach holiday. The most popular area is the Gold Coast, just off Brisbane. A flight to this city will cost about 40 thousand rubles. Staying at the luxury resort of Main Beach for two will cost from 4 thousand rubles per night, but most hotels are much more expensive. This area will please connoisseurs of comfort and lovers of expensive restaurants.

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Lovers of water sports should go to Surfers Paradise (cost of a double room per night – about 4 thousand rubles), where you can definitely conquer the wave. Many schools, excellent instructors, rental equipment – all this will allow you to join the sport.

Broad Beach will suit families with children, it is more budget resort (double room – from 3.5 thousand rubles per day), and also it is quiet enough.

By the way, on the Golden Coast there are a lot of amusement parks. “Sea World” will please tourists of all ages with a show with dolphins, whales, seals, there is also a zone for the extreme, where you can swim with sharks, and children’s water slides. “World of Dreams” is for fans of fauna on land: the eucalypt forests are home to kangaroos and koalas, as well as more than 800 species of other Australian animals.

Fans of extreme and active entertainment in Australia can do bungee-jumping or zorbing: fly upside down tied by the legs or descend inside a bubble from the mountain. You can ride quad bikes in the deserts or go rafting on mountain rivers. There is an abundance of activities to suit all tastes.

Australian cities

However, it’s not just the beaches of the continent. There are many cities in Australia and some of them are especially tempting for tourists.


The flight from Moscow to Sydney will cost about 40 thousand rubles. In this beautiful city you can stay in a huge number of hotels, the rates start at about 2.5 thousand rubles per night for two people.

Of course, you should visit the world-famous building of the Opera House. Expressionism and harmony of this monumental architectural structure will definitely leave an impression. Another trademark of Sydney and the whole country is the Harbour Bridge. It also attracts many visitors to the city. It is the largest bridge in Sydney. There are only a few pieces of historic architecture in the city – the Victorian buildings have survived in Paddington and Belmayr. There’s Fort Denison, a military fortress, barracks, and a couple of churches.

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You can get acquainted with the history of the city at the Museum of Sydney. The Australian Museum is dedicated to the continent as a whole, with an emphasis on the natural science collection. There are also many art galleries in the city. And if you like an active holiday rather than looking at the many exhibits, pay attention to the diving clubs of the city: you can swim to the reefs, look at the wrecks, and if you are a complete beginner, choose snorkeling.

Families with children are advised to visit the three main entertainment venues:

  1. Taronga Zoo. Features a variety of inhabitants – there are special trails for viewing wild animals, as well as an area with cute pets.
  2. Sydney Aquarium. One of the world’s largest aquariums gives you a chance to see the whole variety of the Australian underwater world.
  3. Luna Park. What do kids love? Amusement rides, of course! There’s entertainment for all ages.
Brisbane .

It is possible to accommodate two people in this city for an amount starting from 2 thousand rubles per day.

The first thing to do is to head to the outskirts of Brisbane – Kutta Mountain. From here you can enjoy the panoramic view and visit the Botanical Gardens and Planetarium. Drive if you like, or hike the sportsperson’s climbing route.

If something sophisticated appeals to you, head to Albert Street and check out the local Gothic church. Built in the Victorian era, it’s topped with a beautiful, graceful spire. Another interesting building is the Regent Theater. It is actually a movie theater, but its rococo interior is more like an opera house. Also among the rather old buildings are the local town hall and the parliament building.

There are several zoos in the city, so if you really like animals, you will not get bored. Duckbills, marsupials, kangaroos and koalas are in abundance. And if you want to see wildlife in its natural habitat, head to Moreton Bay, where you can spot whales and dolphins.

Natural Australia

Yet it’s not the cities that make this continent and country famous. Of course, the first thing people come here for is stunning unspoiled nature.

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Be sure to check out the oldest rock on earth – the monolith of Ayers Rock. More than 680 million years old this rock. The view of the tourist here opens up a truly alien landscape. This picture fascinates anyone – a huge red rock of unusual shape right in the center of the plain, which stretches around for hundreds of kilometers.

Be sure to include a trip to the Great Barrier Reef in your plans. It is located in the Coral Sea, north of the continent. Diving into the depths of the sea and seeing coral reefs and their inhabitants is a must for anyone visiting Australia. The area of this unique natural phenomenon is the world’s largest concentration of living organisms. The local islands are places where you can relax “on a hurrah”. The infrastructure is top-notch: you can enjoy swimming pools, sports fields, lots of restaurants and at the same time spend your days observing nature.

Lovers of hiking, camping and horseback riding can go to the stunning Blue Mountains National Park. It is located just outside of Sydney. You can not say that he is famous for some of the highest peaks, because the highest point – only 1,300 meters in height. However, there is a lot to see in this park. First of all, these are eucalyptus forests, a walk through which will delight the eye and be good for health. Many animals and birds allow you to take memorable photos. The park also has ancient caves, with Aboriginal sites and fascinating rock art, as well as beautifully lit stalactites and stalagmites.


The island-based Australian state is packed with all sorts of offbeat attractions. If you want a thrill, but in a reasonably safe environment, this is the place to go. It’s easy to get to Australia’s island, whether you’re on domestic airlines or taking a ferry. If you plan a trip to the island of Tasmania, it is best to rent a car transport. However, there are also tour buses between the major population centers.

What to see on the island? Unusual and gloomy museums. The fact is that in the colonial era, there were prisoner settlements here. The most famous of them is Port Arthur with a former prison for criminals. There are also coal mines and labor plants here. But if Australian Aboriginal culture is more interesting you can make a trip to the Tiagarra Cultural Centre. Currently, the island has very few living indigenous people, but the entire millennia of its history is preserved in these museums.

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Many of those who go to Tasmania, want to feel at one with nature. For them on the territory of the island organized bush camps, places with a minimum of infrastructure in the bushes. There are also many canyons and gorges on the island, an abundance of flora and fauna, including the Tasmanian devil.

Cuisine and shopping

Wherever you go in Australia, you’ll probably be interested to know what the country’s cuisine is like. I must say that here you can taste as a very original dishes – a heritage of Aborigines, and more familiar to European man cuisine. In many restaurants you can see such unusual dishes as shark meat, crocodile, possum or kangaroo. If you do not like such exotics – enjoy the meat cooked on fire, chicken “Melbourne” in a traditional sauce, a biscuit “Lemington”. Drinks include local wines that have been produced here for over a century, dark rum and beer.

Shopping in Australia is especially to your liking in June or during the Christmas season, with boutiques, outlet stores, and small shops offering deals and discounts. If with the usual shopping and everything is clear, then the souvenirs need to know, what to bring from Australia as a memory and a gift?

  1. Jewelry made of precious and semi-precious stones;
  2. Products made by Aboriginal hands: wood, clay, talismans;
  3. Boomerang;
  4. Products made of sheep’s wool or crocodile skin, as well as “uggi” boots;
  5. Herbal tea and coffee4
  6. Tea tree oil.

This article does not list all the sights and natural beauties that the traveler should visit in Australia. There are also plenty of festivals and modern attractions to enjoy in its cities, and real camping holidays in the countryside. You can bask on sandy beaches if you want, or explore culture in the many museums that are to be found in every part of the country. Australia is so diverse, you could stay here for a month, and you’ll enjoy your trip!

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