Top 7 most interesting islands in the world

Interesting uninhabited islands

Despite the fact that our planet has almost no so-called “white spots” or places where no man has set foot, some scraps of land still remain uninhabited.

There are beautiful islands with pristine nature in the remotest corners of the earth. Some are extremely difficult to reach, but well worth the trip.

Okunoshima (Japan) – land of rabbits

This cozy desert island is washed by the waters of the Inner Sea of Japan and its main peculiarity is huge number of rabbits, which literally invade this small piece of land. It is said that at least seven hundred furry inhabitants, who are very fond of tourists and eager to interact with them, live here at present.

Interesting uninhabited islands - Okunoshima, Japan

Once upon a time Okunosima was inhabited by several families of fishermen. At the end of the XIX century, fortifications were built on its territory, then a secret military base was built on the island and the plant, which produced chemical weapons – dangerous toxic gases. The laboratory functioned until 1945, carefully hiding its own existence from the world.

Rabbit Island - uninhabited Okunoshima Island in Japan

As soon as World War II ended, the plant was closed, all the equipment, along with documents, was burned, and people were evacuated. Only rabbits, previously used as guinea pigs, remained. Over the years, their population has increased significantly, fluffy animals literally occupied the entire island and feel very well here.

Coco (Costa Rica) – the island of treasure hunters

There are other interesting places on the planet, which are a true dream of adventurers. One of them is uninhabited Cocos Island in the Pacific Ocean, which is located 600 km from the Costa Rican coast. The island itself is quite large, it is completely covered by impenetrable jungle, so only its sandy coast is accessible to tourists.

Interesting uninhabited islands in the world - Cocos, Costa Rica

They say that once upon a time, pirates buried their countless treasures in this place, among which is the famous gold of the Incas. Many expeditions went to the island in search of easy money, but none of them succeeded. Nowadays, only divers come here, who love the local underwater landscapes.

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Bolla Island, Australia – home of the ancient insects

This rocky island is an impregnable pyramid towering above the ocean. It sits between New Zealand and Australia, and is the remnant of an ancient volcano which unleashed its deadly lava 7 million years ago. It is known to be the highest island in the world – its height is 562 meters.

The most interesting uninhabited islands in the world - Bolla Island, Australia

At present, the ancient rocky slopes of Ball are inhabited by the rarest insects, which not long ago were thought to be completely extinct. We are talking about giant tree lobsters, the body length of which reaches 12 cm. Thanks to the efforts of Australian entomologists, the population of insects found on the island has increased significantly and saved the dying species.

Devon (Iceland) – the “Martian” island

It’s unlikely that shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe would have wanted to end up on this island, a completely deserted and lifeless piece of land surrounded on all sides by cold ocean waters. It is the largest uninhabited island on the planet.

The most interesting uninhabited islands in the world - Devon, Iceland

It is known for testing rovers and simulating conditions for life on Mars, which is facilitated by the specific local landscapes, very reminiscent of the Martian ones. There is also the ancient crater Haughton, which was formed about 39 million years ago after a meteorite fall.

Tetepare (Solomon Islands) – an abandoned paradise

It is a uniquely beautiful place, washed by the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean and covered with pristine rainforests. Tetepare belongs to one of the largest islands in the region, it is inhabited by amazing animals, and the most beautiful corals grow along its coast.

The most famous uninhabited islands in the world - Tetepare, Solomon Islands

Until two centuries ago, this land was inhabited by Aboriginal people, who lived in their villages scattered around the island. For some unknown reason, they left this land and settled in other regions of the Solomon Islands. This is probably the most ideal place to make “Robinsons” movies.

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Aldabra (Seychelles) – a lost atoll

One of the most beautiful atolls of the Indian Ocean is almost impossible to get to because of its impregnable rocky shore. Thanks to this isolated position and complete absence of human activity, the local nature has literally blossomed – the flora and fauna of the island are amazing.

The most interesting uninhabited islands - Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

At present, the atoll is declared a nature reserve of international importance, there are no tourists here, but sometimes there are scientists who conduct research and monitor the order on Aldabra. This island is home to such rare species as the black parrot, blue pigeon and flying fox.

Aldabra Atoll, Seychelles

The shores of the atoll resemble a colorful Persian carpet because of the bright vegetation and exotic flowers. There are about 130 species of beautiful tropical butterflies, this paradise place is beloved by many migratory birds. A great place to relax and recharge after a long trip.

Enderbury Islands (New Zealand) – deserted penguin sanctuary

This small piece of land belongs to the volcanic archipelago of Auckland in the Pacific Ocean south of New Zealand. Only recently scientists found the traces of the most ancient Polynesian settlement, which existed on this land around XIII-XIV centuries.

Interesting uninhabited islands - Enderbury Islands (New Zealand)

At present the island is completely uninhabited, sometimes it is visited by scientists engaged in research of local flora and fauna. Enderbury was discovered relatively recently – in 1806, the ordinary crew of a whaling ship. The island is a favorite of yellow-eyed penguins, which feel quite at ease on the unfriendly rocky shore.

The most interesting uninhabited islands - Enderbury Islands, New Zealand

New Zealand sea lions, Auckland teal and wild rabbits also inhabit the island. It is known that in the past the island found a forced shelter for the victims of shipwrecks, which then safely returned to the “mainland”.

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