Top 6 Cities on the Costa Brava. Spain

20 Best Resorts on the Costa Brava

Resorts on the Costa Brava vary in focus. They mostly do not pursue the breadth of audience. Some are more suitable for a family vacation, like San Antonio de Calonge. Others are geared to a younger audience, such as Lloret de Mar. This does not mean that you can not combine the two, but it is better to define your holiday goals in advance. The same applies to pricing.

If you deviate a bit from the popular tourist destinations and Barcelona, you can find offers much cheaper without sacrificing quality. In terms of attractions – a great variety. But especially popular is the city of Figueres, home to the Dali Museum. Vacationers in nearby resorts should definitely take the time to go there.

Popular resorts on the Costa Brava

Lloret de Mar

Although the resort is also suitable for families, it is more popular with young people and party goers. One of the best local sandy beaches is Fenale Beach. At night there are light shows, foam parties, and dance contests for tourists. Nearby there is a water park, the St. Clotilde Gardens park and architectural complex, and the Sea Museum. Top hotels in the area include Rigat Park & Spa Hotel and Aparthotel Costa Encantada.


Tossa de Mar

People come here not only to sunbathe on the spacious beach near the New Town, but also to see the sights of the region. The main one is the Vila Velha fortress. It somewhat juts out into the sea and allows you to take great panoramic pictures of the resort. In addition, the prices here are traditionally lower than in neighboring cities. Nearby hotels – Golden Bahia de Tossa & Spa and Gran Hotel Reymar & Spa



Also carries the name of “Little Venice”. The resort consists of a system of channels, along which the dense housing – villas, cafes, stores, piers. The boat can easily get from the streets of the city straight into the sea. From here it is easy to get to Figueres, where the Dali Museum is located. Nearby is the Emporda Reserve. Empuriabrava also has the largest parachuting center in Europe.



One of the largest and oldest cities on the coast. The promenade along the spacious and clean beach is an ideal place for evening strolls. The fishing port on the north side is the source of freshly caught seafood. You can buy them raw and have them cooked in one of the restaurants. Diving, discos and boat tours are the most popular types of recreation.

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The location between the Pyrenees Mountains and the Mediterranean Sea has made the local climate more comfortable than neighboring resorts. There is less heat and a longer season. A new sports complex with tennis, soccer and golf courts makes a typical beach holiday more varied. Interesting places: the dolmen of Creu den Cobertelia, built no later than the 13th century, the Citadel of Roses, the national park.


La Escala

The relatively young resort attracted the attention of the general vacationing masses in the 1960s. The coastline offers entertainment for all sorts of purposes, from architectural sightseeing to restaurant dinners. Much at the resort is associated with anchovies, including a festival and museum in their honor. You can stay at the L’ Escala Resort or the luxurious Hotel Molí de l’Escala.


La Estartit

Located in the easternmost point of Spain. A wide sandy beach occupies one third of the entire coast. It is divided into several sections. The most popular is called Playa Gran L’Estartit: in the season there is nowhere to fall. Water rides, sports games, renting every little thing for recreation – the beach has it all. Although you can find a good hotel in the area, if possible, tourists prefer to rent villas.


Castel Plaja de Aro

The resort is among the fashionable ones. Its beach is huge and divided into parts by rocky ledges. Thanks to this feature there are 8 recreational areas, which are side by side, but differ from each other in detail. The smallest ones are quiet and secluded. The larger ones have a wide range of recreational opportunities: sports fields, watercraft rentals, restaurants within walking distance.


San Antonio de Calonge

One of the best cities on the Costa Brava for family holidays. Four spacious beaches are located in coves, avoiding strong winds and waves. Children’s playgrounds are open. The castle of Calonge, built in the VIII century, is well preserved in the historic center. In it and the nearby square the main festivals of the city. Especially popular are the Medieval market and the festival of young wine.

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Refers to the number of elite resorts in Spain. Here, among other famous tourists rest members of the royal family. The natural promenade of Cami de Ronda meets the beach of Sa Conca. The coast is shallow, and the water is so clear that the bottom can be seen more than 10 meters from the shore. There are almost no waves, as the bay is surrounded by rocks. In Sagarro is “Hostal De La Gavina” – a hotel that is listed in the top 100 in the world by UNESCO.



The development of the tourism industry has transformed the once small settlement of fishermen. The city’s port is now considered the largest on the Costa Brava. On the coast there are many restaurants, where the menu is always dishes from fresh catches. The beaches are narrow and invariably clean, but the usual variety of resorts for a variety of services is not there. Holidays in Palamos are chosen by tourists who want to immerse themselves in Spanish modern traditions.



The uniqueness of the city opens tourists during the arrival: it leads to only one road. In the past, Cadaqués attracted famous artists. In memory of this, galleries, museums and exhibition halls are created here. Exhibitions are often held right in the streets on the occasion of memorable events. The Old Town area was formed in the Middle Ages and is well preserved. There are always many yachts in the bay, and you can enter the water right from the bustling street.


Sant Feliu de Guixols

Suitable for lovers of leisure time. The town belongs to the typical provincial, although the resort infrastructure at the highest level. Equipped waterfront, clean beach, rent everything you need for a carefree and relaxing vacation. In the summer, the Porta Ferrada festival is held – one of the most colorful in the region. And in the former Benedictine monastery is a historical museum.



The houses of a small fishing village are in harmony with the green area. Wildlife and civilization are intertwined. In winter, the population is about 300 people. But in the summer on a clean beach with bright coarse sand it gets crowded. Working diving club, kayak rentals, bars and restaurants. A circular walking route laid out past the coves. It allows you to see all the beauty of Tamariu.

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Calella de Palafrugell

One of the few places on the Costa Brava that has not been reached by mass tourism. The settlement looks like a village of the past: narrow short streets and houses of hereditary fishermen. The beaches are sandy and have a minimum of necessities: some leisure activities, lifeguard towers, sun loungers for rent. The program for tourists is not extensive: a day on the beach, a walk and dinner at an authentic restaurant. Suitable for those who are tired of the hustle and bustle.



The resort is located in the bay of the same name. In contrast to neighboring Calella de Palafrugell, it is crowded and has more opportunities for recreation. The beach, which is 300 meters long, is one of the best on the Costa Brava. City Botanical Garden is sometimes called the “Russian”. It was founded by the wife of a Russian pilot of the First World War Voevodsky. In the summer, Llafranc hosts “Cap Roig”, the main music festival of Catalonia.



The settlement itself is small and colorful. If you put aside modern communications, you can imagine yourself here as in the Middle Ages, thanks to the architecture. Noisy events are held infrequently. Preference is given to the option of a sedate holiday: the beach, hiking trails for walks, sitting in bars. From mid-spring to June inclusive, Begur hosts fish seasons – a gourmet paradise.


El Port de la Selva

There are about 30 here, all with clear water and a well-maintained coastline, but the coverage varies from coarse pebbles to fine dark sand. Everyone can learn in a school of surfers, as well as go to sea under sail in the company of an instructor. There is a tourist route to the national park of Cap de Creus. If you come to El Porte de la Selva in mid-spring, you have the chance to take part in an asparagus festival.



Located away from the top tourist routes, so the rest here is quiet. It offers spearfishing, biking, windsurfing, kayaking and sailing. Two local beaches have a Blue Flag Award for cleanliness. Llansa is one of the most popular resorts in Europe among nudists. The town has many festivals, including January’s St. Vincent’s Day and summer’s Gastronomic Days.

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The presence of an airport makes Girona a starting point for tourists to visit many resorts. It is called the immortal city because the local fortress at one time withstood 25 sieges. Once a year the specially protected historic Jewish quarter becomes a greenhouse during the festival of flowers. The architectural beauties here are countless. The beaches are not wide and often directly adjacent to the buildings.

The 6 Most Interesting Resort Towns on the Costa Brava

The Costa Brava is a tidbit for tourists and the most popular coast of Spain among Russians. There are picturesque cliffs, tall Mediterranean pine trees and excellent beaches, every second of which has been awarded the “Blue Flag”, that is consistent with international environmental standards.


This beautiful ancient resort city, one of the oldest in Spain (archaeologists believe that the first settlements here appeared as early as the first century AD), is ideal for romantic walks, a quiet and leisurely vacation with the family or solitary searches for inspiration. Nature has spared no expense for the scenery of Blanes with its brightest and juiciest colors, and for its beaches – the soft golden sand. The whole four-kilometer coast of the city is entirely sandy, indented in some places with picturesque rocky bays.


L’Estartit is a small fishing village that was transformed in the middle of the last century into a bustling European resort. The main attraction of this place – a wide sandy beach and lying a few kilometers from the shore of the protected island of Medes. It is a true paradise for diving and therefore the promenade at L’Estartit is full of dive centers, stores and equipment rentals. Transparent-bottomed boats and even a submarine sail from the bay to the islands several times a day.

Tossa de Mar

This is probably the quietest and calmest resort town of the Costa Brava. Here are many hotels, but they are all low-rise and not packed to the brim, a lot of bars and restaurants, but no no noisy discos and drunken crowds. Therefore, in Tossa will be good for couples in love, families with a well-behaved child and those who want to be alone with yourself and the sea. Tossa is a small town where you can easily get around on a bicycle, which you can rent from a number of rental agencies. The main local attraction is a medieval fortress Vila Villa Villa towering over Tossa, one of the most beautiful in the whole Catalan coast, which is perfectly preserved for its 800-odd years. You can get there directly from the main beach – along a serpentine road paved with stones – on an amusing steam train or on foot.

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The resort town of Palafrugell is steeped in romance and Mediterranean charm. Fishing boats are moored here, as they were hundreds of years ago, and restaurants serve seafood prepared according to traditional recipes. There are no tall buildings, loud discos, or big shopping malls, just tiny coves, long sandy beaches, and cute little three-story houses with terracotta roofs and colorful shutters. It’s said that there are no more tourists in Palafrugell than there are fishing boats. Perhaps this is why holiday-makers like to escape from the resorts of the Costa Brava to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and get lost in the maze of the narrow streets.


The resort town of Roses has it all: luxurious sandy beaches, the rocky foothills of the Pyrenees, the best water park in the area, and the most suitable winds for windsurfing and kitesurfing. It is a truly universal place, where everyone can find something to do. You can explore the 11th century fortress-monastery, go scuba diving, buy fresh fish from a longboat in the early morning and have it cooked in one of the many tavernas on the beach.

Lloret de Mar

Like all seaside towns in Spain, Lloret was also once a tiny fishing village. Now it is a famous recreation and entertainment place for Spanish and European youth. There is a huge number of various drinking establishments – from Mexican bars to Irish pubs, as well as nightclubs, discos, casinos, music cafes and much more. The capital’s partygoers even travel here from Barcelona for the weekends – to dance until 6 am, then sleep until dinner, then swim in the warm waves of the Mediterranean, and at night back on the dance floor.

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