Top 5 European countries for family holidays

Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations in Europe

Europe is a picturesque continent rich in many historical cities where almost every inhabitant of the planet dreams to be. All of them are living tourist life, thanks to centuries-old culture and heritage. But what if a little tourist who wants to go on vacation with you for the first time will get acquainted with the world outside his native land. After all, you need to organize not only the safest holiday, but also surprisingly entertaining. The first impression, as we know, the most important thing. But do not despair, because Europe can not only be cold, historical, but also bright and fabulous – it helps 10 amazing cities, where you and your child will find yourself in a world of tales and magic.


1. Fabulously quiet Bologna

Bologna is a quiet city in Italy that is famous for its universities and its educational system. But the city has another side of the coin, because here you can have a great time with your kids.


The advantages of a family vacation in Bologna are as follows:

  • Not as many tourists than, for example, in Milan or Rimini;
  • Cozy small restaurants where you can taste the Italian cuisine;
  • Economical vacation;
  • A wide range of entertainment for children.


Young tourists will love the tour of the Botanical Garden, where they can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of different climatic zones. Fascinating but a little difficult will be a hike to the top of the Tower of Asinelli, but once you reach the peak, all the fatigue will pass, because it’s from here opens an amazing view of the entire city. Museum buffs will enjoy the Geological Museum and the Toy Soldiers National Museum. Finally, the Museum of Industrial Heritage and the City Museum are worth a visit, where children can broaden their horizons thanks to various exhibitions and excursions.

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2. Zurich – Paradise in Switzerland


Zurich is becoming more and more popular with tourists who prefer to spend their holidays with children. After the winter is over, the city is bursting with colorful festivals and celebrations. Arriving on holiday in Zurich you will find a fascinating program. Numerous museums of the city open their doors to you and your children. So for example a very popular museum uses Technorama and culture in them are often carried out various experiments, so inquisitive tourists are recommended.


Children should definitely visit the Toy Museum, Museum of dinosaurs, and the Zoological Museum. Also, children and adults will love the largest indoor water park in Europe, located in the city.

3. Graz – Australia’s Little Wonder

Graz is one of the oldest cities in Australia. On its territory there are many architectural monuments. But apart from that, there are wonderful conditions for recreation for the whole family. In the Augarten Park there is the Fried and Fred Museum. This komlpekst is a wonderful discovery for children and parents alike. On the first floor there is a children’s theater, where you can attend a play or take a master class in making various engravings. Children will also be interested to see a huge exhibit of old puppets.


In the evening, it’s worth visiting the Town Hall or the market square. Here you can listen to performances of musicians, or admire the works of street artists. Also make sure to take a tour of the old castles and fortresses.

4 – Mysterious Edinburgh

Edinburg is a city with centuries-old history, famous for its castles, palaces, museums and of course annual festivals. Many tourists prefer to spend their family vacations in this picturesque city with a lot of legends and myths.


Among the many architectural complexes, the Edinburgh Castle, where today are stored relics of the Scottish kings. Also don’t forget to visit the local zoo and the laser quest entertainment center. And of course be sure to visit the farm “Gorgie City Farm” where there is a huge entertainment complex.

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In addition there is a huge aquarium, where everyone can get acquainted with the various representatives of the underwater world. Thanks to the solid transparent tunnel tour will not only be fun, but also safe.


If you want an aquatic adventure, then you can go straight to Lake Leith, not far from it there is a water park of Edinburgh, as well as the Center for Birds of Prey. And for the most restless tourists. The Jolly Charlie’s Factory is provided.

5. All fabulous paths lead to Rome.

Despite the fact that Rome is quite a lively city, this does not prevent it every year to take young tourists from all over the world. Rome is not only the historical center of Europe, it is also a place where a child can have a great time, because all conditions for it.


First place on the list, where you must go with your child in Rome, is the Villa Borghese. This is a whole world where joy and fun reign. On a huge area there are various attractions, and coupled with the picturesque nature – this place will be a paradise for your child.

Also worth checking out the Botanical Garden of Rome, there are more than 3,000 exotic plants.


For thrill-seekers there is also an amusement park Bomarzo, and for the amazing things you should go to the Amazing Garden. Splashing in the water and riding the water rides can help as many as three water parks. In addition to all this magic, Rome hosts one of the best carnivals in Europe each year, where not only children but also parents will be provided with a mass of entertainment.

6. Berlin – the miracle of Germany

Berlin is one of the best cities in Europe for holidays with children. Almost all restaurants, cafes offer special menus for children, near shopping centers there are play areas, hotels offer various entertainment programs for young guests.

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When you come to this historic city of Germany, you must visit the local zoo, which is the most in the whole country. the next point of visit is the Machmit Museum, where young guests will be offered a variety of intellectual games. The Tropical Island Water Park invites all children to a fascinating world, where there will be only fun and a sea of joy. Numerous attractions will take your child on a fantastic journey, and you will get a lot of positive emotions. And of course, be sure to go to Legoland, everything is designed for children to feel like real magicians. Well, those who love sweets, they will find Ritter Sport store, where you can taste different sorts of chocolates and take part in making your own chocolate.

7. Watery Tale – Florence


Thanks to its architecture, Florence is like a fairy tale city.When you come here, you can visit and see firsthand the ancient castles, and numerous museums.Of particular interest to young travelers will cause the science museum, and the museum Stibberg – the latter is rich with a large collection of weapons.Also it is in Florence is a whole city, where the child can live and try their hand at any activity. In addition, not far from Florence is Pinocchio Park. Here you will be able to visit with children fairy tale houses, as well as go to the puppet theater for performances of favorite characters of childhood.

8. London – or an English fairy tale

The capital of Great Britain attracts a large number of tourists from all over the world every year. The city gained its popularity thanks to its history and numerous cultural monuments. But also tourists who prefer to relax with the whole family have found their place in the sun.


The Museum of Natural History provides an opportunity to see models of dinosaurs and other creatures that lived long before our time. Also worth taking the kids for a walk through the various city parks and castles. History buffs can visit the Tower of London, or head to the Armory. The Abbey of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle, and this is a small fraction of what you can visit in London.

It’s definitely worth stopping by King Cross Station and trying to get on Platform 9 and 3/4, what kids don’t love Harry Potter?


London is also home to many amusement parks, with the London Eye, one of the largest Ferris wheels in the world, being particularly popular. Well, and to meet all the famous celebrities in one room, you will help the famous museum Madame Tussauds.

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9. Barcelona – the soul of Spain

Barcelona is an amazing city located in Spain. It has a rich past, and no less interesting present. There are all conditions to make your stay as comfortable as possible. But for the little travelers created separate conditions. In the city you can find special hotels that take tourists with children. As a rule, such hotels provide a special program for children, as well as good discounts.


As for places to visit with children, there is just a huge choice. The first thing you should go to the local aquarium, where you can through a special transparent tunnel to observe the many inhabitants of the underwater world.

Next, go to the Citadel Park, and of course to the zoo, the best in Europe. Young tourists will be interested in dolphinarium, sea museum and amusement park located on Mount Tibidabo.


In a fabulous journey invites Park Labyrinth, Gaul Park, Park Aventura, as well as the Science Museum. Museum lovers can visit the Museum of Wax Figures, Toy Museum, and the Chocolate Museum.

10. Paris – dreams come true

Paris – the city of romantics, lovers, and those who prefer to vacation with children. Besides the famous Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame de Paris, and the Louvre, there are many places where you and your child are guaranteed a wonderful vacation with lots of vivid impressions.


The first thing to note is the Paris Zoo, which has become home to thousands of animals. Also fascinating will be a trip to the farm Georges Ville, Botanical Gardens and Zoological Gardens. Must go to the museum Madame Tussauds, Puppet Museum, dolphinarium, park of Jacques-Yves Cousteau, Park Asterix, and Park France in miniature.


Well and lastly as a dessert should be a trip to the legendary Disneyland, where dreams come true. Here is a very short, but very bright video about Disneyland Paris:

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