Top 5 best places with lavender fields

Lavender fields – our top places

A new article collected the top places to see lavender fields. Provence is far from the only place where you can enjoy the beauty of the bright purple lavender flowers. Read and keep this helpful article for yourself.

When to go to the lavender fields?

When to go to lavender fields is the most popular question travelers ask. Lavender fields in Europe – Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Romania, France, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey – usually start blooming in mid-June and bloom until early July. No one will tell you the exact time of blooming, as it all depends on the past winter, spring and summer heat. The brightest lavender bushes are usually in late June.

How to take pictures in lavender fields?

In this part of the article, we will give you some practical tips on how to take pictures in lavender fields.

  • Lavender changes color tone depending on the time of day and lighting. Therefore, the same field turns purple for some and pink for others.
  • The most beautiful pictures of lavender are taken at sunrise or sunset. And it is better to see the location of the field in advance on a map to choose the best time of day to go.
  • Create several images. Think about what clothes and props to bring: hat, dresses, picnic basket, fruit, wine, dishes, etc.
  • Be prepared for the fact that the lavender fields are home to many bees that will harass you.
  • Be prepared for the heat, as lavender fields are usually in regions with hot climates.

Provence, France

  • Where are the main lavender sites in Provence : Valencole, Drome, So
  • When does lavender bloom: In the Luberon region and the Rhone Valley, lavender starts blooming in mid-June. In Valensolles and Drome Provence in early July. In So, it blooms in mid-July.

The lavender blooming season in Provence lasts from the last week of June until early August. The peak of flowering, when you can make the most vivid and beautiful shots, is in mid-July – before the collection of flowers. The peculiarity of Provence lavender fields is their frequent proximity to sunflower fields. The world-famous lavender fields with picturesque views are located in Valencole. There they are very thick and extend beyond the horizon, as they are located on the hills.

Locals like to have romantic photo shoots in the Luberon region at the Abbey of Senanc, the village of Rüstrel and the Chateaux du Bois. And also in the village of So, with hundreds of purple plantations surrounded by forest and valley. To see the lavender blooming schedule in different parts of Provence, see the map below.

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Provence Lavender Fields in France on a map and how to get there

Renting a car is the best option to get to the blooming fields, symbols of Provence. French cities such as Aix-en-Provence, Marseille or Avignon are possible departure points.

Lavender Fields in Provence, France

2. Crimea

  • The following places are situated and how to get there: the village Turgenevka (Bakhchisaraysky district) 44 km from Sevastopol; the plantation near the Massandra palace; Nikolaevka near the villages Vodnoe and Medicinal; the village Lavanda; the field near the village Krymskaya Rosa; near the villages Mazanka and Opushki; in Belogorsk district near the villages Aromatnoe and Tsvetochnoe; Cape Tarhankut near the village Olenevka. In the Crimea the lavender fields are located near the settlements. So you can choose to travel by bus from the Central bus station of Simferopol or by renting a car. More information is available in our article “Rent a car in the Crimea”.
  • Coordinates for navigator: 44.700952, 33.843186
  • When lavender blooms : lavender blooms in the Crimea usually begin in mid-June and end in the first week of July. It depends on the weather in a given year.
  • Rent a car for a trip to lavender fields on the reliable Mycarrental website

Late June to early July in the Crimea is the time of lavender blooms. The main and largest Crimean lavender field is located in the village of Turgenevka (44 km east of Sevastopol) and covers an area of 120 hectares. This place is called the Crimean Provence. A memorable walk through the lavender fields of the Crimea will not leave you indifferent for a lifetime. Photo shoot at the lavender fields, along with natural attractions and palaces of the Crimea, will help you diversify your beach holiday on the peninsula and take colorful selfies.

On the Crimean lavender fields arrive newlyweds for wedding and family photo shoots. These lavender hills are also popular for picnics. The fields in Crimea are more densely planted than in Provence, creating the feeling of a real flower carpet.

Lavender fields Turgenevka Crimea

Nova Cobusca, Moldova

  • Location and accessibility: 42 km east of Chisinau and 140 km from Odessa. The lavender field is located near the village Anenii Noi.
  • When does lavender flower: mid June – early July

Cobusca Nouău is a Moldovan village, which every summer becomes a pilgrimage destination for many tourists from Ukraine and Moldova. The reason is the fragrant lavender field which is situated nearby. Here people like to make sunrise and sunset photos in light fluttering dresses on the background of blooming lavender.

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Entrance to the lavender field in Kobuska Noue is paid and costs 50 lei (€2.4). Next to the field is a tent where you can buy fragrant lavender oil, sachets and pretty bouquets for photo shoots.

Where to find lavender fields

4. Kableshkovo, Bulgaria

  • How to get there and where to get there: If you go from Kableshkovo, take road 6009 in the direction of Izvorishte, after 3.5 km you will see a lavender field on the right side.
  • When does lavender flower: mid June – early July
  • Rent a car for a drive in the fields on Myrentacar

There are many lavender fields in Bulgaria, and they are scattered all over the country. For example, there are quite a few fields that you can see when driving from Burgas to Sofia. Very beautiful fields are situated near the town of Tutrakan on the border with Romania. But the most popular fields for photo sessions tourists can find near the village Kableshkovo near Burgas. There for €5 they will let you in for a photo session.

Photos with bright purple bushes on the background of the mountains are as good as in Provence, and are a good addition to your family photo album or Instagram while vacationing on the Black Sea. Also in these places between the villages Aheloy and Kableshkovo there are colorful fields with sunflowers, which are also suitable for photo shoots.

Lavender fields in Bulgaria

5. Nukriani, Kakheti, Georgia.

  • Where is it and how to get there: 105 km east of Tbilisi and 5 km from Sighnaghi.
  • To travel to the fields, you will need a car. If you come without a car, you can read our separate article “Car Rental in Georgia”.
  • When lavender blooms: the long blooming period is from May to August, but the most beautiful pictures can be taken in July.

The blooming fields of lavender with its intoxicating aroma is the trademark of the Kakheti region of Georgia. If you find yourself in this region in summer, the fields near the village of Nukriani are a place worth visiting. Here tourists will find a real purple sea of lavender, and can buy a fragrant bouquet for a lavender sachet. The entrance fee to the field is modest – only €1.3; the bouquet for the photo session – €1.5.

There are professional and wedding photo shoots on the fields, as well as plein airs and yoga. Or you can just enjoy the incredible scents and views of the valley and mountains in the distance.

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Lavender fields in Georgia

6. Küücak, Turkey

  • Location and accessibility: the lavender fields of Küücak are 180 km north of Antalya. You can get there by car. We wrote about where to find a car in the article “Rent a car in Turkey”.
  • The lavender blooms from mid June to early July. Towards the end of this period the flowers lose brightness.

The lavender fields of Turkey during the flowering season have become very popular with our tourists who love to vacation in this beautiful country. When you travel to these beautiful locations, you will get unique pictures from the trip. After all, it is not all to be photographed in a hotel, park and sea.

Turkish Provence – Lavanta Kokulu Köy fields in the village of Kuyucak north of Antalya are famous throughout the country for their purple lavender fields, which is located near the town of Isparta. Lavanta diyari and Panoramaik Lavanta Çadırı are the two locations in this area where you get the best shots.

At the lavender farms you can buy interesting gifts: lavender tea, oil, as well as cookies and other sweets.

Lavender fields in Turkey

7. South Moravia, Czech Republic

  • Where to go and how to get there: near Židovice Hill (Židovice 130, Hrobce, 411 83); Starovičky (Starovičky 350 – provozovna 693 01, Starovičky); Bezděkov (Bezděkov 6, 78973 Bezdek U Usova); Strani (Zelnice 228, 68765 Strání)
  • When does the lavender bloom : end of June

The South Moravian lavender farm in Starovicky has become a very popular photo shoot for Czechs and expatriates of the former Soviet Union as well. There is a bench for beautiful photography, and you can walk around and breathe in the delicious air of lavender in beautiful surroundings.

Lavender fields in Czech Republic

Photo from

8. UK

  • Names of lavender fields in England : Mayfield (London); Lavender Fields (Hampshire); Lordington Lavender (Sussex); The Hop Shop (Kent); Hitchin Lavender (Hertfordshire); Cotswold Lavender (Gloucestershire); Somerset Lavender (Somerset)
  • When does lavender bloom: July to August

The lavender fields in bloom are a wonderful alternative to France. The Hitchin Lavender fields are said to be the most lushly in bloom and the most uninhabited. A trip to these fields will be an unforgettable adventure. It is convenient to get to these remote points by renting a car.

Lavender fields in UK

9. Rudnya Sponitskaya, Belarus

  • Where is it situated and how to reach it : 24 km from Gomel. The most comfortable way to get to the fields is by renting a car. When arriving in Rudnya Sponitskaya, follow the sign “Fruit and Berry Nursery”.
  • When does lavender flower: mid June – early July
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Little Provence near Gomel is a magical location that is not much promoted at the moment. It’s quite spacious, and there’s plenty of room for everyone. Entrance to the lavender fields is free. The cost of an hour of photography in the fields is €4.8 for an adult, €3.2 for a child. You can also rent props for the photo shoot, including picnic baskets, hats and even a bicycle for a fee.

Lavender fields in Belarus

10. Starozolotovsky, Rostov, Russia

  • Where is it located and how to get there : 173 km northeast of Rostov-on-Don. Travel time by car will take about 3 hours.
  • When does lavender flower: mid June – early July

Surprising but true: near Rostov there are lavender fields of unusual beauty. Provence is just around the corner, and you don’t have to go to France for the memorable shots. Entrance fee to the field: 300 rubles for 15 minutes; payment only in cash. The fields are laid out in front of the entrance to the village, which also deserves a visit – the TV series “The Quiet Don” was filmed here, and the village itself was included in the top of the most beautiful villages in Russia.

Lavender fields in Russia

Whichever of these places you choose to visit, excellent photos and a charge of vivacity and great mood are guaranteed. I hope that our article was able to convince you that it is possible to see lavender in quite inexpensive locations and not only in Provence.

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Your Provence: 6 places in Russia where you can walk through lavender fields

Bright purple expanses can be found not only in France, but also in Russia. Lavender has long been used for its oils and medicines, but it has only been planted on its own fields relatively recently. To flower luxuriantly, the plant needs conditions of dry subtropics, which is possible only in the south of Russia. So, for colorful pictures need to go to the Crimea and Rostov region. Below we present a list of the most picturesque lavender places in the country.

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Your Provence: 6 places in Russia, where you can walk through lavender fields

Krymskaya Rosa village and the surrounding area

You can enter the territory of the village without driving off the highway. You can meet blooming fields at the border of the village on both sides of the route Simferopol-Sudak. From Simferopol to the plantations is 40 km away. However, the flower fields are not the only ones here: if you go in this direction, you can find yourself in the villages of Mazanka and Vodnoe, where everything is also glistening with purple.



Suburbs of Sevastopol

Not far from a major resort, there are also colorful fields of flowers. You should look for them on the way to Uchkuevka and Andreevka.



Lavanda settlement

Near Alushta is a settlement with a picturesque name that speaks for itself. Here are some of the most impressive flower plantations. You can get here by trolley-bus from Simferopol. From the bus stop, you must walk in the direction of Luchistoe.



Bakhchisaray region of Crimea

This area is considered to be the most “lavender” on the peninsula. There are a lot of purple fields there, but the plantations in the village Turgenevka stand out brightly against the general background. Many people come here for impressive pictures.



Cape Tarkhankut

On this Crimean cape there is a village called Olenevka, which is much loved by travelers. All because it is the westernmost resort of the entire peninsula and large crowds of tourists often do not reach here. For those who are tired of the hustle and bustle and the abundance of people – paradise. However, it is also not a bad place for lavender seekers. There is only one lavender field, but very picturesque. By the way, we told you more about the local national park earlier.



Khutor Starozolotovsky, Rostov region

One of the most beautiful farmsteads in Russia is located 160 km from Rostov-on-Don. He is quite small, consists of only a few streets. The road to farmstead descends to the waters of the Don, and in front of a few houses there is a dense forest. The traveler has something to do even in such a small farmstead: there are kurens, museum, beautiful nature and lavender field. It may be small, only 3 hectares, but it impresses with its beauty.



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