Top 5 beaches in Torremolinos, Spain

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain


Torremolinos – a small town on the Mediterranean Sea Costa del Sol in Spain, a popular vacation spot, located in close proximity to the capital of the Costa del Sol, Malaga. Torremolinos attracts tourists from all over the world with its magnificent beaches, numerous cafes and restaurants offering seafood specialties, lively nightlife, and transport accessibility.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

How to get to Torremolinos

. Torremolinos is only 8 km from Málaga. Flights to Malaga airport from Russia are Aeroflot and S7, you can also fly to Malaga with connecting flights of foreign airlines.

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From the airport you can then take a bus, train (Torremolinos or Montemar Alto stop) or cab. Trains and buses cost about 2.5 euros.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

Where to stay in Torremolinos Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

The city abounds with hotels of various levels – from economy to luxury. First of all, you should decide on the area of residence.

The city can be divided vertically into upper and lower parts. The administrative center of the city is located on the top, the main streets, there is a bus, major supermarkets, currency exchange, etc. The lower part, which is closer to the sea, has the beaches and the promenade. And although there are many stores and restaurants here, the prices tend to be much higher than upstairs.

Horizontally, Torremolinos is conventionally divided into the Playa Bajondilo area. It is located closer to Málaga and the Torremolinos train station. District La Carihuela extends to Benalmadena, and there is a railway station Montemar Alto. The center of Torremolinos itself is in between in the area of the Hotel Melia Costa del Sol and further up towards Plaza de Andalucia.

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If you plan to spend much of your time on the beach – definitely the lower one. Because moving between the upper and lower part of the city is quite tiring, especially in hot weather. There are steep climbs with and without stairs.

For a reliable hotel search, see HERE or here.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in SpainCarihuela BLUE.

We chose Carihuela Blue for our vacation and have never regretted it. The apartment is in a three story building 2 minutes walk from Carihuela beach. We lived on the third floor and from our balcony we could see a small piece of the sea nearby. It was really nice to sit on the balcony and watch the whole resort life go by.

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The apartment includes a living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet and shower. All perfectly clean. The kitchen is equipped with everything you need for cooking – equipment and utensils. However, I want to note one minus. Usually when we moved in we found in the kitchen non-perishable products left by previous tenants such as salt, sugar, coffee, cooking oil, etc. Here the refrigerator and shelves were pristine. We had to buy everything. Similarly, after us everything left over was also packed in bags and put out the door. This is the policy of the place.

The apartment sleeps 4 – there is a double bed in the bedroom and a sofa bed in the living room. For a family of 2 adults and a child of 8 years was quite enough space. There is wifi.

There are lots of cafes, restaurants, stores around but the prices are quite high. It takes about 20 minutes to walk to the nearest large supermarket.

In general, the location of the apartments I consider ideal for those who care about the beach, and recommend them for good value for money. And how not to make a mistake when choosing a hotel or apartment read my articles How to book a hotel or apartment when traveling and Features of booking hotels with – tips and coupons for discounts. And don’t forget to take out medical insurance: How to get proper and profitable travel insurance.

Torremolinos Beaches

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

The main beaches in Torremolinos, as I have already written, 2 – Carihuela and Bajondilo. They are conventionally divided into small beaches with areas to rent sun beds, toilets and wifi, having their own name. The cost to rent two sun beds and an umbrella ranges from 5 to 8 euros. You can sunbathe for free on your own towels, there is plenty of space for that. All beaches have showers.

But the water in the sea did not please me. As it turned out, the Costa del Sol, it is traditionally cold. Even in late August, when the water is maximally warmed up, its temperature reaches a maximum of +24 degrees. In mid-July it seemed to me just icy, especially in contrast to the air temperature. I do not know how many degrees it was, but the feeling was no more than 20.


Therefore, despite the record influx of holidaymakers, we almost did not see people swimming on the beach. Many go into the water and stand knee-deep or waist-deep in it. I was one of the few who swam to the buoys. That’s probably why I had a rescue boat following me around all the time.

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Where to eat in Torremolinos

Overall, where to eat is not a question. The coast and the upper part of the city just abound in cafes and restaurants that offer mostly traditional Spanish dishes:

Despite the abundance of food outlets and, consequently, a lot of competition, prices in establishments of Torremolinos are quite high. Many restaurants are empty, even in the evenings. This is not only due to the economic crisis, but, as explained to me by the locals, with a general change in the format of the holiday.

If tourists previously preferred a beach-restaurant vacation, but now they prefer to spend more time on excursions, and eat on their own, living in apartments.

Prices for food in Spain in major supermarkets are quite affordable, and the wine can be bought for next to nothing – from 1 euro per bottle. But in the small grocery stores, which also proudly call themselves supermarkets, the prices are 2 times higher.

How to choose a cafe or restaurant? Look closely, where there are more Spaniards, preferably locals. You can ask for advice from locals.


Look closer to where there are more Spaniards, preferably locals. You can ask someone local for advice.

Marisquería La Chacha

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

I will recommend you an institution in Torremolinos that will not leave indifferent true seafood lovers. It is called Marisquería La Chacha and is located in the center of the city in the upper part. What makes it popular with the locals is that the seafood there is always the freshest, freshly caught, cooked before your eyes. The establishment is run by a family who also owns their own fishing boat.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

Prices are moderate, you can also order non-alcoholic drinks and wine. But you won’t be able to sit quietly and relax at La Chacha; the tables are standing room only. This is done on purpose to increase the flow of visitors, of which there are many.

Torremolinos sights

Torremolinos is a tourist town and does not have any special historical sights. There are several monuments, churches, and interesting buildings. You will see them walking through the city or along the promenade. Walk down Calle San Miguel, walk to Plaza Costa del Sol and at the intersection of Calle del Bajondillo and Calle Antonio Navajas Ruiz see the Casa de los Navajas, which you can enter for free inside.

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The Chamber of Secrets

This place is the most popular in Torremolinos, judging by the reviews. But unfortunately I could not find any reviews in Russian. And I could not go there myself. There is a magic show. Passing by the building, I saw a lot of people wanting to get in. Anyway, next time I will definitely have to visit it.

Park La Bateria

The park is next to the Montemar Alto train station. It is relatively new, there are many trees, but they are still small, so there is not enough shade on hot days yet. Visiting the park is free, it is closed at night.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain


First of all, you can just walk around. The area is beautiful and well maintained. There is a nice artificial lake in the center, and there is also a stream running through the park. This is a great place for jogging. There are fitness equipment, drinking water fountains, and free toilets, including children’s toilets.

Holidays in Torremolinos on the Costa del Sol in Spain

There is a fairly large playground for children in the park. In the evening there is a carousel and boat rental on the lake. But what I liked most about La Bateria Park was the observation tower. It itself has a nice view, located surrounded by the cannons that gave the park its name. Despite the low height, there is an elevator to the top of the tower, which is very humane to strollers. The view is magnificent. The whole of Torremolinos is right in front of you, immersed in the green palm trees and washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

Other attractions in Torremolinos

Other attractions are the Crocodile Farm, the Water Park and the Botanical Gardens, which costs only 1 euro. In general, you will not be bored in Torremolinos. And if the experience is still not enough – welcome to Benalmadena and Malaga, about which I tell in separate articles.

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Review of the best beaches in Málaga, Spain

The sunny province of Malaga is located on the southern coast of Spain, in the center of the popular tourist region Costa del Sol. Holidaymakers come here to enjoy the sea, the architecture of the old streets and beautiful nature. The beaches of Málaga attract a large number of people, as they have the southernmost location in Europe. They are unofficially, but justifiably called the “coast of the sun.

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Review of Malaga beaches photo

Features of a beach holiday in the province of Malaga

The length of the coastline is approximately 14 km. There are numerous beaches.

Some of them flow so smoothly into each other that the boundary is difficult to draw. Most beach areas are equipped for comfortable stay of tourists. However, there are “wild”, not landscaped sections of the coast.

Malaga Beaches

Equipped for tourists beaches have:

  • umbrellas or roofs to protect from the sun’s rays;
  • sun loungers;
  • showers and toilets (including for people with disabilities);
  • foot baths;
  • playgrounds for children;
  • sports fields and equipment rental;
  • water activities;
  • rescue stations;
  • cafes, restaurants and bars with verandas;
  • parking lots.

Most of the coast is covered with coarse brown sand mixed with pebbles. The sea bottom a few steps from the water’s edge is stony, but if you walk a little further, it becomes soft and sandy.

The beaches within the city are often crowded with tourists and locals, so the water can be muddy. But on the coasts, which are located in the suburbs, it is transparent. The sea water is warm and the weather is almost always good, due to the fact that the coastal area of Málaga is closed by mountain ranges from the wind from the north.

Malaga Beaches

Types of beaches in Málaga

The beaches of Málaga are divided into two categories:

  • Urban.

Urban Beaches

Located in the city, have a developed infrastructure. Tourists are offered a wide range of services and entertainment.

Authentic Beaches

Located slightly east of the city. They are distinguished by their small size and picturesque nature.

Beaches of Málaga

The total length of the coast of Málaga is second in size only to Estepona and Marbella. A brief summary of the beach areas of Málaga will allow tourists to choose the right location for your holiday.

La Malagueta

The beach is central and is located near the port. For this reason, many tourists and locals come here.

La Malagueta beach photo

sand beach

Malaga beach

sea boulevard

La Malagueta is the only beach in the province that is lined with sand from the Sahara desert.

There are numerous hotels, boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants along the coastline of more than 1 km. There is the possibility of renting swimming aids, renting deck chairs and equipment for sports, etc. There are picturesque islands of greenery with palm trees and lawns all around.

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La Caleta

La Caleta

Beach shore

Tide of the sea

Next to La Malagueta is La Caleta beach. It too is located close to the center (by the promenade Picasso) and has a well-developed infrastructure. La Caleta is covered with sand and stretches for about 1 km. The peculiarity of La Caleta is,

La Caleta is a special feature of La Caleta is that there is a well-developed sports: bicycle paths, outdoor fitness equipment, volleyball and soccer courts, etc. are available. There is an inexpensive restaurant, Chiringuito Tropicana, popular with vacationers.

Like La Malagueta, La Caleta is crowded and close to a residential area.

Baños del Carmen.

The beach is located in the eastern part of the city. It is divided into 2 parts, between which there is a grill bar, providing the opportunity to admire the beautiful views of the sea while eating.

Baños del Carmen was named after Malaga’s first public health center, opened in the twentieth century. It was the first place where it was legalized for men and women to bathe together.

Baños del Carmen

The coastline is 550 meters long. It is covered with dark sand mixed with pebbles. Around Baños del Carmen grow eucalyptus trees and palm trees. The area has 2 tennis courts and a restaurant built in the 30’s. The infrastructure is well developed, but there are no water activities.

Los Boliches

This beach belongs to the municipality of Fuengirola, part of the province of Malaga. Los Boliches stretches along the entire town. It is covered with fine, dark sand that gives it a picturesque feel.

The water on Los Boliches is clean and clear, but some consider it not warm enough – the coast has cold currents from the Strait of Gibraltar.

Los Boliches


Beach and sand


The beach has playgrounds for sports, you can rent sun loungers, etc.

Pedregalejo (or Las Acacias)

The beach is located in the territory of an old fishing village. Therefore, there are many restaurants and cafes where you can eat seafood. In some establishments, food is cooked over charcoal in wooden boats standing on the shore.

The most popular restaurants in Pedregalejo are El Caleno and Maricuchi. Pedregalejo is divided by breakwaters into small bays – this feature makes it safe for small children to swim. The beach is sandy and its surroundings are picturesque.

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