Top 10 most interesting US museums for kids

Best Children’s Museums in the U.S.

The opening of the Brooklyn Children’s Museum in 1899, the first museum of its kind for children, turned out to be a whole new cultural phenomenon. It’s not just a museum for kids to visit – it’s designed just for them. Childhood is an important stage in everyone’s life, so we can only rejoice at the appearance of new places where children can gain new knowledge through games and interactive activities. Take a look at the top 20 museums in the U.S. that are designed just for young explorers of the world.

1. Children’s Museum of Houston, Houston

The Children’s Museum of Houston is full of interactive and educational games and has new activities every day. The water exhibit is especially popular here, so you’ll probably need a change of clothes. Older kids will be interested in trying their hand at being spies, solving Cyberbase challenges, and testing their capabilities in the Challenge program.

2. Please Touch Museum,Philadelphia

The museum’s memorial hall will allow your child to show their curious nature to the fullest: here you can smash objects, drag foam blocks around the construction site, and have fun at the grocery store. Where else can you launch a rocket into the ceiling or get lost in Alice in Wonderland?

3. Minnesota Children’s Museum, St. Paul

Not only does the Minnesota Children’s Museum have the largest collection of traveling exhibits, but there are also plenty of permanent ones to show off your creativity. Your child will need a raincoat so they don’t get wet when they hose down and paint water graffiti on a large “car,” an exhibit of more than 13 vehicles.

4. Brooklyn Children’s Museum,Brooklyn,NY

At the Brooklyn Children’s Museum (which is also the first children’s museum in the world) you’ll find exhibits like the Color Cove room where kids can draw right on the walls, and a recreated miniature Brooklyn with lots of detailed details specific to it. Want to take beautiful pictures with your child? Then welcome to the rainbow tunnel!

5. Kidspace Children’s Museum, Pasadena, CA

The Pasadena Children’s Museum has both indoor and outdoor exhibits. Kids can try their hand at being climbers, insect explorers, participate in real physics experiments, and just ride their bikes. There’s even an excavation site where you can play paleontologist by digging up fossils and driving around in an off-road vehicle.

6. The New Children’s Museum, San Diego, CA

The San Diego Children’s Museum is a creative play space and art studios. The soft mattresses here are on the walls and on the floor, so a child can run and bounce around to their heart’s content. Wobbleland is an amazing place to ride an avocado swing, play with pieces of giant vegetables, or climb on a piece of cheese. You can visit the art workshops at any time. Drawing and clay modeling workshops are held there.

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7. DuPage Children’s Museum, Naperville, IL.

Don’t miss the Build It area, where kids can build using real tools (don’t worry, kids are always supervised by staff). The Art Instrument Gallery is worth trying out the PVC organ or playing percussion instruments. There are also three separate play areas for the little ones and a contact zoo. There are three separate play areas for the little ones and an amazing water table!

8. The DoSeum, San Antonio, Texas.

Just north of downtown San Antonio, you’ll find a museum where the exhibits are specially adapted for play. Kids enjoy making burgers in a special van, and treating little kittens while trying their hand at being a veterinarian. Older kids can get training in the spy academy, where they’ll use their math skills to pass tests. And of course, they will perform a secret mission in a house full of hidden caches and secret passages. Do you prefer the outdoors? The museum has a sports field, a butterfly garden, and a small river.

9. Boston Children’s Museum, Boston, MA

This waterfront children’s museum is one of the oldest in the country, so they’ve had time to improve every exhibit . A multi-story high climbing slide greets you at the entrance, but that’s just the beginning. Let the little ones “work” with machinery on the interactive construction site, or immerse themselves in a new culture in a fully reconstructed traditional Japanese house, brought straight from Kyoto.

10. Children’s Museum of Denver at Marsico Campus, Denver, Colorado

After expanding its grounds in 2015, the Children’s Museum of Denver doubled its exhibit space by adding six new hands-on learning exhibits, including Joy Park and a teaching kitchen. The high-rise exhibit takes kids on an adventure: climb the cliffs and watch the raging waters in the canyon. Build the biggest sand castle, float through the sky on a zipline, or roll right down the hill! By the end of 2018, the new area is expected to open: a forest full of viewing platforms, slides, bridges and swings.

11. children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Inside the 80,000-square-foot Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh are play areas where you can play with water, mud and create a large-scale sculpture . The outdoor play space in the backyard includes musical swings, an interactive club and plenty of opportunities to let out all your energy without disturbing your parents

12. Madison Children’s Museum, Maddison, Wisconsin

Travel back in time to Wisconsin with a visit to an authentic 1838 log cabin where you can whip butter, write with a feather, pick vegetables and cook them over an open fire. Visit the rooftop chicks, climb to the top to see a beautiful panorama of Maddison. And there’s no shortage of creativity – kids will delve into the world of their imagination in the art studio.

13. The Strong Museum, Rochester, NY

Known as the National Game Museum, the Rochester Museum allows your child to get active at his or her own pleasure. Here you can play giant Tetris or Pac-Man in the eGameRevolution gallery, or stick to the classics, favoring the famous board games. In the Imagination Destination area, the impossible becomes possible: kids can fly in a helicopter, build an entire house, fly in a spaceship, and even shrink down to the size of a small bug! Also, it’s impossible not to mention Sesame Street.

14. Children’s Museum of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona

When parents want to escape the Arizona heat, they come to the Phoenix Children’s Museum. The outdoor exhibits start before you even walk through the main door! The entire front yard is occupied by an interactive and educational area, including a colorful tube maze. Inside, you’ll find not only air conditioning, but an imaginary café and a giant climber made from found materials. And not a visit goes by without making your own blanket fort.

15. Children’s Discovery Museum of San Jose, San Jose, CA

Knowing the weather in San Jose, it’s no surprise that the outdoor courtyard is a favorite of kids at the Children’s Discovery Museum. The kids just love the tree houses. There’s also a drought-tolerant garden full of herbs and plants that your kids can grow at home (and they won’t die if you forget to water them); Together with a ranger, kids will explore local nature and build a fort out of native plants.

16. Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, Indiana

The world’s largest children’s museum is located in the heart of Indianapolis. Visit the International Space Station, unearth dinosaur bones at Dinosphere, climb the rocks at ScienceWorks, and as of 2018, kids can play sports on 7 acres: there’s a soccer field, golf course, baseball field and hockey rink, too.

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17. Port Discovery Children’s Museum, Baltimore, Maryland

The Port Discovery Children’s Museum, located in Baltimore, has playrooms and exhibits all on three levels of the building, here your kids can touch and climb almost anything! Start with the amazing three-story treehouse, then move on to the tiny soccer stadium. Port Discovery plans to launch a massive novelty port and three-story ship in 2019, where kids can play captains, sailors, engineers and pilots. Can’t wait to climb aboard already!

18. Children’s Museum of Atlanta, Atlanta, Georgia

Located right across the street from Olympic Park, every exhibit in this playful place is an object for hands-on exploration. You’ll be greeted by an exhibit of various machines, where many kids can spend the day “operating” a forklift while learning the simple basics of machine construction in parallel. And if your little one loves the layout and train tables, they will be amazed by the six giant exhibits that represent the continents of the Earth.

19. Children’s Museum of Manhattan, New York.

The museum is 38,000 square feet of interactive exhibits and programming. In the summer, the H2O area is extremely popular with kids; at other times, their attention shifts to Playworks, with its fire truck, sand games, a talking dragon that “eats” letters, and a network of play slides.

20. Miami Children’s Museum, Miami, Florida

If you’re going to take your little ones anywhere in Miami, no doubt you need to visit the Children’s Museum. It’s a 56,000-square-foot building that includes so many games that your child will love the place. Let your kids compose tunes in a brand new studio where they can try to play a variety of instruments, including a giant piano on the floor. Just been to the beach? Have your kids draw their own sea creatures to be part of the digital aquarium.

Top 10 most interesting US museums for kids

There are more than 200 children’s museums in the United States that welcome millions of visitors each year. From climbing walls and various structures to hands-on interactive displays to physically engaging objects, there are plenty of activities for kids of all ages. There are museums in almost every city, and there’s no reason not to take your kids or grandkids with you. So here are the top 10 best children’s museums in the United States.

No. 1: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

Top 10 Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Photo 2

No. 1: Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, Indiana

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With dinosaurs bursting through the building before you even step inside, the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is the world’s largest museum for children. Here you can see the first-ever museum exhibit based on the Peabody Award-winning television series Doc McStuffins . The museum will not only be fun for kids, but for adults as well. There are things you’ll love, such as the permanent Dale Chihuly exhibit , a vintage carousel and a water clock two stories high.

2nd Place: The Pleas Touch Museum of Pennsylvania

Top 10 Most Interesting U.S. Museums for Kids - Photo 3

2nd Place: Plz Touch Museum, Pennsylvania

The Plz Touch Museum is over 40 years old, but it continues to delight you with its exhibits. It’s a great place to visit with kids of all ages. Kids can assemble, plan and maneuver their own trains at Centennial Exploration or dig up balloons and unload them with a front excavator at City Capers . There are plenty of interesting places to explore. There are arts and crafts and drawing classes, a toy superstore, and even an Alice in Wonderland exhibit.

3rd Place: Boston Children’s Museum, Massachusetts

Top 10 Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 4

3rd Place: Boston Children’s Museum, Massachusetts

The Boston Children’s Museum, with a prominent wire structure at the entrance that kids can climb up two levels, welcomes everyone to three floors of activities. There’s a KEVA board building area, a construction zone, golf balls rolling down a winding track in Raceways, a school bus, and, of course, some trains. The museum is a fantastic mix of quiet activity and a place to rage.

4th Place: Children’s Museum of Houston, Texas

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 5

4th Place: Children’s Museum of Houston, Texas

Offering innovative learning opportunities for children , the Children’s Museum of Houston recommends incredibly extensive programs for children of all ages. With a variety of games and hands-on activities such as a bubble lab, an exciting matter factory for young scientists, an inventor’s workshop, an eco-station, a visit to a mountain village in Mexico, and various role-playing games such as policeman, nurse and doctor.

5th Place: Kohl’s Children’s Museum, Illinois

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 6

5th Place: Kohl’s Children’s Museum, Illinois

Providing a hands-on learning lab for children ages birth to 8, the Kohl’s Children’s Museum offers interesting and informative workshops that are a lot of fun. Children will always find something to suit their interest m eans the Collaboration Station, Habitat Park, Nature Explorers, Ravin a Festival Musicians, Pet Veterinarian, or Play Café, to name just a few of their many permanent exhibits.

6th Place: Liberty Science Center, New Jersey

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 7

6th Place: Liberty Science Center, New Jersey

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The Liberty Science Center, with its four floors, is a synergistic learning center and science museum. Test your skills in the Wild Life Challenge on an outdoor obstacle course. Get a close-up look at life inside the hive at the honeybee exhibit called “Home Is Where the Hive Is.” And use only your sense of touch to navigate winding tunnels and coal-black passageways.

7th Place: Children’s Museum of Port Discovery, Maryland

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 8

7th Place: Children’s Museum of Port Discovery, Maryland

The motto of the Port Discovery Children’s Museum is to educate children and inspire their curiosity. Through exhibits such as the indoor soccer stadium, which when not in use as a playing field, is transformed into an arena where children can skate, snowboard . Kids can surf the challenging paths, show off their moves in the dance studio, or solve a tangled Buffle family case in the Mystery House.

No. 8: COSI (Center for Science and Industry), Ohio

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 9

8th Place: COSI (Center for Science and Industry), Ohio

There’s a planetarium, a giant-screen movie theater and COSI’s own lab, where you can witness scientific discoveries in real time. The Center is a 320,000-square-foot space where you can immerse yourself in old stories of the sea and ocean at the legendary Poseidon Playground. Test your talents as an astronaut in a space chair or uncover the secrets of an ancient civilization on a remote island in an adventure.

9th Place: Children’s Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota

Top 10 The Most Interesting American Museums for Kids - Picture 10

9th Place: Children’s Museum of Minnesota, Minnesota

The Children’s Museum of Minnesota offers to climb aboard and visit Sodor Island with Thomas the Steam Train in the Explore the Rails exhibit. This interactive traveling exhibit encourages visitors to ask questions, identify problems and help learn skills such as timing, math and physics, and spatial thinking . The all-new “Force at Play” exhibit invites you to experience the power of water and air.

10th Place: Children’s Museum of Madison, Wisconsin

Top 10 The Most Interesting U.S. Museums for Kids - Picture 11

10th Place: Madison Children’s Museum, Wisconsin

Committed to engaging, challenging and inspiring every visitor, this organization earned Trip Advisor’s 2014 and 2015 quality certification. Here you’ll find an authentic log cabin from 1838, where you’ll be taught how to whip butter, pick vegetables, and write with quills. At the museum, tour the bustling town, which is 90% recycled materials. At the Madison Center, discover nature and learn about sustainability with aquaponics in a tilapia aquarium , learn all about planting in a greenhouse and explore worms that turn organic waste into compost.

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