Top 10 Most Interesting Sights in Michigan, USA

Top 10 Most Interesting Sights in Michigan, USA

Michigan is a state unlike any other in the United States. It has extensive urban areas that allow for festivals and cultural entertainment . And the natural ecosystems are a serious wow factor that excites visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a city dweller or an adventurer, thrill seeker or foodie, Michigan is a state where you can create memories every second. Here are the top 10 things to do in Michigan to get your vacation right.

1: Michigan Historical Museum.

Did you know that Michigan has an entire system of historical museums covering all of the state’s history? Start at the Michigan Historical Museum, located in Lansing, for a vast history, from the first prehistoric settlers to the 20th century. Discoveries, temporary and permanent exhibits of the highest quality await you here, including magnificent outdoor water features and a three-story topographic map in the atrium.

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1: Michigan Historical Museum.

2: The Macchino Bridge.

The Maquino Bridge, also known as the Mighty Bridge, is one of the longest suspension bridges in the world . The beginning and end connects the Lower Peninsula of Mackinaw City to St. Ignace on the Upper Peninsula. You won’t want to miss the magnificent sights or the Mackinaw Bridge Museum, which contains a number of exhibits on the construction and design of this stunning bridge.

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2: The Macchino Bridge.

3: Presque Isle Park.

Many visitors refer to Presque Isle Park as a playground full of natural beauty. The park covers 323 acres and offers incredibly beautiful views of Lake Superior. Because the park is open to explore all year long, you can enjoy hiking, biking, swimming, sunsets, winter activities, and more. For those who want to bask in the lake or dive off cliffs 10 to 15 feet into crystal clear water, this is the perfect place on Earth for you.

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3: Presque Isle Park.

4. Su Locks Boat Tours.

Soo, also known as Salt St. Mary’s, is the twin cities of America and Canada; and it is here that you can enjoy a boat ride with Soo Locks Boat Tours on the St. Mary’s River. In the past, the river was used to transport over 100 million tons of goods to and from the Canadian side. The boat tours are very informative, scenic and interesting for all ages.

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4. Su Locks Boat Tours.

5: Frederick Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Park

For those who love botanical gardens and art, the Frederick Meyer Sculpture Gardens and Park in Grand Rapids is a phenomenal choice for your wish list . There’s a reason this living museum continues to receive rave reviews and awards year after year. The 158 acres of stunning artwork and themed gardens will take your breath away. You’ll want to come back here to see the beauty change from season to season.

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5: Frederick Meyer Gardens and Sculpture Park

6: Comerica Park

Love America’s favorite pastime? Then you won’t want to miss a game at Comerica Park ! The outdoor baseball stadium has been home to the Detroit Tigers since 2000 and is considered a highlight of downtown Detroit. Of course, there is much more to be found here than just baseball. There’s a huge fountain called the “liquid fireworks” when timed to music, a free walking museum along the lobby, and even a Comerica carousel and Ferris wheel.

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6: Comerica Park

7: Ludington State Park

One of the reasons people come to Michigan is the preserved wildlife . The 5,300-acre Ludington State Park has forests, sand dunes, wetlands, beautiful beaches, lakes, the historic Big Sable Point Lighthouse and the river. In addition to camping, there are several hikes in the area, shorelines where you can fish and swim, and special programs for people to enjoy each summer. In the winter, you can even go cross-country skiing or snowshoeing.

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7: Ludington State Park

8: Kitch-Iti-Kipi (Big Spring).

Located next to Palms Beech State Park, northwest of Manistique, it’s one of Michigan’s major tourist attractions: the largest natural freshwater spring in the state. Kitch-Iti-Kipi means “big cold water” in Native American, but the original name was “Mirror of Heaven.” Take a ride on a self-guided raft to see ancient trees, emerald waters, and mesmerizing curls of sand. Afterward, relax in the shade of evergreens or picnic.

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8: Kitch-Iti-Kipi (Big Spring).

9: Detroit Children’s Zoo

The Detroit Zoo has quite a bit of history . There are actually two zoos, the old one and the new one. The old, once called the Bell Isle Zoo or Detroit Children’s Zoo, opened in 1895, is now an abandoned facility that is slowly being restored by nature. Those looking for urban ruins should definitely check out the Island . The new zoo, aptly named the Detroit Zoo, has 125 acres of habitat and more than 2,000 animals. There are a number of award-winning attractions. It’s perfect for families with interesting shows and programs. So why not see both?

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9: Detroit Children’s Zoo

10: Pierce Chuting’s scenic driveway.

You don’t have to get out of your car to see the grandeur of Northern Michigan. Pier Stoking Scenic Drive is located on the shores of a national lake in the dunes of Sleeping Bear. It’s an 11.9-kilometer highway with gentle curves, scenic views that you can walk up to and take pictures of. Every year bikers, skiers, tourists, and more than 80,000 cars travel along this road to see the sights.

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10: Pierce Chuting’s scenic driveway.

All about vacationing in Michigan

Perhaps not many people know that Michigan, located in the Northeast region of the United States, is often called Treasure Island. It is one of the main tourist regions in America. Holidays here will be remembered for a long time. And no wonder, because here you can find everything your soul desires. Do you like cars and everything associated with them? Or maybe you prefer fishing and hunting? Or maybe you like active recreation on kayaks, canoes, evenings at the campfire and hiking? Or you like beautiful landscapes and landscapes of unprecedented beauty? Then this is the place for you. From the most seasoned hiker to the first-time visitor, Michigan is a paradise for everyone. Lately, this place has become more and more popular for family vacations, and we will tell you about the sights, entertainment and prices in Michigan in this article.

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Michigan has a rather unique and special geographical location, because the state was formed by the merger of two peninsulas: the Upper and Lower. An interesting fact is that the lower peninsula on the map resembles a glove in its appearance. Therefore, the locals due to this allocate the cities in the direction of the fingers. So, for example, if you ask a local “And where is the town of Bad Ache? To which you will get a rather interesting and at the same time incomprehensible answer “In the area of the thumb.

On the territory of the state there are five regions. The largest cities here are considered – Detroit, Lansing, Holland, Grand Rapids and Ann Arbor.

Another rather interesting point is that Michigan is called the “state of lakes. This name comes from the fact that it has over 12,000 inland lakes. Also Michigan has 38 reservoirs and deep-water ports. The natural bodies of water found here can’t be found in any other state in America. That’s what makes it so unique and world-famous.

Michigan on a map:

How to get there

There are no direct flights to Detroit from the Russian Federation. So you should fly with connections. You can go through New York and pass through customs and passport control, and then you will need to pick up your things yourself and send them to the right plane. The procedure is not complicated, but it takes a lot of time. Or you can go to Europe first and take a plane to Detroit from there. In this case, the European firm does all the red tape with the luggage, making your trip easier.

It is also possible to go to Canada first by taking a plane to Toronto. From there, it’s about a four-hour drive across the border to Detroit.

Getting around the state.

Public transportation in the state of Michigan is rather underdeveloped, but it exists. The largest U.S. network, Greyhound, is responsible for transportation in the state. But don’t count on it to get you anywhere in the state.

The best way for tourists is to rent a car.

And to rent a car and drive it freely you need an international driver’s license and a passport. And, of course, money on a bank card. On average a week rent may cost $300.


Michigan is quite well developed sphere of entertainment. Sailing and powerboat rides are quite popular here. For which the great lakes are mostly chosen. Fishing and canoeing are also equally popular. There are many meandering creeks in Michigan for this purpose. And on the great lakes, some enthusiasts even manage to surf.

When winter arrives, skiing, snowboarding, and vacationing at the state’s ski resorts become the main attractions. Many people like to go to the state capital, Detroit, to visit the theaters, operas, movies, or the local casinos.

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Connectivity and Safety

You can find cell phone service from American carriers and European carriers almost all over Michigan. Russian cellular carriers do not cover the state very well and their services can be quite expensive. This is why it is best to get a local cell phone operator’s card right away when you arrive in Michigan. As for the Internet, you can get it for free at almost any hotel.

The level of security in Michigan is not the highest. After all, Detroit is the state capital and its largest city used to be at the top of the list of the most dangerous cities in the United States. But at the moment it has lost the lead and crime in the city is not at such a level, but certain rules of personal safety are still worth following.

Nature and weather conditions

As noted, Michigan is located on two peninsulas, which are separated from each other by the Macchino Canal. The upper peninsula is quite large in size. It covers about 44,000 square miles. The part of the Upper Peninsula located in the east and is covered by plains. It is also worth adding that it is here where there are a large number of marshes.

Already closer to the West, you can see the hills and plateaus. Most of all, tourists, and not only them, one of the largest lakes, which is called Gojbik. Everything around it is covered with dense forests. The scenery here is simply mesmerizing. It is worth noting that it is quite rich in both fauna and flora. The animal world is diverse. The forests are moose, deer, coyotes, bears, foxes, squirrels, otters, raccoons, snakes, various species of turtles, white-headed eagle and many other animals.

The rivers and lakes of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are home to a wide variety of fish, including pikeperch, trout, salmon, and other species. The Lower Peninsula differs slightly from the Upper Peninsula primarily in its shape. Almost the entire peninsula is covered with plains. Only in some places you can see low hills.

As for the climate, it is humid continental. There are the usual four seasons: hot summer, cold winter, rapid spring and a very beautiful colorful autumn. South and Central parts of the state are considered warmer. The thermometer reads -1 ° C to -8 ° C in winter. January is the coldest month in Michigan, and January is the coldest month. Summers are quite hot. The average temperature ranges from +18 ° C to +30 ° C.

The northern part of the Lower Peninsula, and the Upper Peninsula itself, have a rather harsh climate, very different from the warmer parts of Michigan. Summers here are warm +11 ° C – +23 ° C, but very short. But the winter is very cold and long. The average temperature is generally from -10 ° C to -20 ° C. Also important information for tourists is that blizzards and long snowfalls are very common in Michigan. There is even a special expression for this here “lake-effect snow”, which means “lake-effect snow”.

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It is also worth noting that this is compounded by frequent thunderstorms, accompanied by strong winds and hail, as well as tornadoes, which can occur about 20 times during the year. All of this is mostly true for the southern part of Michigan. So before you go on vacation, check the forecasts of the weather forecasters.


As for lodging, there are a large number of hotels, motels, and camping sites. It all depends on how important for you facilities are and how much you appreciate comfort. If you don’t place much value on accommodations, you may want to check out the hotels and campgrounds that are budget-friendly. The price for a night in them is from $50. For people who can not imagine their vacation without the comfort and coziness we offer 3 best hotels in Michigan.

Huron House Hotel

One of the best hotels in the state. It is located right near Lake Huron. The very appearance of the hotel itself resembles a picturesque and fairy tale manor. All rooms are renovated modern. It is worth noting that for each room a different style of decoration was chosen. All furniture is made of natural wood and upholstered with expensive fabrics. There are also fireplaces. These suites have large flat-screen TVs, air conditioners, cable TV and free internet access. The view from the window or terrace overlooks either the lake or the lush garden. The staff is friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. So if you need anything, they will fulfill your wish at the same moment. There are designated picnic and barbecue areas in the garden. The hotel has also taken care of the children. There is a special playground for them. If you have a desire to relax, you can use the additional service of a masseur.

The cost of a night stay for two people ranges from $250 to $380.

“MGM Grand Detroit.

Another famous hotel in Michigan. It is worth noting that it only started working in January 2016, but it is already very popular among young people. It has everything: a casino, swimming pools, nightclub, restaurant, spa and even a gym. All rooms are comfortable with modern renovation and brand new furniture. The staff is friendly and will help you with any questions or requests you may have. The cost of accommodation for two people ranges from $280 to $400 per night.

“Wyndham Garden Ann Arbor.”

A very nice and with comfortable rooms hotel. Here you will feel at home. All rooms are equipped with televisions, air conditioning, minibars and hot tubs. The staff is experienced and knows their business. The hotel itself is decorated in Gothic style with a touch of Baroque. Also if you are traveling by your own car, the hotel has a free parking lot. It is worth noting that it is located near the University of Michigan.

The room rate for two adults is $400 to $600 per night.

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Every year Michigan hosts a grand car show. A huge number of rare and original cars take part in the competition. But it doesn’t end there, either. Car lovers can visit the Ford Automotive Museum, a tour of the Ford assembly plant on the Rouge River, the Walter Chrysler Museum, Eleanor Ford Manor, and the Dodge Brothers Museum.

The old village called Greenfield Village attracts many tourists with historic buildings. For example, you can visit the courthouse itself, where Abraham Lincoln himself worked.

The city of Holland hosts an amazing and unique tulip festival.

The banks of the Detroit River are dotted with majestic glass round towers. You can also go to the huge Wright Historical Museum.

Mackinac Resort Island is another delightful place to visit in Michigan. Here you can take a breathtaking trip to the enchanting Isle Royale.

If you come on vacation with children, the best place for them is the Children’s Science Center. This is a kind of playground, where your child will be able to put an interesting experience with electricity, learn the structure of the esophagus and at the same time better know the laws of physics. Such a peculiar game is aimed at the development and discovery of talents in children. In addition, the main goal is to pinch the love of science.

Do you love sports and always dreamed of being on the huge stands with a big bunch of fans? Your dream will come true. After all, here you can buy tickets for the games of professional and famous teams in hockey, basketball, American soccer and the favorite game of Americans baseball. Standing seats cost just $25. And to relax in the gallery and enjoy the game while sitting, you have to pay between $50 and $150.


What you should do in your free time is shopping. The best place for this is one of the largest and most famous Birch Run Outlet Mall. Here come not only visitors, tourists, but also the residents of the state. Here you can buy clothing, shoes and accessories of brand names. Interestingly, the goods of the last collection is 80% cheaper.


Michigan cuisine is very tasty and at the same time caloric. Most of the dishes here are steaks, salads, all sorts of fast food and other dishes that are typical of American cuisine. But the most popular soup here is “Gumbo”, which is made of vegetables, smoked sausage and baked chicken. The taste will pleasantly surprise you.

Chowder soup is another work of culinary art. If you try it at least once, you’ll want to taste it again and again. After all, it’s a wonderful combination of vegetables, with tender bacon and seafood.

And for dessert, be sure to order Hotcakes, also called American Pancakes. Very often they are served with a delicious maple syrup.

Be sure to visit this amazing region when you travel through the states of America. Michigan will surprise you in many ways and leave only pleasant memories.

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