Top 10 most beautiful railroad stations in Japan

The 10 most beautiful railroads in the world. The track around Lake Baikal is second only to Switzerland


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Ten of the most beautiful railroads in the world. The path around Lake Baikal is second only to Switzerland.

I have always loved rail travel. When the train moves, a special feeling forms inside. It seems your worries are left somewhere far away… There’s an exciting anticipation of something new waiting ahead.

When I bought train tickets once again, I thought about the most beautiful railroads on the planet. I spent a few hours studying the subject and made a personal list of places I’d like to visit. The beauty is indescribable!

The incredible Ukrainian railroad tunnel made the list, and the Russian track around Baikal was second only to Switzerland.

1. Abandoned Ligne de petite santhère de Paris


Thanks to nature for the design of this place

The circular railroad of modest size near Paris appeared here in 1837. Originally it was needed to bring reinforcing materials to the walls of the French capital, but then it became a passenger train.

It’s a pity the last regular train got here in 1934. However, it’s not a fact that the railroad would have become so beautiful if it was still in operation. In fact, yes, it’s the unspoiled nature and nature that made it so incredible.

A small tourist train would be here!

I read that the road is still not hopeless and trains could still run on it. But there is no need for that now.

It’s also important to realize that so beautiful and unusual this track is only in sections. In some parts, the sidewalls are painted with clumsy graffiti, there are a lot of homeless people around and a very so-so crime-ridden environment.

2. Craigmore Viaduct.


The view is gorgeous!

An old railroad bridge near Bessbrook in County Armagh, Northern Ireland. Nearby is Newry Station.

The Viaduct (that’s what they call railroad bridges over deep ravines) has become a real symbol of this region . There are so many pictures of it online that it’s scary to think about. There is even a tag on Instagram – #craigmoreviaduct .

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Especially the viaduct looks great in the setting sun.

Locals call this bridge “18 arches”. Its maximum height is 42 meters, and it opened in 1852.

Interestingly, the guidebooks on Ireland especially do not recommend traveling on the railroad, which crosses the viaduct. It is much more interesting to be near it and take some interesting photos – especially at sunset.

3. The way over the bridge of the Tadami River


The colors of the trees around are mesmerizing

The terrain around Fukushima is quite mountainous. That’s why the views here are really incredibly beautiful at times. This is especially true of the railroad that runs across Lake Ina, as well as the Tadami River. The pictures show the bridge over the latter.

Because there are so many deciduous plants around the railroad, the terrain is very different depending on the time of year . Sometimes it’s very green, but in the fall the surroundings are filled with all shades of red, orange and yellow.

The reflection in the water creates an amazing symmetry

Professional photographers who hunt for views prefer to shoot the bridge from afar. It seems mystical.

Look at how great the bridge along with the vegetation are reflected in the water, creating a symmetry effect. There are no words.

4. Adelaide-Alice Springs Desert Trail


There’s something appealing about deserts, too.

Australia doesn’t have significant rail coverage, so most cargo across the continent is transported by road trains. However, passenger service does exist.

The length of this way is 1420 kilometers. The longest train in the country, more than a kilometer long, runs along it. It connects the southern and northern parts of the continent and gives the opportunity to travel to the most beautiful places.

This region of Australia is called the red region.

The train passes through various natural areas. But personally I like the desert landscapes that open from the windows most of all. After all, deserts occupy more than 40% of the territory of the continent, so it can not do without them.

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The train that runs on this track is called “Gan”. It is named after the Afghans, camel jockeys who worked in the country from the late 1860s to the early 1930s. Yes, and not all of them were from Afghanistan.

5. Darjeeling Himalayan Way.


Seems like nothing special, but that’s the beauty of it.

The train that runs on this railroad is often referred to as a toy train. This is because it is very narrow. Its track width is only 610 millimeters. This is much less than most other narrow gauge trains.

The track is 88 kilometers long, and the highest point the train climbs is more than 2 kilometers.

Kilometers around with unspoiled nature

Construction of the railroad was done between 1879 and 1881. Curiously enough, it is still in operation . Any tourist who gets into these parts would probably want to take a ride through these parts. The views here are fantastic.

It’s interesting that in 1999 this railroad was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. By the way, a couple of other Indian railroads have been included in this list. Nilgiri in 2005 and Kalka-Shimla in 2008.

6. Glenfinnan viaduct.


That’s a familiar shot, isn’t it?

There’s another fantastic viaduct in Scotland that I personally liked even more than the Irish one above. This bridge is 380 meters long and has 21 spans. The track was built from 1897 to 1901 and is now 120 years old.

This section of the railroad looks fantastic. However, I am more interested in its cinematic history. Yes, if you understand what we are talking about, I don’t think you’re mistaken. It was the bridge that took part in the filming of the Harry Potter saga.

Do you remember which movie this viaduct “played” in yet?

According to the books, the road to Hogwarts School goes through the Glenfinnan viaduct. That’s why it has appeared in no less than four movies about the wizard and his friends who traveled to school and returned home by train along this route.

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The Glenfinnan Viaduct has been featured in many other films that you can enjoy revisiting:

☘︎ “Clean Water Circle” (1969) ☘︎ “Charlie and Louise: The Twin Girls” (1994) ☘︎ “Glenn Monarch” (2000-2005) ☘︎ “Charlotte Gray” (2001) ☘︎ “The Stone of Destiny” (2008)

7. Dudhsagar Falls.


Both scary and interesting.

Dudhsagar is one of the biggest waterfalls in India. It is located in the Goa region and looks most majestic during the rainy season. However, visiting it at this time after the pandemic will not be so easy due to the traditionally excessive number of people who want to visit.

Yes, there is a railroad track that literally crosses it in the middle of the waterfall. The view is fantastic.

The waterfall looks fantastic.

I don’t know if I would have dared to ride this train or if I would have preferred to stay at a safe distance to just take an interesting shot. Too majestic looks this natural phenomenon, which costs nothing to destroy the way.

However, the railroad has been in operation here for many years, so such fears may be nothing more than far-fetched.

8. Klevan railway tunnel


This is where a tourist train would come in!

This is the green tunnel that connects the village of Klevan and the Orzhev woodworking plant in western Ukraine. Not all of this track looks like the one shown in the photo, but it is the wooded part that runs plus or minus a kilometer of road.

The tunnel was formed due to the regular running of the combine’s trains among the trees . The industry has created such a beauty.

The train literally breaks its way through.

People call this stretch of road the tunnel of love. Indeed, this railroad should be used to transport tourists, not cargo. However, for those who really want to see this view, it is unlikely to be an obstacle.

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9. Circum-Baikal railroad


You can’t mistake the shore of Lake Baikal for anything.

This railroad, which was only officially called so during the construction phase, was created between 1899 and 1905. Nowadays it is usually referred to as Slyudyanka II – Baikal branch, 89 kilometers long.

Many of the solutions that were used in it are called engineering wonders. The tunnel, which runs through the rocky ground, attracts special attention. More than 100 years ago it was really not easy to build it.

Many objects on the way are considered an engineering marvel

However, the average man is more interested not so much in the complexity of creating this railroad, as in its appearance. Yes, the mountainous terrain that surrounds Baikal, looks just fantastic.

It’s a pity this railroad doesn’t have its former importance today. But it doesn’t make it less attractive.

10. Rethian Railroad.


Fantastic Railroad.

Last place in number, but not in beauty, on this list is the railroad that runs through the Swiss Alps. It crosses the Bernina Pass, which is more than 2 kilometers above sea level – the highest railroad track in Europe.

The viaducts, which are part of this railroad, are more than 60 meters high. The length of the tracks is 120 kilometers. They pass through 55 tunnels and almost 200 bridges. That’s fantastic!

This track looks especially good in winter.

Of course, most impressive is the appearance of this railroad from a bird’s eye view. The sight seems especially breathtaking in winter, when evergreen spruces are covered with snow.


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Yes… I dream of giving up all my worries and going on a weeklong train trip with good company right now.

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