Top 10 beaches in Venice, Italy

10 best resorts on the Venetian Riviera

The Venetian Riviera is a resort area along the northern coast of the Adriatic Sea. It is famous for its wide sandy beaches and warm sea, as well as its excellent tourist infrastructure, which has been developing since the middle of the 20th century. Sailing, diving and yachting are popular in the coastal cities, and many comfortable hotels are built along the well-groomed sea shores.

A vacation on the Venetian Riviera is an opportunity to combine a beach holiday with a visit to the most famous and beautiful cities of northern Italy: Venice, Padua, Chioggia, Verona, and also an excuse to go on an unforgettable cruise around the islands of the picturesque Venice lagoon.

Sea resorts near Venice


A small and peaceful family resort located between Trieste and Venice. In northern Italy it is the best place for children. In the chic hotels of Lignano, standing in the middle of magnificent parks, the prices are slightly higher than in the neighboring tourist areas. The coastline stretches for 8 km along the Adriatic Sea, it consists of landscaped beaches, the best in this part of the country.


Lido di Jesolo

Popular among European tourists resort of the Adriatic, famous for its mild climate and comfortable temperatures in the summer. Hotels of Lido di Jesolo are lined up along the coast, along a long 14 km long strip of golden sand. The city is perfect for a classic beach holiday, sailing, shopping and tasting delicious Italian cuisine. It is also characterized by lower prices compared to Lignano.


Lido di Venezia

If you want to combine a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in the world with sunbathing and swimming in the warm waters of the Adriatic Sea, welcome to Venice’s main beach, the Lido di Venezia. This is where Venetians prefer to spend their vacations if they want to stay close to home. From Piazza San Marco you can reach the resort in just 10 minutes by ferry.

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Practically unknown to Russian tourists Bibione is in demand by tourists from Austria, the Netherlands, Belgium and the Czech Republic. The resort infrastructure began to develop in the middle of XX century. The town is located in a unique location very close to Venice. It is separated from the mainland by canals and lakes, its beaches are surrounded by centuries-old pine trees. Bibione has very comfortable climate which is favorable for relaxing holidays.



Before the tourist boom, Caorle was a small fishing town. Despite the crowds of tourists that fill its beaches and streets every summer, it still retains that unique atmosphere. It has everything for a good vacation: a beautiful sea, rich excursion program, a variety of entertainment, sports complexes, clubs, bars and restaurants of Italian cuisine.


Eraclea Mare

Coastal strip of Eraclea-Mare is covered with pine groves, in some places it reaches a width of 150 meters, which creates a unique climate in this place. It is quite a quiet resort: even in the peak season, when there is no escape from the noisy tourist crowds in the neighboring Lido di Jesolo, here you can find a long-awaited solitude and tranquility. In addition, Eraclea Mare has beautiful free beaches, something not found in every Italian resort in this region.



Grado is located on a stretch of land that is often called Isola del Sole – the island of the sun. It is famous for its spas, magnificent nature and historical sites. There is a large water park, nature reserve Valle Cavanata, museums with ancient artifacts and early medieval temples built more than 1,000 years ago. In short, the tourist is sure not to get bored in Grado.



A modern resort with a developed infrastructure, mainly focused on Italian tourists (this is reflected in the prices). It is famous for its restaurants with a lot of seafood dishes. Sottomarina has quiet streets, few cars – locals prefer to ride bicycles, general lack of English, and, of course, widespread Italian good-naturedness, seasoned with a good portion of laziness.

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A private island and resort 70 km south of Venice. Since 1988 it belongs to Marcegaglia, a tourist holding company, which develops and maintains the infrastructure. Luxury villas, hotels, vacation cottages, golf courses, a port for 500 ships, all kinds of entertainment and all under 24-hour security. Also on the island a lot of private homes.



A fairly large city located on the border with Slovenia on the shore of the Gulf of Trieste. It can hardly be called a seaside resort, although there are beaches here too. People come here for excursions, shopping, cruises on the Adriatic and local cuisine – a bizarre mix of Italian, Austrian and Slovenian traditions. Trieste is also a major port, where ships from all over Europe call.

The Beaches of Venice: The best places for swimming and relaxing at sea

Italy, surrounded by water from almost all sides, has a unique coastline with quiet bays and picturesque seascapes. Venice resorts are most crowded in July and August, when Italians join the throngs of foreign tourists to escape the heat.

Venice beaches are famous for their cleanliness, white sand, quiet family holidays and reasonable prices. After all, not without reason, many Italians choose quiet resort towns in Veneto for summer holidays with children.

Top 15 beaches in Venice 2022

1. Cavallino

Many travelers prefer Cavallino because of its 15 km of pristine white sand beaches and calm, clear water. Locals often visit this region because of the nature reserve and fishing opportunities.

Cavallino is also a paradise for car tourists. Here you will find fully equipped campsites and a good selection of restaurants, bars and stores in the tiny seaside villages of Treporti and Ca’Vio.

Popular beaches are Ca Pasquali, Chiosco Soleado as well as numerous beach clubs.

Lido di Jesolo

The most popular resort near Venice is Lido di Jesolo. Why? Because of its close proximity to Venice. In addition, it is also great for family vacations.

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That said, the beaches here can be crowded, and during the summer months, traffic becomes a problem. It’s also worth noting that the nightlife here is much more varied and exciting than in Venice – many bars will be open until late at night and available due to more democratic prices.

3. Sottomarina

The beach resort at Sottomarina di Chioggia is an excellent choice for those looking for wide, clean, sandy beaches with restaurants, sun loungers and umbrellas, and bicycle rentals.

In addition, an excellent coastal bike path leads from Sottomarina to Chioggia, where there is a fabulous fish market and restaurants, also called “Little Venice” due to the similar baroque architecture, canals and bridges.

4. Santa Cristina (Isola Santa Cristina)

In the northern lagoon of Venice , the private island of Santa Cristina can offer a truly ideal beach vacation for those seeking complete privacy. The former Swarovski family compound boasts its own private beach access, stunning pool and views. And no wonder, the island itself is filled with vineyards and flowering gardens with wild peacocks and grouse running around.

5. Isola delle Rose

One of the closest beaches to Venice is Isola delle Rose, a 25-minute ferry ride from St. Mark’s, which can be easily reached by visitors to the island. A few years ago, the JW Marriott Hotel rehabilitated the entire island with the addition of a local Michelin-starred restaurant and an outstanding spa. You can spend a day here enjoying the luxurious services and enjoy the quiet of the private beach, where there are very few tourists.

6. Punta Sabbioni

This is a lively port on the west coast of Cavallino-Treporti, filled with wild beaches and frequent ferry traffic to and from Venice. I will mention the public beach of Spiaggia Di Punta Sabbioni. The lighthouse (Chiosco al Faro di Punta Sabbioni) here is the main attraction, which adds zest to the nearby ruins of the historic Venetian forts, which many years ago were vital to the defense of the city. Anyway, see the panorama below:

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7. Alberoni

Many of the beaches of Lido are chargeable, but the beach of Spiaggia degli Alberoni in Alberoni, the farthest beach on the island, is absolutely free!

Located in a nature reserve, this place is popular with beach lovers and naturalists who enjoy the complete serenity of it all, since the space is not encumbered with beach umbrellas and chairs. In late summer, the clear sea is filled with moored boats and water sports enthusiasts.

8. Rosolina Mare

South of Chioggia is Rosolina Mare, one of the longest and widest beaches in the region, with few people except during the summer vacations and most of August. The seaside bike paths here are quite comfortable, and the local coastal hotels, of which there are many, have swimming pools and tennis courts, where many tourists spend their daily leisure time.

9. Albarella

From Rosolina Mare, you can cycle along the bike path to Albarella, a stunning private island and nature reserve with huge groves of poplar trees. There are virtually no cars on the island, and it’s home to Europe’s largest saltwater pool. However, you have to be a guest of the Albarella Golf Hotel to access the beaches. The resort staff can also help you arrange diving and sailing excursions.

10. Bibione

Bibione is not as popular as other towns near Venice, but this resort is charming. The beaches here smell of pine from the nearby woods, there are umbrellas, sun loungers and chairs for rent, and you will have a chance to escape from the beach and explore the town itself.

11. Caorle

Caorle is a pleasant and popular seaside resort on the Adriatic, with a beautiful and colorful historical center, and a fascinating fishing tradition that can be enjoyed by walking along the lagoon.

Caorle boasts the famous beach of Levante (Spiaggia di Levante), many tourists come here from Austria and Germany, so German and English can be heard everywhere in the summer. If you prefer to avoid the crowds, the perfect time for a vacation is late spring or early summer (May-June).

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12. lignano

Lignano Sabbiadoro is the full name of the spa town and means “Golden Sand” in Italian. The very first inhabitants of Lignano Sabbiadoro came to the area after the surrounding marshes were drained and divided into three distinct areas: the historic center, full of stores and restaurants (Lignano Sabbiadoro itself), the green area of Lignano Pineta, with beautiful gardens and paths for walking, and Lignano Riviera, the promenade where you can enjoy the salty sea air and coastal pines.

13. Lido di Venezia (Lido).

The island’s famous Spiaggia Blue Moon beach, 12 km long, has been popular with sun-worshippers since the century before last. Take a walk or a jog on the wide sandy beach, then swim in the clean and cool waters of the Adriatic Sea.

The entrance to the sea is shallow, and therefore ideal for small children. Here rest mostly local – Italians.

14. Beach Club Pachuka

Another interesting sandy beach Pachuka Beach on the island of Lido di Venezia, in addition to renting deckchairs and umbrellas, offers disco music, various stylish parties, and the opportunity to relax with your four-legged friends at Dog Beach.

15. Sant’Erasmo

Although it is one of the biggest islands of the Venetian Lagoon, there are very few people living here. Previously the island was more of an agricultural purpose, supplying the whole of Venice with fruits and vegetables.

Nowadays, the island is popular with lovers of quiet relaxation on the beach, picnics and bike rides. Since the beaches are completely free with lots of shady spots, still bring a small tent or umbrella to shelter from the sun.

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