This crazy world of monuments.

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The Mad World of Monuments

Going on a trip to any country, many people prefer the places where you can see some interesting historical and modern monuments. Around the world there are interesting and unique monuments dedicated to kissing, movie characters, famous politicians, cartoon characters and so on. In modern Japan and China, like mushrooms, there are monuments made in the national colorful style. In the Japanese capital on the platform you can see the famous character from the manga Gandam Robot, its height is about 3 meters. The cost of the sculpture is 20 million yen, of which 2 million was allocated by the government, the rest was collected by the Japanese. In Prague, you can see quite an unusual house, which is called the “Dancing House”, the locals have dubbed it from the very construction – drunk. Such a construction was created by the famous American architect Frank Gehry. The interesting design of the building comes in the form of Ripley?sBelieveItOrNot, a museum from the city of Branson in the United States. This building, split in several parts, seems to have been badly damaged by another earthquake. “The Ripley House,” as the citizens call it, is specifically designed in this style; it was built as a reminder of the powerful 8-point earthquake that took place in these parts. The building was built by architect Robert Ripley, who visited many countries before creating his masterpiece. Ripley’s equally famous work is the museum in Los Angeles. It is unique because it has very interesting exhibits, for example, a reproduction of the famous painting of the great Leonardo “Mona Lisa”, made of bread crumbs, a statue of charming Marilyn Monroe, made of money bills, and so on. In Oxford, a local landmark is a house with a shark, which was installed on the roof by Bill Hine in 1986. In Holland you can find a monument dedicated to radioactive decay. Inside the HabogFacility building, the waste from two nuclear missiles was placed, and inside the building is painted with formulas authored by the famous scientists Albert Einstein and Max Planck. The walls of the room are painted bright orange, but every 20 years they will be repainted a shade lighter. This feature symbolizes the gradual fading of radiation. This monument is dedicated to a global world problem. Many monuments are dedicated to a problem, but most are set up to honor famous and beloved people. You can order a monument in Moscow for your loved one.

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Rootstones: the 20 most incomprehensible and insane monuments

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

April 18 is International Monuments and Historic Places Day. But we wouldn’t be us if we didn’t remember the wildest, most ridiculous and most remarkable of them. Of course, the entire list is completely subjective, but the listed monuments do not cease to be strange.

Carhenge (Machine-Henge) – Alians, Nebraska.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

The entire monument is more or less an exact replica of Stonehenge, made out of cars. Carhenge is even positioned the same way as the British monument in relation to the sun, and it is quite possible to use it to check the date of the winter solstice, for example.

The Thumb – Paris

French sculptor César Baldacchini, among other things, was famous for creating giant fingers. They are scattered all over France and are thought by many to be part of some mystery or conspiracy. Sometimes, though, fingers are just fingers.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

The middle finger is Milan .

…Unless you count the monumental middle finger from Milan. The sculpture is called “LOVE”, its height is four meters, and it is sincerely and wholeheartedly dedicated to the authorities of the city and all of Italy in general. It’s not hard to guess that the officials aren’t thrilled with it.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Giant Robot Gandam – Tokyo, Japan

The statue is dedicated to the robot hero of one of the most successful anime franchises, Gundam. The entire structure is 18 meters tall and is the most famous part of the theme park.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Kindlifresserbrunnen, a monument to a baby-eating ogre -Bern, Switzerland

This monument is the top of a fountain created in the 16th century. Why there is a monument to the baby-eater in the center of the city, and who it is, is unknown. Perhaps the ancient god Chronos is meant, perhaps some local mythical character. But there is a very peculiar detail: the cannibal has a hat on his head, which at the time the sculpture was created Jews were obliged to wear, so it points not only to cannibalism, but also to anti-Semitism.

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crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Statue of St. Wenceslas – Lucerne Palace, Prague, Czech Republic

The sculpture is located in the Lucerne Palace shopping arcade and symbolizes the position of European power and the monarchy in particular. What exactly is meant by it, and why the horse’s tongue keeps falling off, is for visitors themselves to understand.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Headington Shark – Oxford, UK

The 200-kilogram fiberglass shark is an art object built into one of the roofs of a house in Oxford. And, as with any art object, it’s not easy to deal with, and it’s tied to a lot of important things. The composition was built in 1986 for the anniversary of the Nagasaki bombing. As you may recall, that was the same year the Chernobyl accident happened. So the shark peculiarly symbolizes the horror before the power of atomic energy – no more, no less.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Statues from Haeshindang Park – South Korea

In South Korea there is a park dedicated to naked uncovered eroticism. The entire area is filled with sculptures in one way or another related to genitals and coitus. To a European, this looks a little wild, or, on the contrary, ultra-modern and provocative, but Koreans have their own, special attitude to sex and its aesthetics. In modern parlance, they are all right.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Moliniere Bay Underwater Park – Grenada Coast, Caribbean Sea

The sculpture park at the bottom of the ocean is a project by ecologist and artist Jason Taylor, who, as you might have guessed, has put an abyss of meaning into it. But as it is, the statues now have two authors: Taylor and the nature of the Caribbean Sea, which has turned the art objects into outlandish and even cryptic works of art.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Franz Kafka Monument – Prague

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Franz Kafka was an absurdist and received a monument in the spirit of absurdism. The monument is located in Prague and stands in the area where there used to be a gateway between the Jewish and Christian quarters. When it was created, it most likely symbolized something existential, but nowadays the entire structure is more reminiscent of exoskeletons (and Worm Jim).

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Charles La Trobe Monument upside down

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

If you think about it, you can guess exactly what country this upside down monument is in. Yes, Australia, of course. Charles La Trobe, to whom the monument is dedicated, was the first vice-governor of that British colony, and the sculpture in his honor is next to the university named after him. According to the author of the composition, the historical figure is placed on his head to symbolize the science that turns people’s minds. But we know the truth.

A monument to fellatio – Jeju Island, South Korea

Once again, South Korea with their special attitude towards sex. The monument to fellatio is located on Jeju Island in Love Park, full of nude and frivolous sculptures. They are supposed to put young couples walking around here in a relaxed and playful mood.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Benedict Arnold’s Wounded Leg Monument

Benedict Arnold was a participant in the American War of Independence. A very controversial figure: first he actually saved the United States, and then he betrayed it by going over to the side of Britain. The hero was nevertheless honored with the monument, but, judging by all appearances, he didn’t deserve it one hundred percent. Therefore, the sculpture represents only the leg of Arnold, heroically wounded in the battles for freedom and independence.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Monument to James Dalton Trumbo writing in the bathtub – Grand Junction, Colorado

Dalton Trumbo was an American screenwriter and writer who got caught in the hot seat during the persecution of Communists in the United States. In 2015, a movie about his life with the not-so-famous Bryan Cranston (Walter White from the TV series “Breaking Bad”) was released. The sculpture with the writer washing in the bathtub while still working refers to the most famous photo of him.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Fremont Troll Under the Bridge – Seattle

Seattle authorities once became concerned about a hot spot that had an illegal dump and drug dealing going on. They decided to occupy the place with something, and so the Fremont Troll appeared, perhaps the only sculpture in the world designed to scare away drug dealers. Locals liked the monument so much that the street next to it was renamed Troll Avenue. By the way, he’s holding a real Volkswagen in his hands.

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crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Nathaniel Forrest Monument.

Do you remember Forrest Gump? Then you may also remember that he was named after Nathaniel Bedford Forrest, confederate, war criminal and creator of the Ku Klux Klan. Aside from these facts, the monument in his honor looks like we have a girl with a beard and a revolver riding a magic horse in front of us-so ridiculous and disproportionate.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Two kissing dinosaurs on the border between China and Mongolia

In inner Mongolia, right in the middle of the steppes, stands one of the strangest displays of friendship between peoples. This statue of kissing dinosaurs was supposed to be a symbol of respect and partnership between China and Mongolia, but it was awkward. Why are they dinosaurs? Why are they kissing, which one is female and which one is male, or are they both the same sex? Too many questions left unanswered.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Ode to a computer mouse – China

This strange monument is located in the industrial district of Xi’an. As you can easily guess, it symbolizes how a whole generation of people have voluntarily perished because of that internet of yours. Sounds a little too pessimistic, but it looks very bright and dynamic.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Lenin Hydra – Bucharest, Romania

There used to be a monument to Lenin on Lenin Square in the center of Bucharest. Basically, now it is still the same, but instead of a head there appeared snakes topped with rosebuds. The monument was immediately nicknamed “Lenin the Hydra,” and it’s easy to note that in addition to political symbols, it bears the explicit stamp of Lovecraft.

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

Pistol totem – Providence, USA

This monument was created from thousands of guns and ironstone. All of the guns were collected through the “trade in your illegal gun for gift cards at the supermarket” program. Surprisingly, initiatives like this work. And they work so well that thousands of unwanted specimens have accumulated in Providence alone, which went into a strange decoration for the city.

Patagonia - a paradise for tourists from all over the world

crazy monuments monument disgusting men

If you’re interested in the topic of obscure and outlandish monuments, I suggest checking out the “unusual monuments” section on Atlas Obscura; there are over four hundred examples there right now, and most of them are really strange.

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