The smallest city in the world

Top 10 smallest cities in the world

About the largest cities we constantly hear in the news, read on the Internet and visit during vacations. The number of almost all cities on the planet can be counted in thousands or even millions.

But there are cities that have earned their status, but their population barely makes it to a thousand, and sometimes it doesn’t even make it to a hundred. In this article, we’ve compiled the top 10 smallest cities in the world by population.

10. Băile Tuşnad, Romania. Population is 1700 people.

This is the smallest city in Romania. It was founded in 1842 and was immediately conceived as a resort destination. People from all over the country come to cure their health, smell the pine forest and enjoy the beauty of nature.

The air here is very clean and fresh. They come here to cure the nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, heart, and to recover from stress. On a permanent basis in Bale Tushnad lives only 1700 people, all the rest come to the resort. In these places you can see the picturesque gorge Olt, as well as the high-mountain lake St. Anne.

9. Ugnev, Ukraine. Population 974 people

Not even all Ukrainians know about this city. It is very small and unremarkable. It is home to only 974 people. The first mention of Ugnev goes back to 1360. Despite its size the town has a large and rich history. After the collapse of Austria-Hungary the town was part of the Lviv Voivodship of Poland, and in 1939 it became part of the USSR and became the center of the district of Ugnev Lviv region.

During World War II it was occupied by German troops. When there was furniture production here, the population of the city was much higher.

8. Kallaste, Estonia. Population 950 people.

Before 1930 this town was called the Red Hills. The town is quite small, but annually attracts crowds of tourists. Residents live here by catching fish and many tourists come here just for that. Kallaste more like a village, it is very cozy and colorful. Visitors are very loved here and even make all sorts of signs for their convenience. Walking around the small town will be interesting to everyone. Kallaste is famous for its caves and picturesque views of the lake.

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7. Chekalin, Russia. There are 914 inhabitants.

This is the smallest city in Russia. It has less than a thousand people. It is located 110 kilometers from Tula. The city was founded in 1565 and looks more like a cozy village than a full-fledged city.

The town was originally named Likhnin, and didn’t get its present name until 1944. This area appeared thanks to Ivan the Terrible, who ordered to fortify the settlement with a wall and four towers. The remains of this fortress have survived to this day.

At the time of its formation, it was a real city, because it had everything you needed. Almost 30 streets, houses, a hospital, jail, stores, inns, wine cellars and even 25 public benches.

6. Lanurtide Wells, England. Accommodates 600 people.

The small English town is world-famous for the unusual sport held there. The most popular competition is for men to swim in cold, muddy, swampy water. They sort of try on the role of frogs. It looks very funny. There are only 600 people living in Lanurtide Wells. The area is very green and picturesque. The town is located along a beautiful lake, which was created artificially.

5. Melnik, Bulgaria. There are 390 inhabitants.

It is the smallest town in Bulgaria, but this title does not prevent it from being the most charming. Many tourists go to these places to admire the beautiful scenery.

The city is nestled among unique sandstone pyramids, ancient architecture, and wine cellars. It is the most amazing place in the whole peninsula. Only 390 people live in Melnik permanently, but it is never empty.

Among the ordinary houses there are a lot of cozy hotels that hospitably welcome every tourist. The whole place is considered a historical reserve, and the city itself is a museum. Because of its small size, it is possible to get to any point of the city in a matter of minutes. But most of all Melnik is famous for its wines and wine tunnels.

4. Durbuy, Belgium. Population 350

The locals of this city are very proud of the fact that they live in the smallest city of the country, because it is rightfully considered the most picturesque.

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Everyone who wants to plunge into a fairy-tale world should come here. Walking through the streets of Durbui, it seems that you are in the illustration of children’s fairy tales. There are no modern high-rises and panel houses.

Each building is made with love, and at the head of this beauty is an ancient castle, which has survived since 889. It is still home to the Count and his family, so you can only admire it from the side.

There are only a couple of streets and one square, but tourists can find interesting places even in the evening. The city is full of establishments where you can sit comfortably, drink coffee and taste the local delicacies.

3. hum, Croatia. Accommodation 18 people

This city has made the Guinness Book of World Records. The city was founded back in the Middle Ages and little has changed since then. There are still two streets that are located inside the fortress. Resides there 18 people. All residents of this town call themselves relatives.

The city is not a tourist town, but many come here to see this unusual place. For atypical tourists there are even souvenir shops. Buses do not go to this place, so you have to get by car or order a special tour. But you should definitely visit Hum for those who want to enjoy the medieval scenery.

2. Rabštejne nad Stršelou, Czech Republic. Population is 15 people.

The smallest town located in central Europe. In a small area there is a huge number of tourist spots. The first mention of the castle here dates back to 1269.

The city has only 75 houses and 15 official residents. But this does not prevent the area from attracting tourists who travel in droves to see the mysterious places. There is a beautiful church, a monastery, a Loreto chapel and a historic bridge, which is a technical monument under state protection.

Around Rabstein nad Strzhelow there is an introductory trail for tourists to see all the beauty of the local scenery. Another thing worth mentioning is the night sky. This is where all the stars will be as in the palm of your hand, especially the Milky Way and you will have the opportunity to take impressive pictures.

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1. Buford, USA. There are two people living.

In the best years, more than two thousand people lived in Buford. Most of them were builders of the Transcontinental Railroad with their families. But they soon dispersed and the town was deserted.

A family who kept a café and a roadside gas station stayed here. The town is located on a popular freeway, so it is considered a walkable place. Don Sammons’ wife passed away and the man had to raise his son alone. At the time, it was just the two of them staying in town.

In 2008, the son left for school and it didn’t take long for the man, who served as a coffee shop clerk, gas station attendant and mayor of the town at the same time, to put the entire town up for auction. Twenty-five people were in the fray. Buford was bought for $900,000. That price included 10 acres of land.

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PhinDeli (Buford), Wyoming, USA

Photo: 6 smallest cities in the world #2 -

The town was famous for being home for a long time to Don Sammons, the town’s only resident, part-time mayor, janitor, gas station attendant, and local store clerk. He came to Buford with his family in 1980, and after his wife died, he lived here alone with his son. In 2008, his son moved out, leaving the mayor alone, but in 2012 he put the town up for sale.

Along with the house, an abandoned 1905 school building, a gas station, a garage, a barn and a store that the famous bandit Butch Cassidy once tried to rob. The winner of the auction, which lasted 15 minutes, was a businessman from Vietnam. The price of the deal was $900,000. The new owner renamed Buford to PhinDeli and went into the business of promoting Vietnamese coffee in the United States. Don Sammons is now officially a hired somer of his former town.

Buford is located in southeastern Wyoming, between Cheyenne and Laramie on Interstate 80. The town originated during the construction of the Transcontinental Railroad in the 1860s. In the best of times, 2,000 people lived here. The population began to decline dramatically when the route of the main line was changed.

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Why go: How not to send a paper letter or at least a commemorative SMS from here – the city has its own zip code and cell phone tower.

Hum, Croatia

Photo: 6 smallest cities in the world #3 -

This medieval fortress town made the Guinness Book of Records as the smallest town in the world. It is located in the central part of the Istrian peninsula on the top of one of the hills at an altitude of 349 meters. According to legend, Hum was built of giant stones by giants. Hum acquired the status of a town as early as the 11th century, it has its own mayor, policeman, doctor, judge and fireman. In the 1940s, 450 people lived here.

In Hum there are perfectly preserved frescoes of the XII century. In addition, there are 13 houses, 2 streets, 2 temples, a museum, a store, a post office, a cemetery, a restaurant, a hotel. In the middle of June every year in the city there is an election for mayor, in which only men participate. The procedure ends with a dance festival.

Why go : To drink. The restaurant serves homemade 38-degree tincture of medicinal herbs Humska Biska, which is prepared according to the recipe of the ancient Celts. The locals assure that this recipe is more than 2 thousand years old.

Rabstein nad Strzela, Czech Republic

Photo: 6 smallest cities in the world #4 -

The ancient, picturesque, smallest town of Bohemia and all of Central Europe, Rabštejn nad Strzelou was granted its status back in 1337. There is only one street and one square. The most popular attractions are the ruins of a 14th century fortress built in the Gothic style, a Baroque castle, and an ancient church. In addition, there is a Jewish cemetery, an ancient stone bridge, an idle wooden mill, a hotel and stables.

Rabstein is famous for its slate, which can still be found on the roofs of local houses. Most of the houses are used by residents as summer cottages.

Why go : To look for well-behaved European ghosts – there is a holiday home in the castle.

Melnik, Bulgaria

Photo: 6 smallest cities in the world #5 -

Melnik is considered the smallest town in Bulgaria, although back in the early 20th century there were 5,000 people (mostly Greeks). The name of the town comes from the surrounding chalk cliffs. The oldest building of Melnik – and the whole of Bulgaria – Boyarsky (Byzantine) House of the XIII century. In total, there are about 100 monuments of culture in the town, the most interesting are the Monastery of St. Nicholas of the XII century, Slav’s Fortress of the XIII century, the Church of the Apostles Peter and Paul, the Roman bridge and the old Turkish bath. But Melnik is especially famous for its folklore festivals and thick homemade wine, which is made according to ancient technology. Huge barrels are stored in the rocks.

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Why go: To feel like time travelers: not much has changed since the Middle Ages. Besides, Melnik is home to mighty sycamores and plane trees, some of which are hundreds of years old.

Kallaste, Estonia

Photo: 6 smallest cities in the world #6 -

Estonian town Kallaste (it means “shore” in Estonian) is situated on the shore of Lake Peipsi. Until 1923 it had another name – Red Mountain, after the local red sandstone. Kallaste appeared in the XVIII century, in 1938 it received the status of a town. Most residents, 72% of whom are of Russian origin, are engaged in fishing. The area of the town is less than 2 km.

In addition to the sandstone, Kallaste is known for its active Old Believer church and the brotherhood cemetery of Soviet soldiers. It is the poorest town in the country; according to the mayor of Kallaste, “40.8% of children live here in relative poverty.

Why go: Just out of curiosity.

Durbuy, Belgium

Photo: The 6 smallest cities in the world #7 -

Durbuy is a tiny French-speaking town in Belgium. Although it became a city in 1331, the first mention of Durbuy goes back to the 11th century. The town has three geological zones, amazing landscapes – meadows, valleys, caves, mountains, forests, and the river Urt. The city lives on account of tourists and carefully preserves its medieval atmosphere: narrow paved streets, stone houses, the Church of St. Nicholas, Bread Market in 1380 and the ancient castle, built back in 889. The first tourists arrived in Dubuy in the nineteenth century and since then it has developed a good infrastructure: hotels, restaurants, cafes and souvenir shops.

Why visit : You can take a horse-drawn carriage ride, go white-water rafting on the river Urt or wander among the pruned trees in the small Topiary Park. And, most precious of all, not meeting anyone you know.

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