The most visited countries of 2021

The most visited countries by tourists in 2021

The most visited countries by tourists in 2021

Russia ranked 129th on the list of most corrupt countries, sharing it with Azerbaijan, Gabon, Malawi and Mali. The country has been on the bottom of the list for many years, indicating the replacement of the systematic fight against corruption with “individual criminal cases”, say the authors of the rating

Russia ranked 129th out of 180 countries in the ranking of countries assessed by perceived level of corruption. The data on the Corruption Perceptions Index was sent to Forbes by Transparency International, an international organization that is recognized as a foreign agent in Russia.

The index measures the level of perception of corruption in the public sector in various countries, based on surveys of experts and businessmen. Countries are given a score from zero to 100. Zero indicates the highest level of perception of corruption, while 100 is the lowest. Russia scored 30 this year. The same score was given to Azerbaijan, Gabon, Malawi and Mali.

Last year Russia was on the 137th place in the ranking with 28 points. The change in its position is due to changes in the index values for other countries and the inclusion or exclusion of some states from the list. The data collection for most sources was conducted in 2019, which means that experts’ perception of corruption in Russia has not had time to be affected by the protests in Khabarovsk and, for example, the public reaction to the situation around the opposition leader Alexei Navalny.

According to Transparency International, Russia “hasn’t received the highest ratings” for many years, which indicates that there is “no systemic response to corruption” and corruption is being replaced by “isolated criminal cases and point-by-point changes in legislation. It is becoming “increasingly difficult” for independent nonprofit organizations, journalists and media outlets, as well as those seeking to engage in political activities, the report said.

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Denmark and New Zealand led the way with 88 points each. They are followed by Finland, Singapore, Sweden and Switzerland with 85 points, according to Transparency’s website. The last lines are Syria (14 points), Somalia (12) and South Sudan (12).

The report “paints a bleak picture of the level of corruption around the world,” says Transparency International. For nearly 10 years, most countries “have made little or no progress against corruption, with more than two-thirds of them scoring less than 50. Corruption impedes, among other things, the fight against the coronavirus pandemic, the report stresses. Countries with high scores invest more in health care, have greater opportunities for universal health coverage, and are less likely to violate democratic norms in crisis management.

The most visited countries by tourists in 2021

France, Spain and the United States were the most popular destinations in the world for travel. These countries receive the largest number of tourists. On what place among the most touristy states is Russia?

The new coronavirus pandemic, which began in 2020, almost buried the tourism industry in many countries. In 2021, the situation is slightly better.

Even those states that traditionally earn a lot from travelers are very cautious about opening their borders to visitors from abroad.

And, accordingly, the performance of the tourism industry in 2020-2021 cannot be considered correct for long-term analysis. They depend too much on the situation with coronavirus in each country.

The most revealing are the figures of tourist visits to countries in 2019, which preceded the pandemic. We will rely on them in this publication.

The most tourist countries of the world

Rating of the most visited countries is compiled by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). It publishes the so-called World Tourism Barometer.

The report contains information about the number of tourists from abroad, as well as the income from travelers. To compile the rankings, we use official information from the report.

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The most popular countries for tourists in the world

The most visited country on the planet, according to the World Tourism Organization, is France. In 2018, it received 89.4 million tourists.

In second place in popularity among travelers is her neighbor – Spain. It was visited by 83.5 million tourists in 2019.

Third place in the ranking is the U.S., where 79.3 travelers visited in 2019.

The top five most touristy countries of the world also include China (65.7 million) and Italy (64.5 million).

Russia’s place in the list of the most tourist countries

According to the World Tourism Organization’s World Tourism Barometer report, Russia welcomed 24.4 million foreign tourists in 2019. This allowed it to take only 16th place in the ranking. The Russian Federation was placed between Portugal (24.6 million) and China’s Hong Kong (23.8 million).

In 2018, there were slightly more foreign visitors to Russia – 24.6 million. This may be due to the World Cup, which was held in Russia in 2018.

In 2017, the number of intourists was the same as in 2019, namely 24.4 million people. We can assume that this is a typical figure for our country.

It is also interesting to note the figures of some countries of the former Soviet Union, indicated in the report of the World Tourism Organization in 2019. In particular:

– Ukraine – 14.2 million people (2018).

– Kyrgyzstan – 6.9 million people.

– Uzbekistan – 6.7 million people.

10 the most tourist countries in Europe

The list of the most visited tourist countries in Europe, by and large, is included in the world’s top twenty. But we publish it separately. In large part because of Russia. Our country is in the top 10 in 2019, which, of course, we would like to note.

6. Great Britain

9. Portugal

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The most popular countries of Africa among tourists

Many residents of our country since childhood remember the funny rhyme with the words “do not go children to Africa for a walk. But grown-up children, of course, are not afraid of evil gorillas and crocodiles. Russian tourists are attracted to the resorts of Egypt and Tunisia.

In 2019, the top ten African destinations include:

10. Botswana

10 most visited countries in the Middle East.

It should be noted the entry of Egypt in the list of countries of the Middle East. This state has already appeared among African destinations. However, the World Tourism Organization counts Egypt among both African and Middle Eastern states. We will do exactly the same. Thus, the top ten most popular countries for travel in the Middle East include:

1. Saudi Arabia.

The most popular countries for travel in Asia

China dominates among the most tourist countries in Asia. Note that the World Tourism Organization separately counts travelers from China’s Hong Kong and Macau. As a result, the list of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia includes:

5. Hong Kong (China)

6. Macau (China)

9. South Korea

10. Indonesia

10 most popular tourist countries in America

Among tourist countries of America the leader is, of course, the United States. Among Russian tourists are also popular countries such as the Dominican Republic and Cuba. Ten most visited country in America is as follows:

4. Argentina

5. Dominican Republik.

10. Colombia

What income does tourism bring to countries

Every year, countries around the world receive about 1.5 billion visitors from abroad. Coming to rest and admire the sights, travelers spend a lot of money. The world has created a powerful and very profitable tourism industry.

According to the World Tourism Organization, revenues from international tourist traffic reached $14,878 billion in 2019.

The biggest profit from tourism comes from the United States.

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How much does Russia earn from tourism

If by the number of foreign travelers, Russia is in the top 10 countries in Europe. But not by the amount of income. Our country is obviously cheap enough for tourists from abroad.

According to the World Tourism Organization, Russian revenues from foreign travelers are as follows:

8.9 billion U.S. dollars – in 2017

$11.6 billion – in 2018

$11.0 billion – in 2019

Russia ranks 34th in the ranking of countries by tourism revenues (2019).

It ranks between Croatia ($11.8 million) and New Zealand ($10.5 million).

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