The most prosperous cities in the world

The best cities in the world: 28 places with the highest standard of living

Consulting firm Mercer annually presents an index of quality of life in cities around the world. We invite you to read the 2019 report.


The index itself is compiled for international companies, which use it to adjust the salaries of employees working in other countries. The report includes 450 cities, whose rating depends on such parameters:

  • Social and political environment (crime rate, activity of law enforcement agencies, stability of the political situation);
  • Economic situation (level of services of financial institutions, currency exchange transactions);
  • The socio-cultural component (freedom of the mass media, observance of human rights);
  • Sphere of health care (accessibility of medical services, availability of pharmacological important drugs, sanitary and epidemiological measures);
  • The sphere of education (standards and accessibility of education in educational institutions);
  • Transportation and utilities (public transport, condition of roads, traffic congestion, electricity, water);
  • Production of basic necessities (products, household items and cars);
  • Housing (buying, renting, maintenance);
  • Environment (climate, natural disasters).

The list includes cities in 230 different states. And despite popular belief, the first places in the ranking are not New York and Paris.

In addition, it should be noted that the highest scores among the cities in the former Soviet Union republics were received by: Vilnius (81st place), Tallinn (86th), Riga (90th), Moscow (167th), Yerevan (170th), Kiev (173rd), St. Petersburg (174th), Almaty (177th), Tbilisi (187th), Minsk (188th) and Baku (195th).

28 cities with the highest standard of living

28 place: Adelaide, Australia


The administrative and commercial center of the state of South Australia. The city is widely known for its wonderful beaches, which are visited by thousands of tourists every year with great pleasure.

27 place: Brussels, Belgium


The capital of Belgium is incredibly clean, with a rich selection of upscale restaurants, museums and beautiful parks.

Azores, Portugal - sights, weather, vacations

26th place: Stuttgart, Germany


The industrial center of the country. Characterized by a high level of employment and a favorable economic atmosphere.

25 place: Singapore


This island nation is one of the richest in the world, yet boasts a high level of education and a low crime rate.

Number 24: Stockholm, Sweden


Presented as one of the best cities in the world in terms of quality of life. It stands out for its low unemployment rate, thorough citizen security and measures to protect the environment.

23rd place: Nuremberg, Germany


Historic center of Germany. Brilliant for its scenic views and lively nightlife.

22nd place: Montreal, Canada


According to the report, this French-speaking city is notable for its booming retail sector.

21st Place: Perth, Australia


A city with low unemployment, beautiful beaches and an overall favorable economic condition.

Place 20: Hamburg, Germany


Large city that is the center of media and industry. It is also home to one of the world’s oldest banks, Berenberg Bank.

19th place: Ottawa, Canada


A city with many institutions of higher education, scientific and cultural centers. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

18th place: Luxembourg.


Tiny but rich country bordering France, Germany and Belgium. It is known for its liberal financial laws, which attracts the attention of the powerful, who do not want to pay taxes to their home countries.

17th place: Melbourne, Australia


City with one of the highest levels of education and quality health care system. It is also a major tourist city, which makes it attractive not only for idle foreigners, but also for the entertainment industry.

The 16th place: Toronto, Canada


Financial center of Canada. The city is home to the head offices of the five largest banks in the country. Also Toronto holds an annual film festival, the guests of which are honored to be many American and European “stars.

Northern Italy and the Adriatic Riviera: top attractions

Place 15: Wellington, New Zealand


The capital of New Zealand is good for its climate and excellent weather. It is the second most populous city in the country.

14th place: Bern, Switzerland


According to a report by Mercer, Bern is the second safest city in the world. Notable for its booming tech sector and low unemployment rate (around 3.3%), making it one of the most comfortable cities to live in.

13th place: Berlin, Germany


Germany’s capital boasts an excellent mix of living standards and personal security, as well as a high standard of housing and wide employment prospects.

12th place: Amsterdam, Netherlands


A great option for both work and leisure. Lots of opportunities to have a good time and to see and get to know the diversity of races, nations and cultures. Not to forget the freedom of opinion, which does not interfere with the overall congenial atmosphere.

11th place: Sydney, Australia


The city ranks higher and higher on the list year after year. The reason for this is the growth of the financial well-being of its inhabitants, as well as the high level of culture and remarkable natural conditions.

10th place Basel, Switzerland

Basel, Switzerland

A large commercial, financial, and cultural center. The city is the capital of the Swiss chemical and pharmaceutical industry. Basel is located on the banks of the Rhine, in a valley between the Jura mountains and the Black Forest, on the border between Germany and France.

9th place: Geneva, Switzerland


The diplomatic center of Europe. It is inhabited, as a rule, by rich people with a high social status. We can safely say that this is one of the few cities in the world, where you can feel completely safe. In addition, Geneva is also famous for the fact that its residents are the most educated in the country.

8th place: Copenhagen, Denmark


Copenhagen was created as an ordinary fishing village, but now this garden is considered one of the best in terms of quality of life and level of security.

Riviera Maya, Mexico: beaches and attractions

7th place: Frankfurt, Germany


Germany’s commercial center, famous for its numerous exhibitions.

6th place: Dusseldorf, Germany


German fashion capital, notable also for its cultural life. Mercer gave the city high marks on almost every point.

5th Place: Auckland, New Zealand.


The scenic area, the favorable state of the economy and ensuring a high level of safety for the city’s residents.

4th place: Munich, Germany


An example of German pedantry, every year this city finds itself in the top ten of the Mercer list. This is due to the high living conditions maintained by Munich’s administration.

3rd place: Vancouver, Canada


Not a city, but an ethnic cocktail. More than half of the residents are from other countries.

2nd place: Zurich, Switzerland


The city regularly makes the list of the best places to live, and for good reason. The economic and cultural center of Switzerland regularly buy real estate millionaires and billionaires of all nationalities without exception.

1st place: Vienna, Austria


Vienna has more than 10 years in a row appears at the top of the list. The reason for this is its stable economic situation, high level of security and rich career prospects.

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