The most expensive places in the world to vacation

The most expensive resorts in the world in 2022

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Resort vacations have always attracted a large number of people of different social statuses, especially in Russia. The warm sea and hot summer sun, sandy beaches and exotic fruits are all a great idea for a vacation. The only difference is the price. There are budget options for recreation and the most expensive resorts in the world, which is not easy to get.

The beauty of these places is simply fascinating, not to mention the level of service and maintenance. Probably everyone at least once in his life would like to relax there. In order to know what to strive for, we present the rating of the most expensive resorts in the world according to the magazine “Travel and Adventure”.

The cost is per day for 1 traveler and flight included.

10. Frigate Island, Seychelles – $800


Our rating opens resort Fregat, which is part of the Seychelles Islands on the shores of the Indian Ocean. You can get here only from the capital Mahe by helicopter or yacht. The island is a private territory with its own beautiful beaches and views of the wild jungle.


Fregate Island also offers tourists a lot of entertainment: its own many restaurants around the island, swimming pool with panoramic views for those who are no longer interested in the sea, spa centers with all kinds of massage services and much more. A trip to a little paradise in the Seychelles will cost about 4,000 dollars for 5 days, it all depends on the customer’s preferences.

9. Hawaii, USA – $1200


Every traveler and tourist has probably heard about Hawaii, located in the Pacific Ocean near America. Getting there will not be easy, especially for someone from Russia. The flight between Moscow and Hawaii will take at least 20 hours, and that’s not counting the transfers.


Once you arrive at the islands, you will receive a royal welcome. Such trips usually include all the comforts of local hotels. For lovers of outdoor activities, Hawaii offers a large number of sports activities, and for lovers of silence, beautiful deserted beaches overlooking the ocean. The cost of such a vacation will cost at least $6,000 for 5 days.

8. San Pedro, Belize – $1400


The eighth place in the ranking goes to the most expensive resort, washed by the Caribbean Sea, in Belize. The area of the islands is private property with deserted beaches. This is a true paradise for those who want to enjoy each other without prying eyes.


Five days of vacation will cost a tourist $7,000, including all flight and accommodation costs. The maximum number of guests on the island is 14 people. For convenience, guests are offered several villas to choose from with a personal assistant. There is another unique feature of the resort of San Pedro (Cayo Espanto): for the amount of 10,000 dollars a day vacationers are offered to rent the entire island .

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8. Turtle Island, Fiji – from $ 1700


The place is perfect for a vacation for the whole family, the resort has a capacity of 14 people. A trip to Turtle Island includes all the entertainment on the island and local restaurants. The resort is famous for organizing exotic fishing.


Tourists can enjoy the sea inhabitants of this island – large turtles, living at least 100 years. The beauty of the nature of this place cannot be described in words, it is better to see everything with your own eyes. A day’s stay in the paradise place will have to pay from 10,000 to 15,000 dollars for 6 days.

6. Altamar, Anguilla – $5000


Not far from San Pedro in the basins of the Caribbean Sea is another great place to stay. The Altamar resort on the island of Anguilla is part of English territory with impeccable service and cuisine.


The place will suit people who are tired of the bustle of the city and telephone conversations. Here often vacation popular stars from around the world. Accommodation will cost at least $30,000 for 6 days. True, the holiday should be booked at a time of two weeks, which can cost tourists $ 100,000.

5. Rania, Maldives – $12,000


A place that truly gives peace and tranquility. A small island in the Maldives with the Rania Resort (Rania Experience) will plunge guests into a world of luxury and pleasure. The maximum number of residents can not exceed 12 people. All apartments are remote from each other for connoisseurs of privacy and solitude.


You can get to Rania only by water plane or yacht. Journey by air will bring a lot of positive emotions because of the view of the Maldives. The cost of a 5-day vacation will be $ 60,000.

4. Sandy Lane, Barbados – $20,000


The Caribbean Sea never ceases to amaze with its wonderful vacation spots. To the east lies the island state of Barbados with a premium resort Sandy Lane, or Sandy Lane. Here, guests are well thought out in every detail, from the meeting to the specially selected entertainment.


The beaches of Barbados attract with their unusual pink sand. For golf lovers, there is its own court. For 5 days, vacationers pay an average of $90,000 to $100,000. The whole atmosphere of Sandy Lane is imbued with luxury in every part of its Romanesque interior.

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3. Masha Kaye, Bahamas – $25,000


Musha Cay in the Bahamas opens the top three of the most expensive resorts in the world. The maximum number of guests living here can not exceed 24 people. Instead of the usual hotels here are built apartments business class.


Paying about $ 25,000 for one day the tourist receives a full range of services offered by the resort. However, the payment will have to make a minimum of 3 days, that is $ 75,000. The island is the property of a popular late 20th century magician David Copperfield.

2. Necker, Virgin Islands – $29,000


You can only get here when the owner’s family is away by boat or helicopter. Accommodation for tourists is provided by several beautiful villas.


The beaches of Virgin Island and the most expensive resort Necker are famous for their corals and white sand. Those who have been to the resort call it a truly paradise on the planet. Here you can go scuba diving, surfing, play tennis on their own court, order the national cuisine of any state, and all this is available for 29,000 dollars a day per person.

1. Sa Ferradura, Spain – from $100,000


Spanish island surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea, Sa Ferradura (Sa Ferradura) is recognized as the most expensive resort in the world in 2022. Its splendor has been achieved for a decade. It has everything: tennis courts, yachts, golf courses and much more, to put it simply, everything your heart desires.


To pay for such a pleasure will have to pay from 100,000 dollars a day. Every rich person in the world considers it their duty to spend at least one day at a Spanish resort. Sa Ferradura is the most beautiful place on the planet, but it is very expensive.

List of the most expensive resorts in the world

One day of stay in such places of rest costs fabulous money, but even so, they are not empty. But money alone is not enough to get here. Prior arrangements, sometimes even recommendations, reputation and high social status are also necessary. These places of recreation and entertainment is usually not large in size and are scattered on the most picturesque corners of the earth. Let’s go and we, albeit virtually, to the most expensive resorts in the world.

List of the most expensive resorts in the world:

Atlantis The Palm, UAE

Atlantis dubai. CC0

20 kilometers from the center of Dubai on an artificial island of Palm Jumeirah is a magnificent resort, which has all the infrastructure for full recreation and entertainment. A day of stay in this corner of paradise on Earth are about $ 15,000.

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The resort complex began receiving tourists in 2008. From the windows of the hotel opens up beautiful views of the palm-lined island and the waters of the Persian Gulf.

The opening of the complex was also splendid, with the participation of world stars and influential politicians and businessmen. Only in the fireworks display 100 thousand pieces of pyrotechnics were used.

Isla de sa Ferradura, Spain

Isla de sa Ferradura

An island resort in the Mediterranean strikes with its luxury and sophistication. To soak up the beaches and check into a hotel room, you have to pay up to $ 115,000, and it is the most expensive resort in the world.

There are many cheaper places around, but the wealthy around the world prefer to spend time in this part of the Mediterranean.

Ten years the owner has been equipping the island, attracting the best architects and designers from around the world. And the result exceeded expectations, the resort turned out really great, well, very expensive.

Necker Island, British Virgin Islands

Necker Island

In the Caribbean Sea in the beautiful Virgin Islands has spread its hotels, restaurants and recreation areas the resort with a daily cost of stay from 30 thousand dollars.

To get to its beaches is quite difficult, as the owner Richard Benson, opens the season of rest only in the absence of his family on the island. Even with enough money saved up, you should be able to negotiate the time of stay.

In addition to magnificent beaches surrounded by coral reefs, the islands are scattered tennis courts, spas, villas, a separate marina and helicopter pad.

Musha Cay, Bahamas

Musha Cay

A day’s rest among the picturesque scenery of the Bahamas at the Musha Cay resort costs from $25,000. But to rest, you must pay for at least 3 days.

The complex consists of five villas, and each villa has its own private beach with unspoiled sand and crystal clear water. In addition, each villa has its own pool, sauna, garden immersed in the greenery.

There are restrictions on the number of guests, the villas are designed for a simultaneous stay of only 24 people.

Dolls House, Scotland

Dall house

A chic resort with an unusual name “Dolls House” is hidden among the green hills of Scotland. Staying here costs from 12 to 20 thousand dollars a day.

There are no sandy beaches and warm ocean, but around a lot of rivers and crystal clear lakes. In addition, this is one of the most environmentally friendly corners of the earth.

In fact, this resort is a club, because to become its permanent member must shell out 204 million dollars, and annual membership fees are equal to 1 million in the same currency.

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Casa Contenta, Mexico

Casa Contenta

Luxurious mansion, worth 20 million dollars, stands on the Atlantic coast of Miami. You can enter the villa for 3 days at a minimum, paying from $12,000 to $17,000 for each day.

A huge pool with a gorgeous waterfall is the main attraction, but not only that. The rooms of the house are decorated in the national style of different countries of the world.

There is a personal chef and massage therapist. You will be met by a limousine that will be assigned to you throughout your stay.

The Rania Experience, Maldives

The most expensive resorts in the world: The Rania Experience

On a small atoll Faafu in the Maldives islands’ range is a resort Rania, the rest in which the day will cost from $ 10,000.

Not long ago it was considered the most prestigious, but after being overtaken by others, it has not become worse. Vacationers are waiting for beautiful beaches, furnished rooms, restaurants, national cuisine, a yacht for the entire vacation.

The whole island can rent 12 people at a time, and the conditions and the set of entertainment is simply fascinating.

Sandy Lane, Barbados

Sandy Lane

Where the waters of the Atlantic and Caribbean merge, the Sandy Lane Resort on the island of Barbados welcomes wealthy vacationers. A day of stay costs a decent amount, and depending on the set of services, ranging from 8 to 25 thousand dollars.

It is often called the “Little England”, because the former slave plantation designers turned into a real piece of paradise in the Romanesque style.

There is a golf course, spas, and restaurants with delicious traditional British cuisine.

Altamer, Anguilla

The most expensive resorts in the world: Altamer Resort

Here in the Caribbean is a wonderful place for recreation and rich leisure – villa “African sapphire”. Go to her rooms can not afford everyone, because the price per day costs from 5 thousand to 12 thousand dollars.

The minimum stay of 2 days, but it is enough to enjoy the wonderful service, a dip in the ocean waves and taste the excellent cuisine.

It has its own movie theater, spas, pools and Jacuzzis for relaxation.

Cayo Espansto, Belize

Cayo Espanto

Paying $1,395 for one night, vacationers can fully enjoy a great vacation on the Belize Coast. Here you can fish in the ocean waters, try the national cuisine, and refresh yourself with refreshing drinks.

There are only five villas on the island, and each is assigned a personal servant. Fans of surfing and diving can fully immerse themselves in this world of extreme sports.

And for $ 10,000 you can rent the entire island and feel like a Robinson, but with all the conveniences of civilization.

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Turtle Island, Mauritius

The Most Expensive Resorts in the World: Turtle Island Resort Mauritius

A day’s stay on Turtle Island will cost $ 1,650. This price includes the actual accommodation, food, and the opportunity to fish.

Tourists have a choice of settling in thatched bungalows or reside in luxury suites of modern cottages. And at the same time on the island can rest only 14 people.

The price per night may rise to 2 thousand, depending on the services that holidaymakers include in your tourist rider.

Vatulele Island, Fiji

Vatulele Island

Staying in Fiji for a while, let’s visit another resort on Vatulele Island, where a night’s stay costs from $1,600.

The gorgeous tropical archipelago will enchant you with its wonderful nature, clean air and golden beaches with crystal clear ocean waves.

Here you can go fishing and taste traditional island food. Tourists are completely immersed in the exotic, forcing them to live in bungalows and walk barefoot. It is here that people forget about the distant boons of civilization and have a wonderful rest.

Fregate Island Private, Seychelles

The most expensive resorts in the world: Fregate Island Private

A luxurious resort located in the Seychelles, providing wealthy vacationers with magnificent beaches, comfortable rooms and a full range of enchanting entertainment.

The cost of a stay varies from 2.4 to 2.7 thousand dollars. It offers golf courses, swimming pools, beauty salons and massage rooms, diving and surfing.

The uniqueness of the place is complemented by nature, flora and fauna. Here you can meet rare species of turtles, walk among towering tropical trees.

Courchevel, France

Courchevel. CC0

It is worth mentioning and the most expensive ski resort, which is located among the enchanting peaks of the French Alps.

A day of stay at this resort costs 515 euros, and opened just after the end of World War II, in 1946. In addition to the great ski slopes, there are many other attractions, restaurants will surprise you with both traditional and exotic cuisine.

The magnificent tourist complex is popular with wealthy people and celebrities.

The main thing that wealthy people pay for is a secluded vacation away from civilization and the hustle and bustle of the modern, business world.

In conclusion

Most expensive resorts in the world. CC0

As you can see, expensive holiday in the most beautiful corners of the great planet. But, even without sufficient funds, you can always find a place where you can perfectly relax and mind and body, to gain positive emotions and forget, at least for a while, about everyday worries.

But still, editorial staff wishes you to earn or inherit, win a lottery a large sum of money to visit at least one of the resorts presented.

We are waiting for your comments. Write what other expensive resorts in the world should be included in our list.

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