The most beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. What to see and visit

Kefalonia best beaches

The island of Kefalonia has many beautiful beaches. There are beaches that are pebbly, there are sandy. Sandy beaches attract tourists with children – they are shallow, the water there warms up faster. The most famous beach Xi (Xi) is not very beautiful. The best beaches on Kefalonia are pebble beaches: the water is cleaner, deep at once, you can swim with pleasure. They are also the most beautiful.

Kefalonia best beaches

Kefalonia beaches on the map

Marks of the beaches on the map are clickable. Below there is a photo and a link to the description of the beach.

The sandy beaches of Kefalonia

Pebbly beaches in Kefalonia

Myrtos beach reviews, one of the beautiful beaches in Kefalonia. Ayia Euthymia, Antisamos beach – good apartments, boat rentals. Petani beach in Kefalonia – a beautiful beach on the western peninsula of Kefalonia.

How to get to Kefalonia

I wrote about it in detail separately: How to get to Kefalonia – from Russia, from Athens, from Europe.

Where to stay in Kefalonia

In the capital of Kefalonia I can recommend a hotel: Mouikis Hotel More than 300 hotels in Kefalonia: Book a hotel in Kefalonia More lodgings in Kefalonia on Airbnb

Argostoli, the capital of Kefalonia

The capital city of Argostoli is a very pleasant town. At first I thought it had at least 30,000 inhabitants.

Then we checked and the guide says 9 thousand. The reason is the intensive promenade on the main street. A lot of young people, not many tourists and that is very nice.

By the way, I want to recommend a restaurant in this city at once: Arxovtiko restaurant. Really home cuisine in the city. You can notice the maximum number of people eating here when other restaurants are empty.

Located behind the central hotel Ionian Plaza on the central square. I recommend the specialties offered by the restaurant, as well as the lamb stew with cheese, chicken breasts in melted Roquefort cheese. All very good.

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This morning we rented a car in order to return it at the port of Fiskardo, where the ferries to Lefkada depart.

Red beach Xi

We go to take a glimpse of the “red” beach. This is Xi Beach in the south of the island. The roads are good. A small serpentine. Not a lot of cars.

We get to Xi Beach in 30 minutes. From the outside – nothing special. The sand is a rich red color. This is probably why this beach is called red.

Xi Kefalonia Beach

A hotel is located here and there are packers in it. Therefore, this place I will not recommend. You can just go and look. We did not want to swim here.

Xi Kefalonia Beach

Petani beach

Let’s go further: the white beach Petani (more about the beach: Petani Beach) I will tell you right away about the rating of Petani Beach: 5 points out of 5.

Petani Kefalonia beach

Petani Kefalonia beach

This beach falls in love at first sight from the top of the hill, from which the road descends to the beach. An asphalt road. No packers. All pristine clean, quiet and pleasing to the eye.

Petani Kefalonia beach

The sea is cleanest. The water is blue. This beach is just a fairy tale. I highly recommend it. With accommodation in the surrounding area true tight, but if you have a car – to go to the beach every day is not a problem. Nearest three apart-hotels in Voviques

Petani Kefalonia beach

Petani Kefalonia beach

By the way, if you want to eat, the food here is delicious and homemade. Our lunch cost us 22 euros. It was half a liter of wine, the freshest grilled fish, poached tomatoes and peppers stuffed with rice and crushed tomatoes, and a Greek salad for warming up.

The prices are free, if somewhere to live for the winter, then on Kefalonia. The tavern on Petani beach is very well made and I can recommend this place.

Petani Kefalonia beach

Petani Kefalonia beach

Myrtos Beach in Kefalonia

As we have on our way the widely known beach Myrtos, which is one of the ten most beautiful beaches in the world: more about Myrtos beach.

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Looking at the photo you will agree with the world community, who appreciated this beach and put here a blue flag (by the way, on all visited beaches proudly hover a blue flag, saying that the water from the sea is safe to drink (just kidding).

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

On the beach, Myrtos large pebbles of white, at the water’s edge pebbles on a smaller, with a pigeon’s egg. Here, unlike Petani Beach, there are waves and the water is not as clear. It is very possible that the wind is to blame.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

But looking at the map, you can see that Petani is slightly sheltered from the wind, and Myrtos is in sight. The parking lot is almost by the water, but there is no garbage, as well as no restaurants. You can only buy water and beer.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

More about Myrtos beach: – the entrance to the water is immediately deep, that is, you can even dive from the shore.

In the sea near the shore you can observe small and not very fish, as well as octopuses. So that the mask and snorkel will not be superfluous. The nearest accommodation is in Divarata village.

Well, we drive till the north, past the beautiful village Assos. The next time we will visit Assos: Assos is a beautiful village of Kefalonia.

Myrtos Beach Kefalonia

At the end we reach the port of Fiskardo, where the ferries to Lefkada leave. Fiskardo itself is quiet, with a promenade along the white yachts in the marina. Many restaurants and stores.

Right from the restaurant table you can jump into a kayak and sail to discover new lands (after a good portion of ouzo).

The Beaches of Kefalonia: Blue Flag Island

Kefalonia beaches - features, location, photos

Featured Article Category: Greece Updated: April 04, 2022

The beaches of Kefalonia are the main advantage of the island: pebbly and sandy, equipped and wild, but all characterized by clean sea with turquoise-colored water, cleanliness. Most of Kefalonia’s beaches have been awarded the Blue Flag.

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A large part of the beaches of Kefalonia are surrounded by cliffs, the descent to the beach is serpentine, sometimes you can not at all by car. Take this into account if you have small children (with strollers).

There are about 36 beaches in Kefalonia, you can choose the most popular ones.

The best beaches in Kefalonia


Kefalonia Beaches - Myrtos

The beach is located 30km north of the island’s capital Argostoli. It is the most famous and beautiful beach of Kefalonia. It repeatedly gets to be one of the ten best beaches of the world. Myrtos is crescent shaped, surrounded by white rocks covered in lush greenery. The beach is covered with white rolled pebbles. Part of the beach Mirtos is well equipped – here you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas, catering points. The other part of the beach is undeveloped, offering plenty of privacy. At the end of the beach (on the left, if you look at the sea) there is a nice cave, filled with sea water – be sure to walk there.

Kefalonia Beaches - Myrtos

Generally, the beach is not very crowded – the nearest village Divarata is 3km away.

The depths at Myrtos beach are getting shallow very fast and the waves are quite strong when the winds blow. Bear this in mind if you have children with you.


Kefalonia Beaches - Antisamos

The beach of Antisamos is located 27km northeast of Argostoli and 4km from Sami. The beach is pebbly and well organized and there are bars offering refreshments and snacks. The turquoise water, the green surrounding hills, the good beach infrastructure have made the beach very popular.

The beach is covered with large white rolled pebbles, when you enter the sea 3.5 – 4 meters shallow, and then sharply begins to increase in depth.

Next to the beach on a hilltop is a monastery Agrillion, which is worth a visit.

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Kefalonia Beaches - Xi

The beach of Xi is located 40km west of Argostoli and 10km south of Liksuri. It is one of the most popular beaches of Kefalonia, sandy, well equipped and ideal for water sports.

The beach is about 4km long and 50m wide. The beach is covered with dark colored sand, sometimes called red (you can consider it red until you see the red beach of Santorini).

Kefalonia Beaches - Xi

Xi beach is very comfortable for recreation with children – shallow water that warms up well, small waves.

Near the beach there are many tavernas, small hotels and apartments.


Kefalonia Beaches - Petani

The beach at Petani is located 20km northwest of Argostoli, on the peninsula Paliki.

The beach is pebbly and partly equipped (small number of sun loungers, umbrellas, showers and toilets), about 600m long. The sea is deep and often has big waves.

Kefalonia Beaches - Petani

Near the beach there are a few taverns.


Kefalonia Beaches - Lourdas

The beach of Lourdas is located 17km southeast of Argostoli, near the village of Lourdata.

The beach is sandy and well equipped with a lot of cafes, restaurants and taverns. The water is considered the cleanest in the area.

Makris Gialos

Kefalonia Beaches - Markis Gialos

The beach of Makris Gialos is located 4km south of the center of Argostoli, in Lassi.

The beach is sandy, well equipped, with water sports centers and a diving club.

Kefalonia Beaches - Markis Gialos

Golden sand, tall pine trees, lush vegetation, exotic rock formations – all this has made the beach very popular with tourists. The proximity of the capital, well-developed tourist infrastructure attracts many people here.


Kefalonia Beaches - Rock

The beach Skala is 37km southeast of Argostoli, next to the village Skala.

The beach is sandy, well organized and clean. Sun loungers and umbrellas occupy only part of the beach. There is also a water sports center.

Kefalonia Beaches - Rock

Near the beach there are small islets, where fans of scuba diving go.

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Platia Ammos

Kefalonia Beaches - Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos is located 30km northwest of Argostoli. It is very secluded, quiet and unequipped.

The beach is crescent shaped, wind-protected and has small waves. The entrance to the sea is fairly steep, the depth increases very quickly.

Kefalonia Beaches - Platia Ammos

Platia Ammos beach is very popular with snorkelers and nudists.

How to get to Kefalonia

Kefalonia has an airport, so you can get here without much difficulty:

  • By plane via Athens (flights all year round), Corfu or Zakynthos (in summer);
  • Ferries from Kilini in Peloponnese, Poros and Zakynthos in summer.

The ferry Zakynthos – Kefalonia can be used only in summer time. It is especially convenient if you combine islands for vacation.

  • Travel time: 55 minutes
  • Ticket price (for 2019): adult: 8 euro; children: under 12 years old: 4 euro; car: 31 euro;

Map of Kefalonia hotels

(By dragging and dropping the map you can see hotels in all resorts of Kefalonia)

Kefalonia hotels: prices, reservations

In Kefalonia there are more than 600 hotels of different categories. In general, the level corresponds to European standards. Hotels of all price ranges and a wide choice of villas and apartments.

Searching for a hotel in Kefalonia

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