The most amazing cavities on the planet

Getting to the bottom: 13 amazing cavities on Earth

At all times man has been drawn not only to the sky, but also to the depths of the Earth itself. The more that there are enough amazing, strange and sometimes inexplicable pits, hollows and sinkholes on our planet. ELLE has selected a dozen (not bloody) of those that fascinate most of all by their uniqueness and beauty.

Dean’s Blue Hole, Long Island, Bahamas

Named after the owner of the land on which the bay is located, this hollow is the record holder for depth. Dean’s Blue Hole is a 202-meter well in the coastal bottom. Up to 20 meters deep, the Blue Hole is 30 meters in diameter, but then it expands to 100 meters. Dean’s Blue Hole has long been a mecca for freedivers – crazy people who prefer free diving, that is, trying to get to the bottom without scuba gear. In 1992 the legendary Jim King succeeded. Eighteen years later Guillaume Neary, the world record holder in freediving without flippers, reached 113 meters. Also impressive.

Sarisarinama, Venezuela

An absolutely incredible place on the planet is located in Jaua-Sarisarinama Park in Venezuela, or rather, on the border of Venezuela and Brazil. We are talking about the Sarisarinama plateau, where several holes, or more precisely, gaps of terrible depth – 350 meters – have formed. These sinkholes attract tourists from all over the world, because to see such a thing and take at least a couple of photos is a fantastic experience. Can you imagine how the pictures of these pits look on Instagram?

Kattara Hollow, Egypt

And here’s another natural unicum – a naturally occurring depression 130 meters deep. Yes, impressive, but on the background of Sarisarinama 130 meters is not so unique. Yes, but the length of this crater is 80 kilometers and width – 120 meters! It is hard to believe. The pit is 80 kilometers long!

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The thermal pool “Morning Glory”, USA.

This pool takes not the depth, but everything else. First of all, its amazing color and shape, due to which it was named Morning glory – in honor of the resemblance to the flower with the same name. The color of the pool is due to the presence of special bacteria that live in its water. Oh, and about the depth – it’s only four meters.

Ik Kil, Mexico

Also quite modest in its depth (40 meters) the depression is open for swimming and diving. You can, however, hold your breath and stare at the beauty. Vines stretch down to the water from the edges of the sink-hole and miniature waterfalls gush down the walls of the funnel. The sun’s rays streak through the circumference, you can literally touch them with your hands, so expressive they are. And along with the people swimming in the Ik Keel, catfish flounder.

Udachnaya Hollow, Russia

As you know, Russia has a lot of useful things buried in the ground. For example, diamonds, which are actively mined in Yakutia. In the mid 50’s of the last century, in the north of Yakutia, there was Udachnaya mine (or pipe, as they are also called). The name was given to the mine for a reason – for example, a diamond weighing 320.65 carats (!) was found there. And, yes, we almost forgot to tell you, the depth of this pit is 640 meters.

Chuquicamata, Chile

However, there is no limit to perfection and miracles of nature. The Yakut depression is inferior to the Chilean one. Chukikamata is also a mine, only copper is extracted there. And they mine more than anywhere else. One will have to fly 850 meters to the bottom of the depression. To fly, however, will be difficult, because it is not just a deaf well, and developed mine, where the life boils and rides huge trucks.

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Bimman Hollow, Oman

The origin of this depression is very natural. It was created by a landslide. The trench is connected to the sea by a half kilometer long underwater tunnel, and as a result, salt and fresh water mix in the sinkhole. The tides are also very strong here, so daredevils need to be extremely careful when diving.

Balaa, Lebanon

This sinkhole, which is located in the northern part of the country, is inferior to other record-breaking sites in terms of depth. However, there is an amazing waterfall and three levels, three bridges. The waterfall pours from one side of the hollow, and all together looks so that words can’t describe it – you have to see it.

Devil’s Hollow, USA

The 122-meter-deep limestone hole is the main attraction in Edward County, Texas. Why Devil’s Hollow? Perhaps because it is home to the Mexican tail bat, not the cutest beast in the world. When you consider that about three million of these bats live in the funnel, everything becomes clear.

The Mir Kimberlite Pipe, Siberia

The first and largest diamond mine in the Soviet Union is already “retired,” that is, not working and abandoned. But once there, at a depth of 525 meters, there was life and records were set. It was in “Mir” that diamond No. 1 in Russia was found. It happened on December 23, 1980. The weight of the stone discovered that day was 342.5 carats!

The Big Blue Hole, Belize.

124 meters deep – at the sinkhole located in the center of Lighthouse Reef, an atoll of the Belize Barrier Reef. This place was made famous by the legendary traveler and explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, who included it in his Top 10 ideal places for diving. However, those willing to take Cousteau’s advice should be aware that this sinkhole is full of sharks.

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The Celestial Pit, China

Everything in China is amazing, including the sinkholes there. So, a sinkhole in the Chongqing area. It is 662 meters deep, 626 meters long and 537 meters wide. Can you imagine a giant bowl, each of the parameters of which is more than half a kilometer? The Heavenly Pit is a hit among local (and not only) extreme climbers who parachute to its bottom. I wonder how they come back?

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