The 9 best beaches in Goa, India

The 10 best beaches in Goa.

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Goa is one of the most inexpensive beach resorts. Even during the season, hot tours here cost 20-30 thousand per person. This leads to a bad idea: maybe the beaches in Goa are dirty, the water is muddy, and around one boredom? But no – the beaches are very good, and some even so great.

Tourists are usually offered a trip to the North or South Goa, so we have divided the beaches into two groups – the five best in the North and five of the best in the South. Wherever you go, there are plenty to choose from.

North Goa

Holidays in the North are cheap, noisy, and “youthful.” The beaches aren’t perfectly pristine, but they’re great for partying and spending time outdoors.


Who likes it: Young people, party-goers, fans of hippie culture.

Who won’t: Those who like a quiet holiday, families with children, those who want to swim and sunbathe.

What to do: to dance, shop, socialize and hang out, do water sports.

Swimming here is not an option – the whole coast is strewn with stones and shells, and the crowd is so much that to find a quiet place for a tan is difficult even in the early morning. But people come here not for a lazy holiday, and for partying.

Anjuna is the main meeting place for young people from all countries. Snake charmers and street musicians sit next to yogis and hippies, souvenirs are sold from around the world, and the background never stops playing music and dancing. Along the coast there’s go-karting, water sports, and beach cafes.

Especially fun here at night, when the disco begins. Tourists like Curlies club the most, where famous DJs often come, as well as Dolce Vita club, where they hold foam parties.

Even if you don’t like partying, Anjuna is worth a trip at least once to get into the atmosphere of the real North Goa.


Who will love it: Families with children and the elderly, lovers of solitude, lovers of unspoiled nature, those who just want to swim and sunbathe, practitioners of yoga and meditation.

Who won’t like it: party people, people who like active recreation, fans of shopping.

What to do: to lie quietly on the beach, to swim, to contemplate nature, to master spiritual practices.

This beach is the quietest, calmest and most picturesque place in North Goa. Warm water, fine sand, calm sea and a gentle descent to the water make this place ideal for sunbathing, swimming and beautiful photos.

The highlight of the beach is that there are two small rivers running right along it. To get to the sea, you have to wander over bamboo bridges, so it feels like the whole coast is small islands surrounded by river and sea water. Not very convenient, but gives the place a special charm.

Yogis, hippies, monks and tourists from Russia, Europe and America like to come to this beach. But they all rest quietly and peacefully. There are almost no clubs and parties, and the main night entertainment – to admire the night sky and have a snack in the coastal cafe with candles.

If you get tired of the quiet, the villages of Penjim and Arambol, where they have a party with Russian DJs and disco till dawn, are just three kilometers away.


Who likes it: lovers of luxury holidays on clean sand among palm trees, families with children.

Who won’t like it: Budget tourists, swimmers, party people.

What to do: sunbathe, take commemorative photos, relax in the shade of palm trees, dine in restaurants, try water sports.

It is a very picturesque beach with white sand, surrounded by green palm groves. To the south, the famous Aguada fortress juts into the water – you’ll recognize it if you like to watch Indian movies.

Unlike other places in the North of Goa, here like to relax not only thrifty tourists, but also wealthy Indians. Therefore, the infrastructure on the beach is quite rich – a lot of water equipment and boat rentals, on the beach are open not only cheap cafes, but also expensive restaurants.

Unfortunately, the beach has a minus – it is quite narrow and constantly washed away by the surf. To overcome the surf, along the shore laid bales of sand, and in some places they interfere with the bathing. In addition, in the off-season waves often rise – good for surfers, but uncomfortable for ordinary vacationers.

Especially go to the beach from other cities of Goa is not necessary, but to stay in a hotel nearby is a good idea. There are many hotels near Sinkerim, and almost all of them are right next to the beach, so you’ll have a real vacation on the coast among the tropical palm trees.


Who will like it: vacationers super-budget, those who want to go around all of Goa, young people.

Who won’t like it: families with very young children, lovers of pure unspoiled nature and privacy, looking for luxury service.

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What to do: actively relax and hang out, try inexpensive local food, go to other beaches and attractions.

Unlike Sinkerim, this beach is very cheap. Here you can cheaply stay in a bungalow or guest house, cheaper rent a room at a nice hotel and have a penny lunch at the diner.

This is not to say that only noisy students rest here – the atmosphere in Calangute is a little quieter than in Anjuna. You can often see families with children and the elderly, who want to rest more economically. But the beach is not what you would call luxurious – it can be dirty, noisy, and crowded with locals and tourists.

Tourists also like Calangute for its easy accessibility. From there, it is easy to go to any town or village in North Goa, as well as numerous neighboring beaches, where you can relax in peace and quiet. Verdict: This place is ideal as an inexpensive vacation base from which to start and tour all of North Goa.


Who will like it: families with children, those who like to relax among their own, connoisseurs of beautiful and clean beaches.

Who won’t like it: hardcore party-goers, very frugal tourists, lovers of relaxing among foreigners.

What to do: swimming and sunbathing, kitesurfing, hanging out in clubs, visit the Buddhist shrines.

If you get stressed out by cultural differences, you’ll definitely like Morjim. On the coast of the city tourists from the CIS countries like to vacation, so here almost everyone speaks Russian, the cafes serve dishes of Russian cuisine, and the clubs invite DJs and stars from Russia.

The beach itself is surprisingly quiet. It is ideal for good sunbathing, relaxing and swimming. The sand is clean and the water is clear – this is one of the best beaches in North Goa for a classic, not partying holiday. The entrance to the water is shallow – you have to walk a couple of dozen meters to the depths. The beach is full of opportunities for water sports, especially kitesurfing.

In the south, the Chapora River flows into the ocean and there are waves and wind in those areas, so it is better to swim in the center and the north. True, in these areas the prices are a bit higher and there are more tourists.

Especially great to stay here with children – with them it is not terrible to swim in shallow water, and if you want you can hand over the baby in the hands of Russian-speaking animator or a kindergarten.

The best beaches in South Goa

South Goa – a place for a luxurious, relaxed and measured vacation. Prices here are higher, there are fewer tourists, nature is cleaner and more picturesque.


Who likes it: those who want to rest calmly and economically, families with children, nature lovers.

Who won’t like it: party people, shoppers, active tourists.

What to do: swimming and sunbathing, admiring butterflies and dolphins, swimming with a mask, a break from the bustle of the city.

This quiet village is famous for its nature – right on the beach flying large tropical butterflies, and the dolphins often swim to the shore. Benaulim is a nice place to swim – the water is clear and warm all year round, there are no dangerous currents and waves.

The beach itself is very wide and not crowded, covered with fine golden sand and framed by coconut palms. Entertainment is not much – you can rent a boat, go surfing or water-skiing, snorkeling. Prices for food and entertainment are quite low, especially compared to other resorts in South Goa.

The resort has no stores, discos and clubs at all – for entertainment you have to go to Margao or Colva. There are no sights either, but just 10 km away is Old Goa, where tours are regularly arranged.


Who will like it: Those who want to relax in a quiet and “rural” way, fans of photo shoots in nature.

Who won’t like it: families with children (because of underdeveloped infrastructure), party people, lovers of outdoor activities and shopping.

What to do: swim and sunbathe, take pictures among the jungle and rocks, relax in peace and quiet.

Another typical beach of South Goa with a calm atmosphere of measured rustic rest. There are no discos, no street vendors wandering around, and the silence is broken only by the sound of the surf.

The sand on the beach is yellowish, medium-sized, without stones and pieces of shells. The water is clear and clean, the depth is gained gradually. Sometimes there are strong waves, but usually they fill only one part of the beach, and the second at this time you can safely swim. Entertainment and stores are even less than in Benaulima, but there are a few places where you can buy souvenirs.

Agonda is surrounded by palm trees and hills covered with tropical jungle – a real feeling of unity with nature. There are also lots of picturesque coves, cliffs, and mysterious piles of rock, perfect for some cool photos.


Who likes it: Young people and party-goers, swimmers and sunbathers, those interested in local culture, gourmands.

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Who won’t like it: Those who like it quiet and peaceful, those who prefer resorts without locals, connoisseurs of unspoiled nature.

What to do: to party and dance, swim, buy souvenirs, try the local cuisine.

This is one of the most famous villages in South Goa. There are a lot of nightclubs, but unlike the party beaches of North Goa, the sand is very clean and the water is clear. It is nice and swim, and hang out.

Holidays on Colva, especially at the entrance to the beach, it is difficult to call it quiet. A lot of noisy young people and locals gather there, so in search of a secluded corner you will have to walk a few hundred meters. But even in noisy places it is still clean, so if you are not afraid of crowds, you can sunbathe and swim anywhere.

The village has excellent discos at night – there are rave parties and famous musicians and DJs. Meals are varied – you can eat inexpensive bites at beachfront cafes, and you can treat yourself to treats in restaurants on stilts (especially good seafood). Many restaurants are open even late at night, so you won’t be left without food while partying.

It’s also great to shop here – on Monday nights a chic market unfolds on the beach, where you can buy inexpensive souvenirs, listen to music and admire the fireworks. By the way, the resort is often visited by Hindus, so souvenirs are sold especially for them – real authentic items related to local religions. In the usual souvenir shops do not buy this.


Who likes it: those who are tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, those who like to have a quiet rest alone with nature, asthmatics and others who want to improve their health, amateur naturalists

Who won’t like it: party people, those who like active recreation and shopping, sportsmen, families with children (infrastructure is lacking), gourmands.

What to do: sunbathe, swim, enjoy sunsets, relax from the bustle of the city.

It’s the quietest beach in Goa – compared to it even Agonda seems a bit fussy. There is almost no infrastructure, few tourists, and even the cafes on the coast can be counted on the fingers.

Entertainment is also almost non-existent – offers only to rent a boat or go on a yacht tour to admire the dolphins and seabirds.

Most tourists come here for the peace and stunning sunsets. But the beach has another feature – it is surrounded not by palm trees and pine groves, so the air smells of pine and is good for health. Especially well breathe those who suffer from lung diseases.

At the same time from here you can walk to Colva or Maggiore, so if you suddenly get bored, you can hang out there and return to the atmosphere of peace and serenity.


Who will like it: athletes, families with children, lovers of relaxation and comfort.

Who won’t like it: party-goers, lovers of the wild side, lovers of Indian culture.

What to do: Try all kinds of water sports, swimming, sunbathing.

This beach is literally made for water sports. You can rent anything here, from flippers and snorkels to scuba tanks. You can go snorkeling, diving, surfing, jumping with a parachute or just ride a banana.

On the beach, a lot of cafes and restaurants, but there are almost no nightclubs – tourists are actively entertained during the day and rest at night. Therefore fans of a healthy lifestyle and families with children love to come here.

The beach itself is very clean, with a pleasant touch of golden sand. The water is transparent and almost always calm. The entrance to the water is gentle – you can safely swim with small children.

What to choose

  • For sunbathing and swimming – Mandrem, Morjim, Benaulim, Agonda, Colva, Betalbatim, Kansaulim.
  • For partying – Anjuna, Calangute, Colva.
  • For holidays with children – Mandrem, Sinkerim, Morjim, Benaulim, Kansaulim.
  • For secluded vacations – Mandrem, Morjim, Benaulim, Agonda, Betalbatim.
  • For water sports – Kansaulim, Anjuna, Sinkerim, Morjim.
  • For Instagram photos – Mandrem, Sinkerim, Benaulim, Agonda.

Picked the perfect beach? Then hurry up and book your Goa tour before the season ends!

The 17 best beaches in South and North Goa

The beaches of Goa are famous for their golden sand, vibrant nightlife and beautiful nature. People often come here for spiritual practices, to talk to interesting people and just to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Beach in Goa

If in the 70’s and 80’s on the beaches of Goa were mostly locals, but now it’s a popular place, which annually receives more than 500 thousand Russian-speaking tourists. In our article – a list of the best beaches in Goa, as well as their main characteristics and location.

North Goa

The village of Mandrem, famous for its beach, is located 25 km from Panaji (the largest city in North Goa). It is one of the quietest places in the region – there are few people, no noisy parties and there is always the possibility of privacy on the beach.

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Mandrem in Goa

The entrance to the sea is gentle, the bottom is well visible. There are no stones and debris. The sand is soft and golden. The only danger that can await tourists – the undercurrents, which are quite strong here.

On the shore of Mandrem Beach in North Goa there are a lot of sunbeds and there are places to change clothes, open cheeks and bars.

For more information about Mandrem Beach, see this article.

Morjim Beach

Morjim is a famous Goan resort located 27 km from Panaji. Despite the fact that it is not easy to get to the village, there are always a lot of tourists (especially Russian speakers) here. Explain it by the fact that the beaches are very clean, have everything you need for a comfortable stay: there are sun beds with awnings, toilets, showers. On the coast there are the best cafes and sheks, in the evening – the entertainment program.

The entrance to the water is not sharp, the sand is fine. There are no strong undercurrents and rocks. There are lifeguards on the beach in North Goa.

Sinkerim Beach

Sinkerim beach is famous for its picturesque sunsets, a wide coastline (it is more than 110 meters) and its length – 1.5 km. The sand here is soft and yellow, the entrance to the Arabian Sea is not sharp, but in some places it is difficult to enter the water because of erosion.

The beach has all the necessary infrastructure: beds, toilets and changing areas. But with the cafes and bars the situation is worse – there are very few. There are no night bars at all. Stores, souvenir stores and big hotels are located in the central part of the village. Due to the fact that the beach is usually visited by wealthy tourists, travelers here are not many, and prices are quite high.

Sinkerim Beach in North Goa is well suited for lovers of outdoor activities. Here you can go scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and boating bananas. Also in this area will be interesting to relax for those who love hiking, fishing and water activities.

Portuguese Port Aguada

Staying near Sinkerim Beach is also better for those who want to see historical sites. Among the closest are the Portuguese port of Aguada (built in the 17th century), which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding area.

  • cleanliness;
  • a wide choice of hotels;
  • developed transport system in North Goa.
  • The cost of accommodation is higher than the neighboring beaches of North Goa;
  • a lot of homeless people;
  • In the off-season, there are big waves.

Location: North Goa, from Dabolim airport (south direction) – 34 km.

Arambol Beach

Arambol is a fishing village known for one of the longest beaches in North Goa (4 km) and a vibrant nightlife. It is also a very colorful place: there are virtually no luxury villas and hotels, but you can feel like a local by renting a small shack or bungalow.

The sand on the beach is gray, the entrance to the sea is smooth, without rocks and stones. The shallow water line is very wide, so this area is ideal for recreation for the whole family. The infrastructure of the northern part of the beach is well developed: there are a lot of places on the beach.

The resort is described in more detail here.

Candolim Beach

Candolim is located a few kilometers from Calangute (North Goa), so there are always a lot of people here. There are no problems with the infrastructure – everywhere working food outlets, standing sunbeds. On the main street of the resort are travel agents.

The covering on the beach is shallow, yellow. The entrance to the sea is not sharp, there are no rocks and stones. Often dogs and cows walk along the beach.

Chapora beach is located on the outskirts of the village of the same name, which is 42 km from Dabolim airport. It can be very busy and because of the big number of fishermen, surfers and traders, it’s hard to call this place a suitable place for a quiet holiday. Still, the nature here is really beautiful (tall palm trees with coconuts, soft warm sand and bright sunsets), and it often belongs to the best beaches in North Goa.

With the infrastructure no questions: a huge number of cafes, the best bars and restaurants right on the beach. Here are the same chairs and tables with umbrellas, toilets. Interestingly, the beach often gathers groups of fishermen, who like to cook dinner here and discuss the latest news.

Chapora Beach

The characteristics of Chapora in North Goa are as follows: yellow and soft sand, gentle bottom, the absence of stones. However, there is one significant disadvantage – it is very strong underwater currents, which can be dangerous even for experienced swimmers.

The best attraction of the beach is the Fort Chapora, towering on the mountain. It is worth climbing up here to see the amazing beauty of the landscape and take a couple of beautiful photos of the beach in Goa.

  • beautiful nature;
  • low prices (some of the best in North Goa);
  • close to the attractions.
  • very noisy;
  • strong undercurrents.
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Distance from Dabolim airport (south direction) – 42 km.

Vagator Beach

The list of the best beaches in Goa would not be complete without Vagator. This is a very lively beach that is “sandwiched” between the cliffs. There are always a lot of people, cows and dogs here, so if the purpose of your trip is to meditate, it is better not to come here.

There are sun loungers on the beach and a few cafes and stores. Changing rooms and restrooms are also available. The entrance to the sea is gentle, there are no sharp stones and shells. The sand is yellow.

Be careful! There are strong undercurrents in this place, so those who are not confident in the water, it is advisable not to swim.

If you still do not know which beach to choose in Goa, pay attention to Baga, a resort town 15 km from Panaji. In fact, it is a fishing village, which over time has been “overgrown” with hotels and cafes, but has not lost its flavor. There are many foreign visitors here, but the local beach is very large and there is always the possibility of privacy.

Baga Beach

On this beach in North Goa are sunbeds, but to use them for free, you must order a dish or drink from one of the cafes.

The bottom of the Arabian Sea in this place is gentle and sandy, there is no algae. There is trash, but it is removed twice a day. The sand is fine, has a characteristic sound, similar to the crunch of snow.

More information about rest on the beach Baga collected on this page.

South Goa.

Our list includes the top 9 places to vacation in South Goa. We will tell you which beach in Goa is the best to rest on and where to stay overnight.

Agonda Beach

Agonda is a small resort town 60 kilometers from Dabolim airport. People come here to meditate, contemplate nature and take a break from everyday life. A lot of tourists from Europe.

On the beach are both the best luxury hotels and small gesthouses. There are plenty of bars and shops with fast food, there are sunbeds and thatched gazebos for relaxing.

The sand on the beach is very fine, the seabed is well visible, there is no trash and stones. People, as a rule, not a lot.

Maubor Beach

Mobor is an elite vacation spot in South Goa, where Europeans and Americans prefer to rest. For example, Bill Clinton and Paul McCartney were seen here. Since prices are high enough, there are not too many people here, and the town itself and the beach are well maintained.

The sand is white (a rarity in Goa), the entrance to the sea is smooth. The seabed is well visible. There are barnacles and stones, garbage is removed regularly. It is better to stay in the southern part of the beach – there are stronger undercurrents on the north side.

Pay attention to the local fauna and flora. For example, in the lagoons at the southern end of the beach, you can see real lilies and rare species of birds. If you take binoculars and go to the sea on a rented boat, you can even meet dolphins.

Near the beach is a few luxury hotels, restaurants and cafes. Noisy nightclubs can be found here. There are also no big stores and a huge number of shops.

Sun loungers on Mobor Beach

  • clean;
  • One of the best beaches in Goa with white sand;
  • few people;
  • rich flora and fauna.
  • No cheap accommodation;
  • no nightlife.

From the airport Dabolim (south direction) – 35 km.

Utorda Beach

Utorda is probably the quietest and most relaxed beach in South Goa. There is absolutely no nightlife here and a few cafes and bars are open. Luxurious hotels are also absent – gesthouses are popular here.

Despite the fact that very few people come to rest in Utorda, the beach is no worse than in neighboring resorts. There are straw umbrellas and sun loungers, and recently installed cabins for changing and toilets. However, it is possible to use all this only under the condition that you order something in cafe (for example, a drink).

The sand on the beach is yellowish tinge. The entrance to the sea is not abrupt, there are no stones and shells. The coast is long and wide, so you can quickly get to other beaches and resorts.

Utorda in Goa

The beach Utorda is ideal for lovers of peace and quiet, but those who want to play sports or go on excursions, it is better to find a more noisy place.

  • Few tourists;
  • the beach is ideal for families with children and for the elderly;
  • beautiful nature;
  • a lot of inexpensive housing.
  • few cafes and stores.

Distance from Dabolim airport (southbound) – 31 km.


The beach Varqa – one of the cleanest on the coast of the Arabian Sea. There are few tourists here because the prices of accommodation and food are higher than the national average. However, those who have been here once tend to come here again.

The town has dozens of cafes and bars. The main highlight of this resort – beauty salons for those who came to Goa in order to improve their health.

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The sand is very fine, has a white-golden shade. Entrance to the sea is smooth, no stones and small shells. The beach is equipped with toilets and showers. More information about the beach and the resort can be found on this page.

Kavelossim in Goa

Kavelossim is a fishing village located between the Sal River and the Arabian Sea. It attracts tourists with its color and lack of luxury hotels.

The local beach is divided into two parts – wild and tourist. On the first part there is nothing, but the second is a lot of sun loungers, thatched gazebos, there are cafes and stores where you can buy drinks, desserts and freshly caught fish.

Coverage of the beach is yellow, sometimes you can meet the stones. There is not much trash, cows and dogs like to walk along the shore. The bottom is gentle, there is no algae.

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is a place for a leisurely holiday in nature. There are few tourists here, and they mostly come to this resort town to do yoga by the sea, or to admire the butterflies (in the southern part of Goa, they are especially abundant).

Daytime and nighttime entertainment in Benaulim is absent, there are only a couple of cafes. The beach has everything you need for a relaxing vacation.

The fine sand has a golden hue, sometimes there is a shell rock. Entrance to the sea is smooth and not abrupt, there are no strong underwater currents.

More details and photos of Benaulim village in Goa, see here.

Majorda Beach

Majorda Beach is one of the best beaches in South Goa, known since the days of ancient India. It is a unique place because it was here that the Jesuits discovered coconut juice and the Goans learned how to bake bread.

Now it is one of the most popular resorts, located 18 km from the airport Dabolim. There are always a lot of people here, so there is enough accommodation – there are both expensive 5 * hotels and gesthouses. Almost every step of the working shops and bars, and in the evenings there are many nightclubs. The beach is equipped with straw umbrellas and deck chairs.

The sand on the beach is soft and golden. The seabed is smooth, there are no stones or shells. It is difficult to find shade, as the palm trees grow at a decent distance from the shore.

Tourists who have been to Majorda Beach recommend visiting the olive and coconut grove, which is located near the beach. If you walk a few kilometers deep into the rainforest, you can watch the Goans grow rice (this is one of the best places to visit).

Hotel Majorda

  • It is possible to find inexpensive accommodation;
  • there are good conditions for families and the elderly;
  • there are travel agencies where you can buy a tour;
  • beautiful nature.
  • A large number of tourists.

The distance from the airport Dabolim (south direction) – 15 km.

Palolem Beach

Palolem is one of the southernmost points of the state of Goa, lying 43 km from Margao (the largest city in South Goa). Here there is always a lively life: during the day travelers relax on the beach, and in the evening go to the discos, where they dance until dawn.

On the beach there are many bars, shops and small gesthouses. On the beach you can relax on a deck chair or use the toilet.

The sand is golden, the bottom is gentle. At the entrance to the sea sometimes fall rocks and shells. There is a lot of litter, but it is removed several times a day.

More information about Palolem can be found on this page.

Kansaulim Beach

Kansaulim is the coziest beach of South Goa, the length of which does not exceed 800 meters, and the width of the shore – 20. Since there are no strong undercurrents, high waves and gusty winds, this place is suitable for recreation with small children.

The sand is fine and yellow, the bottom is flat. There are no stones and debris, but sometimes float out on the shore of seaweed.

Sometimes, especially at the end or beginning of the season, Kansaulim beach looks deserted, because most of the tourists spend their holidays on the neighboring Arossim. Nevertheless, it is not a wild beach, and there are lifeguards and several cafes. On the shoreline of Kansaulim there are sun loungers and straw umbrellas, and changing areas are provided.

It is also easy to book a hotel or hostel – the choice is quite large for such a small village.

Kansaulim Hotel

  • The number of tourists is small;
  • A wide choice of hotels and hostels;
  • picturesque sunsets.

Distance from the airport Dabolim (south direction) – 20 km.

The beaches of Goa – the perfect place for both lovers of active and passive recreation.

An overview of the most popular beaches in Goa:

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