The 8 best things to do in Tegu, South Korea

The 8 best things to do in Tegu, South Korea

Daegu, best known for its hot summers and it’s the hottest city in general in Korea, is located at the foot of a mountain range . The city is about 80 kilometers from the sea and has many mountains and parks, museums and festivals to visit.

Visit Gyeongsanggung Park

To the delight of ordinary people, the city of Daegu has transformed the home and office of a former governor of the Joseon Dynasty into a park .

The earliest structures of this national historical monument date back to the 17th century. The governor worked in the Seonghwa-dang building, one of the few surviving Korean government structures of the period, and in his Chuncheon-gak house. Both are open to the public.

Winding roads connect these structures through a magnificent forest with lawns, flowerbeds, and water features. Visit the traditional changing of the guard ritual on Saturday afternoons from May to October, except July.

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Visit Gyeongsanggung Park

Explore the sights in Duryu Park

Duryu Park, home to the tallest tower in Daegu , has a lot to offer. There is a beautiful bridge surrounded by vast trees of different species. This park is not only the best place for nature retreat in Daegu, but also a cultural center. The main attractions inside the park include the 83 Tower Observatory, the Cathedral Pond Fountain, the Duryu Library, the Pyeokcheon Waterfall, and a number of temples.

The park’s beauty peaks during the Lantern Festival celebration in May, when thousands of lanterns are lit to illuminate the night sky in the most heavenly way.

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Explore the sights in Duryu Park

See the city from the observation deck at Tower 83

While in Daegu, start with the fun rides and let your inner child run wild at E-World Amusement Park. Here you can see the most amazing kiosks in all of South Korea. Don’t forget to admire the incredible view of the city at night from observation deck 83 Tower. After eight years of development it finally opened its doors in 1992.

Volcano of fantasy-collections of the Paris Museum

At just over 200 meters high, Tower 83 is a popular spot for romantic dates. Take the elevator to the observation deck and dine at the Grill by Ashley, which rotates 360 degrees to provide the best view of Daegu.

Tower 83 is named so because it has only 83 floors . Hold your breath as you admire the beautiful view of the glittering city. Sit back and relax with a cup of coffee in hand in one of the cafes on the 78th floor of the Tower. You can also take a free cable car ride through the city and let the city reveal its magic.

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See the city from the observation deck at Tower 83

Empty your wallet at Somun Market

If you’re a fashionista, this is the place for you . As the largest traditional market in Daegu, it is world-famous for its textile work and sewing services.

This is the best place not only for fashionistas, but also for foodies . The street food here is the perfect balance of flavors you can expect from a plate. Be sure to try the Korean pancakes, which are served in a unique way in the streets of Somun Market . Here you will be offered sponge fish pie and blood sausage, which are also not to be missed.

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Empty your wallet at Somun Market

Hike in the surrounding mountains of Daegu

Nestled between mountains and valleys, there are plenty of hiking opportunities . There is Palgongsan Nature Park and Biseulsan Country Park, both of which offer amazing views from the top of the world, where you can hike and enjoy a beautiful sunrise or sunset.

Palgongsan Park has a trail that is only 1.2 km long and easy to climb. At the top of the mountain is a monumental statue of Buddha, commonly known as the Gatbawi Statue. Donghwasa Temple, Sonbosa Temple, and Pages Temple can easily be visited by following one of these trails.

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8 best entertainment in Daegu, South Korea - Photo 6

Hike in the surrounding mountains of Daegu

Enjoy an evening at Lake Suseong and a water show

Lake Suseong in Daegu is a favorite destination for locals in spring and summer. Don’t forget to attend the most amazing light show, which runs from May to October and is held twice every night.

8 best entertainment in Daegu, South Korea - Photo 7

Enjoy an evening at Lake Suseong and a water show

Enjoy one of the world-class festivals in Daegu

Daegu is known to organize such world-class festivals at different times of the year that you can be sure to attend one of these amazing events. The best festivals are the Chimak Chicken and Beer Festival, the Buddha’s Birthday Lantern Festival, and the Daegu Water Festival. If you’re a foodie, we recommend at all costs not to miss the former.

The Chimak Chicken and Beer Festival is usually held in July and admission to this festival is absolutely free. It is the most crowded festival in Daegu. Try the heavenly varieties of fried chicken here and ask for more.

8 best entertainment in Daegu, South Korea - Photo 8

Enjoy one of the world-class festivals in Daegu

Dine at Korean BBQ Alley

A trip to any of the Korean cities would be incomplete without a plate full of varieties of Korean barbecue dishes. We would recommend The Meat Eating Man. It’s one of the best restaurants on the Korean BBQ Alley. Don’t forget to also have a glass of persimmon wine while strolling through one of those underground wine cellars this city has to offer .

8 best entertainment in Daegu, South Korea - Photo 9

Dine at Korean BBQ Alley

Final Thoughts

The city of Daegu is a paradise of parks, mountains, museums and festivals . It is one of the largest and most beautiful cities in Korea, almost as addictive as coffee.

Because of its strategic location at the confluence of Korea’s two major rivers, it has become famous throughout the continent for its textiles and some mouthwatering local street fairs.

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The 8 best things to do in Tegu, South Korea


A major industrial center on the Korean peninsula, known since ancient times, is the city of Daegu. It is the fourth largest in the country. Daegu has always been an important transportation hub in South Korea, as it has stood at the intersection of many roads, including those from Seoul to Busan. Daegu is dominated by the Gyeongsang dialect, one of the six varieties in the country.

The city is a recognized center of alternative Chinese medicine because there are many medicinal plants growing here which are used to make all kinds of medicinal and cosmetic preparations. In addition, Daegu has a well-developed textile industry whose products are renowned far beyond Korea’s borders.

Location of Daegu

The city belongs to the North Yongnam Province and is situated practically in the central part of South Korea. Daegu is the capital of Gyeongsangbuk-do, but the city itself is autonomous and positions itself as a metropolis. Its convenient location in a valley of two small rivers and the proximity of low mountains make it a favorable place for tourism and living. There are 2842 inhabitants per 1 sq. km.

Climatic conditions of Daegu

Because of the mountain ridge and hills surrounding the city, the air temperature here does not have sharp fluctuations. In the winter it practically does not fall below -2°C, and in the summer months it does not exceed +30°C, with rare exceptions. The humidity is quite high, so the best time for a tourist trip is the end of spring or early fall, when it is not hot and the weather is dry.


South Korea’s Daegu is a city with centuries of history, so you can tell from the photos that the excursions will be unforgettable. There are ancient Buddhist temples and monasteries, acting since ancient times alternate with the modern skyscrapers. But it is not only the historical monuments of Buddhism that interest Daegu. There are plenty of entertainment centers, amusement parks, and attractions for kids.

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So, Daegu in South Korea is famous for the following attractions:

  1. Daegu Oceanarium. This amazing place brings together numerous sea creatures living in the Sea of Japan.
  2. Pahlgonsan Park. It is home to Buddhist temples, and its nature is simply amazing in its pristine purity.
  3. Tonghwasa Temple. In the famous park Phalgonsan there is an ancient temple whose construction dates back to 493. It is not just a temple building, but a complex consisting of numerous structures arranged in a circle with a prayer courtyard in the center. The temple is still active.
  4. Heinsa. This Buddhist temple is one of Daegu’s top five attractions. Here is the oldest repository of Buddhist manuscripts, a national treasure of South Korea.
  5. National Museum. It displays samples of Joseon-era porcelain and pottery, paintings, and handicraft utensils.
  6. Pisilsan Mountains. A trip here in early spring is a fairy-tale adventure, because it is the time when the slopes are in bloom of crimson azalea.
  7. Daegu Duryu Park. If you feel like having fun, head to the park for the ice skating rink. Here, in addition to the traditional attractions, you can show your skills of skating, though only in summer, because the park is closed in winter.
  8. Seomun Market. This is a large flea market where you can buy almost everything – cosmetics, clothes, souvenirs. Try exotic South Korean food made right there.
  9. Museum of Natural Dyes. Located at the foot of the mountains, the small museum displays exhibits that clearly show how different colors and shades can be given to textiles from plants and minerals found in the area.

Daegu Hotels and Restaurants

When traveling in South Korea, you don’t have to worry about being without a place to stay. There are hotels, inns, and youth hostels all around the city. Here are the most popular ones:

  • Queenvell Hotel;
  • Rivertain Hotel;
  • Hotel Instar;
  • Hotel Interburgo Daegu;
  • Daegu Prince Hotel.
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You can sample local or European cuisine in the cheap coffee shops along the city’s streets or in the following upscale restaurants:

Shopping in Daegu

You can buy souvenirs or go on a full-on shopping spree starting at 10:30 a.m., since most malls open at that time. In the city you can buy cosmetics, jewelry, furs, antiques – in short, almost any product. For herbs and natural remedies is better to go to a market of medicinal herbs Yannezi. The Seomun Market offers all the goods you can find in the mall, but at a lower price and around the clock.

Seomun Market


The entire city is beautifully lit at night, and police officers patrol the streets tirelessly. So it’s a real pleasure to take a walk here at night, especially since Daegu’s crime rate is statistically low.

It is important to take care of medical insurance, because medical care here is very expensive.

Safety in Daegu

Where is Daegu and how to get there?

The most important trans-Korean highway passes through the city, and it is a big transportation center of the country. There are two train stations in Daegu, directly from which you can get to the city’s subway system. In addition to the railway service, there is an international airport in Daegu. The bus transportation is actively developing.

It is common to travel around the city of Daegu by subway, cab or bus, tickets for which can be purchased from special ticket machines. The cost of the trip will depend on the class. Cabs can be ordered over the phone or you can just catch one on the street.

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