The 5 most famous bicycle routes around the world

The 9 most beautiful bicycle routes from around the world

In early September, a pilot section of the route “Velo1” was opened in the Moscow suburbs – the first 20 kilometers of bike path Moscow – St. Petersburg. Its total length is 1200 kilometers along the rivers, lakes and historic settlements from Tver to Gatchina. Strelka Mag collected examples of intercity cycling routes from all over the world.

Liguria, Italy

Photo: Mike Dotta

The bicycle route runs through eight towns in the Italian province of Imperia: from the Ligurian village of San Lorenzo al Mare through Santo Stefano al Mare and Riva Ligure to the coastal stretches and tourist areas of Ospedaletti and San Remo. There used to be a railroad on the site of the track. A few tunnels along the cycle route remind you of it. The length of the cycle route is not long – only 24 kilometers. Great for beginner cyclists: you can go the whole route in one day.

Shetland Islands, Europe

Photo: WikiCommons / Mikkel Houmøller

The cycle route along the North Sea coast passes through eight countries and is considered the longest in the world. Its other name is EuroVelo 12. It is part of the European network of bicycle trails. The project was launched by the European Cycling Federation. It includes 14 long tracks crossing all of Europe. The Northern Sea Route begins near the Shetland Islands and passes through Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The total length of the route is almost 6,000 kilometers.

Loire Valley, France

The route “Around the Loire by bike” extends for 800 kilometers and coincides with the western part of the track EuroVelo 6 “Atlantic – Black Sea”. The cycle route starts in Nevers and runs through Orleans and Nantes to the Atlantic coast. You do not even need your own bike: you can rent it at one of the Detours de Loire and return it to the city where you finish the route.

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The Rhine cycle route runs along the Rhine River, one of the longest in Europe. The route crosses Europe from south to north from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea and links four countries: Switzerland, France, Germany and the Netherlands.

Along the route you can see river landscapes and settlements from the UNESCO World Heritage List. The route is fully equipped and has a developed cycling infrastructure: current maps, repair shops, cafes and hotels.


National Cycling Routes is a program of the Norwegian Cyclists Federation, which has secured the support of the country’s government. Ten national routes are now open. As stated on the official website of the Federation, some of the tracks pass through tunnels not suitable for cyclists. A notification button is placed there in front of the entrance – it informs drivers of a cyclist. The federation also advises combining a bicycle with other modes of transportation – train, ferry or bus.

One of the first national cycling routes is the coastal route, which passes through the cities of Svinesund, Bergen, Trondheim and stretches from the fjord region to Northern Norway on the border with Russia. The length of the route is about 4,500 kilometers.

Germany – Austria – Italy through the Alps

The “Munich – Venice” route runs through three climatic zones, three countries – Germany, Austria and Italy – and covers 560 kilometers. The cyclists ride through the Brenner Pass, South and North Tyrol, the Dolomite Alps, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the Venetian Plain. The end point of the route is the Adriatic coast near the town of Jesolo in Italy. The trek is more suitable for more experienced cyclists, the total uphill distance is 3,000 meters.

Dead Sea – Red Sea, Jordan

The Dead2Red bicycle route is a tour through the Biblical lands. The trek begins in Ghor el-Safi, in the Jordan River area, and extends along the shores of the Dead Sea. The total distance is 200 kilometers. Since the start of the route is one of the lowest points on earth, about 415 meters below sea level, the entire cycle route is a gradual ascent to sea level. Along the route are the main attractions of Jordan: El Karak Castle, the ancient city of Petra and others.

Holiday in the Cypriot resort of Peyia: holidays surrounded by sea and mountains

Great Ocean Road, Australia

The Australian bicycle route follows the Great Ocean Road (a cultural and natural heritage site) as well as the largest war memorials in the world. The road stretches 243 kilometers along the Pacific coastline and connects the southeastern Australian towns of Allansford and Torquay. Suitable for intermediate level cyclists who are willing to cycle the route in four to five days.

Shimanami Kaido, Japan

One of Japan’s most famous cycling routes is Shimanami Kaido , covering the western part of the country. It is a bicycle route 64 kilometers long, completely separated from the road. There is a sidewalk for pedestrians next to the bike path. For most of the route, the bike path runs next to the highway, but sometimes they do not coincide. This is done to provide a gentler and therefore easier access for cyclists. Several places along the route are equipped with bicycle rentals.

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