The 5 best resorts in Bulgaria

The 8 best resorts in Bulgaria.

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Bulgaria is a country of cultural colors and national diversity. For more than a year it has been delighting tourists all over the world with the richness and charm of nature, the hot sun, the coolness of the Black Sea and, of course, the uniqueness and diversity of cultural traditions. To rest in this wonderful Balkan country is truly unforgettable, it is important to choose the right resort. About the best of them you will learn in our rating.

The best resorts for recreation in Bulgaria

Nomination place resort user rating
The best resorts for recreation in Bulgaria 1 Golden Sands 5.0
2 Sunny Beach 4.9
3 Kranevo 4.8
4 Dunes 4.8
5 Sozopol 4.7
Best resorts for children in Bulgaria 1 Albena 4.9
2 Sveti Vlas 4.8
3 Ahtopol 4.7

Golden Sands

Golden Sands

Photo: / Author: Alexey Stoyanov

The resort was “discovered” by the tourists more than 50 years ago, but only in the late 80s it finally fell into the hearts of the guests of the country, when it was substantially expanded. It is considered to be one of the best sea resorts in Bulgaria due to the variety and quality of the hotel base, variety of bars, restaurants, number of events. And of course, the famous 4 km long beach with velvet golden sand. The resort area is protected because it is part of a nature park.

Beaches: The beach, as noted earlier, is one – about 4 km long. Everywhere there is fine sand. The coast has been awarded the Blue Flag for cleanliness and livability.

Climate: Summer is hot, but the sea breeze makes it milder. The average temperature in July is +30 C 0. It rains rarely – the number of sunny days reaches 300 a year. The sea temperature during the season is about +24 C 0 .

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Sights: mineral springs (sulfuric), Aladzha monastery in rocks (XIV century), the chapel of St. John the Baptist.

Entertainments: excellent conditions for surfing, water skiing, yachting. Many functioning tennis courts, bowling, you can go riding. There is a water park, a variety of cafes, restaurants, including thematic. Fans of active nightlife will appreciate the variety of nightclubs, discos and casinos.

Who is suitable: for active, family, youth recreation.

Sunny Beach

Sunny Beach

Photo: / Author: Tatjana N

The resort is a leader in variety and quantity of entertainment and nightlife.

Beaches: exclusively sandy, not very wide (about 40 m). The length of the beach strip – 10 km. Those wishing to have an active rest can use the equipment for recreation on the water: catamarans, water skis, possible to fly on a delta-plane, it is possible to take a trip on a yacht.

Climate: the city stands on the shore of the bay – the sea is rarely rough here. Summer temperature is +24+30 C 0 , water temperature +26 C 0 . The beach is Blue Flag Winner.

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Attractions: the ancient town of Nessebar is situated nearby and will be admired by connoisseurs of antiquity and authentic atmosphere.

Entertainment: tennis courts, gyms, there is an equestrian field and mini-golf courses. There are a lot of health centers. There are a lot of night clubs, bars, and attractions.

For whom it is suitable: for youth and active rest.



Photo: / Author: Murleyka

First of all this resort in Bulgaria is associated with children’s camps, lots of small private villas and houses, and unusually low prices. It is situated in a picturesque area surrounded by lush vegetation.

Beaches: The main beach of the resort has a length of 6 km and stretches all the way to the famous resort of Albena, passing into its coastal area. Kranevo beach is extremely sandy, the beach entrance is shallow. There is a nudist beach not far from the resort.

Climate: The sea is rarely choppy here. The air temperature in summer is 26+30 C 0, the water temperature is about 26 C 0.

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Attractions: Ruins of the Roman Citadel of Katritsa, 3 km from the resort area on a remote cape there is a lonely lighthouse.

Entertainments: tennis courts, soccer fields. Works quite a few health centers. For fans of active nightlife there are several nightclubs. There are a lot of good restaurants, cafes, pubs.

Suitable for: for a family, secluded vacation.


Photo: / Author: Ivan Z

A respectable resort in Bulgaria with a prevalence of club hotels. It is considered fairly young, but very promising. Dunes is a part of a nature reserve with rare fauna and vegetation. By the way, all hotels of the village work on an all-inclusive (AI) – a rarity in Bulgaria.

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The beach: A 5 km long beach (100 m wide) with perfect velvet sand. The beach is Blue Flag. The entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom of the sea is sand. In the distance from the main beach area there are a couple of wild beaches with more “rowdy” waves.

Climate: The local air can be called truly curative, and all thanks to the fact that the Dunes are surrounded by pine vegetation. The climate is temperate. Air temperature in summer is +26 C 0 .

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Attractions: there are a lot of natural monuments outside the resort. For example, a jungle-like reserve (“Ropotamo”). A couple more protected areas (located near the camping “Perla”).

Entertainments: numerous restaurants, night clubs, horse walks, tennis, mini-golf, possible active rest on water (surfing, yachting). The local amphitheater often hosts evening shows with live music.

Suitable for: for family holidays.



The resort is like a magnet attracting creative bohemia: since ancient times, this city has been inspiring artists and poets. Along with Nesebar it is considered to be the most beautiful town of the country. The resort will appeal to connoisseurs of historical architecture and unusual creative atmosphere. Its old part is an architectural reserve, protected by UNESCO. The city can not be called a big and noisy: it is nice and cozy.

Beaches: Two main beaches with luxurious golden sand similar to quartz. Both have been awarded the Blue Flag.

Climate: Moderately humid, close to continental. Summers are hot (+26 + 32 C 0 ), the rains are rare, the water temperature warms up to +28 C 0 .

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Sights: worth seeing old churches, not far from the city there are a few authentic villages. The mouth of the Ropotamo River is a natural reserve in the vicinity of Sozopol. At 2 km from the city is the island of St. John (under the water is a stone forest).

Entertainment: In September, there is an art festival (photo exhibitions, theatrical productions, you can watch unique films), there are bars and discos.

Suitable for whom: for family, relaxing, cultural holidays.

Best resorts for children in Bulgaria



The resort can hardly be called the center of nightlife – it’s suitable for an idyllic vacation with kids of any age. Albena is a young resort in Bulgaria and one of the most fashionable. It is exclusively a tourist resort.

Beaches: 5-kilometer long sandy beach, easy entrance to the water, sandy bottom.

Climate: the climate is clearly divided into seasons. No heat in summer (about +26 C 0), the sea warms up to +22 C 0.

Recreation time: June through early September.

Attractions: Museum of History, Icon Gallery, in neighboring Balchik – residence of Queen of Romania with luxurious botanical gardens.

Entertainments: Aquapolis water park is one of the most beautiful in Eastern Europe. On beaches active rest is accessible: water skiing, surfing, diving. Restaurants and cafes for all tastes function. For children there is a luna-park, shooting range, water karting, a skateboarding school, a disco, a hall with video games, etc. It is difficult to improve your health in the balneological center – the largest in the country. There are night clubs, sports competitions (tennis, bridge), beauty contests, a car show, etc.

Sveti Vlas (Saint Vlas)

Sveti Vlas

Sveti Vlas is a small young resort in Bulgaria, situated 2 km from Sunny Beach. The resort area is still under active construction. It is a favorite vacation spot of the wealthy Bulgarians. The specific microclimate of the resort is due to its proximity to the green foothill of the biggest Bulgarian mountain system: the mountain air is clean and the breeze is rich in iodine.

Beaches: 3 compact beaches with the cleanest sand (length – 1.5 km). Awarded for cleanliness and equipment Blue Flag. Free of charge.

The climate is very mild, the air temperature in summer is about +27 C 0 . The water temperature in the sea is +24 C 0 .

The period for a rest: from May to September.

Sightseeings: the church of St. Athanasius the Great (1865). You can take a trip to the nearby ancient town of Nessebar.

Entertainments: there are a lot of restaurants with view to the sea, the main street with vegetable shops and boutiques. The open amphitheater of the town often hosts shows and theatrical productions. At the port hold motorcycle parades, fashion shows, etc.



Photo: / Author: Simona Ralova

It is the warmest and most sun-kissed quiet sea resort, bordering Turkey. It has a great climate, low prices and few tourists. The town of amazing beauty pleases with the clearest water in the sea, a cozy atmosphere and warmth. This is an ideal place for “lazy” family vacation.

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Beaches: Clean 2 km long beach with fine golden sand. The entrance to the water is gentle. There is a nudist beach in the city as well.

The climate is mild without rains, because of the proximity of the mountain range the air is not very warm. The maximum summer temperature is +28 C 0 . The average water temperature during the season is +24 C 0 .

Recreation time: June through early September.

Sightseeings: Museum of Anchors, Church of the Ascension. You can visit places of interest situated close to the resort – the old castle in Sozopol, the nature reserve with exotic flora (“Ropotamo”), the park “Strandzha” (the biggest in Bulgaria). By the way, Istanbul is just a stone’s throw away, so you can visit two countries at once.

Entertainment: restaurants, there are a few discos. Since the town is very quiet and small, the tourist infrastructure is not very developed.

The 5 best resorts in Bulgaria

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Best resorts in Bulgaria

Bulgaria hospitably opens its arms all year round. 370 km of beaches along the Black Sea coast and the mountain ranges, covering almost 50% of the country’s area, offer unique opportunities for beach and ski resorts. And the location between two diametrically opposed parts of the world, Europe and Asia, gives Bulgaria a special charm. Today the country is a member of the European Union, greatly improving tourism services. The swimming season opens in May and lasts till September. The ancient sanctuaries, the Valley of Roses, water sports, yachting, and many other entertainment and sightseeing programs attract tourists from all over the world. Especially if you can buy a tour that includes everything you need.

Popular resorts in Bulgaria

The sea coast of Bulgaria has an attractive power. Amazingly beautiful mountains, gentle azure water, sandy beaches and gentle slopes, thermal springs, unusually beneficial for health. You can relax here with friends, family or alone.

At major resorts can be found and free beaches. Many of the gold bathing areas have received awards from the European Union for compliance with environmental standards – “Blue Flags”. The best resorts in the country offer to stay in a luxury hotel or a separate villa with all amenities. Excursion tours can be purchased locally, or booked in advance through a travel agency.

Sunny Beach

Lovers of active beach holidays or holidays with their families, young companies most often choose Sunny Beach. There is always fun and entertainment for all tastes. The resort is only 35 kilometers from the Burgas airport and close to Nessebar. Free buses take everyone to the main commercial centers of nearby Burgas. Tourists come to this part of Bulgaria with different financial capabilities, as there are hotels of the 2nd and 5th categories. For every taste and budget.

The settlement with 20 000 inhabitants over the past 20 years has increased its hotel stock 15 times, the infrastructure around the hotels is also expanded. For vacationers opened restaurants, nightclubs, stores, entertainment complexes.

The beaches are almost the best in the country, the infrastructure is very well developed. The golden sand dunes of the 10 kilometer line of beaches are a UNESCO heritage. And the European Union has long noted the environmental compliance of the coastline with the “Blue Flag”.

There is always something to see in Sunny Beach:

  • The ruins of the oldest fortress in Obzor;
  • Two nature reserves in the Dunes;
  • Two nature reserves in the Dunes;
  • An open-air museum, the town of Nessebar, which is literally at a stone’s throw – only 3 kilometers away.

Hour-long discos, restaurants and clubs, cafes on the seafront are supplemented with outdoor cinemas, summer theaters, and even a casino. The so-called “attraction” restaurants – Khan Tent and Caligula – are worth special attention.

Golden Sands

The highest rating of resorts in Bulgaria got the town of Golden Sands. It is here where the quality and price of services are in strict accordance. And like nowhere else, Golden Sands has the most sanatoriums, recreation centers and 3, 4, 5-star hotels.

At the resort everyone – from small to large – has a good time. Young people are attracted by various contests and tournaments, jet skis, 24-hour bars and discos. Families come to bask on beaches that have been awarded the “Blue Flag” for cleanliness. Children adore go-karts, trampolines, an auto-drome and amusement park, and banana rides. Lovers are happy to go on a yacht trip on the evening sea.

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Many come here to be treated at the same time. Golden Sands is famous for its thermal sulfurous health springs and balneotherapy. In between sea, sun, mud and thermal baths you can go on one of the excursions:

  • Visit the Chapel of John the Baptist and the observation deck next to it;
  • admire the work of local artisans and buy original souvenirs in the ethno-complex; Hadrian’s Gate;
  • Tasting authentic Bulgarian wines in one of the famous wineries;
  • Explore a rock monastery with its own history and legends, Aladzha.

No one else was left untouched by the Bulgarian national dances which you can watch in the evening in the hotel restaurant.

The Rhodopes

Those who are tired of beach vacations can visit the Rhodopes. An amazing combination of steep cliffs and flowery meadows, picturesque canyons and islands of thick pine forests are waiting for tourists in the Bulgarian mountains. The highest are the Western Rhodopes. Here one can find the enticing mysterious peaks, deep gorges and mysterious caves. According to one legend, it is in the Bulgarian mountains the singer Orpheus was born.

The Eastern Rhodopes are much lower than the Western. But here you can visit the well-known all over the world rocky complex, which used to be a temple of one of the mighty gods, Dionysus, and important prophecies were spoken to Alexander of Macedon and Julius Caesar.

In the distance of 10 kilometers from the foot of the mountain there are two ski resorts, Chepelare and Pamporovo. It is mostly visited by the ski lovers in the winter period. And in the summertime they go hiking or biking.

You can try the traditional dishes in one of the settlements near the mountains. And without visiting the two mystical gorges, Buynovsky and Trigradsky, it is simply impossible to imagine any excursion. But people also come to the Rhodope for their health. The two famous Bulgarian spa and balneo resorts, Devin and Velingrad, have created all conditions for a quick recovery and health.


In Nessebar united three cities at once – the new and quite modern, ancient and ancient, as well as underwater. Part of the historic area of the town was once under water, which adds to the mystery of the resort and brings a lot of fun for divers. Nessebar is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And its ancient churches and churches of amazing architecture attracts no less than the submerged streets.

Young people love Nessebar for its swimming, scuba diving, nightclubs and discos. In the old part of the peninsula there are also a lot of restaurants offering various prices.

For children in Nessebar there is a modern amusement park and water park. In addition, you can always go on an interesting tourist adventure:

  • walk to the oldest church, built on the remains of the temple of the god of wisdom and patron of the arts Apollo;
  • fly in a helicopter;
  • water sports;
  • wander the pedestrian walkway that stretches along the whole isthmus linking the old town on the peninsula with the new one;
  • visit the picture gallery in the temple of Christ Pantocrator.

All resort towns in Bulgaria have their own specialty, which will always stick in the memory of visitors. And, of course, there are wineries. They are almost in every resort or close to it.


Very often, wondering what resort is better to go to, you begin to look through the photos of the best vacation spots in Bulgaria. And the hand rests on Burgas. Despite the fact that it is an industrial and commercial city of the country, tourists come here with great pleasure. After all, this is the main center of entertainment in Bulgaria. There are so many discos, clubs and bars that young people sometimes get lost which one to choose. All international holidays and festivals are sure to find their bright and original response in this place. Every month something is celebrated here.

Since it has several commercial outlets, the shopping here is excellent and suits any wallet. And entertainment can be found to suit your taste and pocket. In addition to bananas, water scooters and the opportunity to ride a yacht, tourists are offered interesting excursions:

  • Walking and entertainment in the Marine Park;
  • Watching herons and pelicans and other animals in the Burgas Lagoon;
  • visiting the famous local lakes;
  • The ruins of Pirgos, an ancient fortress, are awaiting the vacationers.

From Burgas airport you can easily fly to Istanbul, joining and Turkish culture and shopping.

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Bulgaria offers not only beaches and ski resorts. The list of resorts includes also real medical centers. So, if you have diseases of the upper respiratory tract, musculoskeletal system, skin and gynecological diseases, with disorders of the central and peripheral nervous system, it is better to go to one of the best resorts in Bulgaria – Pomorie. The muds here have unique properties due to the two lakes, surrounded the town: the Small Salt Lake and Pomorie.

Among the entertainments offered to tourists there are:

  • boat rides;
  • parasailing;
  • performances and concerts of Bulgarian talents;
  • restaurants, discos and bars;
  • shopping;
  • excursions.

The infrastructure of the new part of the city is already well enough developed, which allows you to buy everything you need for a comfortable holiday. The old part of Pomorie offers walking tours to the most interesting places of antiquity. There is a unique museum of salting and an architectural reserve in the town, where buildings have survived since the 19th century. The wine cellar of Pomorie is one of the largest in the country.

The best time to come here is during the summer. The hot days are softened by the sea breezes, but not so cold that the patients of the sanatoriums feel uncomfortable. Weather in summer, from June to August – the most successful both for rest and for treatment.

St. Constantine and Elena

Looking at the local descriptions of the resorts in Bulgaria, immediately highlight the old vacation spot, known since the days of the Soviet Union – St. Konstantin and Elena. This beautiful place is situated in a nature park on a huge territory. The hotels are inexpensive, two- or three-star. The rest takes place in the shade of century-old vegetation, which is especially pleasant on hot summer days.

The presence of thermal springs, beneficial for health, and therapeutic mud allowed to create a modern balneological center in the city. The quiet atmosphere and the opportunity to improve your health attracts holidaymakers of all ages from all over the world.

There is something to occupy the children and where the young people can have fun. On the beach, in addition to clean water and velvet sand, there are swimming pools with exciting water slides. And young people can relax in one of the restaurants on the waterfront or have fun in the disco, casino or bar. You can party there all night long. Active recreation lovers can go scuba diving or fishing.

In addition to hiking in the city-park, you can go to the neighboring Varna and visit the local Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin. Or go on a two day trip to Sofia. The reserve in Kamchia and the Evskinograd government residence, which can be found in the southern part of the resort, are interesting in their own way.


Ski resort for active recreation, Bansko, opens the skiing season at the beginning of winter. It lasts until mid-spring. “Velvet” season for Bansko are January, February and March. The beautiful Pirin Mountains attract holidaymakers from all over the world. For the fans of skiing and steep slopes there is no question where to go in Bulgaria. Hotels belonging to the 3rd and 4th categories are quite a lot, and all of them are located near the elevators.

Among the entertainment, of course, the most basic is skiing. There are different slopes. There are easy slopes for beginners and quite steep ones for professional skiers. In addition, vacationers will find thermal springs, exciting excursions, museums and monuments.

Summer is short, but quite warm. During this period you can go hiking in the mountains or spend time at the thermal springs, occasionally going on one of the excursions:

  • To Melnik, Plovdiv or Sofia itself;
  • To Bachkovo, Rozhen or Rila monasteries;
  • to the mineral swimming pools with the name with the historical meaning – Roman baths;
  • here you can see the exhibition of icons of the local icon painting school, which became famous throughout the world.

But the most unique still remains the nature of Bansko.

Weather in the resorts of Bulgaria

Because of the mild continental climate, all four seasons are distinctly marked in Bulgaria. Although on the southern coast of the Black Sea and in the southern areas the weather conditions are closer to the Mediterranean climate. Winter in the country is mild, the temperature rarely falls below -2 ° C (but it can), the most popular temperature at this time is +2 ° C. But not in the mountains. Here you can find areas where -10 ° C, or even all of -15 ° C.

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Thanks to the constant cooling sea breezes, the weather in the summer is hot, but not too hot. The average temperature on the Black Sea coast and in the southern regions is +28 ° C. In the north, it sometimes drops from +24 ° C to +18 ° C. The rainiest months of southern Bulgaria are November and December and the driest is August. In the north it rains in May and June, and there is almost no rain in February.

The average weather in the resorts of Bulgaria is seasonal:

  • Spring (March-April). March is the ski season in full swing, but primroses appear, and temperatures can range from -2°C to +4-9°C. In April, the air and water sometimes warms up to +15 ° C. Everything is in bloom. This is the best time for sightseeing tourism. In May it’s already +20 ° C, but it may rain.
  • Summer (June-August). June is the beginning of the bathing season. The water temperature sometimes reaches +23°C, the air temperature reaches +25°C during the day and +14-16°C at night. Bad weather can happen, but it lasts for 2-3 days at most. In July and August, the water heats up to +25 ° C, daytime air to +27-28 ° C (very rarely up to +30 ° C) at night, the temperature is +20-23 ° C. Precipitation at this time is scarce, they are short and only removes the excess heat.
  • Autumn (September-November). The velvet season in Bulgaria is in September. The sea is still warm, the daytime temperature is +23-25 ° C and at night it does not drop below +15 ° C. In October the temperature drops to +12 ° C, and in November to +9 ° C. But if in October is still pleasant to wander around, despite the occasional rain and slush, November can “please” real winter weather, cold and dank, with freezing wind and wet snow.
  • Winter (December-February). The beginning of the ski season is December with average temperatures in the mountains of -5-13 ° C, sometimes down to -30 ° C. This is a time of heavy snowfalls, but also frequent rains. Therefore, the snow does not hold for a long time. January in the central part of the country is pleasant with +1-6 ° C and stable snow cover. Although the wind is still dank and the humidity is high. February comes with heavy snowfalls, the tracks are covered with snow even till the middle of April. During the day, the air cools down to -7°C or even +10°C in some places. At night, the temperature drops to +2-3°C. The sea is cold, with a temperature of +4-5 ° C.

The warmest resort in Bulgaria, or rather, the resorts please with mild climate and warm day and night air, even in winter. This is Burgas, Primorsko, Sunny Beach and Golden Sands.

Where to go in Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a resort for every taste, an opportunity to relax in a cheerful company, actively and athletically, or in a family circle, quietly and dimensionally.

Beach resorts in Bulgaria

Velvet sand, gentle descent in the water, warm sea and light refreshing breeze, “Blue Flag” for environmental cleanliness – all this about most beach resorts in Bulgaria:

  • Sunny Beach – 10 km of beaches protected by UNESCO;
  • Golden Sands – boat trips, balneotherapy centers;
  • Varna – white sandy beaches and night clubs;
  • Pomorie – therapeutic resorts and the largest wine cellar;
  • Sozopol – the vacation spot of the creative elite.

Mountain resorts in Bulgaria

Mountains occupy almost 30% of the country. Among the ski resorts stand out:

  • Borovets – magnificent ski slopes in the Rila Mountains;
  • Bansko – world-class resort in the Pirin Mountains;
  • Pamporovo – unique forest land and modern slopes.

Excursion Resorts in Bulgaria

Not only natural parks delight holidaymakers in Bulgaria, but also sightseeing tourism:

  • Nessebar – unique architectural monuments in the Old Town;
  • Kazanlak – the tombs and burial mounds, the Museum of the Rose, the Valley of the Thracian Kings;
  • Varna – Thracian gold treasures, the oldest gold in the world, the necropolis.

Resorts for vacations with children

To make a trip with kids not to turn into a hell, they need something to occupy them. Bulgaria offers a wide range of children’s entertainment:

  • Sunny Beach – gentle descent and water activities;
  • Golden Sands – an amusement park, karting, an autodrome, a trampoline;
  • Nesebar – amusement park and water park;
  • Burgas – water scooters and bananas, slides.

Bulgaria is a country of pleasant surprises, clean beaches and European service.

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