The 5 Best Beaches of the Costa Brava, Spain

The 10 best beaches of the Costa Brava

On the Costa Brava, which is more than 200 kilometers long, you can find beaches for all tastes. They will be appreciated by all lovers of breathtaking landscapes, pine scents and works of Salvador Dali. In another ranking of the Spanish newspaper ABC listed the best beaches on the Costa Brava.

1. Beaches Bagura

The municipality of Sa Riera, along with neighboring Aiguablava, is probably one of the most famous beaches and bays of the Costa Brava. It is located a short drive from Bagur, a town worth visiting for anyone who wants to explore the region. This place is ideal for a family vacation. The scenery of Aiguablava, which means “blue water,” is like a real postcard. The other beaches of Bagur – Sa Tuna, Aiguafreda and Playa Fonda – are also worthy of tourists’ attention.

2. Portichol Beach (La Escala)

A distinctive feature of the Portichol area is the proximity of the ancient Greek port of Emporion, whose archaeological site is located near the beach. This stretch of coast has a descent for people with disabilities. There are many hotels and restaurants in the surrounding area. From Portichol, you can get to Las Dunas Avenue, which runs along the sea between La Escala and the medieval settlement of San Martí de Empurias. It is 2.5 km long. Walking or cycling along it, tourists can enjoy magnificent panoramic views of the beaches and archaeological sites.

3. San Pere Pescador Beach

One of the biggest sandy beaches of the Costa Brava stretches between São Martí de Empurias and the settlement of Roses. It is about 40 km long. The beach area is large enough to accommodate a comfortable distance from other holidaymakers. The wind blowing here in the summer attracts fans of kitesurfing to the beach. In the central part of the beach is the natural park of Aiguamols.

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4. Cadaques beach

The beaches of the same region are not too disposed to a relaxing holiday in the sun – they are all stony. Its main attraction, however, is the town itself, one of the most charming towns along Girona’s coast. The local scenery fell in love with Salvador Dali himself. Here you can have an aperitif on one of the local summer terraces and take a swim on one of the local beaches.

5. Taballera Bay (Port de la Selva)

Some people prefer beaches with fine sand to snooze on, while others are willing to sacrifice comfort to enjoy the crystal clear waters of the rocky shores. Taballera Bay is ideal for the latter. You can also go snorkeling here.

6. Montjoie Bay (Roses)

The area around this cove once housed the famous Spanish restaurant El Bulli, considered the best in the world. Now you can relax on the gray sand beach in the Cap de Creus Natural Park. The water on this stretch of coast is calm, the wind blows moderately, and the weather is usually not too sunny.

7. La Boadella (Lloret de Mar)

Lloret combines the best and the worst of the Costa Brava: great nature and a huge number of tourists. The city is desperately trying to get rid of the title of the capital of alcotourism. However, the European youth vacationing here are usually quite lazy, and for this reason leave the more distant beaches unattended. One of them, La Boadella, located between Lloret de Mar and Blanes, can be a good place for a quiet vacation. On one of its outskirts rest nudists.

8. Estreta Cove (Palamos)

To get to Estreta Bay, a cozy stretch of coast with coarse sand and rocky bottoms, as well as other neighboring bays, you have to hike a mountain route that used to be used by smugglers and sailors.

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9. Señor Ramon beach (Santa Cristina de Aro)

This small bay is also known as Curculada. Here you can enjoy swimming in perhaps the clearest water on the entire Girona coast. It is accessed by freeway.

10. Es Castell beach (Palamos)

Es Castell is distinguished not only by its beauty but also by its historical heritage. This beach is a living illustration of what the Costa Brava might have looked like if tourism had not begun there. In a referendum in 1994, locals voted against the construction of a golf course. In this way they saved one of the most beautiful corners of the coast. Next to the beach are the ruins of an Iberian settlement.

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